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The Bay Area Bands from the Golden Haight-Ashbury Era – “A” through “J”

These groups were all local to the San Francisco/Bay Area sound, with many residing in the Haight-Ashbury Neighborhood adjoining Golden Gate Park. Many others migrated into the Bay scene – residing in nearby communities or taking on a sort of ‘temporary resident’ status.

About a dozen or so groups would anchor “The Haight” appearing at the Avalon Ballroom, Fillmore Auditorium or other local venues joined by the many artists both passing through of much notoriety or by the striving-for-fame and more obscure.  Not another community comes to mind that parallels the Haight in communal uniqueness and musical creativity magic – even though it was for such a brief moment in time.

Thanks to journalist Ralph Gleason, Seven of the San Fran groups were “introduced” to the world at the 1967 Monterey International Pop Music Festival which placed “The Haight” in the nation’s spotlight: Quicksilver Messenger Service, The Jefferson Airplane, Big Brother and the Holding Company, The Grateful Dead, Moby Grape and The Charlatans.

Perhaps New York’s Greenwich Village is worthy of consideration…..hummh….Maybe next….

(All recordings displayed are pre 1970)

The 2nd Phase

East Bay band appeared at Rollerena

The 4th Street Exit

45 – Rowena 45-792 – Strange One b/w A Love Like This (1967)

san-fran-4th-street-exit-67-01-a san-fran-4th-street-exit-67-01-b

The 4th Way


Group Members: Eddie Marshall – Mike Nock – Michael White – Ron McClure

San Francisco Area Band The 4th Way appearing at the Avalon Ballroom 1968


A. B. Skhy


Original Group Members: Dennis Geyer – Terry Andrson – Howard Wales – Jim Marcotte

Migrated to San Fran from Wisconsin – Wales joined The Grateful Dead

San Francisco Area Band appearing at the Avalon Ballroom 1968


45 – MGM PB 4638 – Camel Back b/w Camel Back (1969)

san-fran-ab-sky-1969-02-a san-fran-ab-sky-1969-02-b

san-fran-ab-sky-1969-02-c san-fran-ab-sky-1969-02-d

45 – MGM K14086 – Camel Back b/w Just What I Needed (1969)

san-fran-ab-sky-1969-01-a san-fran-ab-sky-1969-01-b

Abaco Dream

This group was Sly Stone and the Family Stone.

45 – A&M 1081 – Life and Death in G &A b/w Cat Woman (1969) – #74 Hot 100


45 – A&M 1160 – Another Night of Love b/w Chocolate Pudding (1969)

san-fran-abaco-dream-69-02-c san-fran-abaco-dream-69-02-d

san-fran-abaco-dream-69-02-a san-fran-abaco-dream-69-02-b

The Abandoned Minds

The Ace of Cups

Original Group Members: Marla, Denise, Mary Ellen, Diane and Mary (last names?) 

Click on image to visit their web site


Ace of Clubs appearance at the Avalon Ballroom with Quicksilver Messenger Service


The After Effects

The Aftermath

The Alameda County Fairgrounds – Venue


Alan & His Allies

Group Members: Jake Ramirez – Don Martinez – Gary Costalead – Jess Gregory – Frank Luna – Joe Ramirez

This group evolved into “The American Explorer”

Albatross Landing

Group Members: Kevin Winn – Kim Passwaiter – Claire Bertoloti – Rich Fassler – Ken Castleman

The Aliens

Group performed at “Wayne Manor” in the Sunnyvale area of the Bay area in 1966.

The Amen Blues (with Gino Dentie)

Group performed at “Wayne Manor” in the Sunnyvale area of the Bay area in 1966.

The American Canyon

American Explorer

Group evolved from “Alan & His Allies”

The American Music Band

San Francisco Area Band appearing at The Fillmore 1967


Andrew Hallidie Band

MAY 2018:

“My name is Gene Cross. I was the lead singer and composer for the Andrew Hallidie Band.  We played the Fillmore West 3 times opening for the Doobies. We played all over the bay area, with the Dead, the Airplane, Dan Hick’s, etc. Recorded a ton of tracks at Funky Features on Central. By the way, Janice Joplin lived across the street. You can see a list of all the bands we played with on San Francisco Sound.

We were managed by an executive from Warner Brothers and he fronted us all our recording fees. Unfortunately, because of a near life-threatening accident to me, we did not sign with them.

You can hear my tunes on any internet site, Pandora, Spotify, iTunes, FB, Radio Airplay, YouTube etc. Under my name Gene Cross.  Your site is great. Keep it up.  I am still writing and performing in NYC.  You can see my new tunes on west park open mic. YouTube. Thanks.”

JUNE 2018:

“I moved from one building to another here in New York City. It’s called Manhattan Plaza. You had to be in the performing arts to get in.

After High School, I started writing my own songs and it took a while to get to a place where they did not suck.

I was signed by Frank Werber of Kingston Trio fame to his publishing company.  Wrote a couple of tunes for them which they did not do.  Wrote a song for the Sopwith Camel after there hit “Hello Hello”. And they passed on that too.  Wrote a couple of tunes for “Sons of Champlain”, but Bill was making moves to join “Chicago”.

In the early 70’s Herb Alpert’s label A&M bought out the publishing rights to Werber’s catalog.   Had some songs considered by America, and the Eagles also Eric Jacobson of “Lovin Spoonful” fame liked my tunes so did Alex Hassilov of Vanguard and Lamplighters fame. 

But that’s the story of my career.

We recorded a ton of tracks at Funky Features. Jack Leahy’s place on Central in the Haight. Steve Miller. Rod Stewart, Big Brother, and the Holding Company, Janis Joplin, (actually gave her a cassette of one of my tunes) Hoo Doo Rhythm Devils etc. all recorded there. My band Andrew Hallidie was named after the guy who invented the cable system for cable cars. My manager was connected to Bill Graham. So we opened with just about everybody in the Bay area at that time. Graham and Marty Balin of the Airplane also owned a called call the Mattrex. 

We opened for Nico and the Velvet Underground, with Lou Reed and JJ Cale. Played with Blue Cheer at Longshoreman’s Hall. “We Five”,

Doobie Brothers at the Fillmore twice. The Dead, Airplane, Quick Silver, etc etc.  type in San Francisco Sound to see the complete list.

In the late 70’s Funky Jack turned us on to some session players who were just unbelievable. We worked with them from 1973 to 1978.

They were Sammy Hagar’s Band, before that they were with Night Ranger. the lead guitar had been with Boston for years.

I lived in Los Angeles for 30 years as an actor. Found a guy called the Demo Doctor, Andy Cahan. He was the keyboard and musical director for the Turtles. He also toured with the Monkees and Harry Nilsson. Did a lot of tracks with him from 1990 to 2000.

Almost all my tunes are online now from 1964 to present.

Andrew Hallidie was Gene Cross, Kathy Walsh, Ron Reagan, Steve Tillotson, Karen Ripley, Chuck Anderson. Just found a proof sheet of one of our session’s at Funky Jacks. Look at all the posters on the walls.

Great Times.

I still writing and performing at open mics here in New York. I usually post them on FB and Youtube.”

The Anonymous Artists of America

San Francisco Area Band appearing at California Hall 1967



The Ariel

This group was originally known as “The Banshees” – Some members recorded as “Kensington Forest”  – Member Chris Guiver was also with “Gypsum Heaps”.

45 – Brent 7060 – It Feels Like I’m Crying b/w I Love You – 1966


Ray Columbus & The Art Collection

This group migrated to San Francisco as the Newcastle Five before changing their name to The Art Collection

45 – Colstar 67-1001 – Kick Me b/w She’s a Mod (1967)

san-fran-art-collection-67-01-a san-fran-art-collection-67-01-b

45 – Sundazed – I Go To School b/w Morning (reissue)


The Astros

45 – Golden State 653 – Space Walk  b/w Earth Hop

san-fran-astros-65-01-a san-fran-astros-65-01-b


45 – ZS7-7000 – Bye Bye Baby b/w Resurrection – 1969

san-fran-aum-69-01-a san-fran-aum-69-01-b

45 – Fillmore ZS7 7001 – Aum b/w Little Brown Hen – 1969

san-fran-aum-69-02-a san-fran-aum-69-02-b

LP – Sire SES 97007 – Bluesvibes – 1969


sf-lp-aum-69-01-c sf-lp-aum-69-01-d

LP – Fillmore F 30002 – Resurrection – 1969

sf-lp-aum-69-02-a sf-lp-aum-69-02-b

sf-lp-aum-69-02-c sf-lp-aum-69-02-d

The Back Door

Group Members: John Bushell – Rick French – Don Cromwell – Jesse Cruz – Ken Savage – Vincent Lafranca

The Bad Apples

The Banshees


Original Group Members: Jack Walters – Chris Guiver – Paul Studebaker – Dennis Studebaker and Bob Morelli

In the early 1960’s the group played instrumentals and were called “The Black Knights”.  Guiver and Dennis Studebaker along with Jack Walters would later become “The Kensington Forest” – In 1968 Chris Guiver formed “Gypsum Heaps”.

45 – Solo 1 – They Prefer Blondes b/w Take A Ride With Me – 1965

san-fran-banshees-65-01-a san-fran-banshees-65-01-b

45 – Solo 2 – Never Said I Loved You b/w So Hard to Bear – 1965

san-fran-banshees-65-02-a san-fran-banshees-65-02-b

The Baytovens


Group Members: Carl Depolo – Dwight Pitcaithley – Jon Gree – n Rich Green

An East Bay Band – Appeared with Paul Revere & The Raiders at the Oakland Auditorium in 1966.


45 – Belfast – Waiting For You b/w Such a Fool – 1967


san-fran-baytovens-67-01-b san-fran-baytovens-67-01-c

The Beachnuts

The Beau Brummels

Original Members: Sal Valentino – Ron Elliott – Ron Meagher – Jon Peterson (went to Harper’s Bizarre)

45 – Autumn 8 – Laugh, Laugh b/w Still In Love With You Baby (1965) #15 Hot 100

san-fran-beau-brummels-64-01-a san-fran-beau-brummels-64-01-b

san-fran-beau-brummels-64-01-c san-fran-beau-brummels-64-01-d

45 – Autumn 10 – Just A Little b/w They’ll Make You Cry (1965) – #8 Hot 100

san-fran-beau-brummels-65-01-a san-fran-beau-brummels-65-01-b

san-fran-beau-brummels-65-01-c san-fran-beau-brummels-65-01-d

45 – Autumn 16 – You Tell Me Why b/w I Want You (1965) – #38 Hot 100

san-fran-beau-brummels-65-02-a san-fran-beau-brummels-65-02-b

san-fran-beau-brummels-65-02-c san-fran-beau-brummels-65-02-d

45 – Autumn 20 – Don’t Talk To Strangers b/w In Good Time (1965) – #52 Hot 100

san-fran-beau-brummels-65-03-a san-fran-beau-brummels-65-03-b

san-fran-beau-brummels-65-03-c san-fran-beau-brummels-65-03-d

45 – Autumn 24 – Good Time Music b/w Sad Little Girl (1965) #97 Hot 100

san-fran-beau-brummels-65-04-a san-fran-beau-brummels-65-04-b

san-fran-beau-brummels-65-04-c san-fran-beau-brummels-65-04-d

45 – Warner Bros. 5813 – One Too Many Mornings b/w She Reigns (1966) – #95 Hot 100

san-fran-beau-brummels-66-01-a san-fran-beau-brummels-66-01-b

san-fran-beau-brummels-66-01-c san-fran-beau-brummels-66-01-d

45 – Warner Bros. 5848 – Here We Are Again b/w Fine With Me (1966)

san-fran-beau-brummels-66-02-a san-fran-beau-brummels-66-02-b

san-fran-beau-brummels-66-02-c san-fran-beau-brummels-66-02-d

45 – Warner Bros. 7014 – Two Days ‘Til Tomorrow b/w Don’t Make Promises (1967)

san-fran-beau-brummels-67-01-a san-fran-beau-brummels-67-01-b

san-fran-beau-brummels-67-01-c san-fran-beau-brummels-67-01-d

45 – Warner Bros. 7079 – Lower Level b/w Magic Hollow (1967)

san-fran-beau-brummels-67-02-a san-fran-beau-brummels-67-02-b

san-fran-beau-brummels-67-02-c san-fran-beau-brummels-67-02-d

45 – Warner Bros. 7204 – Lift Me b/w Are You Happy? (1968)

san-fran-beau-brummels-68-01-a san-fran-beau-brummels-68-01-b

san-fran-beau-brummels-68-01-c san-fran-beau-brummels-68-01-d

45 – Warner Bros. 7218 – Long Walking Down to Misery b/w I’m A Sleeper (1968)

san-fran-beau-brummels-68-02-a san-fran-beau-brummels-68-02-b


45 – Warner Bros. 7260 – Cherokee Girl b/w Deep Water (1969)

san-fran-beau-brummels-69-01-a san-fran-beau-brummels-69-01-b

LP – Autumn 103 – Introducing The Beau Brummels” – #23 Hop LP Charts 1965



LP – Autumn LP-104 – The Beau Brummels Vol. II – 1966


san-fran-lp-beau-brummels-65-02-c san-fran-lp-beau-brummels-65-02-d

LP – Warner Bros. WS 1644 – Beau Brummels 66 – 1966

san-fran-lp-beau-brummels-66-01-a san-fran-lp-beau-brummels-66-01-b

san-fran-lp-beau-brummels-66-01-c san-fran-lp-beau-brummels-66-01-d

LP – Warner Bros. W 1692 – Triangle – #197 – Hot LP Charts 1967

san-fran-lp-beau-brummels-67-01-a san-fran-lp-beau-brummels-67-01-b

san-fran-lp-beau-brummels-67-01-c san-fran-lp-beau-brummels-67-01-d

LP – Vault SLP-114 – The Best of The Beau Brummels – 1967

san-fran-lp-beau-brummels-67-02-c san-fran-lp-beau-brummels-67-02-d

LP – Vault SLP-121 – Beau Brummels – Vol. 44 – 1968

san-fran-lp-beau-brummels-68-01-c san-fran-lp-beau-brummels-68-01-d

LP – Warner Bros. WS 1769 – Bradley’s Barn – 1968

san-fran-lp-beau-brummels-68-02-a san-fran-lp-beau-brummels-68-02-b

san-fran-lp-beau-brummels-68-02-c san-fran-lp-beau-brummels-68-02-d

san-fran-lp-beau-brummels-68-02-e san-fran-lp-beau-brummels-68-02-f

The Beachnuts

Benedict Arnold & The Patriots

The Berkeley String Quartet


Group Members: Bill Steele – Carl Shrager – Joe McDonald and Bob Cooper

McDonald and Shrager came from the Instant Action Jug Band (see below) – Everyone but Cooper would form the first assemblage of Country Joe and the Fish

The Bethlehem Exit

45 – Jabberwork 110 – Walk Me Out b/w Blues Concerning My Girl (1966)

san-fran-bethlehem-exit-66-01-b san-fran-bethlehem-exit-66-01-a

Big Red & The Rebels

Group Members: Mike Rose – Bruce Kane – Pat Beegles – Mickey Myers – Gary Wilcoxsen

Big Brother & The Holding Company


Original Group Members:  Sam Andrew – James Gurley – Peter Albin – Dave Ekerson and Chuck Jones (Janis Joplin would be brought up from Port Arthur, Texas by early band manager Chet Helms to round out the line-up in June of 1966).

Peter Albin had formerly been with “Peter & The Wolves” followed by “Blue Hill Yard”.

45 – Mainstream 657 – All Is Loneliness b/w Blindman (1966) – #110 Bubbling Under Charts

san-fran-big-brother-66-01-a san-fran-big-brother-66-01-b

san-fran-big-brother-66-01-c san-fran-big-brother-66-01-d

45 – Mainstream 662 – Down On Me b/w Call on Me (1967) #43 Hot 100 in 1968

san-fran-big-brother-67-01-a-43 san-fran-big-brother-67-01-b

45 – Mainstream 666 – Bye, Bye Baby b/w Intruder (1967) #118 Bubbling Under Charts


san-fran-big-brother-67-02-a san-fran-big-brother-67-02-b

45 – Mainstream 675 – Women Is Losers b/w Light Is Faster Than Sound (1967)

san-fran-big-brother-67-03-a san-fran-big-brother-67-03-b

san-fran-big-brother-67-03-c san-fran-big-brother-67-03-d

45 – Mainstream 678 – Coo Coo b/w The Last Time (1968) #84 Hot 100

san-fran-big-brother-68-01-a-44 san-fran-big-brother-68-01-b

At this point – Big Brother switched labels paying 250,000 dollars to break their contract with Mainstream

45 – Columbia 4-44626 – Piece Of My Heart b/w Turtle Blues (1968) #12 Hot 100


san-fran-big-brother-68-02-a-12 san-fran-big-brother-68-02-b

LP – Mainstream S/6099 – Big Brother & The Holding Company – Hot LP Charts #60 – 1967

san-fran-lp-big-brother-67-01-a san-fran-lp-big-brother-67-01-b

san-fran-lp-big-brother-67-01-c san-fran-lp-big-brother-67-01-d

LP – Columbia KCS 9700 – Cheap Thrills – #1 for 8 Weeks Hot LP Charts 1968

san-fran-lp-big-brother-68-01-a san-fran-lp-big-brother-68-01-b

san-fran-lp-big-brother-68-01-c san-fran-lp-big-brother-68-01-d

san-fran-lp-big-brother-68-01-e san-fran-lp-big-brother-68-01-f

Big Brother appears at the Avalon Ballroom with Quicksilver Messenger Service


The Birth

San Francisco Area Band appearing in 1969


Big Red & The Rebels

The Bitter End

Group Members: Dale Hanson – Marc Hickey – Gary Creller – Mike Hatton

Black Pearl

Original Group Members: Bernie “B.B” Fieldings – Bruce Benson – Oak O’Connor – Geoffrey Morris – Tom Mulcahy – and Jerry Causi – Morris and Causi had both previously been with the band The Barbarians.  They came from Boston to Boulder, Colorado – finally settling in San Francisco.

45 – Atlantic 45-2657 – Mr. Soul Satisfaction b/w White Devil (1969)

san-fran-black-pearl-69-01-a san-fran-black-pearl-69-01-b

LP – Atlantic SD 8220 – Black Pearl – #130 Hot LP Charts 1969

san-fran-lp-black-pearl-69-01-a san-fran-lp-black-pearl-69-01-b

san-fran-lp-black-pearl-69-01-c san-fran-lp-black-pearl-69-01-d

Black Pearl appears at the Avalon Ballroom with Quicksilver Messenger Service


Blackburn & Snow


Members: Jeff Blackburn and Sherry Snow

Sherry Snow later went on to join “Dan Hicks and His Hot Licks” – Blackburn joined the “Grateful Dead” in the 1970’s and then formed “The Jeff Blackburn Band” which evolved into “The Ducks”

45 – Verve VK-10478 – Stranger in a Strange Land b/w Uptown-Downtown (1967)

san-fran-blackburn-and-snow-67-01-a san-fran-blackburn-and-snow-67-01-b

45 – Verve VK 10563 – Postwar Baby b/w Time (1967)

san-fran-blackburn-and-snow-67-02-a san-fran-blackburn-and-snow-67-02-b

Blue Cheer


Original Group Members: Dickie Peterson – Leigh Stephens – and Eric Albronda

Peterson played with San Fran band “The Oxford Circle”

45 – Philips 40516 – Summertime Blues b/w Out of Focus (1968) #14 Hot 100


san-fran-blue-cheer-68-01-b san-fran-blue-cheer-68-01-c

45 – Philips 40541 – Just a Little Bit b/w Gypsy Ball (1968) #92 Hot 100

san-fran-blue-cheer-68-02-a san-fran-blue-cheer-68-02-b

45 – Philips 40561 – Feathers From Your Tree b/w Sun Cycle (1968)

san-fran-blue-cheer-68-03-a san-fran-blue-cheer-68-03-b

san-fran-blue-cheer-68-03-c san-fran-blue-cheer-68-03-d

san-fran-blue-cheer-68-03-e san-fran-blue-cheer-68-03-f

45 – Philips 40602 – West Coast Child of Sunshine b/w When It All Gets Old (1969)

san-fran-blue-cheer-69-01-a san-fran-blue-cheer-69-01-b

san-fran-blue-cheer-69-01-c san-fran-blue-cheer-69-01-d

45 – Philips 40651 – All Night Long b/w Fortunes (1969)

san-fran-blue-cheer-69-02-a san-fran-blue-cheer-69-02-b

LP – Philips PHM 200-264 – Vincebus Eruptum – #11 Hot LP Charts 1968

san-fran-lp-blue-cheer-68-01-a san-fran-lp-blue-cheer-68-01-b


LP – Philips PHS 600-278 – Outsideinside – #90 Hot LP Charts 1968

san-fran-lp-blue-cheer-68-02-a san-fran-lp-blue-cheer-68-02-b

san-fran-lp-blue-cheer-68-02-c san-fran-lp-blue-cheer-68-02-d

LP – Philips PHS 600-305 – New! Improved! Blue Cheer – #84 Hot LP Charts 1969

san-fran-lp-blue-cheer-69-01-a san-fran-lp-blue-cheer-69-01-b

san-fran-lp-blue-cheer-69-01-c san-fran-lp-blue-cheer-69-01-d

Blue Cheer headlines at the Fillmore Auditorium with Captain Beefheart


The Blue Feelings

Blue House Basement

Original Group Members: Nicky Salvin – Warren Phillips – Dan Smith – Stan Muther – Richard Astle

This group formed in the Spring of 1966 – They resided right in the “Haight” neighborhood as did many of the bands of the day.

(See the “The Vipers” listing for more information on several of these band members)

Blue Light District

Group Members: Chris Saunders – Kirk Sutterlund – Rober Buckner – John Maurer – Mike Frisbie 

The Blues Headband

Bogus Thunder


Original Group Members: Barry Bastian – John Barrett and John Oxendine

Barrett and Oxendine would join “The Dukes of Rhythm”

The Book of Changes

45 – Tower 337 – I Stole the Goodyear Blimp b/w Suddenly I’m Desperately In Love (1967)
This is The Vejtables

san-fran-vejtables-67-02-a san-fran-vejtables-67-02-b

The Boomerangs

Group Members: Dave Burns – Alan Zuniga – Ed Kraus – Don Rodriguez – Mark Rodriguez

Boy Blues

Group Members: Mark Cipolla – Jim Conley – Randy Reaves – Rick Wagner – Bob Brien – John Palmer – Jeff Gadbois

This band had several ties to the Bay area although they came out of Chico, California.  They started off as “The Disciples” before changing their name. Palmer was formerly with a Bay area band called “The Plague”.

Palmer and Gadbois departed to join “Lincoln’s Promise” – Next John Palmer would form “The Savage Resurrection”.  Cipolla would eventually start a new Bay Area band called “Colours” – not the same group as the Los Angeles group who former Beach Boy David Marks played with for a short time.

45 – Frantic CR-2131 – Coming Down To You b/w Living Child – 1967

san-fran-boy-blues-67-01-a san-fran-boy-blues-67-01-b


The Boys

Group Members: Gary Mertz – Randy Hammon – Rick Sweet – Gary Davis – Ephraim Jo

The Bristol Boxkite

Original Group Members: Bill Inadomi – Dennis Hutchinson – Jerry Dohrmann – Fred Allen

The group formed in 1965 in the Castro Valley picking new members and replacements: Bill Ellis – Sandy White – Fred Allen.  They broke up in 1968.  The band took their name from an early British bi-plane manufactured by the “Bristol Aeroplane Company”.

45 – World Pacific 77886 – If You Love Me b/w Colors of Love – 1968


The Brogues


Original Group Members: Eddie Rodrigues – Rick Campbell – Greg Elmore and Gary Duncan

A very early San Fran group – Duncan and Elmore hooked up with “The Quick Silver Messenger Service” in mid 1965 – Duncan came from a group called “The Blue Notes” out of Merced, California.  He also joined a San Fran group in 1969 called “The Outlaws” before returning to Quicksilver where he rode along into the sunset.

45 – Chancellor 59316 – Don’t Shoot Me Down b/w I Ain’t No Miracle Worker (1965)

san-fran-brogues-1965-02-a san-fran-brogues-1965-02-b

45 – Twilight 408 – Someday b/w But Now I Find (1966)

san-fran-brogues-1965-01-a san-fran-brogues-1965-01-b

The Broken Glass

Group Members: Robert Jans – John Wilson – Rodrick Lee – Jim Mcmann 

The Bronze Hog

Group performed at the Inn of the Beginning in Cotati in 1969.

Brother Buzz

The Can-Teens

The Canadian Fuzz


Group performed at the Inn of the Beginning in Cotati, California in 1969

Barry Carlos & The Night-Caps

Group Members: Barry Carlos – Bob Ruggiero – Bob Fox – Loren Majors – Marv Hoag – Jeffy Anderson – Doug Lee

This group later became “Peter Wheat & The Breadmen”

Photo provided by Gene Cross May, 2018:

“Noticed you had some information on Barry Carlos and the NightCaps.  I played with the lead guitar Jeffy Anderson from 1958 to 1961. We were a duo and I also played with the Nightcaps in the first Battle of the Bands held in Berkeley California in 1959. Sending you a couple of pics.  We won the battle playing Link Wray’s “Rumble” and Guitar Boogie Shuffle. Jerry and I both played Rickenbackers. That is me on the left in band photo and on the right with Jerry  Fun Times  He was a very good guitarist in many styles. Unfortunately, he contacted Hodgkin’s disease and at that time no cure.”

45 – Amber AR-3537 – Are You Running Away b/w Don’t-You-Know” (1965)

san-fran-carlos-night-caps-65-01-a san-fran-carlos-night-caps-65-01-b

The Carnaby Five

Group Members: Dave Diaz – Leonard Silva – Walter Dutchtower – Dave Dietle – Rober Seaverlead – Lenny Presitalead

The Carousels

45 – Autumn 13 – Beneath The Willow b/w Sail Away (1965)

san-fran-dixies-65-01-c san-fran-dixies-65-01-d


Carpenter Hall – San Fran Venue


The Casualiars

Group Members: Donald Height & Joe Webb

45 – Autumn 21 – This Is A Mean World b/w Just For You (1965)

san-fran-casualaires-65-01-a san-fran-casualaires-65-01-b

Cat Mother & The All Night Newsboys

Group Members: Roy Michaels – Bob Smith – William Chin – Larry Packer – Michael Equine


Michaels was previously with “The Au Go Go Singers”

45 – Polydor PD 14200 – Good Old Rock N Roll b/w Bad News (1969) #22 Hot 100 Charts


san-fran-cat-mother-69-01-c san-fran-cat-mother-69-01-d

45 – Polydor PD 2-14007 – Can You Dance To It? b/w Marie – #115 Bubbling Under Charts

san-fran-cat-mother-69-02-c san-fran-cat-mother-69-02-d

san-fran-cat-mother-69-02-a san-fran-cat-mother-69-02-b

San Francisco Area Band appearing at the Northern California Folk/Rock Festival 1969


The Cave Dwellers

Group Members: D. Gibson – T. Fernandez – B. Eaves – J. Eaves

45 – Bay Town BT0003/4 – Meditation b/w Night Runner

san-fran-cave-deweller-68-01-a san-fran-cave-deweller-68-01-b

The Charlatans


Here is the entire Charlatan Story at “Collector’s Weekly

Original Group Members: George Hunter – Richard Olsen – Mike Wilhelm – Mike Ferguson and Sam Linde – Linde would depart right away to be replace by Dan Hicks.

45 – Kapp K-799 – The Shadow Knows b/w 32-20 (1966)


san-fran-charlatans-1966-01-b san-fran-charlatans-1966-01-c

san-fran-charlatans-1966-01-d san-fran-charlatans-1966-01-e


san-fran-charlatans-1969-01-b san-fran-charlatans-1969-01-c

45 – Philips 40610 – High Coin b/w When I Go Sailin’ By (1969)

LP – Philips PHS 600-309 – The Charlatans

san-fran-lp-charlatans-69-01-a san-fran-lp-charlatans-69-01-b

san-fran-lp-charlatans-69-01-c san-fran-lp-charlatans-69-01-d

The Charlatans headline the Avalon Ballroom with Sparrow and Canned Heat


The Cheaters

Group Members: Richard Treece – Dan Healy – Joe Johnson – Scott Stevens – Johnny Draper

The Cheese and Crackers

The Chessmen

Group Members: Rick Zuniga – Wayne Scott – Stan Morris – Rich Lachopelle – Bob Bird – Rich Briggs – Brian Scott

The Chimes of Freedom

The Chimney Sweeps

The Chocolate Watch Band


Original Group Members: Ned Troney, Mark Loomis (both formerly with The Chaparrals) – Rick Young – Pete Curry – Jo Kemling and Danny Phay  – (Torney and Phay later joined San Fran band “The Other Side”

45 – Uptown 740 – Sweet Young Thing b/w Baby Blue (1967)

san-fran-chocolate-watch-band-67-01-a san-fran-chocolate-watch-band-67-01-b

san-fran-chocolate-watch-band-67-01-c san-fran-chocolate-watch-band-67-01-d

45 – Uptown 749 – Misty Lane b/w She Weaves a Tender Trap (1967)

san-fran-chocolate-watch-band-67-02-a san-fran-chocolate-watch-band-67-02-b

45 – Tower 373 – Are You Gonna Be There (At the Love In) b/w No Way Out

san-fran-chocolate-watch-band-67-03-a san-fran-chocolate-watch-band-67-03-b

LP – Tower ST-5096 – No Way Out 1967

san-fran-lp-chocolate-watch-band-67-01-a san-fran-lp-chocolate-watch-band-67-01-b

san-fran-lp-chocolate-watch-band-67-01-c san-fran-lp-chocolate-watch-band-67-01-d

LP – Tower T-5106 – The Inner Mystique – 1968


LP – Tower ST 5153 – Chocolate Watch Band – 1969

san-fran-lp-chocolate-watch-band-69-01-a san-fran-lp-chocolate-watch-band-69-01-b

san-fran-lp-chocolate-watch-band-69-01-c san-fran-lp-chocolate-watch-band-69-01-d

The Chocolate Watch Band is the supporting act for England’s “Mindbenders” at the Fillmore Auditorium


The Chrystal Morgue

Jimmy Cicero & the Crusaders

An East Bay area band

The Citizens Band

The City Council

The City Limit

The Clefinger Byword

The Cleveland Wrecking Company


The Chosen Few

Group Members: Ed Straehle – Larry Hendricks – Rich Henriques – Ralph Medina – Jim Gleason

45 – Autumn 17 – I Think It’s Time b/w Nobody But Me (1965)

San Francisco label with Sylvester Stewart (Sly Stone) producing for the label. This group came into San Francisco for a time out of Stockton, California.

san-fran-chosen-few-65-01-a san-fran-chosen-few-65-01-b

The Cleanliness & Godliness Skiffle Band

Group Members: Dan Paik – Carlin Arriola – Annie Johnston – Phil Marsh – Richard Saunders – Will Scarlett

This band evolved from Berkeley’s “Instant Action Jug Band”

LP – Vanguard VSD-79285 – Cleanliness and Godliness Skiffle Bands Latest Hits – 1968

san-fran-lp-cleanliness-68-01-a san-fran-lp-cleanliness-68-01-b

san-fran-lp-cleanliness-68-01-c san-fran-lp-cleanliness-68-01-d



Original Group Members: John Ciambotti – Mitch Howie – Alex Call and John McFee

The group evolved from the “Tin Hearing Aid Company” out of Mill Valley in 1967.  McFee would land in the “Doobie Brothers in 1979.  They recorded many LP’s and singles after 1969 and went to the U.K. for part of their career.

Cold Blood

Lydia Pense - Cold Blood (424? contact) 375 & 376 . Beach Rock Stanford 8/69

Original Group Members: Larry Field – Lydia Pense – Danny Hull – Larry Jonutz – Pat O’Hara – Raul Matute – Jerry Jonutz – David Padron – Rod Elliott and Frank Davis 

Click on Image Above to Visit Cold Blood Web Site

45 – San Francisco SF-60 – You Got Me Humin’ b/w If You Will (1969) – #52 Hot 100

san-fran-cold-blood-69-01-a san-fran-cold-blood-69-01-b

san-fran-cold-blood-69-01-c san-fran-cold-blood-69-01-d

45 EP – Atlantic EP-33091 – Cold Blood (1969)

san-fran-cold-blood-69-02-a san-fran-cold-blood-69-02-b

san-fran-cold-blood-69-02-c san-fran-cold-blood-69-02-d

LP – San Francisco SD 200 – Cold Blood #23 Hot LP Charts 1969

san-fran-lp-cold-blood-69-01-a san-fran-lp-cold-blood-69-01-b

san-fran-lp-cold-blood-69-01-c san-fran-lp-cold-blood-69-01-d

The Collection

Group Members: Pat Serna – Virginia Garcia – Rudy Kayabeyab – Mark Hayden – Jim Morgan – John Foss

An East Bay area band


Group Members: Bob Brien – Pat Varvel – Chuck Edwards – Mark Cipolla

Cipolla was formerly with “The Boy Blues” – This band moved into the Bay Area in 1967.

The Complex

Concord Coliseum – Bay Area Venue


The Condors

The Congress of Wonders


Group Members: Tom Glass – Bob Seidemann – Fred Roth – Herb Greene – Erik Weber – Robert Fried – Dennis Nolan – Jack Hatfield and Adolph Weinman

Sort of a Firesign Theater type act

San Francisco Area Band Congress of Wonders appearing at the Avalon Ballroom 1967 supporting the headliner Steve Miller Band – Lee Michaels also on the bill


The Contemporary Sound

The Count Five


Original Group Members: Joun Michalski – Roy Chaney (both formerly with The Citations and then The Squires) – John Byrne – Kenn Ellner – Craig Atkinson

45 – Double Shot 104 – Psychotic Reaction b/w They’re Gonna Get You (1966) – #5 Hot 100

san-fran-count-five-66-01-a san-fran-count-five-66-01-b

45 – Double Shot 106 – Peace of Mind b/w The Morning After (1966) #125 Bubbling Under Charts

san-fran-count-five-66-02-a san-fran-count-five-66-02-b

45 – Double Shot 110 – You Must Believe Me b/w Teeny Bopper, Teeny Bopper (1967)

san-fran-count-five-67-01-a san-fran-count-five-67-01-b

45 – Double Shot 115 – Merry-Go-Round b/w Contrast (1967)

san-fran-count-five-67-02-a san-fran-count-five-67-02-b

45 – Double Shot 125 – Revelation in Slow Motion b/w Declaration of Independence (1968)

san-fran-count-five-68-01-a san-fran-count-five-68-01-b

45 – Double Shot 141 – Mailman b/w Pretty Big Mouth (1969)

san-fran-count-five-69-01-a san-fran-count-five-69-01-b

LP – Double Shot LP-DSM-1001 – Psychotic Reaction – #122 Hot LP Charts 1966

san-fran-lp-count-five-66-01-a san-fran-lp-count-five-66-01-b

san-fran-lp-count-five-66-01-c san-fran-lp-count-five-66-01-d

Country Joe & The Fish


Original Group Members: Formed in September of 1965 – original members were Joe McDonald – Barry Melton, Carvel Bass (part time member) – Mike Beardslee – Carl Shrager and Bill Steele

McDonald and Melton started off in the Bay Area as “The Instant Action Jug Band” before forming the Fish in December of 1965.  The group were one of the more “political” ensembles out of the San Fran Era.

Shrager would join “The Mightiest Heroes of Our Time” in the Spring of 1966

(Visit the “Jabberwock Jug and Skiffle Band” web page for a family tree)

33 1/3-EP – Rag Baby L 1001 – Country Joe & The Fish (1965)


33 1/3 EP – Rag Baby (no number) – Country Joe & The Fish (1966)

san-fran-country-joe-fish-1966-01-a san-fran-country-joe-fish-1966-01-b

san-fran-country-joe-fish-1966-01-c san-fran-country-joe-fish-1966-01-d

45 – Vanguard 35052 – Not So Sweet Martha Lorraine b/w The Masked Marauder (1967) – #95 Hot 100

san-fran-country-joe-fish-1967-01-a san-fran-country-joe-fish-1967-01-b

san-fran-country-joe-fish-1967-01-c san-fran-country-joe-fish-1967-01-d

45 – Vanguard VRS-35059 – Janis b/w Janis (1967) – # 132 – Combined Additional National Charts

san-fran-country-joe-fish-1967-02-a san-fran-country-joe-fish-1967-02-b

san-fran-country-joe-fish-1967-02-c san-fran-country-joe-fish-1967-02-d

45 – Vanguard VRS-35061 – Who Am I b/w Thursday (1968) – #114 Bubbling Under Charts


san-fran-country-joe-fish-1968-01-b san-fran-country-joe-fish-1968-01-c

san-fran-country-joe-fish-1968-01-d san-fran-country-joe-fish-1968-01-e

45 – Vanguard VSD-35068 – Rock and Soul Music, Part 1 b/w Rock and Soul Music, Part 2 (1968)

san-fran-country-joe-fish-1968-02-a san-fran-country-joe-fish-1968-02-b

san-fran-country-joe-fish-1968-02-c san-fran-country-joe-fish-1968-02-d

Hip Pocket Record – HP-35 45 RPM – Not So Sweet Martha Lorraine b/w Masked Marauder (1968)

san-fran-country-joe-fish-1968-03-a san-fran-country-joe-fish-1968-03-b

san-fran-country-joe-fish-1968-03-c san-fran-country-joe-fish-1968-03-d

45 – Vanguard VRS-35090 – Here I Go Again b/w Baby, You’re Driving Me Crazy (1969) – #106 Bubbling Under Charts

san-fran-country-joe-fish-1969-01-a san-fran-country-joe-fish-1969-01-b

san-fran-country-joe-fish-1969-01-c san-fran-country-joe-fish-1969-01-d

LP – Vanguard VSD-79244 – Electric Music For the Mind and Body – #39 Hot LP Charts 1967

san-fran-lp-country-joe-fish-67-01-a san-fran-lp-country-joe-fish-67-01-b

san-fran-lp-country-joe-fish-67-01-c san-fran-lp-country-joe-fish-67-01-d

LP – Vanguard VRS 9266 – I Feel Like I’m Fixin’ To Die – #67 Hot 100 LP Charts

san-fran-lp-country-joe-67-02-a san-fran-lp-country-joe-67-02-b



LP – Vanguard VDS 79277 – Together – #23 – 1968

san-fran-lp-country-joe-fish-68-01-a san-fran-lp-country-joe-fish-68-01-b

san-fran-lp-country-joe-fish-68-01-c san-fran-lp-country-joe-fish-68-01-d

san-fran-lp-country-joe-fish-68-01-e san-fran-lp-country-joe-fish-68-01-f

LP – Vanguard VSD 79299 – Here We Are Again – #48 Hot LP Charts – 1969

san-fran-lp-country-joe-fish-69-02-a san-fran-lp-country-joe-fish-69-02-b

san-fran-lp-country-joe-fish-69-02-c san-fran-lp-country-joe-fish-69-02-d

san-fran-lp-country-joe-fish-69-02-e san-fran-lp-country-joe-fish-69-02-f

Country Joe and The Fish team up with The Charlatans and Dan Hicks at the Avalon Ballroom


LP – Vanguard

Country Weather

Original Group Members: Dave Carter – Denny Rogan – Steve Derr – Paul White – and Craig T. Nelson

Started off as The Virtues before changing their name in 1967.  They did not release any commercial recordings during the 1960’s, beyond a very rare 1969 5-song EP demo.  The recording below was released in 2005.

san-fran-country-weather-2005-02 san-fran-country-weather-2005

Country Weather appears at the Avalon Ballroom


The Creatures

Curly Cook’s Hurdy Gurdy Band

Group performed at “The Straight Theater” in Bay area in 1968 – Curly Cooke was a member of “The Steve Miller Band – Curly later formed “The Watermelon Band” in the early 1970’s.

Curly Cook’s Hurdy Gurdy Band at Legion Hall


The Crystal Blue Impalas

Group Members: Larry Cruz – Nash Montoya – Carol Medeiros – Rick Medeiros

The Crystal Garden

Group Members: Dave Roserhythm – Leonard Silva – Dave Deluccalead – Tim Mulgrew – Rober Seaverlead – Walt Dutchover – Steve Ferreira – Eric Swansick – Dave Dietle

An East Bay area band.

45 – Bay Town BT011/12 – Flash b/w Peach Fuzz Forest (1969)

san-fran-crystal-garden-69-01-a san-fran-crystal-garden-69-01-b

The Crystal Sunshine Band

Group Members: Grant Craux – Phil Kennemore – Ken Silva – Art Phinney – Don Penaso

The Crystal Syphon

San Francisco Area Band The Crystal Sypon appearing at the Avalon Ballroom 1968


Custer and the Survivers

45 – Golden State GSR-657 – I Saw Her Walking b/w Flapjacks – 1965

san-fran-custer-survivors-65-01-a san-fran-custer-survivors-65-01-b

The Daily Flash

Original Group Members: Steve Lalor – Doug Hasting – Don MacAllister and Jon Keliehor

Hastings went on to join The Buffalo Springfield when Neil Young departed


45 – Parrot PAR 308 – Queen Jane Approximately b/w Jack of Diamonds (1966)

san-fran-daily-flash-66-01-a san-fran-daily-flash-66-01-b

san-fran-daily-flash-66-01-c san-fran-daily-flash-66-01-d

45 – Uni 55001 – The French Girl b/w Green Rocky Road (1967)


san-fran-daily-flash-67-01-b san-fran-daily-flash-67-01-c

The Daily Flash headline the Avalon Ballroom with Country Joe and The Fish supporting


The Danes

An East Bay band from mid 1960’s

The Dartells

The Day Trippers

Group Members: Steve Soto – Mike Benevidez – Rudy Maxion – John Maxion – Karl Kakinger

An East Bay area band who performed at Rollerena

Dead on Arrival

The Dearly Beloved

The Delta Wires

Destiny’s Children

Group Members: Art Flores – Bob Kalani – Mike Salas – Peter Carbanaro – Jolie Mcneil

The Differential Concepts

The Dirty Blues Band

Group members: Dave Miter – Glenn Ross Campbell, Gregg Anderson – John Milliken – Les Morrison – Pat Maloney – Rick Lunetta – Robert Sandell – Rod Piazza

45 – Bluesway 45-6106 – Hound Dog b/w New Orleans Woman (1968)


LP – Blues Way BLS 6010 – Dirty Blues Band – 1967

san-fran-lp-dirty-blues-band-67-01-a-1 san-fran-lp-dirty-blues-band-67-01-a-2

san-fran-lp-dirty-blues-band-67-01-a-3 san-fran-lp-dirty-blues-band-67-01-a-4

San Francisco Area Band The Dirty Blues Band appearing at the Northern California Folk-Rock Festival 1968


The Disciples

The Dixies

The Dixies were from the U.K. but came to San Francisco where they signed with the local Autumn label.

45 – Autumn 12 – He’s Got You b/w Geisha Girl (1965)

san-fran-dixies-65-01-a san-fran-dixies-65-01-b

Don’t Ask

The Donnybrookes

Group Members: Terry Gifford – John Tipton – Jim Ladd – Ric Eittreim – Larry Pindar – Pat Sheridan

45 – Golden State GSR-45-606 – Time Will Tell b/w You’re Gonna Cry – 1966

san-fran-donnybrookes-66-01-a-w-time-will-tell san-fran-donnybrookes-66-01-b

The Downstairs Court House

The Druids

45 – MNO 101 – Cool, Calm and Collected b/w Sorry’s Not Enough (1966)

san-fran-druids-66-01-a san-fran-druids-66-01-b

The Dual Beats

The Ducanes

The Duquaans

The Dutchmen

San Francisco Area Band The Dutchmen appearing at the Fillmore Auditorium 1966


The Dynamics

The E-Types


Original Group Members: Bob Wence – Don Sheppard – Reggie Shaffer – Danny Monigold – and Jody Wence

45 – Link E-1 – I Can’t Do It b/w Long Before (1966)


The Early Morning

Eggs Over Easy

Original Members: Jack O’Hara and Austin Delone

This duo started up in late 1969.  O’Hara was formerly with “Sky Blue” which formed in late 1967.

The Eighth Hour

Group Members: Mike Riley – David Methvin – Jim Camphel

The Electric Flag


Original Group Members: Mike Bloomfield – Barry Goldberg – Buddy Miles – Nick Gravenites – Harvey Brooks

Bloomfield was formerly with the Butterfield Blues Band – Buddy Miles went on to form The Express

45 – Columbia 4-44307 – Groovin’ Is Easy b/w Over-Lovin’ You (1967)

san-fran-electric-flag-67-01-a san-fran-electric-flag-67-01-b

san-fran-electric-flag-67-01-c san-fran-electric-flag-67-01-d

san-fran-electric-flag-67-01-e san-fran-electric-flag-67-01-f

45 – Sidewalk 929 – Peter’s Trip b/w Green and Gold (1967)


45 – Columbia 4-44765 – Sunny b/w Soul Searchin’ (1969)

san-fran-electric-flag-69-01-a san-fran-electric-flag-69-01-b

LP – Sidewalk T-5908 – Original Soundtrack The Trip 1967

san-fran-lp-electric-flag-67-01-a san-fran-lp-electric-flag-67-01-b

san-fran-lp-electric-flag-67-01-c san-fran-lp-electric-flag-67-01-d

LP – Columbia CS 9597 – A Long Time Comin’ – #31 Hot LP Charts – 1968

san-fran-lp-electric-flag-68-01-a san-fran-lp-electric-flag-68-01-b

san-fran-lp-electric-flag-68-01-c san-fran-lp-electric-flag-68-01-d

LP – Columbia CS 9714 – The Electric Flag – #76 Hot LP Charts – 1968

san-fran-lp-electric-flag-68-02-a san-fran-lp-electric-flag-68-02-b

san-fran-lp-electric-flag-68-02-c san-fran-lp-electric-flag-68-02-d

The Electric Grapes

The Electric Train

San Francisco Area Band The Electric Train appearing at the Avalon Ballroom 1966


The Electrical Vision

Group Members: Jim Lyon – Robert Hollingsworth – Rick Sanders – Dannue Guevara

The Emerald Tablet

This band – according to the Rock Archaeology” Blog Site, performed often in the San Fran area but little is known of the group.  Click on the link to read the full account.

The Emeralds

Group Members: George Carvalho – Don Nichols – Dennis Perez – Gil Luna

The Emeralds were from the East Bay Area – They appeared at Rollerena on December 31st, 1965.

Butch Engle & The Showmen

45 – MEA 4505 – You Know All I Want b/w Tell Me Please (1964)

san-fran-showmen-64-01-a san-fran-showmen-64-01-b

Butch Engle & The Styx (See “The Styx”)

The English Shillings

East Bay Band – Appeared at the Oakland Auditorium April, 1966 with Paul Revere and Raiders.


The Epics

Group Members: Mike Mau – Lee King – Bobby Winkelman – Jimmy Fulton – Ed Flickenger – Nino Rugirello – Ric Moxley

45 – Love – Homesick b/w Humpty Dumpty – 1967


The Esquires

The Essex Sounds

The Exciles

The Euphonius Wail

Group Members – Bart Libby – Gary Violetti – Suzanne Rey

Group performed at the Inn of the Beginning in Cotati in 1969.

The Family Album

The Family Tree


Group Members:  Bill Whittington – Bob Segarini – Jimmy DeCocq – Lee Michaels – Mike Durè – Vann Slatter – William Trochim

Members of this band were formerly with “The Brogues” from the Bay Area.

45 – Mira 228 – Live Your Own Life b/w Prince of Dreams (1966)


san-fran-family-tree-66-01-b san-fran-family-tree-66-01-c

45 – RCA Victor 47-9184 – Keepin’ A Secret b/w Do You Have The Time(1967)


san-fran-family-tree-67-01-b san-fran-family-tree-67-01-c

45 – RCA Victor 47-9565 – Slippin’ Through My Fingers b/w Miss Butters (1968)

san-fran-family-tree-68-01-a san-fran-family-tree-68-01-b

45 – RCA Victor 47-9671 – She Had to Fly b/w He Spins Around (1968)

san-fran-family-tree-68-02-a san-fran-family-tree-68-02-b

San Francisco Area Band The Family Tree appearing at the Fillmore Auditorium 1966


The Fellowship of the Ring

The Fifth Street Overpass

Group Members: Jay Thosen – John Granados – Dave Granados – Tony Riley – John Hooper

The Fifth Republic

Group Members: Greg Billeb – Kenny Ybarolla – Garry Mallsberry – David Ewig – Garry Nicholson

The Fifth Street Overpass

The Fifty Foot Hose


Original Group Members: Louis Marcheschi – David Blossom – Nancy Blossom – Kim Kimsey and Larry Evans


LP – Limelight LS-86062 – Cauldron – 1968

san-fran-lp-fifty-foot-hose-68-01-a san-fran-lp-fifty-foot-hose-68-01-b

san-fran-lp-fifty-foot-hose-68-01-c san-fran-lp-fifty-foot-hose-68-01-d

The Avalon Ballroom features The Fifty Foot Hose


The Fighters

The Final Solution

San Francisco Area Band The Final Solution appearing at the Fillmore Auditorium 1965 with Quicksilver Messenger Service


Five Alivee

The Flamin’ Groovies


Original Group Members: Cyril Jordan – George Alexander – Tim Lynch – Danny Mihm and Rod Loney

45 – Epic 5-10507 – Rocking Pneumonia and Boogie Woogie Flu b/w The First One’s Free (1969)


san-fran-flamin-groovies-69-01-c san-fran-flamin-groovies-69-01-d

45 – Epic 5-10564 – Somethin’ Else b/w Laurie Did It (1969)

san-fran-flamin-groovies-69-02-a san-fran-flamin-groovies-69-02-b

san-fran-flamin-groovies-69-02-c san-fran-flamin-groovies-69-02-d

LP – Snazz R 2371 – Sneakers – 1968

san-fran-lp-flamin-groovies-68-01-a san-fran-lp-flamin-groovies-68-01-b

san-fran-lp-flamin-groovies-68-01-c san-fran-lp-flamin-groovies-68-01-d

LP – Epic BN 26487 – Supersnazz – 1969

san-fran-lp-flamin-groovies-69-01-a san-fran-lp-flamin-groovies-69-01-b

san-fran-lp-flamin-groovies-69-01-c san-fran-lp-flamin-groovies-69-01-d

The Flamin’ Groovies headline The Fillmore Auditorium – Steppenwolf supporting



Foregone Conclusion

Group Members: Remi Lemay – Dale Willslead – Bert Dohrmann – Bob Quillenlead

The Fortes

Group Members: Ray Figuero – David Jones – Lathen Johnson – Ken Trujillo – John Shuff – Steve Day

The Forum

The Fourth Dimension

Freedom Highway


Group Members: Scott Inglis – Brucer Brymer – Richi Harris

 This band started in 1965 according to “Mairin Nostalgia” web site.

Scott Inglis on Bass, Richi Ray Harris on Guitar, and Bruce Brymer on Drums

San Francisco Area Band Freedom Highway appearing at the Avalon Ballroom 1967


The Front Line

Group Members: Bill Bowen – Gary Philippet – Jim Brewer – Jim Lanigan – Rex Larson

Gary Philippet was also with later with the 1970s’ bands”Earthquake” and then “Copperhead”

45 – York 45-9000 – I Don’t Care b/w Got Love (1965)

san-fran-front-line-65-01-a san-fran-front-line-65-01-b

The Front Office

45 – Mijji M3007 – Girl b/w Wow (1967)

san-fran-front-office-67-01-b san-fran-front-office-67-01-a

45 – Mijji M-3004 – One Too Many Mornings b/w Chicago Blues (1967)


The Front Page News

Frumious Bandersnatch

Original Group Members: Bobby Winkelman, Jack King, David Denny, Ross Valory (all four later joined The Steve Miller Band) – and George Tickner  (Tickner and Valory would later from the 1970’s group Journey)

45 EP – Muggles Gramophone Works (1968) – Hearts to Cry/Misty Cloudy b/w Cheshire (1968)

san-fran-frumious-bandersnatch-68-01-a san-fran-frumious-bandersnatch-68-01-b

san-fran-frumious-bandersnatch-68-01-c san-fran-frumious-bandersnatch-68-01-d

San Francisco Area Band Frumious Banderswitch appearing at the Avalon Ballroom 1968


The Fugitives

The Garbage Man

The Garden of Delights

San Francisco Area Band The Garden of Delights appearing at the Avalon Ballroom 1968


The Gates of Eden

Group Members:  Barry Tabel – Frank Goulart – Gary Howe – John Xepoleas – Terry Martin – Daryl Verdusco – Rick Bramwell – Gary Lamb – Mike McCall – Fred Schlieper – Joyce Young – John Willson – Janine Vallerio

45 – Baytown – (My Momma Was A) Bottom Land Lilly b/w Long Gone Baby – 1970

Gene & Jerry

(Gene Cross and Jerry Anderson – both formerly Barry Carlos and the Nightcaps)

Photo by Gene Cross – May, 2018

Noticed you had some information on Barry Carlos and the NightCaps.  I played with the lead guitar Jeffy Anderson from 1958 to 1961. We were a duel and I also played with the Nightcaps in the first Battle of the Bands held in Berkeley California in 1959. Sending you a couple of pics.  We won the battle playing Link Wrays “Rumble” and Guitar Boogie Shuffle. Jerry and I both played Rickenbacker’s. That is me on the left in band photo and on the right with Jerry  Fun Times  He was a very good guitarist in many styles. Unfortunately, he contacted Hodgkin’s disease and at that time no cure.

The Gentlemen’s Band

San Francisco Area Band The Gentlemen’s Band appearing at the Fillmore Auditorium 1965


The Gents

Gin House Blues Band

Group Members: Mike Lunardi – Ron White – Charlie Marquez – Toby Romero

The Gold Light Pentagon

The Gotham City Crime Fighters

Group Members: Emilio Castillo – Rocco Hughton – Jack Castillo – Jody Lopez – Dave Getner

An East San Francisco Bay Area band – Members later were in the band “Tower of Power”.


45 – Bat Wing – Who Stole the Bat Mobile b/w That’s Life – 1966

The Grateful Dead


Original Group Members: Jerry Garcia – Bob Weir – Ron “Pigpen” McKernan – Phil Lesh – Bill Kreutzmann

Garcia – Weir and McKernan were in a group called “Mother McCree’s Uptown Jug Band Champions” followed by “The Warlocks”

Garcia started off in a group called “The Sleepy Hollow Hog Stompers” (1962) – Later (1975) he would form “The Gerry Garcia Band” and a bluegrass band “Old and In the Way”.  Two more Garcia projects in the 70’s were “The Legion of Mary” and “The New Riders of the Purple Sage”.

Bob Weir later performed in a 90’s group called “The Other Half”.  Other endeavors after his Dead day were Kingfish, the Bob Weir Band, Bobby and the Midnites, Scaring the Children, RatDog and Furthur.

McKernan passed away in 1973.  Lesh formed a 90’s band using his own name and Kreutzmann later played in “Backbone”.

The Dead failed to chart any singles during the Haight-Ashbury heyday in the 1960’s but did chart 10 times in the following decade.  Their LP’s did much better with 42 LP’s hitting the charts after 1969.

45 – Warner Bros. 7016 – The Golden Road b/w Cream Puff War (1967)

san-fran-grateful-dead-1967-01-a san-fran-grateful-dead-1967-01-b

san-fran-grateful-dead-1967-01-c san-fran-grateful-dead-1967-01-d

45 – Warner Bros. 7186 – Dark Star b/w Born Cross Eyed (1969)

san-fran-grateful-dead-1969-01-a san-fran-grateful-dead-1969-01-b

san-fran-grateful-dead-1969-01-c san-fran-grateful-dead-1969-01-d

45 – Warner Bros. 7324 – Dupree’s Diamond Blues b/w Cosmic Charlie (1969)

san-fran-grateful-dead-1969-02-b san-fran-grateful-dead-1969-03-a

LP – Warner Bros. WS 1689 – The Grateful Dead – 1967

san-fran-lp-grateful-dead-67-01-a san-fran-lp-grateful-dead-67-01-b

san-fran-lp-grateful-dead-67-01-c san-fran-lp-grateful-dead-67-01-d

LP – Warner Bros. WS 1149 – Anthem of the Sun – 1968

san-fran-lp-grateful-dead-68-01-a san-fran-lp-grateful-dead-68-01-b

san-fran-lp-grateful-dead-68-01-c san-fran-lp-grateful-dead-68-01-d

LP – Warner Bros. WS 1790 – Xomomoxoa – 1969

san-fran-lp-grateful-dead-69-01-a san-fran-lp-grateful-dead-69-01-b

san-fran-lp-grateful-dead-69-01-c san-fran-lp-grateful-dead-69-01-d

LP – Warner Bros. 2WS 1930 – Live/Dead – 1969

san-fran-lp-grateful-dead-69-02-a san-fran-lp-grateful-dead-69-02-b

san-fran-lp-grateful-dead-69-02-c san-fran-lp-grateful-dead-69-02-d

san-fran-lp-grateful-dead-69-02-e san-fran-lp-grateful-dead-69-02-f

san-fran-lp-grateful-dead-69-02-g san-fran-lp-grateful-dead-69-02-h

Inserts for the double LP:

san-fran-lp-grateful-dead-69-02-i san-fran-lp-grateful-dead-69-02-j

san-fran-lp-grateful-dead-69-02-k san-fran-lp-grateful-dead-69-02-l

The Grateful Dead headline the Avalon Ballroom


The Great Society


Original Group Members: Grace Slick – Darby Slick – David Miner – Bard DuPont – Peter Van Gelder and Jerry Slick

Grace Slick departed to take the lead vocals for The Jefferson Airplane

45 – Northbeach 1001 – Someone To Love b/w Free Advice (1966)

san-fran-great-society-66-01-a san-fran-great-society-66-01-b

45 – Columbia 4-44583 – Didn’t Think So b/w Sally Go ‘Round the Roses (1968)

san-fran-great-society-68-01-a san-fran-great-society-68-01-b

LP – Columbia CS 9624 – Conspicuous Only In Its Absence #166 Hot LP Charts – 1968

san-fran-lp-great-society-68-01-a san-fran-lp-great-society-68-01-b

san-fran-lp-great-society-68-01-c san-fran-lp-great-society-68-01-d

LP – Columbia CS 9702 – How It Was – Great Society Volume 2 – 1968

san-fran-lp-great-society-68-02-a san-fran-lp-great-society-68-02-b

san-fran-lp-great-society-68-02-c san-fran-lp-great-society-68-02-d

The Great Society join The Jefferson Airplane at the Fillmore Auditorium


The Green Pumpkin

San Francisco Area Band The Green Pumpkin  appearing at the Fillmore Auditorium 1966


Gypsum Heaps

Group Members: Chris Guiver – Rick Quintinel – Rufus Miller

Guiver was with “The Banshees, “Ariel” and Kensignton Forest” – Rufus Miller sang with “Tower of Power”

45 – Onyx 2203 – Would You Love b/w Moving On – 1968

san-fran-gypsum-heaps-68-01-a san-fran-gypsum-heaps-68-01-b

The Gypsy Wizard Band

San Francisco Area Band The Gypsy Wizard Band appearing at the Fillmore Auditorium 1968


Johnny Hammond & The Screaming Nighthawks

San Francisco Area Band Johnny Hammond & The Screaming Nighthawks appearing at the Fillmore Auditorium 1967


The Harbinger Complex


Group Members: Gary Clarke – James Hockstaff – Jim Redding – Robert Hoyle – Ron Rotarius

45 – Brent 7056 – I Think I’m Down b/w My Dear And Kind Sir (1966)

san-fran-harbinger-complex-66-01-a san-fran-harbinger-complex-66-01-b

san-fran-harbinger-complex-66-01-c san-fran-harbinger-complex-66-01-d

45 – Amber – Sometimes I Wonder b/w Tomorrow’s Soul Sound – 1966

San Francisco Area Band The Harbinger Complex appearing at the Fillmore Auditorium 1967


The Hard Times

45 – MNO 102 – Mr. Rolling Stone b/w Route 66 (1966)

san-fran-hard-times-66-01-a san-fran-hard-times-66-01-b

Harper’s Bizarre


Original Group Members: Ted Templeman – Dick SCoppettone – Eddie James – Dick Yount and John Petersen

The group was first called “The Tikis” before having their name changed. Then he recorded as “The Templeton Twins”

45 – Warner Bros. 5890 – The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin’ Groovy) b/w Lost My Love Today – (1967) #13 Hot 100 Charts


san-fran-harpers-bizarre-1967-01-c san-fran-harpers-bizarre-1967-01-d

45 – Warner Bros. 7028 – Come To the Sunshine b/w The Debutante’s Ball (1967) #37 Hot 100 Charts

san-fran-harpers-bizarre-1967-02-a san-fran-harpers-bizarre-1967-02-b

san-fran-harpers-bizarre-1967-02-c san-fran-harpers-bizarre-1967-02-d

45 – Warner Bros. 7063 – Anything Goes b/w Malibu U (1967) – #43 Hot 100 Charts

san-fran-harpers-bizarre-1967-03-a san-fran-harpers-bizarre-1967-03-b

san-fran-harpers-bizarre-1967-03-a san-fran-harpers-bizarre-1967-03-b

45 – Warner Bros. 7090 – Chattanooga Choo Choo b.w Hey, You In the Crowd (1967) – #45 Hot 100 Charts

san-fran-harpers-bizarre-1967-04-a san-fran-harpers-bizarre-1967-04-b

45 – Warner Bros. 7172 – Cotton Candy Sandman (Sandman’s Coming) b/w Virginia City (1968) – #130 Combined Music Vendor & Record World Charts

san-fran-harpers-bizarre-1968-01-a san-fran-harpers-bizarre-1968-01-b

san-fran-harpers-bizarre-1968-01-c san-fran-harpers-bizarre-1968-01-d

33 1/3 EP – Warner Bros. S 1739 – The Secret Life of Harpers Bizarre (1968)

san-fran-harpers-bizarre-1968-02-a san-fran-harpers-bizarre-1968-02-b

san-fran-harpers-bizarre-1968-02-c san-fran-harpers-bizarre-1968-02-d

45 – Warner Bros. 7200 – Both Sides Now b/w Small Talk (1968) – #123 Bubbling Under Charts

san-fran-harpers-bizarre-1968-03-a san-fran-harpers-bizarre-1968-03-b

san-fran-harpers-bizarre-1968-03-c san-fran-harpers-bizarre-1968-03-d

45 – Warner Bros. 7223 – Battle of New Orleans b/w Green Apple Tree (1968) #96 Hot 100 Charts

san-fran-harpers-bizarre-1968-04-a san-fran-harpers-bizarre-1968-04-b

san-fran-harpers-bizarre-1968-04-c san-fran-harpers-bizarre-1968-04-d

45 – Warner Bros. PRO 294 – I Love You Alice B. Toklas! (both sides) (1968)


45 – Warner Bros. 7238 – I Love You, Alice B. Toklas! b/w Look To The Rainbow (1968) – #141 Combined Music Vendor & Record World Charts

san-fran-harpers-bizarre-1968-05-a san-fran-harpers-bizarre-1968-05-b

45 – Warner Bros. 9296 – Knock On Wood b/w Witchi Tai To (1969)

san-fran-harpers-bizarre-1969-01-a san-fran-harpers-bizarre-1969-01-b

LP – Warner Bros. W 1693 – Feelin’ Groovy – #108 Hot LP Charts – 1967

san-fran-lp-harpers-bizarre-67-01-a san-fran-lp-harpers-bizarre-67-01-b

san-fran-lp-harpers-bizarre-67-01-c san-fran-lp-harpers-bizarre-67-01-d

LP – Warner Bros. WS 1716 – Anything Goes – #76 Hot LP Charts – 1967

san-fran-lp-harpers-bizarre-67-02-a san-fran-lp-harpers-bizarre-67-02-b

san-fran-lp-harpers-bizarre-67-02-c san-fran-lp-harpers-bizarre-67-02-d

LP – Warner Bros. WS 1739 – The Secret Life of Harper’s Bizarre – 1968

san-fran-lp-harpers-bizarre-68-01-a san-fran-lp-harpers-bizarre-68-01-b


LP – Warner Bros. WS 1784 – Harper’s Bizarre 4 – 1969

san-fran-lp-harpers-bizarre-69-01-a san-fran-lp-harpers-bizarre-69-01-b

san-fran-lp-harpers-bizarre-69-01-c san-fran-lp-harpers-bizarre-69-01-d

The Heavenly Blues Band

San Francisco Area Band The Heavenly Blues Band appearing at the Fillmore Auditorium 1965


The Hedds


Dan Hicks & His Hot Licks

Original Group Members: Dan Hicks – David LaFlamme – Sherry Snow – Christine Gancher – Jon Weber and James Leopold

LaFlamme later joined “It’s a Beautiful Day”


45 – Epic 5-10511 – How Can I Miss You When You Won’t Go Away b/w Canned Music


LP – Epic BN 26464 – Dan Hicks and His Hot Lucks  – 1969

san-fran-lp-dan-hicks-hot-licks-69-01-a san-fran-lp-dan-hicks-hot-licks-69-01-c

Dan Hicks and His Hot Licks join Howlin’ Wolf and Quicksilver Messenger Service at the Avalon Ballroom


The Hinges of Fate

Group Members: Don Brechtel – Dennis Chandler

Honey Baked Ham

Members: Ron Whitehorse – Phil Marsh and Gary Peterson

Marsh was part of the “Instant Action Jug Band” as well as “Phil and Phil” and “The Masked Marauders” spoof project. Peterson went on to “Cleanliness & Godliness Skiffle Band” in late 1966.

Hot Tuna


The IBM’s

Group Members: Kip Courtney – Ed Mcconnel – Dan Eno – Fred Allen – Dan Titus

The Immediate Family

Group Members: Tim Barnes – Mike Mau – Terry Davis – Dave Brown – Kris Kovacs – Mike Hamm

An East Bay area band – Appearing below in 1967 with


The Incredible Fish

Group Members: Barry Melton – Bruce Barthol – Chicken Hirsh – David Cohen

This was essential the group carrying on temporarily without leader Country Joe for about three months in 1967 – after which time they reunited – “Chicken” Hirsch came from “The Grateful Dead” and also performed with “The Cleanliness & Godliness Skiffle Band”

The Indian Head Band

East Bay Band – appearing in September, 1967


San Francisco Area Band The Indian Head Band appearing at the Fillmore Auditorium 1968


Indian, Puddin’ and Pipe


Original Group Members: Pat Craig – Steve Mack – Rex Larsen, Paul Trousdale – Dennis Lannigan – Steve Jackson and Barry Lewis

The group evolved out of the West Coast Natural Gas band (see below)

Initial Shock


Group Members: George Wallace – William Collins – Steve Garr – Brian Knaff

Rock Archaeology Blog Site reports that members of this band were from “The Chosen Few” and a band called “The Mojo Mark IV”.

45 – B.F.D. CO 2022 – You’ve Been a Long Time Coming b/w I Once Asked (1967)


45 – B.F.D. CRC-0035 – Mind Disaster b/w “It’s Not Easy” (1968)

san-fran-initial-shock-68-01-a san-fran-initial-shock-68-01-b

San Francisco Area Band The Initial appearing at the Avon Ballroom 1968


The Inmates

The Inn Crowd

An East Bay area band

The Instant Action Jug Band

Group Members: Carl Shrager – Barry Melton – Joe McDonald – Toby Lightheiser – Larry Hanks – Richard Saunders – Carvel Bass – Paul Armstrong – Alice Stuart – Jon Lundberg – Phil Marsh – Perry Lederman – Deidre Lundberg – Annie Johnston – Bruce Barthol

This congregation out of the Berkeley community gave rise to Country Joe and The Fish – Visit this web site to enjoy a full family tree for the “Jabberwock” collection of musicians.

Phil Marsh was in “Honey Baked Ham” in 64/65 – then teamed up with Phil Greenberg in “Phil and Phil” and also involved in the curious “Masked Marauders”.

The Invaders

Group Members: Rob Moitoza – Ron Story – Bob Burgan – Bill Nishimura

Story would go to a band called “The Travelers” – Moitoza starts up “The Swingin’ Deacons Blues Band”

It’s A Beautiful Day


Original Group Members: David LaFlamme – Pattie Santos – Mitchell Holman – and Hal Wagenut

LaFlamme was formerly with Dan Hicks and His Hot Licks

45 – San Francisco S7A-11680 – Bulgaria b/w Aquarium Dream (1968)

san-fran-its-a-beautiful-day-68-01-a san-fran-its-a-beautiful-day-68-01-b

45 – Columbia 4-44928 – White Bird b/w Wasted Union Blues (1969) – #118 Bubbling Under Charts

san-fran-its-a-beautiful-day-69-01-a san-fran-its-a-beautiful-day-69-01-b

san-fran-its-a-beautiful-day-69-01-c san-fran-its-a-beautiful-day-69-01-d

LP – Columbia CS 9768 – It’s A Beautiful Day – #47 Hot LP Charts – 1969

san-fran-lp-its-a-beautiful-day-69-01-a san-fran-lp-its-a-beautiful-day-69-01-b

san-fran-lp-its-a-beautiful-day-69-01-c san-fran-lp-its-a-beautiful-day-69-01-d

san-fran-lp-its-a-beautiful-day-69-01-e san-fran-lp-its-a-beautiful-day-69-01-f

LP – Columbia CS 1058 – Marrying Maiden – #28 Hot LP Charts – charted 1970 released 1969

san-fran-lp-its-a-beautiful-day-69-02-a san-fran-lp-its-a-beautiful-day-69-02-b

san-fran-lp-its-a-beautiful-day-69-02-c san-fran-lp-its-a-beautiful-day-69-02-d

It’s a Beautiful Day headline The Fillmore West with Alice Cooper supporting


Jefferson Airplane


Original Group Members: Marty Balin – Paul Kantner – Signe Toly Anderson – Jorma Kaukonen – Jerry Peloquin and Bob Harvey

Grace Slick from the Great Society would come in after about one year to replace Signe who departed to have a child.

45 – RCA Victor 47-8769 – It’s No Secret b/w Runnin’ ‘Round This World (1966)

san-fran-jefferson-airplane-66-01-a san-fran-jefferson-airplane-66-01-b

san-fran-jefferson-airplane-66-01-c san-fran-jefferson-airplane-66-01-d

45 – RCA Victor 47-8848 – Come Up the Years b/w Blues From An Airplane (1966)

san-fran-jefferson-airplane-66-02-a san-fran-jefferson-airplane-66-02-b

san-fran-jefferson-airplane-66-02-c san-fran-jefferson-airplane-66-02-d

45 – RCA Victor 47-8967 – Bringing Me Down b/w Let Me In (1966)

san-fran-jefferson-airplane-66-03-a san-fran-jefferson-airplane-66-03-b

san-fran-jefferson-airplane-66-03-c san-fran-jefferson-airplane-66-03-d

45 – RCA Victor 47-9063 –  My Best Friend b/w How Do You Feel (1967) – #103 Bubbling Under Charts

san-fran-jefferson-airplane-67-01-a san-fran-jefferson-airplane-67-01-b

san-fran-jefferson-airplane-67-01-c san-fran-jefferson-airplane-67-01-d

45 – RCA Victor 47-9140 – Somebody To Love b/w She Has Funny Cars (1967) #5 Hot 100 Charts


san-fran-jefferson-airplane-67-02-a san-fran-jefferson-airplane-67-02-b

san-fran-jefferson-airplane-67-02-c san-fran-jefferson-airplane-67-02-d

45 – RCA Victor 47-9248 – Plastic Fantastic Lover b/w White Rabbit (1967) – #8 Hot 100 Charts


san-fran-jefferson-airplane-67-03-b san-fran-jefferson-airplane-67-03-c

45 – RCA Victor 47-9297 – Ballad of You and Me & Pooneil b/w Two Heads (1967) – #42 Hot 100 Charts – #124 Bubbling Under Charts

san-fran-jefferson-airplane-67-04-a san-fran-jefferson-airplane-67-04-b

san-fran-jefferson-airplane-67-04-c san-fran-jefferson-airplane-67-04-d

45 – RCA Victor 47-9389 – Watch Her Ride b/w Martha (1967) – #61 Hot 100 Charts

san-fran-jefferson-airplane-67-05-a san-fran-jefferson-airplane-67-05-b

san-fran-jefferson-airplane-67-05-c san-fran-jefferson-airplane-67-05-d

45 – RCA Victor 47-0796 – Somebody to Love b/w White Rabbit (1968)

san-fran-jefferson-airplane-68-01-a san-fran-jefferson-airplane-68-01-b

45 – RCA Victor 47-9496 – Greasy Hearts b/w Share A Little Joke (1968) – #98 Hot 100 Charts

san-fran-jefferson-airplane-68-01-c san-fran-jefferson-airplane-68-01-d

45 – RCA Victor 47-9644 – Crown of Creation b/w Lather (1968) – #64 Hot 100 Charts



san-fran-jefferson-airplane-68-02-d san-fran-jefferson-airplane-68-02-e

45 – RCA Victor 74-0150 – Plastic Fantastic Lover b/w Other Side of This Life (1969) – #133 Bubbling Under Charts

san-fran-jefferson-airplane-69-01-d san-fran-jefferson-airplane-69-01-e

45 – RCA Victor 74-0245 – Volunteers b/w We Can Be Together (1969) – #65 Hot 100 Charts

san-fran-jefferson-airplane-69-02-a san-fran-jefferson-airplane-69-02-b

san-fran-jefferson-airplane-69-02-c san-fran-jefferson-airplane-69-02-d

san-fran-jefferson-airplane-69-02-e san-fran-jefferson-airplane-69-02-f

LP – LSP 3584 – Jefferson Airplane Takes Off – #128 Hot LP Charts 1966

san-fran-lp-jefferson-airplane-66-01-a san-fran-lp-jefferson-airplane-66-01-b

san-fran-lp-jefferson-airplane-66-01-c san-fran-lp-jefferson-airplane-66-01-d

LP – RCA Victor LSP 3766 – Surrealistic Pillow – #3 Hot LP Charts – 1967

san-fran-lp-jefferson-airplane-67-02-a san-fran-lp-jefferson-airplane-67-02-b

san-fran-lp-jefferson-airplane-67-02-c san-fran-lp-jefferson-airplane-67-02-d

LP – RCA Victor LOP 1511 – After Bathing at Baxter’s – #17 Hot LP Charts 1967

san-fran-lp-jefferson-airplane-67-01-a san-fran-lp-jefferson-airplane-67-01-b


LP – RCA Victor LSP 4058 – Crown of Creation – #6 – 1968

san-fran-lp-jefferson-airplane-68-01-a san-fran-lp-jefferson-airplane-68-01-b

san-fran-lp-jefferson-airplane-68-01-c san-fran-lp-jefferson-airplane-68-01-d

LP – RCA Victor LSP 4133 – Bless Its Pointed Little Head – #17 Hot LP Charts – 1969

san-fran-lp-jefferson-airplane-69-01-a san-fran-lp-jefferson-airplane-69-01-b

san-fran-lp-jefferson-airplane-69-01-c san-fran-lp-jefferson-airplane-69-01-d

LP Inserts

san-fran-lp-jefferson-airplane-69-01-e san-fran-lp-jefferson-airplane-69-01-f

LP – RCA Victor LSP 4238 – Volunteers – #13 Hot LP Charts – 1969

san-fran-lp-jefferson-airplane-69-02-a san-fran-lp-jefferson-airplane-69-02-b

san-fran-lp-jefferson-airplane-69-02-c san-fran-lp-jefferson-airplane-69-02-d

san-fran-lp-jefferson-airplane-69-02-e san-fran-lp-jefferson-airplane-69-02-f

san-fran-lp-jefferson-airplane-69-02-g san-fran-lp-jefferson-airplane-69-02-h

LP Insert


The Jefferson Airplane would chart 21 additional times into the 1980’s (and as the Starship)

The Jefferson Airplane join the Grateful Dead at The Fillmore Auditorium


The Joint Chiefs of Staff

Group Member:  Ed Cleaveland – Tom Stoker – Tom Matthes – Dave Harden

JP & the Prowlers

Group Members: Zak Hanson – John Phillips

Janis Joplin & Her Kozmic Blues Band

Original Group Members:  Janis Joplin – Snooky Flowers – Terry Clements – Brad Campbell – Bill King – Marcus Doubleday – Roy Markowitz and Sam Andrew

Janis got her wish with this assemblage of musicians adding horns – only one fellow Big Brother came with her into Kozmic Blues – Sam Andrew.  He remained for a time – finally being dismissed by Janis even though they were very close friends – He would then return to the Big Brother line-up.  Later on starting in the Spring of 1970 Janis would for the Full Tilt Boogie Band and bring only Brad Campbell on bass with her from the original Kozmic Blues personnel.

45 – Columbia 4-444503 – Kozmic Blues b/w Little Girl Blue (1969)

san-fran-joplin-1969-01-a-41 san-fran-joplin-1969-01-b

LP – Columbia KCS 9913 – I Got Dem Ol’ Kozmic Blues Again Mama! – #5 Hot LP Charts – 1969
(Band did not immediately have the name “Kozmic Blues Band” – They performed for a time without a formal name)

san-fran-lp-joplin-1969-01-a san-fran-lp-joplin-1969-01-b

san-fran-lp-joplin-1969-01-c san-fran-lp-joplin-1969-01-d


The Judges

The Just VI

Original Group Members: Tony Rhodes – Mike Cantrell – Ken Houston – Don Cantrell Jr. –  Dennis Brock – Sal Saccardo

Later member Terry Rissman of “Peter Wheat & the Breadmen” would come in as a new drummer.

45 – Wax W-211 – You b/w Bo-Said – 1965

san-fran-just-vi-65-01-a san-fran-just-vi-65-01-b

Just Us

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