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Here is a complete site index – alphabetically sorted – with cross referencing – Will be keeping this updated as additions are made. You can use this Index to determine whether an artists or group, etc., is included on a Blog page on my site or a Post in some instances – then enter the artist name in the Site Search Box.  Also includes subjects such as record label listings and broader categories.

Not every artist listed has their own page but often included on a category page – Many artists do have a unique page.  In some cases a listing will take you to a Post as opposed to a Page.  Some of the pages are located on my sister site “Music Trade Ads Data Base”

These are so indicated in the data base below:  (4100 Plus Entries Here)

16 Horsepower – Colo Punk
2019 Musician Memorial
25th Hour – Colo Garage
3.2 Blues To Go – Colo
3.2 Blues To Go – Colo Garage
4 Nicators – Colo Garage
57 Lesbian – Colo Punk
60,000,000 Buffalo – Colo
A.S. Anova – Colo
Abbott, Cheryl – Colo
ABDA – Colo Gospel
Abeyta, Paul – Colo
About (Top Bar)
Abrams, Reid – Colo
Abraxas – Colo Garage
Accents – Colo Garage
Accents (Denver) – Colo Garage
Accordion Chimes – Colo
Ace Ball – Colo
Achilles & Frank – Colo
Achilles, Ralph – Colo
Acid Pigs – Colo Punk
Acid Ranch – Colo Punk
Action Brass – Colo Garage
Active Support – Colo
Active Support – Colo Garage
Acy Acy – Colo Garage
Adams State Choir – Colo Gospel
Adams, Deke – Colo
Adams, John Luther – Colo
Adams, Tim Trio – Colo
Afrosippi Blues Band – Colo
Aftermath – Colo Garage
Agape Singers Denver – Colo Gospel
Ahn, Pricilla & Sea of Bees – Colo
Air Born – Colo
Alaimo, Steve
Alameda – Colo
Alaska Hobo Jim – Colo
Albany Bridge Band – Colo
Albo, Phil – Colo
Albright, Alton – Colo
Alburn, Ray Quartet – Colo
Alexander, Arthur
Alexander, Ted Trio – Colo
Alexis – Colo
Alive & Well – Colo
Alive ‘N Kickin’
All – Colo
All – Colo Punk
All In the Family Band – Colo
All Star Jubilee – Colo
Allen, Beau – Colo
Allen, Bobby – Band Box
Allen, Ira – Colo
Allen, Red – Colo
Allen, Rex – Billboard Bio Feature
Allen, Tom & Saints – Band Box
Alley Cats – Colo
Allison, Bobby – Colo
Allison, Max – Band Box
Aloha – Colo
Alpert, Herb
Alpha Centauri – Colo
Alpha Wave – Colo
Alpine Polkadots – Band Box
Alpiners – Colo Polka/Dance
Alster, Bob – Colo
Aluminum Beach – Colo
Alvarados, Los – Infal
Ambassadors – Colo
Amber – Colo
Ambrose, Joe Quartet – Colo
Amella, Lou – Colo
American Bandstand
American Bandstand – 1957
American Bandstand – 1958
American Mercury – Colo Garage
American Standard – Colo
Ames – Colo
Amos – Colo Garage
Amusement Park U.S.A. (related songs)
Amy Lee – Colo
Ancient Instruments Ensemble – Colo
Anderson , Mel Chubb with Don Ralke – Finer Arts
Anderson, Casey – Colo
Anderson, Ila – Colo
Anderson, Stanley & Sundowners Band
Andree, Kitt – Colo
Andrei – Colo
Andrews, Madam W.M. – Colo
Andrews, W.M. – Colo Gospel
Andy & Manhattons – Colo Garage
Anello, Rocky – Colo
Ange & The Wild Turkeys – Colo Garage
Angel Hair – Colo
Angels – Girl Group Sound
Animals UK
Animals US
Annette & Mousketeers
Anonymous Artists of America – Colo
Another Way – Colo
Anschutz, Jim – Colo
Ante Bellum – Colo Punk
Anthony, Jim – Colo
Anti-Scrunti Faction – Colo Punk
Antone & Curtiss – Colo
Antone & Curtiss – Colo
Apolinar, Danny Trio – Colo
Apple – Colo
Apples In Stereo – Colo
Aquasonics – Colo
Archer & Gile – Colo
Archuletta, Archie – Infal
Arellano, Lee Trio – Colo
Arie, India – Colo
Arie, India – Colo
Arizona Maid Band – Colo
Arizona Nightingales – Colo
Arley & Mad Drivers – Colo
Armageddon – Colo Garage
Armand, Renee – Colo
Armstrong, Don – Colo Polka/Dance
Arnell, Ginny – Girl Group Sound
Ars Nova Chamber Singers – Colo
Arthur, Dino – Colo
Arthur, Dino- Biscuit City
Arthur, Fred & His Bear Cats – Colo
Arthurs, Neil – Colo
Arvada Chorale – Colo Gospel
Arvada United Methodist Church – Colo Gospel
Ascots – Colo Garage
Asher Troupe Englewood – Colo Gospel
Ashford & Simpson – Motown
Ashton, Ashton – Colo
Aspen Flyers – Colo
Astro Beats – Colo
Astronauts – Colo Garage
Astronauts Colorado
Astronauts Colorado & Dumplings
Astronauts Colorado Discography
Astronauts Colorado International Discography
Atkins, Chet & Colorado Mountain Boys – Colo
Atonement – Colo Punk
Attitude – Colo
Auggie Rocks & Lipstick Gunfighters – Colo Punk
Augustana Luthern Church Denver – Colo Gospel
Aurora – Colo
Aurora Pushups – Colo
Austin – Colo Gospel
Autobahn – Colo
Autogramm – Colo
Avalons – Band Box
Avantis – Colo Garage
Average German Band – Colo Polka/Dance
Aviators – Colo
Aviators – Colo Punk
B. Bumble & the Stingers – Billboard Bio Feature
Baby Face – Colo
Baby Magic – Colo Garage
Baca, Fred – Colo
Baca, Fred & Rebels – Colo
Baca, Richard & the Rebels – Colo Garage
Baccara – Colo
Bacharach & David
Bachelors UK
Bachelors US
Bachicha, Sam – Colo
Bacino, Ric & J-O Cowpokes – Colo
Backroads – Colo
Backstreet – Colo
Bacon, Gar – Band Box
Bad Bob – Colo
Bad Brains – Colo Punk
Bad Habits – Colo Garage
Badd Habitt – Colo
Bagwell, Tim – Colo
Bagwell, Tim – Colo Gospel
Bailer – Colo
Bailey, Dick – Band Box
Bailey, Dick – Colo Gospel
Bailey, George – Colo
Bailey, Kirk – Colo
Bailey, Phillip Colorado
Bain, Jackie – Colo
Baird, Dr. James William Fort Collins – Colo Gospel
Baird, Gidget – Colo
Baird, Larry – Colo
Baker, Ginger – Colo
Bakersfield Charter – Colo Garage
Bakke, Jerry – Colo
Bala-Sinem Choir – Colo
Baldridge, Audy – Colo
Baldridge, Randy & Western Swingers – Colo
Balladiers – Band Box
Balloo, Mary Ann – Colo
Band Box Artists – Blue Rhythms
Band Box Artists – Boltz Family Five
Band Box Artists – Conley, Walt
Band Box Artists – Dedrick, Dick
Band Box Artists – Goodwin, Bill
Band Box Artists – Ink Spots
Band Box Artists – Ink Spots – Joel Cowan and Jim Watson
Band Box Artists – Kae, Ronny
Band Box Artists – King, Randy
Band Box Artists – Lidos
Band Box Artists – Mills, Chuck (and Monarchs)
Band Box Artists – New Mobile Strugglers
Band Box Artists – Saints
Band Box Artists – Schmutz, Fritz
Band Box Artists – Scott, Sandi
Band Box Artists – Sims, Lee
Band Box Artists – Starr, Penny
Band Box Artists – Trevor, Van
Band Box Artists – Trevor, Van – Trevor and Starr Tour
Band Box Artists – Tuck, Duncan
Band Box Artists A-K
Band Box Artists L-Z
Band Box History –  in the Rockabilly Hall of Fame
Band Box History – Is On the Air (On the Bobby G Show)
Band Box History – On Louisiana Radio WWOZ Program
Band Box History – On the National Charts
Band Box History – Promotion Gallery (Photo’s of the Musicians)
Band Box History – the Band Box Museum
Band Box History – Vicky Morosan’s Brush with History
Band Box Records (Top Bar)
Band Box Records 45’s/78’s Index – Catalog No’s 1-369
Band Box Records 45’s/78’s Index – Catalog No’s 370 thru Miscellaneous
Band Box Records 45’s/78’s Index – Subsidiary Labels
Band Box Records Columbine Label
Band Box Records Long Play Index
Band On Barroom Floor – Colo
Band X – Colo
Band X – Colo Garage
Banjo Billy – Colo
Banks, Robin Band – Colo
Banks, Vic & Sunset Trail Riders – Colo
Bar D Wranglers – Colo
Bar D Wranglers Colorado
Bar Z Plainsmen – Colo
Barber, Chris UK
Barber, Johnny & Rhythm Razors – Colo
Barber, Paukl – Colo Gospel
Barbosa – Colo
Bards – Colo
Barleen Family – Colo
Barleen Trio – Colo
Barnes, Brandon – Colo
Barnes, Ernest Denver Bronco LP Cover Designer – Colo
Barnett, Esther Mae – Colo
Barnshakers – Colo
Baron, Leigh – Band Box
Baron, Saturday – Colo
Barons – Colo Garage
Barri, Steve & Sloan, P.F.
Barrier Breakers with J.J. Dickens – Colo
Barron, Joel & Billy Wilson – Colo
Barry, Jeff & Greenwich, Ellie
Barry, Joe – Billboard Bio Feature
Barry, John UK
Barth, Bobby – Colo
Barton, Cindy – Colo
Basements – Colo Garage
Basgall, Eddie & His Orchestra/Jolly Dutchmen – Colo Polka/Dance
Bashor, Don – Colo
Basic Black – Colo Punk
Bassholes – Colo
Batmen – Colo Garage
Battitt – Colo
Baylinson – Colo
Beach Boys
Beach Boys – Brian’s Songs
Beach Boys – David Marks
Beach Boys – Group Discography
Beach Boys – On Billboard
Beach Boys – Solo Discography
Bear, Al – Colo
Beast – Colo Garage
Beast 2 – Colo
Beatles at Red Rocks 1964
Beatles: 1962 & 1964 Releases On Charts
Beatles: 1965 Releases On Charts
Beatles: 1966 Releases On Charts
Beatles: 1967 Releases On Charts
Beatles: 1968 Releases On Charts
Beatles: 1969 Releases On Charts
Beatles: 1970 & Beyond Releases On Charts
Beatles: 45 Collage 63-64 U.S.
Beatles: 45 Collage 65-67 U.S.
Beatles: 45 Collage 68 & On U.S.
Beatles: Apple Artists 45’s
Beatles: Apple Artists Long Plays
Beatles: Beginnings in the U.S. 1964 Tour
Beatles: Billboard Magazine
Beatles: Bugs & Beatles Recordings
Beatles: Digital Formats
Beatles: Fab Hysteria
Beatles: Index
Beatles: Ken Brown Early Band Member
Beatles: Long Play Collage U.S.
Beatles: Memorabillia
Beatles: On the UK Charts
Beatles: Sgt Peppers
Beatles: Sheet Music
Beatles: Solo 45’s
Beatles: Solo Long Plays
Beatles: Tales of Their Labels
Beatles: Tapes
Beatles: The Charts April 4th 1964
Beautiful Morning – Colo
Bebo, Marlee & Marlana & Bebo Singers – Colo
Beckett, Grant – Band Box
Becky Ann – Colo
Bediant, Jack & Chessmen – Colo
Bedouins – Colo
Bee Gees UK
Bee Gees US
Bee, Jimmy & McGowan Organ Trio – Colo
Bee, Molly
Beggar’s Opera Company – Colo Garage
Bell, Debbie – Colo
Bell, Larry & Continentals – Colo Garage
Bell, Lou Lou – Colo
Bell, Maggie – Colo
Bell, Randy & Vision – Colo
Belletto, Al Sextet – Colo
Bellus, Tony
Bench-Warmers – Colo
Berens, Jerry – Colo
Berger, Jean & Cecil Effingers – Colo
Berghofer, Chuck – Colo
Bergin, Fred – Colo Polka/Dance
Bergin, Fred Colorado
Bergin, Freddy – Colo
Berig, Roger & Polka Variety Band – Colo Polka/Dance
Bernadou, Paul – Colo
Bernard, Betsy with Kim King – Colo
Bernell Brothers – Colo
Bernie & Joe Band – Colo
Bernie & the Koinonia Littleton – Colo Gospel
Bernstein, Morey – Finer Arts
Bernstein, Morey (Denver) – Colo
Bernstein, Morey (Pueblo) – Colo
Berry, Chuck
Berry, Chuck – Hits
Bertoni, Riccardo – Colo
Bertra, Cindy – Colo Polka/Dance
Bertram, Cindy and Band – Band Box
Bevan, Charla – Colo
Bhendilum Roc – Colo
Biafra, Jello – Colo
Big Al & the Hi Fi’s – Colo
Big Band Vocalists
Big Bird & Steam Shovel – Colo
Big Head Todd & Monsters – Colo
Big Head Todd & Monsters Colorado
Big If – Colo Punk
Bill & Joyce – Band Box
Bill & Joyce – Colo Gospel
Billingsley, Earl & His Polka Band – Colo Polka/Dance
Billy & Bop Cats – Colo
Billy & Moonlighters – Colo
Bird Groups (Doo Wop)
Birmingham Balloon Company – Colo Garage
Birsha, Jo Ann – Colo Polka/Dance
Birthday Party – Colo Punk
Biscuit City Records Colorado
Bisessi, Mike – Colo
Black Canyon Express – Colo
Black Canyon Gang – Colo
Black List – Colo Punk
Black Sheep – Colo Garage
Black, Cilla UK
Black, Cilla US
Blackbird – Colo
Blackhawk – Colo
Blacklist – Colo
Blacktop Rockets – Colo
Blaine, Hal
Blair, Joe & Linda – Colo Gospel
Blanco, Enrique – Colo
Bland, Ronnie – Colo
Blane, Marcie – Billboard Bio Feature
Blane, Marcie – Girl Group Sound
Blind Dance – Colo
Blisters – Colo
Blitz Girls – Colo
Blood Axis – Colo Punk
Bloomfield, Imogene Eleanor – Colo
Blount, Paul – Colo
Blubird Theater Colorado
Blue Angels – Colo Garage
Blue Earth – Colo
Blue Rhythms – Band Box
Blue Rhythms – Colo Garage
Blue Rhythms – Colorado
Blue Ribbon Boys – Colo
Bluegrass Patriots – Colo
Blues Agency – Colo Garage
Blues Syndicate – Colo Garage
Bluetones – Colo Garage
Bob & Jane – Colo
Bob & Shirley & Valiants – Band Box
Bob & Sylvia (Love) – Band Box/Spicy
Bobbitt – Colo
Bodine – Colo Garage
Body & Soul – Colo
Boenzee Cryque – Colo Garage
Boger, Wade – Colo
Bohannon, Donna – Colo Gospel
Bol Weevils – Colo
Bolin, Tommy – Colo
Boltz Family Five – Band Box
Boltz Family Five – Colorado
Boman, Bob – Colo
Bomgardner, Harold – Colo Gospel
Bond, Jeff – Colo
Bonnie Guitar
Bono, Sonny
Boondoggle & Balderdash – Colo
Boots Band – Colo
Bop Street – Colo
Boppin’ Passions – Colo
Borden, John Trio – Colo
Borga, Rudy Trio – Colo
Borrowed Time Band – Colo
Bortles, Margie & Sordon Sound – Colo
Boss 32 – Colo
Bossmen – Colo Garage
Both Barrels – Colo
Bottom Ten – Colo
Boulder – Colo
Boulder Theater Colorado
Boulder Valley Volkswagen Co – Colo
Boulevard – Colo
Bowen, Frank – Colo
Bowen, Frank & Dave Warren & Arkansas Valley Wranglers – Colo
Bowen, Frank & Dave Warren & Arkansas Valley Wranglers – Colo
Bowers, Al & Tophands – Colo Polka/Dance
Bowes, Johnny – Colo
Bowman, Mike – Colo
Boy Trap – Colo Garage
Boyce, Tommy & Hart, Bobby
Boyles Brothers – Colo
Bradford, Janie – Motown
Bradigan & Dispatch – Colo
Bradley, Gertrude – Colo Gospel
Bradley, Jan
Bradway, Bill & Jean – Colo
Brady, Jim – Colo
Brain Police – Colo Garage
Brambles – Colo Garage
Brandl, Dave – Colo
Brandywine – Colo
Brass Buffs – Colo
Brass Monkey – Colo Garage
Bravados – Band Box
Breakaway – Colo
Breckenridge, Myra – Colo
Bregar, Frankie & His Polka Kings of the West – Colo Polka/Dance
Breitzkruk – Colo
Brenner, Frank – Colo
Brent, Kenny – Colo
Brick, Robert – Colo
Brico, Antonia – Colo
Bridge, Neil Trio – Colo
Brigadune – Colo
Briggs, Bob – Colo
Bright Tomorrows with Harry Nelson Orchestra – Colo Gospel
Bright, Larry – Billboard Bio Feature
Brighton Polka Pals – Colo Polka/Dance
Brill Buildings
British Invasion (Top Bar)
British Invasion 45’s:
British Invasion 45’s: 1963-1964
British Invasion 45’s: 1965
British Invasion 45’s: 1966
British Invasion 45’s: 1967
British Invasion 45’s: 1968
British Invasion 45’s: 1969
British Invasion Britain’s Golden Boys
British Invasion Burrows, Tony
British Invasion Catch the First Wave
British Invasion Compilation Long Plays
British Invasion Invasion Faces
British Invasion Rosters
British Invasion Rosters/Discography  C-Cupids
British Invasion Rosters/Discography A-Beetle
British Invasion Rosters/Discography Adam Faith & Roulettes
British Invasion Rosters/Discography Animals
British Invasion Rosters/Discography Bachelors
British Invasion Rosters/Discography Bee Gees
British Invasion Rosters/Discography Beg-Bys
British Invasion Rosters/Discography Billy J. Kramer & Dakotas
British Invasion Rosters/Discography Chad & Jeremy
British Invasion Rosters/Discography Cilla Black
British Invasion Rosters/Discography Cliff Richard & Shadows
British Invasion Rosters/Discography Cream
British Invasion Rosters/Discography Curtis-D
British Invasion Rosters/Discography Dave Clark Five
British Invasion Rosters/Discography Dave Dee Dozy Beaky Mick and Tich
British Invasion Rosters/Discography Donovan
British Invasion Rosters/Discography E-Foundations
British Invasion Rosters/Discography Fortunes
British Invasion Rosters/Discography Four-G
British Invasion Rosters/Discography Freddie & Dreamers
British Invasion Rosters/Discography Gale Garnett & Gentle Reign
British Invasion Rosters/Discography Georgie Fame & Blue Flames
British Invasion Rosters/Discography Gerry & Pacemakers
British Invasion Rosters/Discography Guess Who
British Invasion Rosters/Discography Herman’s Hermits
British Invasion Rosters/Discography H-I-J
British Invasion Rosters/Discography Hollies
British Invasion Rosters/Discography Ian Whitcomb
British Invasion Rosters/Discography Jimi Hendrix Experience
British Invasion Rosters/Discography John Mayall & Bluesbreakers
British Invasion Rosters/Discography Kinks
British Invasion Rosters/Discography K-L
British Invasion Rosters/Discography Lonnie Donegan
British Invasion Rosters/Discography Lulu & Luvers
British Invasion Rosters/Discography Manfred Mann
British Invasion Rosters/Discography Marianne Faithfull
British Invasion Rosters/Discography Moody Blues
British Invasion Rosters/Discography N-N
British Invasion Rosters/Discography Noel Harrison
British Invasion Rosters/Discography O-P-Q
British Invasion Rosters/Discography P.J. Proby
British Invasion Rosters/Discography Peter & Gordon
British Invasion Rosters/Discography Petula Clark
British Invasion Rosters/Discography Pink Floyd
British Invasion Rosters/Discography Rolling Stones
British Invasion Rosters/Discography R-Shakers
British Invasion Rosters/Discography Sandie Shaw
British Invasion Rosters/Discography Searchers
British Invasion Rosters/Discography Seekers
British Invasion Rosters/Discography Shame-Sy
British Invasion Rosters/Discography Shevells
British Invasion Rosters/Discography Small Faces
British Invasion Rosters/Discography Spencer Davis Group
British Invasion Rosters/Discography Springfields/Dusty Springfield
British Invasion Rosters/Discography Swinging Blue Jeans
British Invasion Rosters/Discography Them
British Invasion Rosters/Discography Tommy Steele
British Invasion Rosters/Discography Tremeloes
British Invasion Rosters/Discography Troggs
British Invasion Rosters/Discography T-U-V
British Invasion Rosters/Discography Walker Brothers
British Invasion Rosters/Discography Walker Brothers Discography
British Invasion Rosters/Discography Wayne Fontana & Mindbenders
British Invasion Rosters/Discography Who
British Invasion Rosters/Discography W-X-Y-Z
British Invasion Rosters/Discography Yardbirds
British Invasion Rosters/Discography Zombies
British Invasion Skiffle British/Yank Feuds
British Invasion Skiffle Group Lineups & History
British Invasion Skiffle the Roots
British Invasion UK Charts A-B Artists
British Invasion UK Charts Adam Faith Discography
British Invasion UK Charts Animals Discography
British Invasion UK Charts Bachelors Discography
British Invasion UK Charts Bee Gees Discography
British Invasion UK Charts Billy Fury Discography
British Invasion UK Charts Billy J Kramer & Dakotas Discography
British Invasion UK Charts C-D Artists
British Invasion UK Charts Chris Barber Discography
British Invasion UK Charts Cilla Black Discography
British Invasion UK Charts Cliff Richard Discography
British Invasion UK Charts Clinton Ford Discography
British Invasion UK Charts Cream Discography
British Invasion UK Charts Dave Clark Five Discography
British Invasion UK Charts Dave Dee Dozy Beaky Mick & Tich Discography
British Invasion UK Charts Donovan Discography
British Invasion UK Charts Dusty Springfield Discography
British Invasion UK Charts E-F Artists
British Invasion UK Charts Emile Ford Discography
British Invasion UK Charts Fleetwood Mac Discography
British Invasion UK Charts Frank Ifield Discography
British Invasion UK Charts Freddie & Dreamers Discography
British Invasion UK Charts Georgie Fame Discography
British Invasion UK Charts Gerry & Pacemaker Discography
British Invasion UK Charts G-H-I Artists
British Invasion UK Charts Helen Shapiro Discography
British Invasion UK Charts Herman’s Hermits Discography
British Invasion UK Charts Hollies Discography
British Invasion UK Charts Jimi Hendrix Experience Discography
British Invasion UK Charts J-K-L Artists
British Invasion UK Charts John Barry Discography
British Invasion UK Charts John Mayall Discography
British Invasion UK Charts Johnny Kidd & Pirates Discography
British Invasion UK Charts Karl Denver Discography
British Invasion UK Charts Kinks Discography
British Invasion UK Charts Lord & Lordan
British Invasion UK Charts Lulu & Luvers Discography
British Invasion UK Charts Manfred Mann Discography
British Invasion UK Charts Marty Wilde Discography
British Invasion UK Charts M-N-O Artists
British Invasion UK Charts Moody Blues Discography
British Invasion UK Charts P.J. Proby Discography
British Invasion UK Charts Peter & Gordon Discography
British Invasion UK Charts Petula Clark Discography
British Invasion UK Charts P-Q-R Artists
British Invasion UK Charts Rolling Stones Discography
British Invasion UK Charts Sandie Shaw Discography
British Invasion UK Charts Searchers Discography
British Invasion UK Charts Seekers Discography
British Invasion UK Charts Shadows Discography
British Invasion UK Charts Small Faces Discography
British Invasion UK Charts Spencer Davis Group Discography
British Invasion UK Charts S-T Artists
British Invasion UK Charts Tommy Steele Discography
British Invasion UK Charts Tremeloes Discography
British Invasion UK Charts Troggs Discography
British Invasion UK Charts U-Z Artists
British Invasion UK Charts Val Doonican Discography
British Invasion UK Charts Walker Brothers Discography
British Invasion UK Charts Wayne Fontana & Mindbenders Discography
British Invasion UK Charts Who Discography
British Invasion UK Charts Yardbirds Discography
British Invasion: Eric Burdon & War
British Invasion: Psychedelic
British Invasion: Publications
British Invasion: The Final Recordings of the Invaders
British Invasion: Videos: Easybeats-Hullaballoos
British Invasion: Videos: Ian & Zodiacs-Helen Shapiro
British Invasion: Videos: Sandie Shaw-Zombies
British Invasion: Web Links
Britisn Invasion: Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Britton, Bob – Colo
Britton, Elton Colorado Springs – Colo Gospel
Broadcasters – Colo Punk
Broadway Muse – Colo Garage
Brockett, Jaime – Colo
Brom, Rafael – Colo
Bronson, Bud & Good Timers – Colo
Brookins, Mary Beth – Colo
Brooks, Bill & Hal Pierce – Colo Polka/Dance
Brooks, Donnie
Brooks, Wade – Colo
Broomfield Event Center Colorado
Brother Rat – Colo Punk
Brother Son – Colo
Brother Sound & Crescendos – Colo Gospel
Brotherhood III with Jerry Nelson Orchestra – Colo Gospel
Brown, Buddy & Bittersuite – Colo
Brown, Diane – Colo
Brown, Ernie – Colo Gospel
Brown, James
Brown, Ken and Beatles
Brown, Roz – Colo
Brown, Soggy – Colo
Brown, Sweet Georgia & Generic Bluegrass Brown – Colo
Browning, John – Colo
Broyles, Allebaugh & Davis Inc – Colo
Brummit, Lonnie – Colo
Bruning, Scott – Colo
Bruntz, Bobby & The Polka Kings – Colo Polka/Dance
Brush Arbor – Colo
Bryarly, Kelly, Shoup, Jim & Smythe, Pete – Colo
Bubble Puppy – Colo Garage
Buchanan & Goodman
Bud & Travis
Budjenska, Ken – Colo
Bueche, Gregory A. & Baker, Neff – Colo
Buffalo, Joey and Sonics – Colo
Buford, Bob – Colo
Bull & Bush Jazz Musicians – Colo
Bum Kon – Colo Punk
Burchett, Marvin Trio – Colo
Burdon, Eric & War US
Burg, Frank – Colo
Burk, Stan – Colo
Burlington Railroad – Colo
Burns, Bennie – Colo
Burns, James H.  – Colo
Burnt Fase – Colo Punk
Burnt Lips – Colo
Burnt Mill Road – Band Box
Burnt Mill Road – Colo
Burrell, Charlie – Colo
Burrell, Charlie Colorado
Burrell, Curt with the Barleen Trio – Colo
Burrows, Tony
Burton, Dee Trio – Colo
Bushnell, Dean Orchestra – Colo
Butcherz – Colo Punk
Butt Corx – Colo Punk
Butterfly – Colo
Buttram, Bobby – Colo
Byrnes, Ed and Stevens, Connie
C.A.A.B – Colo
C.A.A.B. – Colo Garage
Cactus Jack – Colo
Cagle, Buddy – Colo
Cahills – Colo
Cahoots – Colo
Calientes – Colo Garage
California Spectrum – Colo
Calvary Baptist Church Choir Denver – Colo Gospel
Calvary Choristers – Band Box
Calvary Temple Choir – Colo Gospel
Cameron, B.C. – Colo
Camp St. Malo Cathedral Men & Boys Vested Choir – Colo Gospel
Campbell, Irma & Hodge, Gomez – Colo
Camryn – Colo
Canady, Terry & Perez, Rudy – Colo
Cappa City – Colo
Capricios – Band Box
Capricios – Colo Garage
Capricios (Denver)- Colo Garage
Captain & Outlaw Terry – Colo
Captain & The Red Hot Flames – Colo
Captain’s Three – Colo
Caribou Ranch and the Pioneer Bar in Nederland Colorado
Caribou Ranch Colorado
Carlson, John Band – Colo
Carlson, Steve – Colo
Carmen, Jean – Colo
Carmichael, Ralph – Colo
Carmichael, Ralph Singer – Colo Gospel
Carnack, Bill Trio – Colo
Carol, Bonnie – Colo
Carol, Cee Cee – Finer Arts
Carol, Cee Cee – Trans-World
Carpetbaggers – Colo Garage
Carpino, Joe – Colo
Carr, Dean & Corvettes – Band Box
Carr, Roger Trio – Colo
Carre, Jan – Colo
Carson, Del – Colo
Carson, Wayne – Colo
Carson, Wayne & The Thompsons Colorado
Carsonettes Fort Carson Colorado Springs – Colo Gospel
Carter, John & Tim Gilbert – Colo
Cartoon Time Vinyl
Cartoon Time Vinyl
Cary, Roy & Rocky Moutain Ramblers – Colo
Casebier, Clyde & Arkansas Valley Boys – Colo
Cash, Bill & Bronco Busters – Colo
Cash, Johnny – After Sun and Columbia Discography
Cash, Johnny – Columbia 45 Discography
Cash, Johnny – Sun 45 Discography
Castle – Colo
Castro, Bernadette – Girl Group Sound
Catalinas – Colo Garage
Catfish Chambers – Colo
Cathy Jean & The Roomates
Cat’s Night Out – Colo
Catt, Steve – Colo Gospel
Cavanaugh, Page Trio – Colo
Cavemen – Colo Garage
Cayler, Joy Colorado
Cazden, Joanna – Colo
Cee, Sammy & Penzmen – Band Box
Ceeds/Seeds – Colo Garage
Celebration Singers Denver First Church of the Nazarene – Colo Gospel
Celebrity Kids on Vinyl Through the Years
Celebritys – Colo
Cells – Colo Punk
Central Baptist Church – Colo Gospel
Central City Jazz Concert – Colo
Cervantes, Ralph – Colo Gospel
Chad & Jeremy US
Chadwick, Leonard Band – Colo
Chambers, Ronnie – Colo
Chance – Colo
Chandells – Colo Garage
Chandler, Jon & Servoss, Jerry – Colo
Chandler, Lee & Screamers – Colo Garage
Chandler, Lee with Lew Gaither Orchestra – Band Box
Chandler, Stephen – Band Box
Charity – Colo Garage
Charles, Ray (Colorado Springs) – Colo
Charlie Continental – Colo
Charlotte & Phil – Colo
Charolais, Brown – Colo
Chase, Johnny – Band Box
Chasers – CLW
Chasers – Colo Garage
Chavez, Vic – Colo
Checkmates – Colo Garage
Cheeks – Colo Garage
Chelsea Girls – Colo Punk
Chenhall, Mark – Colo
Cherry Hill Singers – Colo
Chevelles – Colo Garage
Chic ’80 – Colo
Chick, Elmer & Jones, Alonzo – Colo
Child Abuse – Colo Punk
Children – Colo Garage
Children of Denial – Colo Punk
Childress, Joseph – Colo
Chilly Charlie – Band Box
Chimes – Billboard Bio Feature
Chirco – Colo
Chocolate Hair – Colo Garage
Choosey Mothers – Colo Punk
Chordsmen – Colo Gospel
Chosen Few – Colo Garage
Chou Chou – Colo
Christian Choralaires – Colo Gospel
Christian Sons Paonia – Colo Gospel
Christian, Roger
Christopher, Gary – Colo
Chuck Wagon & The Wheels – Colo
Church & State – Colo Punk
Ciddio, Dolores – Colo
Cionetti, Vic – Colo
Circus – Colo
Citizen’s Band – Colo
City Limits Bluegrass Band – Colo
Clanton, Jimmy
Clanton, Jimmy
Clark Five, Dave UK
Clark Five, Dave US
Clark, Eugene & Rhythmakers – Colo
Clark, Petula UK
Clark, Petula US
Clark, Ruth – Colo
Clarke, Bob – Colo
Classic Chorale – Colo
Classic Chorale – Colo Gospel
Classics – Colo Garage
Classmen – Colo Garage
Clausing, Mark & Mountain Men – Colo Polka/Dance
Clausing, Mark & Western Swingers – Colo Polka/Dance
Clay, Charlie Palmer Lake – Colo Gospel
Clement Adder’s Aviation Band – Colo Garage
Clendening, Eddie – Colo
Clifford, Berni – Colo
Climax – Colo Garage
Cline, Tim & Dean, Richard – Colo
Clinger Sisters – Girl Group Sound
Clones of Pioneers – Colo
Close, Glenn – Colo
Clusterfux – Colo
CLW Records Colorado
Coachmen – Colo Garage
Cobb, Bill & Terri – Colo Gospel
Cobb, Ray – Colo
Cochran, Hank
Cocker, Joe – Colo
Coen, Larry T. & Tuttle, Carolyn – Colo
Cold Swett – Colo
Cole, Fred E. & Northsiders – Band Box
Cole, Kim – Colo
Cole, Maurice – Colo
Cole, Skip & Fabulous Hi-Spots
Cole, Skip & His Fabulous Hi-Spots – Band Box
Colfax – East Venues
Colfax – West Venues
Collapse – Colo
Collard Bostow – Colo
Collard, Terry – Colo Gospel
Colleen – Colo
College Singers – Colo
Collins, Albert  – Colo
Collins, Albert – Tumbleweed
Collins, Floyd & Western Band – Colo
Collins, Judy
Collins, Judy Colorado
Collins, Judy Colorado 45 Discography
Collins, Judy Colorado Long Play Discography
Colorado – Colo
Colorado Beetles – Colo
Colorado Bill – Colo
Colorado Buckaroos – Colo
Colorado Car Museum – Colo
Colorado Chapter of Acacia – Colo
Colorado Chorale – Colo
Colorado Ecology – Colo
Colorado Express – Colo
Colorado For Lovers – Colo
Colorado Gold Coin – Colo
Colorado Kenny – Colo
Colorado Local (Top Bar)
Colorado Mule Train – Colo
Colorado Polka Thon – Colo Polka/Dance
Colorado Radio and TV 1962
Colorado State Music Festival Massed Chorus – Colo Gospel
Colorado Stories –  Norman Petty’s Colorado Connection
Colorado Stories – A Boomer’s Journey
Colorado Stories – At the Hop In Colorado
Colorado Stories – Boomer Collage
Colorado Stories – Colorado Reunion (The Band Box Guys and Frankie Rino)
Colorado Stories – Foo Paw’s (The Lyrics We Heard)
Colorado Stories – Fun Times In Barnum
Colorado Stories – Janet (My Hero and Rock and Roll)
Colorado Stories – Lakeside Amusement Park
Colorado Stories – Mile High Beatles 1964 Tour at Red Rocks
Colorado Stories – Our Town (Memorable Denver Places)
Colorado Stories – Remembering the Philco (Early Audio in My Family)
Colorado Stories – Rockin’ Sis (My Sister and Rock and Roll)
Colorado Stories – Sons of the Pioneers
Colorado Stories – Toe Tappin’ On the West Side (In Denver)
Colorado Stories – West Side (A Denver Neighborhood – Barnum)
Colorado String Quartet – Colo
Colorado String Symphony Orchestra – Colo
Colorado Sunshine Company – Colo
Colorado Symphony – Colo
Colorado: Appearing In Colorado
Colorado: Back To School
Colorado: Back To School – Recordings
Colorado: Battle of the Bands
Colorado: Bits and Pieces
Colorado: Colorado Global Recordings
Colorado: Colorado Labels
Colorado: Colorado Labels – Biscuit City Records
Colorado: Colorado Labels – CLW Records
Colorado: Colorado Labels – CLW Records – Gene Harrell
Colorado: Colorado Labels – CLW Records – Gene Harrell Into the Country Hall
Colorado: Colorado Labels – Colorado Mexicano
Colorado: Colorado Labels – Finer Arts Records
Colorado: Colorado Labels – Infal Records
Colorado: Colorado Labels – Rock-A-Billy Records
Colorado: Colorado Labels – Tumbleweed Records
Colorado: Colorado Labels – Windsong Records
Colorado: Colorado Labels – Wormtone Records
Colorado: Colorado Musicians:
Colorado: Colorado Musicians: A-Carre
Colorado: Colorado Musicians: Bar D Wranglers
Colorado: Colorado Musicians: Big Head Todd & Monsters
Colorado: Colorado Musicians: Burrell, Charlie
Colorado: Colorado Musicians: Caribou Ranch
Colorado: Colorado Musicians: Caribou Ranch – Pioneer Inn at Nederland
Colorado: Colorado Musicians: Carol-Eddy
Colorado: Colorado Musicians: Carson, Wayne & the Thompsons
Colorado: Colorado Musicians: Cayler, Joy
Colorado: Colorado Musicians: Cooper, Marty
Colorado: Colorado Musicians: Cooper, Marty Discography
Colorado: Colorado Musicians: Cowan, Joel
Colorado: Colorado Musicians: Dawson, Jim
Colorado: Colorado Musicians: Earth Wind and Fire
Colorado: Colorado Musicians: Earth Wind and Fire – Bailey, Philip
Colorado: Colorado Musicians: Earth Wind and Fire 45 Discography
Colorado: Colorado Musicians: Earth Wind and Fire Global Discography
Colorado: Colorado Musicians: Earth Wind and Fire LP Discography
Colorado: Colorado Musicians: Edw-Happ
Colorado: Colorado Musicians: Firefall
Colorado: Colorado Musicians: Firefall Global Discography
Colorado: Colorado Musicians: Flash Cadillac
Colorado: Colorado Musicians: Flying W Wranglers
Colorado: Colorado Musicians: Freddi-Henchi & Soulsetters
Colorado: Colorado Musicians: Friends of Colorado – Paul Payton
Colorado: Colorado Musicians: Furay, Ritchie
Colorado: Colorado Musicians: Gilber, Tim and Carter, John
Colorado: Colorado Musicians: Griffith, Danny
Colorado: Colorado Musicians: Hard-Letts
Colorado: Colorado Musicians: Johnson, Michael
Colorado: Colorado Musicians: Kirk, Eddie
Colorado: Colorado Musicians: Lawmen
Colorado: Colorado Musicians: Lew-Nei
Colorado: Colorado Musicians: Lind, Bob
Colorado: Colorado Musicians: Lind, Bob Discography
Colorado: Colorado Musicians: Lothar & Hand People
Colorado: Colorado Musicians: MacGregor, Mary
Colorado: Colorado Musicians: Mack, Ted
Colorado: Colorado Musicians: Magic Music
Colorado: Colorado Musicians: McCall CW
Colorado: Colorado Musicians: McCall CW Discography
Colorado: Colorado Musicians: Meisner, Randy
Colorado: Colorado Musicians: Miller, Glenn
Colorado: Colorado Musicians: Miller, Glenn 45’s
Colorado: Colorado Musicians: Miller, Glenn 78’s
Colorado: Colorado Musicians: Miller, Glenn EP’s
Colorado: Colorado Musicians: Miller, Glenn LP’s
Colorado: Colorado Musicians: Miller, Glenn Recordings List
Colorado: Colorado Musicians: Morath, Max
Colorado: Colorado Musicians: Morgan, Jaye P
Colorado: Colorado Musicians: Morris, Gary
Colorado: Colorado Musicians: Morrison, George & the KKK
Colorado: Colorado Musicians: Murphey, Michael Martin
Colorado: Colorado Musicians: Murphey, Michael Martin Discography
Colorado: Colorado Musicians: Murray, Billy Part 1
Colorado: Colorado Musicians: Murray, Billy Part 2
Colorado: Colorado Musicians: Nel-Russell
Colorado: Colorado Musicians: Nelson, Bonnie
Colorado: Colorado Musicians: Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
Colorado: Colorado Musicians: Poco
Colorado: Colorado Musicians: Poco Discography
Colorado: Colorado Musicians: Quinichette, Paul
Colorado: Colorado Musicians: Reed, Dean
Colorado: Colorado Musicians: Reeves, Dianne
Colorado: Colorado Musicians: Rino, Frankie
Colorado: Colorado Musicians: Russo-Tune
Colorado: Colorado Musicians: Smith, Johnny
Colorado: Colorado Musicians: Spencer, Elizabeth
Colorado: Colorado Musicians: Steele, Larry
Colorado: Colorado Musicians: Stites, Gary & Satellites
Colorado: Colorado Musicians: Stites, Gary & Satellites Discography
Colorado: Colorado Musicians: Sugarloaf
Colorado: Colorado Musicians: Sugarloaf Discography
Colorado: Colorado Musicians: Thompsons
Colorado: Colorado Musicians: Turn-Z
Colorado: Colorado Musicians: Vanwarmer, Randy
Colorado: Colorado Musicians: Waters, Ozie
Colorado: Colorado Musicians: West Coast Pop Experimental Band
Colorado: Colorado Musicians: Whiteman, Paul
Colorado: Colorado Musicians: Whiteman, Paul – 45 & LP Discography
Colorado: Colorado Musicians: Whiteman, Paul – 78 Discography
Colorado: Colorado Musicians: Winger
Colorado: Colorado Musicians: Zephyr
Colorado: Colorado On the Charts
Colorado: Five Points Music History
Colorado: Folk Scene
Colorado: Folk Scene – Collins, Judy
Colorado: Folk Scene – Collins, Judy 45’s
Colorado: Folk Scene – Collins, Judy Long Plays
Colorado: Folk Scene – Denver, John
Colorado: Folk Scene – Denver, John 45’s
Colorado: Folk Scene – Denver, John Global
Colorado: Folk Scene – Denver, John LP’s
Colorado: Folk Scene – Denver, John Recording List
Colorado: Folk Scene – Denver, John Recordings
Colorado: Folk Scene – Dylan, Bob in Colorado
Colorado: Folk Scene – Newport Folk
Colorado: Folk Scene – Serendipity Singers
Colorado: Garage Groups: A-E
Colorado: Garage Groups: Astronauts
Colorado: Garage Groups: Astronauts & Dumplings
Colorado: Garage Groups: Astronauts Discography
Colorado: Garage Groups: Astronauts Global
Colorado: Garage Groups: Frantics
Colorado: Garage Groups: F-Z
Colorado: Garage Groups: Livin’ Ends
Colorado: Garage Groups: Moonrakers
Colorado: Garage Groups: Roadrunners
Colorado: Garage Groups: Sonics & Bobby Swanson
Colorado: Garage Groups: Umbra
Colorado: Gospel
Colorado: In Clovis
Colorado: Music Venues – A thru Mammoth Garden
Colorado: Music Venues – Latter Day
Colorado: Music Venues – Mario’s thru Z
Colorado: Polka Hop
Colorado: Polka Hop – Albert Holman
Colorado: Polka Hop – Fred Bergin
Colorado: Polka Hop – Herman Dinges
Colorado: Polka Hop – Wagon Masters
Colorado: Publications
Colorado: Punk
Colorado: Radio Top Forty
Colorado: Radio Top Forty – KAZY/KBOL/KBRN/KDAB
Colorado: Radio Top Forty – KBPI
Colorado: Radio Top Forty – KBTR
Colorado: Radio Top Forty – KDKO
Colorado: Radio Top Forty – KDZA/KEDI/KEXO/KFEL
Colorado: Radio Top Forty – KFKA/KFML/KFSC/KFTM/KHOW/KIXX
Colorado: Radio Top Forty – KICN/KIXX/KJAE/KKAM/KLAK/KLMR
Colorado: Radio Top Forty – KIMN
Colorado: Radio Top Forty – KIMN and the British Invasion 1964-1965
Colorado: Radio Top Forty – KIMN Beat
Colorado: Radio Top Forty – KIMN Best Of
Colorado: Radio Top Forty – KIMN Bomb of the Week
Colorado: Radio Top Forty – KIMN Boss Jocks
Colorado: Radio Top Forty – KIMN Boss Jocks – Remembering Jay Mack
Colorado: Radio Top Forty – KIMN Countdown Days
Colorado: Radio Top Forty – KIMN Crazy KIMN Comers
Colorado: Radio Top Forty – KIMN Home Grown
Colorado: Radio Top Forty – KIMN Surveys 1954-1959
Colorado: Radio Top Forty – KIMN Surveys 1960-1961
Colorado: Radio Top Forty – KIMN Surveys 1962-1963
Colorado: Radio Top Forty – KIMN Surveys 1964-1965
Colorado: Radio Top Forty – KIMN Surveys 1966-1967
Colorado: Radio Top Forty – KIMN Surveys 1968-1969
Colorado: Radio Top Forty – KIMN Surveys 1970-1971
Colorado: Radio Top Forty – KIMN Surveys 1972-1973
Colorado: Radio Top Forty – KIMN Surveys 1974-1975
Colorado: Radio Top Forty – KIMN Surveys 1976-1985
Colorado: Radio Top Forty – KIMN Teen Queens
Colorado: Radio Top Forty – KIMN Tidbits
Colorado: Radio Top Forty – KLZ
Colorado: Radio Top Forty – KMYR/KPLV/KOXI/KRDO
Colorado: Radio Top Forty – KOA/KOA Q
Colorado: Radio Top Forty – KOOL
Colorado: Radio Top Forty – KOSI
Colorado: Radio Top Forty – KTLK
Colorado: Radio Top Forty – KTLN
Colorado: Radio Top Forty – KTUX/KUDY
Colorado: Radio Top Forty – KYOD/KYGO
Colorado: Red Rocks – Where Have the Rockers Gone
Colorado: Rocky Mountain Vinyl Stores
Colorado: Rocky Mountain Vinyl Stores – Wax Trax
Colorado: Slay, Frank Connection
Colorado: Songs with Colorado in the Title
Colorado: Vanished – Garage Groups We Are Looking For
Colorado: Venue Posters
Colorado: Venue Posters – Blubird Theater
Colorado: Venue Posters – Boulder Theater
Colorado: Venue Posters – Broomfield Event Center
Colorado: Venue Posters – Family Dog Denver
Colorado: Venue Posters – Fiddler’s Green
Colorado: Venue Posters – Fillmore
Colorado: Venue Posters – Fox Theater Boulder
Colorado: Venue Posters – Gothic Theater
Colorado: Venue Posters – Ogden Theater
Colorado: Venue Posters – Red Rocks Amphitheater
Columbia Savings – Colo
Comedy Long Plays – Classic Age
Comets – Colo Garage
Common People – Colo
Common, John  – Colo
Community Arts Symphony – Colo
Compton, Vic – Colo
Congress of National Black Churches Denver – Colo Gospel
Congress of Soul – Colo Garage
Conley & Company – Colo
Conley, Walt – Band Box
Conley, Walt – Colorado
Conley, Walt with Travellers Three – Colo
Contact (Top Bar)
Contrasts – Colo Garage
Cook, Nancy – Colo
Cook, Roger & Greenway, Roger
Cook, Ron – Colo
Cooke, Sam
Cooke, Sam – Discography
Cookson, Cliff – Colo
Cool, Joe – Colo
Cooper, Marty – Colo
Cooper, Marty Colorado
Cooper, Marty Discography Colorado
Coors, Don – Colo
Cope, Ron – Colo
Corbetta, Jerry – Colo
Cordova Brothers – Band Box
Core – Colo Punk
Corkers – Colo Garage
Cornerstone – Colo
Corniche – Colo
Cornwall, David – Colo
Corpses As Bed Mates – Colo Punk
Corrigan, Brad – Colo
Corsairs – Billboard Bio Feature
Cortez, Dave Baby
Corvairs – Colo Punk
Cosmic Energy – Colo
Costa, Johnny – Colo
Cotton – Colo Garage
Cottrell, Bo – Colo
Countdowns – Colo Garage
Countess Edee – Band Box
Countless Reasons – Colo
Country – Everyone’s Gone Country
Country Beginnings – A-K Artists
Country Beginnings – A-K Decca Records
Country Beginnings – Early Country on 78 RPM
Country Beginnings – L-Z Artists
Country Connections – Colo
Country Cross Over Recordings
Country Fuzz – Colo
Country Gentlemen – Colo
Courtright, Billie – Colo
Covington, Sonny & Original Valiants – Band Box
Cowan, Joel and Jim Watson – Colorado
Cowan, Joel Colorado
Cowboy – Colo
Cowboy Church School
Cowboys – Colo
Cox, Chris & Hathaway, Richard – Colo
Cox, Jimmy with Buddy Johnson & Colorado Rangers – Colo
Craig, Rita – Colo
Craig, Rita – Newland
Crank Call Love Affair – Colo Punk
Crawford, Don – Colo
Crazy Crickets – Band Box
Cream UK
Cream US
Creeps – Colo Punk
Crenshaw, Steve – Colo
Crests (and Johnny Maestro)
Crew – Colo
Crewe, Bob
Crochet, Cleveland
Croft, Stevenson – Colo
Croissant III, Milton Melvin – Colo
Crooks – Colo
Crow, Robin – Colo Gospel
Crowley, Michael & Apple Pie Band – Colo
Crushed Velvet – Colo Garage
Cruz, Nicky & Bobby – Colo
Crypt Kickers – Colo Garage
Crystal Palace – Colo
Crystal Palace Guard – Colo Garage
Crystal River Band – Colo
Crystal Touch – Colo
Crystals – Girl Group Sound
Cullum, Jim & Happy Jazz Band – Colo
Culp, Dennis – Colo
Cumbres Railrood – Colo
Cunningham, Jim – Colo
Cunningham, Rodger & Warren – Colo
Curb, Mike
Curran, Pearl G. – Colo
Curzon Strings – Colo
Cushing, Bernie & Lessing, Betty – Colo
Cut 4th Family – Colo Gospel
Cut Ups – Colo
Cutforth, Zora Lea – Colo Gospel
Cymbal – Colo
Cysts – Colo
Czar, Alloy – Colo
Czars – Colo
D Chief Eagle – Colo
Daddy Ed – Band Box
Dahl, Willis and Roth, Linda – Colo
Dakota – Colo
Dale, Barry – Colo
Dale, Monte – CLW
Daleks – Colo Garage
Dalhart Imperials – Colo
Dalhart, Vernon
Dallis, Jimmy & Valley Trio – CLW
Daly, Joel & Sundowners – Colo
Dambuilders – Colo
Dancing Assholes – Colo Punk
Dane, Barbara – Colo
Daniel Paul Revelation – Colo Garage
Daniels – Colo Garage
Daniels, Chris & Kings – Colo
Daniels, Chris & Rhythm N Blues Kings – Colo
Daniels, George “Boogie Woogie” – Colo
D’Anne, Julie – Finer Arts
Danny & Juniors
Dark Star – Colo
Darlin, Florraine – Billboard Bio Feature
Dart, Jim & Dutchmen – Colo Polka/Dance
Dave & Saints – Band Box
Dave & Saints – Colo Garage
Dave Dee Dozy Beak Mick and Tich US
Dave Dee Dozy Beaky Mick and Tich UK
David Marks
David, Bo – Colo
Davine, Robert – Colo
Davis, Dean Company – Colo
Davis, Jim & Western Swingers – Colo Polka/Dance
Davis, Joni – Finer Arts
Davis, JR. Sammy
Davis, Nancilee – Colo
Davis, Ronnie – Band Box
Davis, Skeeter – Girl Group Sound
Dawn – Finer Arts
Dawn & Twilights – Colo Garage
Dawson – Colo
Dawson, Jim Colorado
Dawson, Ronnie and Frantic Flat Tops – Colo
Day, Gale with the Jim Trumbo Trio – Band Box
Day, John Michael – Colo
Daybreak with Dick Anthony & Orchestra – Colo Gospel
Daybreak with Dick Anthony Orchestra – Colo
Daye, Sonny – Colo
Dayhills – Colo
De Matteo, Nicky – Billboard Bio Feature
De Vorzan, Barry
Dead Silence – Colo
Dean, Gary – Colo
Decades – Colo
Decelle, Desiree – Colo
Decker, Lois – Colo Gospel
Dedrick, Dick – Band Box
Dedrick, Dick – Colorado
Dee & Majestics – Colo Garage
Dee, Janet – Colo
Deep Rock – Colo Garage
Deep Steam – Colo Garage
Defex – Colo Punk
DeFrancis, Kathi – Colo
Deherrera, Ernie – Infal
Deiderrehs, Bob – Colo
Deitrick, Bud & Trio – Colo
DeKnight, James (Co-writer of Rock Around the Clock)
DeKnight, Jimmy & Knights of Rhythm – Band Box
Del Toro & Rockers – Colo Garage
Dell, Richie – Colo
Delray, Flounder – Colo
Demis, Jolly – Colo
Denco Dogs – Colo Punk
Denim – Colo
Denny & Jay – Colo
Denver Affair – Colo
Denver Baptist Temple Choir – Colo Gospel
Denver Brass – Colo
Denver Dutchmen – Colo Polka/Dance
Denver First Church of Nazarene – Colo Gospel
Denver Gentlemen – Colo
Denver Municipal Band – Colo
Denver Music Company – Colo
Denver Opera Foundation – Colo
Denver Pop Festival – Colo
Denver Region Chorus – Colo Gospel
Denver Rio Grande Railroad – Colo
Denver Symphony Orchestra – Colo
Denver, John  Colorado Global Discography
Denver, John Colorado
Denver, John Colorado 45 Discography
Denver, John Colorado Long Play Discography
Denver, John Colorado Recording List
Denver, Karl UK
Denver’s Tremmors – Colo Garage
Descendents – Colo
Desperadoes – Colo
Diamond, Joe – Colo
Diamond, Michael J. & Don Tiff – Colo
Dick & the Chicks – Colo
Dickens, J.J. & Barrier Breakers – Colo
Die Miegraines – Colo Punk
Diebel, Wendel – Colo
Diederichs, Bob & His Cherry Creek Ramblers – Colo
Dietplan – Colo
Dimensions (Denver) – Colo Garage
Dimensions (Lakewood) – Colo Garage
Dinges, Herman – Band Box
Dinges, Herman Colorado
Dinner, Michael – Colo
Dinning, Mark
Dirty Few – Colo
Dirty Lookers – Colo
DiSalle, Mike & His Orchestra – Colo
Disk-O-Tay – Colo
Divinity of Pure Sound – Colo Garage
Dixieland Chain Gang – Band Box
DJ Trio – Colo
DOA – Colo Punk
Dobkins, Carl
Dockery, Chuck – Band Box
Dockery, Chuck & Hi-Lighters – Colo Garage
Dockstader, Tod & Wurlitzer, Marianne – Colo
Dog Bite – Colo Punk
Dog Meat – Colo Punk
Dog Obedience – Colo
Dogs – Colo
Dollar, Johnny with Van Trevor and Penny Starr – Band Box
Domino – Colo
Domino, Fats
Don and Juan
Donahue, Chuck & Western Swingers – Colo Polka/Dance
Donaldson, Craig & Harrirson, Ralph – Colo
Donaldson, Craig & Nelson, Suzanne – Colo
Donegan, Lonnie US
Donovan UK
Donovan US
Doodads – Colo
Doof Warrior – Guitar Man from Mad Max Fury Road
Doonican, Val UK
Doppler Effect – Colo Garage
Doro, Ico – Band Box
Dotsero – Colo
Double Doug & Boom Booms – Colo Garage
Doug & Freddy and the Pyramids – Finer Arts
Doug & Holly – Colo Gospel
Douglas, Ernie Quartet – Colo
Dozier, John & Dave Moyer – Colo
Dr Hook & Medicine Show
Dragonfly – Colo Garage
Draper, C.D. & Outriders – Colo
Dravis, Ken – Colo
Drifters – Solo King, Ben E.
Drifters – Solo McPhatter, Clyde
Drifters – Solo Part 1
Drifters – Solo Part 2
Drive In Choir Colorado Springs – Colo Gospel
Driving Dynamics – Colo
Driving Dynamics – Colo Garage
Dry Jack – Colo
Duals – Colo – Billboard Bio Feature
Dudley, Tony & Do Rights – Colo
Duff, Arlie – Colo
Duffy, Tim – Colo
Duggan, Doug – Finer Arts
Duncan, Louise – Colo
Duncan-Chase – Colo
Dunda, Pete Band – Colo Polka/Dance
Dunklee, Ed – Colo
Dunne, Gayle – Colo
Durkee, Ray – Colo
Dust Heart – Colo
Dusty Drapes & Dusters – Colo
Dutchmasters – Colo Polka/Dance
Dux – Colo Garage
Dycke, Jerry – Colo
Dylan, Bob in Colorado
Dynamics – Colo
Eagle Park Slim & Mile High Blues & Boogie Band – Colo
Eakin, Charles & Parmelee, Paul – Colo
Earth Opera – Colo
Earth Wind & Fire Colorado
Earth Wind & Fire Colorado Discography
Earth Wind & Fire Colorado Global Disography
Earth Wind & Fire Long Play Discography Colorado
Easley, Carl – Colo
Ebb-Tides – Colo
Eberhart, Roy & Mussette Trio – Colo
Echo System – Colo
Echoes (Limon) – Colo Garage
Echoes of Harmony – Colo Gospel
Echoes with Nick Vitale – Band Box
Eckhart, Ronnie & His Polka Band – Colo Polka/Dance
Ecstatic Revue – Colo
Eddington, B.C. – Colo
Eddy & Centuries – Colo Garage
Edwards, Betty & Candle Lighters – Colo
Edwards, Dean & The Hoedown-Aires – Colo Polka/Dance
Edwards, Hal & Ramblers – Colo
Edwards, Vincent – Billboard Bio Feature
Effie & Her Trio – Colo
Effinger, Cecil & Jean Berger – Colo
Ehrlich, Jim & Polka Mates – Colo Polka/Dance
Eight O’Clock Jazz Band – Colo
Eighth Penny Matter – Colo Garage
Ekklesia – Colo Gospel
Elba Systems Corporation – Colo
Elder, Dick & Traildusters – Colo
Eldon, Eddie Y. – Colo
Electric Canary – Colo Garage
Electric Prunes – Colo Garage
Elliot, Faye – Colo
Elliott – Colo Gospel
Elliott, Don – Colo
Ellis Brothers – Colo Garage
Ellis County Kansaneers – Colo Polka/Dance
Ellis, Larry – Colo
Ellisor, C. – Colo
Elopers – Colo Garage
Emanon Majority – Colo
Emanuel – Colo Gospel
Emeralds – Colo Garage
Emeson, Mick – Colo
Emissary Choir – Colo Gospel
Empty Place – Colo
Encore Singers – Colo
End Of Time – Infal
Endgame – Colo Punk
Endorphins Lost – Colo
Endsley, Gerard – Colo
Energy – Colo
Enter-Prize – Colo
Erb, Judith – Colo Gospel
Erickson, Eric & Nylmarn Russell – Colo
Ernie & Euphorics – Infal
Ernie & Vee with Bob Diederichs & His Cherry Creek Ramblers – Colo
Ernie, Mac & Bill – Colo
Escorts – Colo
Espinoza, Sab Florence – Band Box
Esquires – Colo
Esquires – Colo Garage
Euphoria – Band Box
Euphoria – Colo
Eva Mae Colorado Springs – Colo Gospel
Evangelist Elma & The Children of Youth – Colo Gospel
Evans, Ray & Livingston
Everett, Leo “The Yodeler” – Colo
Evergreen Allstars – Colo
Everybody’s People – Colo
Ewing, Skip – Colo
Excalibur – Colo
Expatriate – Colo Punk
Extended Plays: 10-Inch Movies-Stage
Extended Plays: Index
Extended Plays: Pop-John Artists
Extra-Terrestrial Christmas – Colo
Eyes & Ears – Colo
F.A.B. Company – Colo
F.T.M. Express – Colo
Fabulous Cyclones – Band Box
Fabulous Enchanters – Finer Arts
Fabulous Fremonts – Valerie
Fabulous Frenchmen – Colo
Fabulous Raindrops – Colo Garage
Fabulous Raindrops – Infal
Facenda, Tommy – Colo
Fairlanes – Colo
Faith, Adam & Roulettes UK
Faith, Adam & Roulettes US
Faithfull, Marianne US
Fall River Wranglers – Colo
Fame, Georgie & Blue Flames UK
Fame, Georgie & Blue Flames US
Family Dog Colorado
Family Jam – Colo
Faneilli, Frank and His Band – Colo
Fantabulous Jags – Colo Garage
Fantastic Zoo – Colo Garage
Fargo – Colo Garage
Farler, Leona – Colo
Farouks Banjo Band – Colo
Farr, Little Joey – Band Box
Farrell, Frankie & Orchestra – Colo
Fast Brothers – Band Box
Fat City – Colo
Fat Frier & Friends – Colo Garage
Faust – Colo Punk
Faylor, Fred and Fae – Colo
Feather, Sheehan & Bowers – Colo
Feds – Colo
Feese, Fran – Colo
Fender Benders – Colo Garage
Fennell, Arden – Colo
Ferguson, Johnny Billboard Bio Spotlight
Ferguson, Roy & Candy Noe – Colo
Ferreta, David & Sunday River Bluegrass Boys – Colo
Ferreta, David with Sunday River Bluegrass Show – Colo
Ferrin, Paul Chorale – Colo Gospel
Fetal Pig – Colo Garage
Fey, Barry – Colo
Fiddler’s Green Colorado
Fields, Frank – Colo
Fields, Gene & Rosianna Lewis – Colo Gospel
Figueroa, Octavio Latin Jazz Group – Colo
Fike, Al – Colo
Fike, Johnny – Colo
Fillmore Colorado
Finders Keepers – Colo Garage
Finer Arts Colorado
Fingers – Colo
Fingers Akimbo – Colo
Fingers Akimbo – Colo
Fink, Harvey – Colo
Finn, David & Bonnie Humphrey – Colo
Firefall Colorado
Firefall Colorado Discography
First Baptist Church of Security Widefield – Colo Gospel
First Born – Colo
First National Bank of Colorado Springs – Colo
Fischer, Doris – Band Box
Fisher, Dean & Western Swingers – Colo
Fisherfolk – Colo Gospel
Five Blobs – Billboard Bio Feature
Five Hearts – Colo Garage
Five Points Denver Music History
Five To Many Band – Colo Garage
Flaco, Tony – Colo
Flameouts – Colo Garage
Flaming Belles – Colo
Flannigan, Dennis with Siren – Colo
Flash Cadillac Colorado
Fleetwood Mac UK
Flint, Shelby
Flintstone Bros. – Colo Garage
Flores, Los – Colo
Flower, Mary – Colo
Flower, Mary & Doc Watson – Colo
Floyd – Colo
Floyd Sisters – CLW
Floyd, Pat – CLW
Fluid – Colo
Fluid – Colo Punk
Flyers – Colo
Flying Burrito Brothers – Colo
Flying W Wranglers – Band Box
Flying W Wranglers Colorado
Flying Whale – Colo Garage
Fodor, Eugene – Colo
Fogcutters – Colo Garage
Fogg, Howard – Colo
Folk Music – The Women of Folk
Folks About Towne – Colo
Fontaine, Maurice – Colo
Fontana, Wayne & Mindbenders UK
Fontana, Wayne & Mindbenders US
Foo Paws – How We Goofed Up the Lyrics
Fools Crow – Colo
Forbis, Ron – Colo
Ford, Buck – Colo
Ford, Clinton UK
Ford, Emile UK
Ford, Ray & Echo Valley Boys – Band Box
Forde, Don – Colo
Fort Collins Symphony Orchestra – Colo
Fortune – Colo
Fortunes US
Four Breezes – Colo
Four Chevelles – Band Box
Four Coins
Four Corners Four – Colo
Four Gigolos – Band Box
Four Lovers
Four Mints – Colo
Four M’s – Colo Garage
Four M’s (Martinez Brothers) – Band Box
Four M’s (Martinez Brothers) – Infal
Four Naturals – Colo
Four Shades – Colo
Four Tempos
Four Winds – Colo
Fowley, Kim
Fox Theater Boulder Colorado
Foxfyre – Colo
Foxx – Colo Garage
Francisco, Don – Colo Gospel
Franklin, Mike the Colorado Kid – Colo
Franklin, Ron – Colo
Franklin, Ron – Colo
Franks, Don – Colo
Franks, Hal – Newland
Frantics Colorado
Frantics/Frantic – Colo Garage
Frantix – Colo Punk
Frauleins – Colo Polka/Dance
Frazier, Leo – Band Box
Fred and Fae – Colo
Freddie & Dreamers UK
Freddie & Dreamers US
Freddie & Hitchhikers – Band Box
Freddie & Hitchhikers – Colo Garage
Freddi-Henchi Soulsetters Colorado
Fredendall, Tim – Colo
Free Hand – Colo
Free Wheelin’ – Colo
Freeman, Bobby
Freeman, Bud  – Colo Gospel
Freeman, Bud – Band Box
Freight Railroad in Colorado – Colo
Friction – Colo
Friends – Colo Gospel
Friends of Cesar Romero – Colo
Frisell, Bill – Colo
Fritch, Janet – Colo
Fritzer, Johnny Polka Band – Colo Polka/Dance
Frogs – Colo Garage
Frommox – Colo
Front – Colo Punk
Front Street – Colo
Frost – Colo
Frydendall, Tim & Dave Steen – Colo
Fugitives – Colo Garage
Fuhr, Jeffrey – Colo
Fulcrum’s Image – Colo
Full House – Colo
Full Moon – Colo
Full Sail – Colo
Fuller, Jerry
Fulton, Steve & Jim Striclan – Colo
Furay, Richie – Colo
Furay, Ritchie Colorado
Fury, Billy UK
Futile Five – Colo
Fuzz (Denver) – Colo Garage
Fuzz (Trinidad) – Colo Garage
Gable, Joe Band – Colo
Gable, Joe Band – Colo Polka/Dance
Galaxies – Colo Garage
Gallegos, Linda – Colo
Gallery – Colo Garage
Gann, David – Colo
Garage Groups: A-C
Garage Groups: D-J
Garage Groups: Index Bring In the Groups
Garage Groups: K-P
Garage Groups: Q-Sug
Garage Groups: Sup-Z
Garcia, Lem – Infal
Garcia, Rudy – Colo
Gardner, Reva – Band Box
Garfield Airmattress – Colo Garage
Garnett, Gale and Gentle Reign US
Garrett, Lannie – Colo
Garrett, Michael & Original Gospel Two – Colo Gospel
Gary & Eddie – Colo
Gass with Group Bead Game – Colo
Gass, Robbie – Colo
Gates, David & Griffin, Jimmy
Gaudio, Bob
Gauntlet Hair – Colo
Gee, Arthur – Colo
Gee, Arthur – Tumbleweed
Genesis – Colo
Genesis – Colo Garage
Geneva Convention – Colo Garage
Gentile, Dick & Craters – Valerie
Gentry Brothers Sterling – Colo Gospel
Gents – Colo Garage
Geodesium – Colo
Gerard – Colo
Gerry & Bluetones – Colo Garage
Gerry & Pacemakers UK
Gerry & Pacemakers US
Ghost Town Echo – Colo
Ghost Town Echo – Colo Polka/Dance
Gibbons Family – Band Box
Gibson, Bob – Colo
Gibson, Don
Gibson, Steve & Red Caps – Band Box
Giggly Boys – Colo
Gilbert, Paul Show – Colo
Gilbert, Tim & Carter, John Colorado
Gilbert, Tim & John Carter – Colo
Gilley, Dale – Colo
Ginger Blue – Colo Garage
Ginna & Joel – Colo
Ginsburg, William Louis – Band Box
Gipsons Colorado Springs – Colo Gospel
Girl Group Era
Giuseppe’s Fabulous Delrays – Band Box
Giving Tree – Colo
Glass Hits – Colo
Glass Menagerie – Colo
Glazer, Tom
Gleichmann, Bill & Pat Jones – Colo
Gluons – Colo Punk
God Squad Arvada Covenant Church – Colo Gospel
Godfrey, Arthur & Littlle Godfreys
Goffin, Gerry & King, Carole
Gold Coins – Colo
Gold Rush – Colo
Golden Gate Doorknob – Colo Garage
Golden West Singers with the Cavaliers – Colo Polka/Dance
Golden West Wranglers – Colo
Golden, Brian – Colo
Goletz, Kurt & His Swing Set – Colo
Goletz, Kurt Two – Colo
Gonzales, Dr. RJ – Colo
Gonzales, Fred Martin – Colo
Gonzales, Little Louie Pueblo – Colo Gospel
Gonzales, Phil – Colo
Gonzalez, Alfonso Antonio – Band Box
Gonzalez, Vangie – Band Box
Good Report – Colo
Good Report Arvada – Colo Gospel
Good, Larry – Colo
Goodwin, Bill – Band Box
Goodwin, Bill – Colorado
Gordon, Charles – Band Box
Gorman, Freddie – Motown
Gorriones Del Norte – Colo
Gospel Melody Men – Colo Gospel
Gospel Tones – Colo Gospel
Got Rocks – Colo
Gothic Theater Colorado
Government Issue – Colo
Gow, Art & Brown Palace Orchestra – Colo
Gowell, Rich – Colo
Graham County – Colo
Graham, Billy & Dixieland Jazz Band – Colo
Graham, Dee – Colo
Grain of Salt – Colo
Grammer, Billy
Grandettes – Colo
Grandison Singers – Colo
Granelli, Jerry – Colo
Grant, Janie
Grant, Rudy & Buffalo Riders – Colo
Graves, Billy
Graves, Skip – Colo
Graves, Will & Rhythm Rangers with Bernie Wingert – Band Box
Gray, Curtis & Gray Bops – Colo
Gray, Curtis and Gray Bops – Colo
Gray, Red & Band – Colo
Great Exuma – Colo
Great Speckled Bird – Colo
Greeley’s Elks’ Chorus – Colo
Green Giants – Colo Garage
Green Men – Colo Garage
Green, Johnny & Green Men – Colo Garage
Green, Larry – CLW
Green, Roy – Band Box
Green, Vernon – Colo
Greene, Buddy – Colo
Greene, Lorne
Greene, Viviane – Finer Arts
Gregory, J.D. – Colo Gospel
Gress, Mickey and His Happy Tunesmen – CLW
Griesel, Joyce Salida – Colo Gospel
Griffith, Danny Colorado
Gringo Sleeze Band – Colo
Groobers – Colo
Grouse – Colo Garage
Grubstake – Colo
Grusin, Dave – Colo
Guess Who US
Guillermo – Colo
Guiterrez, Rudy Orchestra – Colo
Gunn, Stan Trio – Colo
Gutbucket – Colo
Guys – Colo Punk
Guys & Doll – Colo
Gypsy Hale – Colo
Hail – Colo Punk
Hale, Denny & Hell Raisers – Colo
Half Doesn’t – Colo Garage
Hammond, Eddie – Band Box
Hammond, Patrick – Colo
Hampton, Paul – Colo
Hand, Pat – Colo
Haney, Sue – Colo
Hannigan’s Greenhouse – Colo
Hansen, Bob – Colo
Happy World – Colo
Happy World – Colo Punk
Hardrock Gunter – Colo
Hardrock Gunter – Colo
Hardwater – Colo
Hardy, Jack – Colo
Harmony – Colo Gospel
Harper, Janice
Harrell, Gene – CLW
Harrell, Gene Colorado
Harrell, Gene Colorado into the Colo Hall of Fame
Harris, Corey – Colo
Harris, Donna – CLW
Harris, Eddy – Colo
Harris, Shaun – Colo
Harrison, John – Colo
Harrison, Michael – Colo
Harrison, Noel US
Harrison, Ralph – Colo
Harrison, Ralph & C. Ellisor – Colo
Harrison, Ralph & Chris Le Doux – Colo
Harrison, Wilbert
Hart, Esther – Colo
Hart, Gladys – Colo
Hart, John & Vern Olsen – Colo Gospel
Hartford, John – Colo
Hartman, John – Colo
Hartzell, Patsy – Colo
Hartzell, Willie – Colo
Harvest Road – Colo
Harvest Road – Colo Gospel
Harvesters – Colo Gospel
Harvey, Maria
Haters – Colo Punk
Haun, Steve – Colo
Have a Nice Change – Colo
Hawkins, Don – Colo
Hawkins, Eddie – Colo
Hawkins, Mel – Colo
Hayden, Dean – Band Box
Hayes, Isaac, & Porter, David
Haywood, Eugene – Colo
Haywood, Spencer – Colo
Haywoods – Colo
Heart, Jason & Impala 4 – Colo
Hearts – Girl Group Sound
Heaty Beat – Colo
Heaven & Earth – Colo
Heaven Bound Singers – Colo Gospel
Hectics – Colo
Hedges, Hazel – Band Box
Heines, Danny – Colo
Helmut, Fricker & His German Band – Colo Polka/Dance
Henchmen – Colo Garage
Hendricks, Michael – Colo Gospel
Hendrix Experience, Jimi UK
Hendrix Experience, Jimi US
Henry & Montereys – Colo Garage
Henry & the Montereys – Colo
Henry, Alfred – Colo
Henslee, Gene – Colo
Herbst, Jack – Colo
Heritage II – Colo Gospel
Herman’s Hermits UK
Herman’s Hermits US
Herndon, Steve Denver Bronco – Colo
Heroes – Colo
Herrera, Jack – Colo
Hesser, Corey – Colo
HHT – Colo Punk
Hi Blues – Colo Garage
Hi-Chords – Colo
Hickory Wind – Colo
High & Mighty – Colo Garage
High Hopes – Colo
High John – Colo Garage
High Noon – Colo
High Plains Drifters – Colo
High Rollers – Colo
High Seas – Colo Garage
High Trail Riders – Colo
Higher Elevation – Colo Garage
Highway Robbery – Colo
Higuera, Louis – Colo
Hi-Hatters – Colo Polka/Dance
Hill, Edward – Colo
Hill, Lonnie – Colo
Hilliard, Bob
Hi-Revving Tongues – Colo
His Music Makers – Colo Gospel
Hite, Bob “The Bear” – Colo
Hobbs, Beatty Trio – Colo
Hod & Marc – Colo
Hodges, Alan & Nite Owls – Colo
Hoerig, Keith – Colo
Hoery, Robert – Colo
Hoffman Mortuary – Colo Gospel
Hoffman, Daniel P & The Hobbit Band – Colo
Hogue, Richard Denver – Colo Gospel
Hola Pisola – Colo
Holden, Ron
Holdridge, Lee – Colo
Holes – Colo
Holien, Danny – Tumbleweed
Holland, Brian – Motown
Holley, Creighton “Nick” – Colo
Hollies UK
Hollies US
Holloway, Chris – Colo
Holloway, Chris & Patty Mosco – Colo
Hollywood Argyles – Finer Arts
Hollywood Rodeo Band – Colo
Holm, Michael – Colo
Holman, Albert Colorado
Holmes, Fred – Colo
Holmes, George & the Blue Melody Orchestra – Colo
Holy Trinity Luthern Church – Colo Gospel
Homebody – Colo
Hong Kong White Sox – Colo
Hong Kong White Sox – Trans-World
Hooper – Colo
Hoopes, Dick – Colo Gospel
Hop’d Up – Colo
Hop’d With Mohair – Colo
Hope Messengers Bethune – Colo Gospel
Hope Tabernacle Choir Denver – Colo Gospel
Hoppes, Mitchel – Colo
Hopson, Wanda – Colo
Hopson, Wanda & Tapestry Quartet – Colo
Horn, Al & Western Swingers – Colo Polka/Dance
Hornig, W.L. – Colo Polka/Dance
Horse Sense – Colo
Horst, Emett & His Polka Band – Colo Polka/Dance
Horst, Emmett – Colo
Hot Lunch – Colo
Hot Rize – Colo
Hot Rod Music
Hound Dogs – Colo Garage
House of Joy Children’s Choir – Colo
House of Unamerican Activities and Musicians (HUAC)
Howard & Ovid – Colo
Howard Players – Colo
Howard, Ann – Colo
Howard, Arlan – Band Box
Howard, Kath Littleton – Colo Gospel
Howard, Pete & the Screever/Howard Band – Colo
Howell, Bob – Colo Polka/Dance
Hucko, Peanuts – Colo
Hudson, Ray Quartet
Hull, Dakota Dave & Sean Blackburn – Colo
Hull, Dick – Colo
Hull, Dirk – Colo
Human Head Transplant – Colo
Human Head Transplant – Colo Punk
Humble Ary – Colo
Hummingbirds with Ed Whatley – Band Box
Humphrey, Bonnie & David Finn – Colo
Hunk of Funk – Infal
Hunter, Hank
Hunter, Russell – Colo
Hustlers – Finer Arts
Hyatt, Johnny – Colo
Hypocrasy – Colo
Idiot’s Revenge – Colo Punk
Ifield, Frank UK
Illusions – Colo
Images – Colo
Immoral Attitude – Colo Punk
Impala Four – Colo
Impending Doom – Colo Punk
Imperials IV – Colo Garage
In Your Presence Denver – Colo Gospel
Indeya – Colo
Infal Records Colorado
Ingle, Red & Tune Twisters – Colo
Ink Spots – Band Box
Ink Spots – Colorado
Inner Sounds – Colo Garage
Innovations (Viking) – Colo
Innovations with Frankie Rino – Colo
Instants – Colo Punk
Intensive Soul – Colo Garage
Intents Fort Collins – Colo Gospel
Interracial Choir – Colo Gospel
Intrigues – Colo Garage
Ireland, Del & Country Swingers – Colo
Iron Fog – Colo
Irvine, Timothy P. – Colo
Irwin, Cy – Colo
Isralite Travelers – Colo Gospel
Iverson, Ray & Vince Lumberg – Colo
Ivey, Larry – Colo
Jaava – Colo
Jack & The Rippers – Colo
Jackson, Bill – Colo
Jackson, Blackie – Colo
Jackson, Connie – Colo
Jackson, Dave – Valerie
Jackson, Mary & Nashville Heir – Colo
Jackson, Shoeless John – Colo
Jackson, Tom – Colo
Jade – Colo Garage
Jaeger, Willie & Carol Van Alstine – Colo
Jaguars – Colo
James Family – Colo
James Gang with Tommy Bolin – Colo
James, Alfred – Colo
James, Jimmie – Band Box
James, Les Trio – Colo
Jamison, Bob – Band Box
Jan & Dean
Jan & Dean – Beyond Dead Man’s Curve
Janak, Joni – Colo
Japetus  – Colo Garage
Japetus – Colo
Jarman, Argust “Hank”  – Band Box
Jarmells – Billboard Bio Feature
Jax, Ray Quintet – Colo
Jaxine,  – Colo
Jay, Jimmy – Colo
Jay, Kenny – Colo
Jaynetts – Girl Group Sound
Jazz at the Troc – Colo
Jazz Minors – Colo
Jeffersons – Colo
Jeffries, Chuck – Colo
Jellybeans Retail – Colo
Jemmon and Zonnie – Colo Gospel
Jenkins, Buster – Band Box
Jenkins, Dr. J.E. – CLW
Jenkins, Family – Colo Gospel
Jensen, Kris
Jenson, Paul – Colo
Jentzsch, Bob Trio – Colo
Jerry & Julie – Finer Arts
Jesse – Colo Gospel
Jessie & Juveniles – Band Box
Jets – Colo
Jim & Dale – Colo
Jim & Lynn – Colo
Jimerfield Legend – Colo Garage
Jinx – Colo
Jinx – Colo Garage
Jivin’ Gene
Jo Colorado’s Dutch Hopper and Polka Queen – Colo Polka/Dance
Jodel Jerry – Colo
Jodi – Colo
Joey Vain & Scissors – Colo Punk
Johnny & Night Sounds – Colo
Johnny III – Colo Punk
Johnny’s Dance Band – Colo
Johns, Sylvia – Colo
Johnson Boys – Colo
Johnson Family Littleton – Colo Gospel
Johnson, Buddy & Colorado Rangers – Colo
Johnson, Fats – Colo
Johnson, Jr. – Colo
Johnson, Larry & Dakota Territory – Valerie
Johnson, Michael Colorado
Johnson, Mike – Colo
Johnson, Sam – Colo
Joint Effort – Colo
Joint Session – Colo Garage
Jolly Dutchmen – Colo Polka/Dance
Jolly Polka Band – Colo Polka/Dance
Jones, Alfonso “Buckwheat” – Colo
Jones, Anthony Armstrong – Colo
Jones, Etta
Jones, Jimmy
Jones, Jinx and Jaguars – Colo
Jones, Larry – Colo
Jones, Pat & Bill Gleichmann – Colo
Joplin Forte – Colo Garage
Jordan, Cindy – Colo
Jordan, Laramie with the Flying W Wranglers – Colo
Jordan, Laramie with the Saddlemen – Colo
Jordan, Paul Trio – Colo
Jordan, Rachel – Spicy
Journeys in Rock and Roll
Joy Trio – Colo
Joy, Lee & Country Kickers – Colo
JP Silverhorse – Colo
Jubilee Eaton – Colo Gospel
Jude – Colo
Juenemann, John Family – Colo
Juice O’ the Barley – Colo
Julia Lee – Colo
Junk Yard Band – Colo
Just Another Band – Colo
Justice – Colo Garage
Kae, Ronny – Band Box
Kae, Ronny – Colorado
Kahn, Gus
Kain, Buddy – Band Box
Kake – Colo
Kalin Twins
Kalmakoff, Ron – Colo
Kalox Rhythm Boys – Colo
Kamikazi Klones – Colo
Kamikazi Klones – Colo Punk
Kannan, Ron – Colo
Kapel, Louis J – Colo
Kardeo – Colo
Karen & Coffee – Colo
Karl, Will – Colo
Karlinger, Mary Teresa with C.W. Ruetten – Colo
Karlson, Gabriel – Colo
Karlstrom, Eric – Colo
Karsh, Karen – Colo
Kastle, Jack – Colo
Kastles – Colo
Kater, Peter – Colo
Kaufman, Jack Harmony Record Shop – Colo
Kavelins – Lute Record Story
Kay, Mort – Colo
Kaye, Bobbi – Band Box
Kaye, Nancy & Echoes – Band Box
KBTR Radio Colorado
KDKO Radio Colorado
Kebos – Colo Polka/Dance
Kellog, Reverend – Keyboard
Kelly, Ann – Colo
Kelly, Tyrone – CLW
Kelly, Tyrone – Colo
Kemikol – Colo Garage
Kemm, Ernie – Band Box
Kennerly, Bill Trio – Colo
Kenny, Dave & Ghost Town Echo – Colo Polka/Dance
Kerns, Dick – Colo
Kerr, Anita
Kesey, Ken – Colo
Kettelsen, Randy – Colo
Key, Jimmy – Newland
Key, Scott – Colo
Keynotes, Colo
Keyworth, John – Colo
Kicques  – Colo Garage
Kid Pharaoh – Colo
Kidd, Johnny & Pirates UK
Kilgore, Theola
KIMN Radio Colorado
KIMN Radio Colorado & British Invasion
KIMN Radio Colorado Best Of
KIMN Radio Colorado Bomb of the Week
KIMN Radio Colorado Boss Jocks
KIMN Radio Colorado Boss Jocks Remembering Jay Mack
KIMN Radio Colorado KIMN Comers
KIMN Radio Colorado KIMN Surveys 1954-1959
KIMN Radio Colorado KIMN Surveys 1960-1961
KIMN Radio Colorado KIMN Surveys 1962-1963
KIMN Radio Colorado KIMN Surveys 1964-1965
KIMN Radio Colorado KIMN Surveys 1966-1967
KIMN Radio Colorado KIMN Surveys 1968-1969
KIMN Radio Colorado KIMN Surveys 1970-1971
KIMN Radio Colorado KIMN Surveys 1972-1973
KIMN Radio Colorado KIMN Surveys 1974-1975
KIMN Radio Colorado KIMN Surveys 1976-1985
KIMN Radio Colorado KIMN Teen Queens
Kinard, Dick – Band Box
Kindercide – Colo
Kindschy Evangelaires Denver – Colo Gospel
Kinesis – Colo
King Louie & Laymen – Colo Garage
King, Carole
King, Carole – Girl Group Sound
King, Jack – CLW
King, Jim – Colo
King, Kenny – Colo
King, Kim with Betsy Bernard – Colo
King, Randy – Band Box
King, Randy – Colorado
King, Tim – Colo
King’s IV – Colo
Kings Men III – Colo Gospel
Kingston Trio
Kinit Her – Colo
Kinks UK
Kinks US
Kinney, Trish – Colo
Kirk, Eddie Colorado
Kirk, Jim – Newland
Kirk, Tony – Colo
Kirpatrick, Russ – Colo
Kiwis – Colo
Kiwis – Colo Garage
Klein, John – Colo
Klein, John – Colo Gospel
KLZ Radio Colorado
Kneeland, Ray & His Catalinas – Colo
Knew – Colo
Knight, Dewey – Band Box
Knight, Kenny – Colo
Knight, Tony Trio – Colo
Knuckles, Red & Trailblazers – Colo
KOA Radio Colorado
Kockner, Herb & Fred Lucci – Colo
Kocky – Colo
Kohls, Kathy – Colo
KOOL Radio Colorado
KOSI Radio Colorado
Kountry Knights – Colo
KPPI Radio Colorado
Kramer, Billy J & Dakotas UK
Kramer, Billy J & Dakotas US
Kramer, Ron – Colo
Krane, Dave – Colo
Krieger, Conrad & Donna – Colo Gospel
Krieger, Donna & Conrad – Colo
Krisp, Rufus – Colo
KTLK Radio Colorado
KTLN Radio Colorado
Kunkel, Robb – Colo
Kunkel, Robb – Tumbleweed
Kurtz, Skip & Capricios – Colo
KYGO Radio Colorado
Kyte – Colo
La Donnas – Colo
Ladd – Colo
Ladner, Jerry – Colo
Lafayette Street Orchestra – Colo
LaFevre, Ben – Colo
LaFond, Jim & Norma Lou Tackitt with George Morrison Orchestra – Colo
Lafton, James – Colo
Lake, Jimmy & Colorado Playboys – Band Box
Lake, Jimmy & Colorado Playboys – Band Box
Lake, Jimmy & Colorado Playboys – Band Box
Lake, Jimmy & Colorado Playboys – Band Box
Lakeside Amusement Park Denver
Lakewood Methodist Church – Colo Gospel
Lambert & Potter
Lamm, Richard – Colo
Lamont Jazz Ensemble – Colo
Lamplighters – Colo
Lamplighters – Colo Garage
Landslide – Colo
Lane, Frank & Swinging Strings – Colo
Lane, Joni – Colo
Lane, Joni with Scott Smith Trio – Colo
Lane, Lois – Colo
Laneer, Steve – Rustique
Laneer, Steve & The Stetson Brothers – Colo
Lang Brothers – Colo
Laporta, John Trio – Colo
LaRita, Butch – CLW/Summit
Lark, Carlin & Trail Dusters – Band Box
Larsen, Norbie & Paul Norbert Larsen – Colo
Larsen, Paul Norbert & Norbie Larsen – Colo
Larson, Bob Denver – Colo Gospel
Larson, Tony Rodell & The Saints – Band Box
Last Friday’s Fire – Colo Garage
Latin Accents – Colo
Latin, Bobby – Band Box
Laughing Lady (Laughling Sal) Lakeside Amusement Park – Band Box
Laughing Wind – Colo Garage
Laumbach, Pete R. & His Side Winders – Colo
Laurie Marie & Columbine Swing Band – Colo
Lawmen Colorado
Lawrence, Edie Trio – Colo
Lawsuit Models – Colo
Lazy B Wranglers – Colo
Le Doux, Chris & Ralph Harrison – Colo
Leather Souls – Colo Garage
Leban, Sue – Band Box
Lee, Brenda
Lee, Brenda Discography
Lee, Dickie
Lee, Jewel – Colo
Lee, Peggy
Lee, Robert E – Colo
Leftover Salmon – Colo
Legal Tender – Colo
Legend – Colo Garage
Legion of Doom – Colo Punk
Leiber & Stoller
Leiber & Stoller Discography
Leiker, Val & His Polka Dots – Colo Polka/Dance
LeMay, Jim and Bobbi and the Rhythm Wranglers – Colo
Lemmen, Reggie – Colo
Len, Smokey – Band Box
Lenard, Doug & Private Stock – Colo
Lenee & Bob – Colo Gospel
Lenhart, Dusty & His Wildwood Boys – Colo
Lenny & the Lords – Colo Garage
Lenz, Kim & Jaguars – Colo
Lepers – Colo
Lepers – Colo Punk
Lepinski, Jerald & the Classic Chorale – Colo
Lerner & Lowe
Leroy & X-Citations – Colo Punk
Leroy’s Dance Band – Colo
Lesser, Adolph Polka Band – Colo Polka/Dance
Lester, Robbie – Colo
Lester, Robbie – Finer Arts/Trans-World
Letts, Charlotte – Colo
Lewey, Chuck – Colo
Lewey, Chuck – Colo
Lewis, Barbara
Lewis, Debra – Colo
Lewis, Don & The Experience – Colo
Lewis, Gary & the Playboys
Lewis, Gene & Dude Ranchers – Colo
Lewis, Jerry Lee
Lewis, Rosianna & Gene Fields – Colo Gospel
Lewis, Susie – Colo
Leyland, Carl Sunny – Colo
Lidos – Band Box
Lidos – Colo Garage
Lidos – Colorado
Lighter Shades – Colo
Lime – Colo Garage
Limeliters – Colo
Lind, Bob – Band Box
Lind, Bob Colorado
Lind, Bob Colorado Discography
Linda Sue – Colo
Links (Top Bar)
Lion Sized – Colo
Lipscomb, Darryl & Western Swingers – Colo Polka/Dance
Liseo, Archie & Chinaways – CLW
Little Banana Boy – Band Box
Little Ellis & His L 7’s – CLW
Little Flock – Colo Gospel
Little Fyodor – Colo
Little Gracie – Band Box
Little Joey – Colo
Little Joey & Flips – Billboard Bio Feature
Little People – Colo
Little Richard
Little Richard at the Movies
Little Richard Discography
Little Richard Quasar of Rock
Little Ricky & Roosters – Colo Garage
Little Smoke – Colo
Live Wire Choir – Colo
Livin’ Ends – Colo Garage
Livin’ Ends Colorado
Lloyd & Jim – Colo
Lloyd, Dean Lakewood – Colo Gospel
Lloyd, Randy – Colo
Local Threat – Colo Punk
Loco Pony – Colo
Logue & McCool – Colo
Lollipops – Band Box
Lonely Rider – Colo
Long Play Cover Arts – Stone
Long Plays: 10-Inch A-John
Long Plays: 10-Inch History
Long Plays: 10-Inch Jor-Z
Long Plays: 10-Inch Various Artists
Long Plays: A-Con Artists
Long Plays: Cor-F Artists
Long Plays: G-Kn Artists
Long Plays: KO-O Artists
Long Plays: P-ROB Artists
Long Plays: ROC-SK Artists
Long Plays: SL-Z Artists
Long Plays: Various Artists
Long Plays: Various Artists Radio Station Compilations
Lopez, Trini
Lord & London UK
Lords – Colo Garage
Lords of London – Colo Garage
Lost Cause – Colo Punk
Lothar & Hand People – Colo Garage
Lothar & Hand People Colorado
Loudermilk, John D.
Love Lites Greeley – Colo Gospel
Love Revolution – Colo Garage
Love, Nicky – Band Box
Love. J.W. – Colo
Loveland Polka Buddies – Colo Polka/Dance
Low Forms – Colo
Lowell, Jackie with Duane Diamond & Astronauts – Band Box
Lozach, Laurie – Colo
Lubahn, Doug – Colo
Lucas, Bernie & Golden Cowboys – Colo Garage
Lucas, Bernie & Sapphires – Colo Garage
Lucas, Bernie & The Golden Boys – Infal
Lucas-Vaughan Review with Peggy Lynd – Colo
Lucci, Fred & Herb Kockner – Colo
Lucero, Joe Quartet – Colo
Lucy – Colo
Luening, Warren & NORAD Dixietones – Colo
Luevano, Jimmy & Five Lords – Colo Garage
Luke, Robin
Lull, Hans J. – Colo
Lulu & Luvers UK
Lulu & Luvers US
Lulu Belle – Colo
Lumberg, Vince & Ray Iverson – Colo
Lunceford, Jimmie – Colo
Luthman, Pete – Colo
Lutken, David & David Reynolds – Colo
Luv Revolution – Colo Garage
Lyday, Joseph H. – Colo
Lynd, Peggy with Lucas-Vaughan Review – Colo
Lynn, Steve – Colo
Lynne, Gary – Band Box
Lyon, David T. – Colo
Lyon, Jim – Colo
Lyon, Jim – Colo Gospel
Lyons, Jack – CLW
M and M Connection – Colo
M.O.B. featuring D.J. Magic – Colo
Mac III – Colo
MacDonald, Eddie – Colo
MacGregor, Mary – Colo
MacGregor, Mary Colorado
Machine Gun Blues – Colo
Mack, Lonnie
Mack, Ted Colorado
Macy, John – Colo
Mad House – Colo Punk
Magenta – Colo
Magic Mice – Colo Garage
Magic Music Colorado
Magic of Christmas – Colo
Magicians – Colo
Maglio – Colo
Maharis, George
Mail Order Children – Colo
Main Attraction – Colo
Main, Beryl & Wagon Masters – Colo Polka/Dance
Majestic Savings – Colo
Make Overs – Re-doing the Standards
Mako 1972 – Colo
Malchak – Colo
Malcolm, Smiley & His Western Playboys – Colo
Malibukens – Colo Punk
Malone, Peggy & Countryside – Colo
Mamas & Papas
Mancini, Nan & JDB
Mandarin, Tony & Mile High Rockers – Colo
Mando & Chili Peppers – Colo Garage
Manfred Mann UK
Manfred Mann US
Manley, Mindy with Tom Trapper – Colo
Mann, Barry & Weil, Cynthia
Mann, Mort Orchestra – Colo
Mann, Renny & Western Swingers – Colo Polka/Dance
Manxx – Colo
Manzanita Jungle – Colo
Marauders – Colo Garage
Marc & Mystics – Colo Garage
Maresca, Ernie
Marina & Ocean Fire – Finer Arts
Mario Singers – Colo
Markey, Jack Arvada – Colo Gospel
Markley – Colo Garage
Marlene, Lili
Marquez & Mystic Blue – Infal
Marsh, Billy – Colo
Marshall Brothers – Colo
Marshall, Orea – Colo
Martin, Bobby with Eddie Star’s Band – Colo
Martin, Mike & Pam – Colo
Martin, Ronnie – Colo
Martin, Trade
Martin, Vicki – Band Box
Martin, Vicki – Finer Arts
Martin, Wanda Mae – Colo
Martinez, Marty – Colo
Martinez, Rudy & Orchestra – Colo
Martinez, Tony – Colo
Marturoi Singers – Colo Gospel
Marvells – Finer Arts
Marvin, George Trio with Kathy Kohls – Colo
Marx, Richard – Colo
Masons – Colo Garage
Mastertones – Band Box
Mastertones – Colo Garage
Matador! Soul Sounds – Colo
Mateki, Paul – Colo
Matthews, Tobin
Mau Mau 55 – Colo Punk
Maul & Cutups – Colo Garage
May, Don & Gigolos – Band Box
May, Don & Venusares – Colo Garage
Mayall, John & Bluesbreakers UK
Mayall, John & Bluesbreakers US
Maybe Handle – Colo Garage
Mayger, Nathaniel
Maynard, Ken – The Singing Cowboy
Mazeville Crossing – Colo
Mc Villy, MC – Infal
McCabe, Pete – Colo
McCabe, Pete – Tumbleweed
McCall, C.W. Colorado
McCall, C.W. Colorado Discography
McClanahan, Mac & Rhythm Busters – Colo
McClary, Janice – Colo
McCorison, Dan – Colo
McCormick, John – Colo
McCoy, Margie – Colo
McCoys – Colo Garage
McCrimmon, Daniel – Colo
McDade, Marlene – Finer Arts
McDaniel, Hattie – Colo
MCF – Colo
McGraw, Jim & Western Sundowners – Band Box
McGuffy, Michael – Colo
McGuire, Gentle Ben Choir – Colo
McIntosh, Sam
McKay, Fay – Colo
McKay, Tim & Chuck Timm – Colo
McKinely, Brian Elroy – Colo
McLain, Doug – CLW
McLain, Julie – CLW
McMahon, Gary – Colo
McMahon, Gerard & Kid Lightning – Colo
McPullish – Colo
Mean Uncle Man – Colo
Medeski, Martin & Wood – Colo
Medicine Bow Quartet – Colo
Meers, Jerrolyn and Mike Daniels – Keyboard
Meier, George & His Polka Band – Colo Polka/Dance
Meiers, Marvin – Colo
Meir, Golda – Colo
Meishlahn, John – Colo
Meisner, Randy – Colo
Meisner, Randy Colorado
Mel & Dawn Trio – Colo
Melinger, Dr. Alan – Colo
Melody Men – Colo
Men of Notes – Colo
Mendoza, Felipe R. – Colo
Mendoza, Pat – Colo
Menn-O-Four – Colo Gospel
Mentry, Ted – Colo
Mercer, Johnny
Mergers – Colo Garage
Merlin – Colo
Merry, Jim Show – Colo
Mersey Beats (Aurora) – Colo Garage
Mesa Verde Story – Colo
Mescalero Space Kit – Colo
Messy Hairs – Colo
Mestizo – Colo
Metcalf, Mead & Joan & Chorus – Colo
Metrotones – Colo Punk
Meyers, Al – Colo
Meyers, Vaughn – Colo
Michaels, Billy Lee – Colo
Mickey, Bob – Colo Gospel
Mid Westerners – Colo
Middle Of It All – Colo
Middle of the Road – Colo
Midland Federal Savings – Colo
Midnite Jammer Band – Colo
Mier, George – Colo
Mighty Quick Band – Colo
Mike & Fran – Colo
Milburn, Jeffrey – Colo
Mile High Academy Choir – Colo Gospel
Milehighlites – Colo
Miles, Ron – Colo
Milkmen – Colo
Millan, Eddie & Western Swingers – Colo Polka/Dance
Miller & Wells – Motown
Miller, Ann – Colo
Miller, Art – Colo
Miller, Buddy & the Hi Ho’s – Band Box
Miller, Cynthia – Colo
Miller, Eddie – Colo
Miller, Glenn Colorado
Miller, Glenn Colorado 45 Discography
Miller, Glenn Colorado 78 Discography
Miller, Glenn Colorado Extended Plays Discography
Miller, Glenn Colorado Long Play Discography
Miller, Glenn Colorado Recording Listing
Miller, Jerry & Vega Banjos – Colo
Miller, Roger – Colo
Miller, Scott – Colo
Miller, Stewart – Colo
Miller, Terry – Colo
Millers, Quartet – Colo
Mills, Chuck (and Monarchs) – Band Box
Mills, Chuck and Monarchs – Colo Garage
Mills, Monte – Colo
Mimms, Travis & Country Boys – Colo
Mindy Lou – Colo
Mineo, Sal
Minor, Blackie – CLW
Minor, Blackie and Floyd, Pat – CLW
Minter, Pat – Colo Polka/Dance
Mintle, Denny & Evergreen Dixielanders – Colo
Minutemen – Colo Punk
Mira Que Tenemos – Colo
Mirrors – Colo
Mishler, Embert & Unwanted Boys – Band Box
Misirlou’s – Colo Garage
Mission Viejo Singers – Colo
Mistic Moods – Colo
Mitchell, Chad Trio with John Denver – Colo
Mitchell, Chuck – Colo
Mitchell, Clifford Band Box Artist – Band Box
Mitchell, Eric – Finer Arts
Mitchell, Malcolm – Colo
Mixed Emotions – Colo Garage
Moby – Colo
Models – Colo
Modern Goon – Colo
Modern Men Quartet – Colo
Moffatt, Katy – Colo
Moffitt, Clark – Colo
Mohr, Christopher – Colo
Mollison, Hal & Gracie – Colo
Moman, Chips
Mom’s Apple Pie – Colo
Mondragon, Robert – Band Box
Money To Burn – Colo
Monkees Discography
Monocles – Colo Garage
Monroe Doctrine – Colo
Monti, Toni – Colo
Montrose, Ronnie – Colo
Mood Express – Colo
Moody Blues UK
Moody Blues US
Moonrakers Colorado
Moore, Hal and Charlie Martin – Colo
Moore, Jim – Band Box
Moore, Matthew – Colo
Moore, Mel – Colo
Moore, Merv – Colo Gospel
Moran, Bob – Band Box
Moran, Michael – Colo
Moran, Pat Tri – Colo
Morath, Max Colorado
Moreland, Kelly – Colo
Morgan, Hal Combo – Colo
Morgan, Jaype P Colorado
Morning Rain – Colo
Morning Rain – Colo Garage
Morosan, Vicky – Band Box
Morricone, Ennio – Good Bad Ugly
Morris, Dale – Colo
Morris, Gary Colorado
Morrison, George and the KKK Colorado
Morrison, George Orchestra – Colo
Morse, Carl – Colo
Mory, Michael – Colo
Mosco, Patty & Chris Holloway – Colo
Mosnick, Dick – Colo Polka/Dance
Mosse, George – Band Box
Mother Brown – Band Box
Mother Folkers – Colo
Mother’s Children – Colo Garage
Motivation Machine – Colo
Motown: 45’s 1960’s
Motown: 45’s 1970’s
Motown: Affiliate LP’s
Motown: Chisa
Motown: Divinity
Motown: Gordy 45’s 1960’s
Motown: Gordy LP’s 1960’s & 1970’s
Motown: Gordy LP’s 1980’s & 1990’s
Motown: Holland Dozier Holland
Motown: Holland Dozier Holland Discography
Motown: LP’s 1960’s
Motown: LP’s 1970’s
Motown: LP’s 1980’s & 1990’s
Motown: Melody
Motown: Passing Through Motown
Motown: Protest at Motown
Motown: Rare Earth 45’s
Motown: Rare Earth LP’s
Motown: Smokey Robinson
Motown: Soul 45’s
Motown: Soul LP’s
Motown: Tamla 45’s 1960’s
Motown: Tamla LP’s 1960’s
Motown: Tamla LP’s 1970’s & Beyond
Motown: The Women of Motown
Motown: VIP Discography
Mount Gilead Baptist Church of Denver – Colo Gospel
Mountain Flyer – Colo
Mountain Minstrels & The Singing Youth of Denver and Harmony Trio – Colo Gospel
Movie Songs (and the Nova)
Moyer, Dave & John Dozier – Colo
Moyers, Paul – Colo
Muledeer, Gary – Colo
Mullins, Rob – Colo
Munch – Colo Punk
Mundell, Joe and Bob – Colo
Munkres, Kerri – Colo
Munson, Connie – Colo
Muro, Tony – Colo
Murphey, Michael Martin Colorado
Murphey, Michael Martin Colorado Discography
Murray, Arthur – Colo
Murray, Billy Colorado PT 1
Murray, Billy Colorado PT 2
Murray, Tom – Colo
Musart Trio – Colo
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Music Trade Ads: B Artists Part 1
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Musician Billboard Biographies 1959-1964 A-F – Visit the Music Trade Ads Site
Musician Billboard Biographies 1959-1964 G-O – Visit the Music Trade Ads Site
Musician Billboard Biographies 1959-1964 P-Z – Visit the Music Trade Ads Site
Mutilators – Colo Punk
Mutiny – Colo
Myers, Tim & Glenda Roberts – Colo
Mystic Blue – Colo Garage
Myth of Freedom – Colo
Myzar – Colo
Nace, Johnny – Colo
Nacho Men – Colo
Nails – Colo
Nails – Colo Punk
Nanni, Nino – Colo
Navarro – Colo
Neddo, Joe – Colo
Nee, Bernie & Five Blobs
Negative Man – Colo
Neill, Johnny Trio/Orchestra – Colo
Nelson, Bonnie Colorado
Nelson, Jerry & Encounters – Colo Gospel
Nelson, Susan – Finer Arts
Nelson, Suzanne with Craig Donaldson – Colo
Nelvinaires Arvada – Colo Gospel
Nervous Norvous
Nestor Haven Band – Colo
Net Shaker – Colo
Neubel, Gary – Colo
New Direction – Colo
New Establishment – Colo
New Mobile Strugglers – Band Box
New Mobile Strugglers – Colorado
New Riders of the Purple Sage – Colo
New Searchlighters Littleton – Colo Gospel
New World Blues Dictionary – Colo Garage
New World Singers – Colo Gospel
Newcomers – Finer Arts
Newell, Joe – Colo
NG’s – Colo
NG’s – Colo Garage
Nichold’s, Ron Country IV – Colo
Nickel Matchbox – Colo Garage
Nig Heist – Colo Punk
Night Beats – Colo Garage
Night Beats – Newland
Night Caps – Colo Garage
Night Walker – Colo Garage
Nightengale, Maxine – Colo
Nightflames – Colo Punk
Nitelites – Colo
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Colorado
Nix, Tom – Colo
No Doubt About It – Colo
No Names – Colo Garage
No Nation – Colo
Noe, Candy & Roy Ferguson – Colo
Noe, Cindy – Colo
Noll, Ce Ce – Colo
Nomads – Colo Garage
NORAD Command Band – Colo
Nordwall, Jonas & Patti Simon – Colo
Northern Colorado Chapter of American Historical Society of Germans From Russia – Colo
Northside Moss – Colo Garage
Northwest Baptist Church Denver – Colo Gospel
Novelties – R&B
Novelties: Buchanan & Goodman
Novelties: Jumping Through Hula Hoops
Novelties: Silly Love Songs A-H
Novelties: Silly Love Songs I-Z
Novelties: Strange Things Are Happening
Novelties: The Rodents
Now – Colo
Nu Tu – Colo
Nuebling, John & Cap ‘N John Smith – Colo
Nunez, Antonio – Infal
Nu-Sett – Colo
Nu-Tornados & Mummers
O.M.I. Express – Colo
O’Boyle, Tom – Colo
O’Brien, John – Band Box
O’Brien, Sonny – Colo
O’Brien, Tim – Colo
O’Brien, Tim & Mollie – Colo
Obvious – Colo Garage
O’Dell, Jean – Colo
Odland, Bruce Big Band – Colo
Odom, Herman with Haskell Sadler & the Mellowtones – Colo
Odom, Herman with the Arabian Knights – Colo
O’Donnell, Dennis Michael – Colo
O’Donnell, Kay – Colo
Offspring – Colo Garage
Ogden Theater Colorado
Okolitza Tumburitzans – Colo
Old World Musicians Littleton – Colo Gospel
Olinger Male Quartet Denver – Colo Gospel
Oliver, Jim – Colo
Olsen, Vern & John Hart – Colo Gospel
Olson, Boogie Bob – Colo
One Inch Tall – Colo
O’Neal, Ray – Colo
Ophella Swing Band – Colo
Orange Fanatics – Colo
Orangu-Tones – Colo
Orbison, Roy
Original Rabbits – Colo
Original Stablemen – Colo
Orlie & Saints (Trujillo) – Band Box
Orrico, Stacie – Colo
Ortega Brothers – Band Box
Ortiz, Louie with 4-Play – Colo
Osborne, Dolores – Band Box
Osborne, Tami – Colo
Osburn, Karen – Colo
O’Shea, Shad – Colo
Other Brothers – Colo
Other Side of Time – Colo Garage
Otis, Johnny
Otto & Klau – Colo
Ouds – Colo Garage
Our Gang – Colo Garage
Outcasts – Colo Garage
Outriggers – Colo Garage
Overton, John & ALMA – Colo
Owens, Gary DJ – Colo
P.T.L. In Company & Daybreak – Colo Gospel
Pace, Eddie – Colo
Pace, Lee and Alvyra Tuttle – Colo
Pacesetters – Colo Garage
Pacific Rim – Colo
Pagan Cowboys – Colo Punk
Page, Gordon Morrison – Colo Gospel
Paige, Mrs Walter & Pilgrim Rest Youth Choir – Colo Gospel
Paige, Mrs., & The Pilgrim Rest Youth Choir – Colo
Pam and Bill – Colo
Pamela – Colo
Pando, Eliseo – Colo
Paper Taxi – Colo Garage
Paris Sisters – Girl Group Sound
Park Hill Baptist Church Denver – Colo Gospel
Park Hill United Methodist Church Denver – Colo Gospel
Parker Quartet – Colo Gospel
Parker, Bud & Pals – Colo
Parking Lot Paul & His People – Colo
Parks, Jim – Colo
Parks, Tony – Colo Polka/Dance
Parmelee, Paul & Eakin, Charles – Colo
Parrish, Vaughn & Charlie Swank – Colo Polka/Dance
Parsons, Dave Trio – Colo
Parsons, May Trio – Colo
Passage – Colo
Passarelli, Kenny – Colo
Pat, John and Mel – Colo
Patti Jo & Teardrops – Colo Garage
Paul & Cosby – Motown
Paxton, Gary
Paxton’s Back – Colo Garage
Payne, Aalbert Leon – Colo
Payton, Paul
Peace Core – Colo Punk
Peale, Pat with Will Graves & Rhythm Rangers – Band Box
Pearce Arrow – Colo
Pearl Street Jazz Band – Colo
Peck, Jack & His Bad Boys – Colo
Peddlers – Colo
Penetration – Colo Garage
Penny Worth of Now – Colo Garage
Perez, Al – Colo Gospel
Perfect Future – Colo
Perkins, Carl
Perry, Bob & The Sundowners – Band Box
Perry, Jim & Hesitations – Band Box
Peter & Gordon UK
Peter & Gordon US
Peter, Dave Trio – Colo
Peters Trio, Hal – Colo
Peters, Gretchen – Colo
Peters, Jim – Colo
Peters, Park – Colo
Peters, Rodeo Jim & His Western Ramblers – Colo
Peterson, Larry – Colo
Petty, Norman – Colorado Connection
Phaedra – Colo
Phalanx Mass – Colo Garage
Phase II – Colo
Pheffernuzy – Colo Garage
Phillips, Maxine Brown – Colo
Phipps, Bonnie – Colo
Phipps, Lynn – Colo
Phish – Colo
Phoenix Rising – Colo
Phroomf – Colo
Pick & Hammer Show – Colo
Pickett, Bobby Boris
Pickett, Lee & Screamers – Colo Garage
Picozzi, Artie – Band Box
Picture Sleeves
Picture Sleeves – Girl Groups: A-C
Picture Sleeves – Girl Groups: D-F
Picture Sleeves – Girl Groups: G-J
Picture Sleeves – Girl Groups: K-O
Picture Sleeves – Girl Groups: P-R
Picture Sleeves – Girl Groups: S
Picture Sleeves – Girl Groups: T-Z
Picture Sleeves – Girl Singers Index
Picture Sleeves – Single Girls: A-CL
Picture Sleeves – Single Girls: CO-G
Picture Sleeves – Single Girls: H-L
Picture Sleeves – Single Girls: M-SH
Picture Sleeves – Single Girls: SI-Z
Picture Sleeves: 45 Sleeves TV/Broadway & The Movies MOVE THIS
Picture Sleeves: Boy Singers
Pierce, Hal & Bill Brooks – Colo Polka/Dance
Pierson, Suzanne Soupy – Colo
Pierson, William – Colo
Pink Floyd US
Pipe Dream – Colo
Piss Test – Colo
Pittman, Barbara – Sun Records
Plastic 3-A – Colo
Platte River Jazz Band – Colo
Pleasant Street Blues Band – Colo Garage
Plotkin, Barney – Band Box
Plotts, Phil Longmont – Colo Gospel
Plumb Loco – Colo
Pockriss, Lee
Poco – Colo Garage
Poco Colorado
Poco Colorado Discography
Poindexter, Bud Trio – Colo
Polaras – Colo Garage
Police (Denver) – Colo Garage
Polka Kings – Colo Polka/Dance
Polka Playboys – Colo Polka/Dance
Polkateers – Colo Polka/Dance
Pomus, Doc & Shuman, Mort
Pony – Colo
Poole, Joyce Marie – Colo
Poor – Colo Garage
Poor Boys – Colo Garage
Poore, Billy – Colo
Pop Culture
Pop Side Trips
Pop Side Trips: Bubblegum Music
Pop Side Trips: Celebrity Sports On Vinyl
Pop Side Trips: Guiness Book of Records for Records
Pop Side Trips: Heavenly Hits
Pop Side Trips: Hit Parade
Pop Side Trips: JFK/Martin Luther King and Rock and Roll
Pop Side Trips: Jingle Composers
Pop Side Trips: Juke Box Joy
Pop Side Trips: Little Rascals
Pop Side Trips: Name Game
Pop Side Trips: One & Done Artists
Pop Side Trips: Rock and Roll Movies
Pop Side Trips: Rock Video Classics
Pop Side Trips: Talking Machines
Pop Side Trips: Twist
Pop Side Trips: Twisting Around the World
Popowsky, Lou & Charlie Swank – Colo Polka/Dance
Port Huron Statement – Colo
Porter, Claudia – Colo Gospel
Possumtrot & the Possumtrotters – Colo
Possumtrotters – Colo
Post War Baby Boom – Colo Garage
Posta, Adrienne – Colo
Potlatch – Colo
Pott County Pork & Bean Salad – Colo
Pottenjack, Dan – Colo
Pounding Limbo – Colo Punk
Poverty Gulch – Colo
Prairie Hornets – Colo Polka/Dance
Prairie Moon – Colo
Prairie Wranglers – Band Box
Precious Few – Colo Garage
Preps – Band Box
Preston, Don – Colo
Preston, Johhny
Pretty In Pink & The Brass Taxx – Colo
Price, Greg – Colo
Price, Mason – Band Box
Price, Pat – Colo
Prickly Pair – Band Box
Primmies – Colo Punk
Princeton, Bob & Desperadoes – Colo
Pringles – Colo
Private Bo – Keyboard
Private Life – Colo
Problem Youth – Colo Punk
Proby P.J. UK
Proby, PJ US
Proctor, Michael – Colo
Promise – Colo
Prophlactics – Colo Punk
Propinquity – Colo
Prunk, Joe – Colo
Psychedelic Syndicate – Colo Garage
Psychodrama – Colo Punk
Psychotic Reaction – Colo Punk
Publications: Bits and Pieces Index
Publications: Bits and Pieces Movie/TV/Radio 1950’s
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Publications: Sheet Music
Publications: Stamps Elvis
Pueblo Symphony Chorale – Colo
Puppetteer – Colo
Pussycats – Colo Garage
Pyle, Chuck – Colo
Queen City Jazz Band – Colo
Queen’s Men – Colo
Quick – Colo
Quillen, Ginger – Colo
Quinichette, Paul – Colo
Quinichette, Paul Colorado
Quinn, Harlan – Colo
Quint, Cindy & Her Polka Band – Colo Polka/Dance
Quintana Brothers Band – Colo
R&B Beginnings: A-K Artists
R&B Beginnings: L-Z Artists
R&B Beginnings: Onto the Charts
R&B Travelers – Colo Garage
Rader, Don – Colo
Radford-Lewis Band – Colo
Radiants – Colo Garage
Radio Stations Top 40: A-Florida
Radio Stations Top 40: California
Radio Stations Top 40: Canada
Radio Stations Top 40: Georgia-Indiana
Radio Stations Top 40: Index
Radio Stations Top 40: International
Radio Stations Top 40: Iowa-Massachusetts
Radio Stations Top 40: Michigan-Nevada
Radio Stations Top 40: New Hampshire-North Dakota
Radio Stations Top 40: Ohio-Pennsylvania
Radio Stations Top 40: Rhode Island-Vermont
Radio Stations Top 40: Virginia-Wyoming
Rae, Pearl – Colo
Rainbow Canyon – Colo
Raindrops – Colo Garage
Rainey, Don – Colo
Rainwater, Marvin – Colo
Rainy Daze – Colo Garage
Raisin Kane – Colo Garage
Ralph & Clyde – Colo
Ralston, John – Colo
Ramblin’ Blues – Colo
Ramblin’ Blues – Colo Garage
Ramsey, Bob – Colo
RAN – Colo
Rancheritos of Durango, Los – Colo
Randell, Jodi – Colo
Randy Rock – Colo
Ranger Bill – Colo
Ransom, Bob – Colo
Ransom, Jim – Colo
Rap On
Rare Moments – Colo
Ratliff, Bo – CLW
Ravens – Colo Garage
Ravers – Colo Punk
Ravin, Abe MD – Colo
Ray Jax Quintet – Colo
Ray, Ginger – Colo
Ray, Ronnie – Colo
Ray, Troy & Western Swingers – Colo Polka/Dance
Raymonds – Colo
Razor’s Edge – Colo
Reagon Youth – Colo Punk
Reason To Sing Television Family – Colo Gospel
Record Label: Argo
Record Label: Atlantic & Ahmet Ertegun
Record Label: Budget Labels
Record Label: Cameo/Parkway
Record Label: Challenge: Gene Autry
Record Label: Chess
Record Label: Chess EP’s & Picture Sleeves
Record Label: Chess Long Plays
Record Label: Chess: Cadet Concept LP’s
Record Label: Chess: Cadet LP’s
Record Label: Chess: Checker LP’s
Record Label: Chess: Phil & Leonard Chess
Record Label: Crown Fazzio Covers
Record Label: Custom
Record Label: Decca EP’s Part 1
Record Label: Decca EP’s Part 2
Record Label: Decca LP’s
Record Label: Decca Picture Sleeves
Record Label: Del-Fi
Record Label: Diplomat
Record Label: Gannett
Record Label: Guest Star
Record Label: Imperial & Lewis Chudd
Record Label: Imperial EP’s & Picture Sleeves
Record Label: Imperial Long Plays
Record Label: Index
Record Label: Jamie/Guyden
Record Label: Kent
Record Label: King
Record Label: King EP’s
Record Label: King Long Plays
Record Label: King Long Plays Country/Gospel
Record Label: Liberty
Record Label: Liberty EP’s
Record Label: Liberty Long Plays
Record Label: Modern
Record Label: Original Sound & Art Laboe
Record Label: Pickwick
Record Label: RCA Victor
Record Label: Scepter & Florence Greenburg
Record Label: Scepter Long Plays
Record Label: Scepter Wand Long Plays
Record Label: SPC 45’s
Record Label: Specialty
Record Label: Spin-O-Rama
Record Label: Stax Volt
Record Label: Stax Volt 45’s
Record Label: Stax Volt LP’s
Record Label: Sun Records EP’s and LP’s
Record Label: Tetragrammaton
Record Label: Vee Jay
Record Label: Vee Jay Gospel Series
Record Label: Vee Jay Rock and Blues Series
Records: Billboard Number 1 Long Plays
Records: Billboard Number 1 Singles
Records: Instrumental vs Vocal Versions
Records: Million Sellers MOVE THIS
Records: Pop Music from Global to the U.S.
Rectifier – Colo Punk
Red Barn – Colo
Red Rocks Amphitheater Colorado
Red Rocks Colorado Where Have Rockers Gone
Redding, Otis & Shooters – Finer Arts
Redline Rockets – Colo
Reed, Dean Colorado
Reed, Dizzy – Colo
Reed, Jimmy – Colo
Reeves, Dianne – Colo
Reeves, Dianne Colorado
Refreshment – Colo Gospel
Regents – Colo Garage
Reid, Monte – Colo
Religious Souls – Colo Gospel
Rendon Brothers – Colo
Renegade – Colo
Reno, Ann – Colo
Restless Ones – Colo Garage
Reynolds Family Singers – Colo Gospel
Reynolds, Bill – Colo
Reynolds, Bill & Western Swingers – Colo Polka/Dance
Reynolds, David & David Lutken – Colo
Reynolds, Jody – Colo
Rhine, Marie – Colo
Rhines, Marie – Colo
Rhym, Shelley – Colo
Rhythm & Blues Novelties
Rhythm Kings – Colo
Rhythm Records & Sports Shop Five Points – Colo
Ricardo – Colo
Rice, David – Colo
Rice, Debbie – Colo
Rice, Fuzzy – Colo
Richard, Cliff and Shadows
Richard, Cliff UK
Richmond, Pete – Colo
Richy C with the Cassanovas – Colo
Riddell, William K & James R. Rooney – Colo
Rinnader, Ted – Colo
Rino, Ann – Colo
Rino, Frankie & Squires – Colo Garage
Rino, Frankie Colorado
Rio Band of St. Antigua – Colo
Rio, Rob – Colo
Riot – Colo Garage
Rising Sons – Colo Garage
Ritual – Colo
Riverside Baptist Church Denver – Colo Gospel
Road House Rockers – Colo
Road Runners – Colo Garage
Roadrunners Colorado
Roadrunners/Fabulous Roadrunners – Colo Garage
Robbe, Warren – Band Box
Roberts, Glenda & Tim Myers – Colo
Roberts, Glenda Band – Colo
Roberts, Jimmie – Colo
Roberts, Johnny & Director’s Band – Colo
Roberts, Rick – Colo
Robertson, Don
Robinson, Spike & the Al Cohn Quintet
Rock ‘Round the Clock (Top Bar)
Rock Advocates – Colo
Rock Candy – Colo
Rock-A-Billy Cats/Chicks A Artists
Rock-A-Billy Cats/Chicks B Artists
Rock-A-Billy Cats/Chicks C Artists
Rock-A-Billy Cats/Chicks C Artists – Crickets
Rock-A-Billy Cats/Chicks D-E Artists
Rock-A-Billy Cats/Chicks F Artists
Rock-A-Billy Cats/Chicks G Artists
Rock-A-Billy Cats/Chicks H Artists
Rock-A-Billy Cats/Chicks H Artists – Bill Haley & Comets
Rock-A-Billy Cats/Chicks H Artists – Bill Haley & Comets Colorado Connection
Rock-A-Billy Cats/Chicks I-J Artists
Rock-A-Billy Cats/Chicks K-L Artists
Rock-A-Billy Cats/Chicks M Artists
Rock-A-Billy Cats/Chicks M Artists – Janis Martin
Rock-A-Billy Cats/Chicks N-O Artists
Rock-A-Billy Cats/Chicks P-Q Artists
Rock-A-Billy Cats/Chicks P-Q Artists – Doug Poindexter
Rock-A-Billy Cats/Chicks P-Q Artists – Elvis Presley
Rock-A-Billy Cats/Chicks R Artists
Rock-A-Billy Cats/Chicks S Artists
Rock-A-Billy Cats/Chicks T Artists
Rock-A-Billy Cats/Chicks U-V Artists
Rock-A-Billy Cats/Chicks U-V Artists – Gene Vincent and the Blue Caps
Rock-A-Billy Cats/Chicks W-X-Y-Z Artists
Rock-A-Billy Records Colorado
Rock-A-Billy/Rock/R&B Pioneers 1950’s on 78 RPM
Rockets – Band Box
Rockin’ Chair – Colo
Rockin’ Rebels
Rockin’ Rhythm Kings  – Colo Garage
Rockits – Colo Garage
Rockwell, Denny – Colo
Rocky Mountain Canaries – Colo
Rocky Mountain News – Colo
Rocky Mountain Singers – Colo
Rocky Ramblers – Colo
Roderick, Judy – Colo
Rodhake – Colo
Rodman, Peter – Colo
Rodriquez, Johnny & Diamantles – Infal
Roe, Dave & Kelly’s Prairie Dogs with the Western Swingers – Colo Polka/Dance
Roger – Colo
Rogers, Clyde – Colo
Rogers, Eddy Orchestra with the Bel Canto Singers – Colo
Rogers, Marvin – Colo
Rogues – Colo Garage
Rok Tots – Colo Punk
Rollin, Jimmy Lee – Colo
Rolling Stones UK
Rolling Stones US
Roman, Carol – Colo
Roman, Murray – Colo
Romane, Buddy – Colo
Romero Gospel Trio – Colo
Romero Gospel Trio – Colo Gospel
Romero, Paul – Colo
Romero, Rudy – Tumbleweed
Romolo Singers – Colo
Ronettes – Girl Group Sound
Room Full of Mirrors – Colo
Rooney, James R. & William K Riddle – Colo
Rope – Colo Punk
Rose, Al Trio – Colo
Rose, Bonnie – Colo
Rose, Carl – Colo
Rose, Johnny (Rosenburg) – Band Box
Rosier, Bill – Colo
Rosin, Carl – Colo Polka/Dance
Ross, Claude & Western Swingers – Colo Polka/Dance
Ross, Clint – Colo
Ross, Marvin & Blue Rhythms – Band Box
Rossi & Boyer – Colo
Rossi, Nick – Colo
Rossi, Nick Englewood – Colo Gospel
Rostvit Sisters – Colo
Rosy’s Bar & Grill – Colo
Rotolo, Suzie – Dylan’s Girlfriend
Rowland & Poindexter – Colo
Royal & Shades – Band Box
Royal & Shades – Colo Garage
Rubedo – Colo
Ruetten, C.W. & Mary Teresa Karlinger – Colo
Ruff Family – Band Box
Ruff Riders – Colo
Rufus Krisp – Colo
Runaway Express – Colo
Runnaways – Colo Garage
Runners – Colo
Running Bear – Colo
Rural Route Three with Timothy P – Colo
Rush Brothers – Colo
Russell, Alan & Overland Express – Colo
Russell, Nylmarn & Eric Erickson – Colo
Russell, Sonny – Band Box
Rutherford, Don & Emotionals – Finer Arts
Rutton, Ralph Trio – Colo
Ryan, Billy Band – Colo
Rylatt, Jennie – Colo
S.A.E. Quintet – Colo
S.T.A.B. – Colo Punk
Sachdev & Zakir Hussain – Colo
Sachs, Elmer – Colo Gospel
Sacks, Tomi – Colo
Saddlemen – Colo
Sadler, Herman with Herman Odom & the Mellowtones – Colo
Sadowsky, Dan & Ophelia Swing Band with Mike Scap – Colo
Safety Through Songs – Colo
Sage & Seer – Colo
Saint John’s Episcopal Cathedral Denver – Colo Gospel
Saint Mary’s Church Denver – Colo Gospel
Saint Thomas Choir & Family Jam Denver – Colo Gospel
Saint Thomas Moore Youth Choir Denver – Colo Gospel
Saints – Band Box
Saints – Colo Garage
Saints – Colorado
Sales, Sadie Green – Colo
Salestrom, Jim – Colo
Salted Wounds – Colo
Samples – Colo
San Francisco Era
San Francisco Era – Bands A-J
San Francisco Era – Bands K-Z
San Francisco Era – Milk & Honey Days
San Francisco Era – Psychedelic Posters
San Francisco Era – Summer Of Love
San Juan – Colo
San Marco Strings – Colo
San Quentin Five – Colo
Sanborn, Charlie – Colo
Sandberg, Larry – Colo
Sanders & McIntire – Colo
Sanders, Zelma
Sands of Time – Colo Garage
Sands of Tyme – Colo Garage
Sands, Red – Colo
Sanford, Mark Colorado Springs – Colo Gospel
Sangre – Infal
Santangelo, Eddie & Quartet – Colo
Sasnett, Junior & Tennessee Ramblers – Colo
Sassi Di – Colo
Satellites – Colo Garage
Satin Subway – Colo Garage
Satterfield – Colo
Saturday Night Fever
Saturday, Baron – Colo
Saturn – Colo
Savage, Sam – Colo
Savor, Jerry – Colo
Savoy, Jerry – Colo
Savvy – CLW
Savvy – Colo
Sawyer, Terri – Band Box
Scap, Mike with Dan Sadowsky – Colo
Schilling, Vic & Orchestra – Colo
Schillings – Colo Garage
Schlagel, Bob – Colo
Schmutz, Fritz – Band Box
Schmutz, Fritz – Colorado
Schneider, Alex & His Polka Band – Colo Polka/Dance
Schneider, Helen – Colo
Schoencheneers & the Schoenchen Singers – Colo Polka/Dance
Schumacher, Leo & Dutch Tones – Colo Polka/Dance
Schutz, Susan Polis & Summit – Colo
Scott, Dean & Cosmic Circus – Colo
Scott, Johnnie & Western Swingers – Colo Polka/Dance
Scott, Pat – Colo
Scott, Sandi – Band Box
Scott, Sandi – Colorado
Scott, Toni Lee & Jimmy Wallace – Colo
Searchers UK
Searchers US
Searchlighters Littleton – Colo Gospel
Searles Sisters Denver – Colo Gospel
Sebastian – Colo
Sebastian, Marc – Colo
Second Time Around – Colo
Secrets – Billboard Bio Feature
Sedaka, Neil & Greenfield
Seeds/Ceeds – Colo Garage
Seekers UK
Seekers US
Sef & His Playboys – Colo Polka/Dance
Selanders, Rocky – Colo Gospel
Selby, Binx – Band Box
Sellers, Don – Colo
Sensational Playmates – Colo
Seraphic Chorale – Colo
Seraphic Chorale Denver – Colo Gospel
Serena. Dean & Helen – Colo Polka/Dance
Serendipity Singers Colorado
Sermonaires & The Singing Shook Family – Colo Gospel
Sete, Bob & His Brazilian Trio – Colo
Shadows of Dawn – Finer Arts
Shadows UK
Shaffer, Jeff – Colo
Shamed Hatred – Colo Punk
Shanklin, Wayne
Shannon – Colo
Shanon – Colo
Shapiro, Helen UK
Shaw Sandie US
Shaw, Sandie UK
Sheeley, Sharon
Sheen, Bobby
Shell Band – Colo Garage
Shelltones – Band Box
Shelltones – Colo Garage
Shelton, Fred – Colo
Sheriff Scotty – Colo
Shevells US
Shilling, Marvin with the Texas Bluebonnets – Colo Polka/Dance
Shiloh Baptist Church – Colo Gospel
Shook Parker Gospel Singers – Band Box
Shook-Parker Gospel Singers Akron – Colo Gospel
Shooters – Trans-World
Short Change – Colo
Short Shorts – Pop Tales Index
Shorter Ame Church – Colo Gospel
Showdowners – Colo
Showmen – Colo Garage
Shriners – Colo
Shrobe, Nick “Smilen Nick” – Colo
Shrum, Walt & His Colorado Hillbillies – Colo
Shuler, Phil – Colo Gospel
Sick of Being Human – Colo
Sierras – Colo Garage
Sigman, Carl
Signal 30 – Colo Punk
Signals – Infal
Silver Eagle Band – Colo
Silver Streak – Colo Garage
Silver, Dale – Colo
Silverton Rio Grande Railroad – Colo
Silvey, Kay – Band Box
Simmons, Pete Trio – Colo
Simon, Patti & Jonas Nordwall – Colo
Simpson, Red & Cougar Cowboys – Colo
Sims, Bert – Colo
Sims, Lee – Colorado
Sims, Lee Country Trio – Keyboard/Rustique
Sing No To Drugs – Colo
Singer, Barrie – Colo
Sing-In Boulder – Colo
Singing Shook Family – Colo Gospel
Singing Spoons – Colo
Singing Youth of Denver – Colo Gospel
Sirhan & Hollywood – Colo
Sirkis, Jon – Colo
Sirr Issac Lyme – Colo
Sisters of Doom – Colo Punk
Sixteen Horsepower – Colo
Sixth Edition – Colo Garage
Skelton, Eddie – Colo
Skey – Colo
Skiffle: British Yank Feud
Skiffle: Group Lineups
Skiffle: Roots
Skinner Brothers – Colo
Skinner, Roger – Colo
Skinner, Ronnie – Colo
Skull Control – Colo
Skyline Dodge – Colo
Sladek, Ossie & Paratroopers – Band Box
Slaughter Haus 5 – Colo Punk
Slay, Frank Colorado Connection
Slick – Colo
Slick, Tom – Colo
Slife, Lyda – Colo Gospel
Slim Cessna’s Auto Club – Colo Punk
Sloan, Don & Country Roads – Colo
Sloan, P.F.
Small Appliance Orchestra – Colo Punk
Small Faces UK
Small Faces US
Smallwood, Clifford & the Pinheads – Colo
Smarts Arvada – Colo Gospel
Smi-Fi – Colo
Smith, Allen Band – Colo
Smith, Cap ‘N John & John Nuebling – Colo
Smith, Glenn Unlimited – Colo
Smith, Johnny Colorado
Smith, Kenny – Colo
Smith, Leona – Colo
Smith, Margaret – Colo
Smith, Peggy – Colo
Smith, Ross – Colo
Smith, Scott Trio with Joni Lane – Colo
Smith, Sharon – Colo
Smith, Walt – Colo
Smokey Aaron – Colo
Smooth Connection – Colo
Smythe, Pete – Colo
Snake Mountain – Colo
Snow Men – Colo Garage
Snyder, Max – Colo
Soak – Colo Punk
Sobule, Jill – Colo
Sockit, Joe & Wrenches – Colo
Softwave – Colo
Solid Ground – Colo
Son, Steve & Sun Dogs – Colo
Song Writers – aa_Index
Song Writers – Alaimo, Steve
Song Writers – Alexander, Arthur
Song Writers – Bacharach & David
Song Writers – Barri, Steve & Sloan, P.F.
Song Writers – Barry, Jeff & Greenwich, Ellie
Song Writers – Boyce & Hart
Song Writers – Christian, Roger
Song Writers – Cochran, Hank
Song Writers – Cook, Roger & Greenaway, Roger
Song Writers – Crewe, Bob
Song Writers – Curb, Mike
Song Writers – De Vorzon, Barry
Song Writers – Dee, Sylvia
Song Writers – Duke, Vernon
Song Writers – Evans, Ray & Livingston, Jay
Song Writers – Fowley, Kim
Song Writers – Fuller, Jerry
Song Writers – Gaudio, Bob
Song Writers – Goffin, Gerry & King, Carole
Song Writers – Hayes, Isaac & Porter
Song Writers – Hilliard, Bob
Song Writers – Hunter, Hank
Song Writers – King, Carole
Song Writers – Leiber & Stoller
Song Writers – Leiber & Stoller – Discography
Song Writers – Lerner & Loewe
Song Writers – Loudermilk, John D.
Song Writers – Mann, Barry & Weill, Cynthia
Song Writers – Mercer, Johnny
Song Writers – Moman, Chips
Song Writers – Otis, Johnny
Song Writers – Paxton, Gary
Song Writers – Pockriss, Lee
Song Writers – Pomus, Doc & Shuman, Mort
Song Writers – Robertson, Don
Song Writers – Sanders, Zelma
Song Writers – Sedaka, Neil & Greenfield
Song Writers – Shanklin, Wayne
Song Writers – Sheeley, Sharon
Song Writers – Sigman, Carl
Song Writers – Taupin, Bernie & John, Elton
Song Writers – Usher, Gary
Song Writers – Wine, Toni
Song Writers- Kahn, Gus
Song Writers: Ashford & Simpson
Song Writers: Bateman, Robert
Song Writers: Bradford, Janie
Song Writers: Gorman, Freddie
Song Writers: Holland, Brian
Song Writers: Miller & Wells
Song Writers: Paul & Cosby
Song Writers: Stevenson & Hunter
Song Writers: Wakefield & Caston
Song Writers: Wayne, Sid
Song Writers: White and Madara (Danny and Juniors)
Song Writers: Whitfield & Strong
Song Writers: Wilson, Frank
Song Writers: Wylie, Popcorn
Songbird – Colo
Sonics – Colo Garage
Sonrise Singers Greeley – Colo Gospel
Sons of Pioneers in Colorado
Sons of the Pioneers – Colo
Soothsayers – Colo Garage
Soul – Colo Garage
Soul Dimension Greeley – Colo Gospel
Soul Explosion – Colo Garage
Soul Merchants – Colo Punk
Soul Music: Long Plays: A-Jam
Soul Music: Long Plays: Jay-Mon
Soul Music: Long Plays: Mor-Sle
Soul Music: Long Plays: Sly-Z
Soul Music: Soul Journeys
Soul Pak – Colo Garage
Soul Survivors (Denver) – Colo Garage
Sounds of Pentecost – Colo Gospel
Sounds Of Steam Railroad – Colo
Souply, Judy – Colo
South Denver Pentecostal Choir – Band Box
Southern Express – Colo
Sovine, Red – Colo
Space Age Music
Spangler, Dave – CLW
Spanos, Danny – Colo
Sparks, Randy
Sparxxx, Bubba Denver Bronco Steve Herndon – Colo
Spectral Voice – Colo
Spectre – Colo
Spectrums – Colo
Spell – Colo
Spells – Colo
Spencer Davis Group UK
Spencer Davis Group US
Spencer, Elizabeth Colorado
Spielman, Dave & Rhythm Rangers – Colo
Spirits Of Joy – Keyboard
Spiritual Aires – Colo Gospel
Spoons – Colo
Spox Creation – Colo Garage
Springfield, Dusty UK
Springfields/Dusty Springfield US
Sprouse, Fred – Colo
Spudd, Delmer & Spudnicks – Colo
Squad IV – Colo
Squires – Colo Garage
Stagecoach – Colo
Stahl, Joey & Some Kinda Music – Colo
Stahla, Henry – Colo
Stahla, Ray – Colo Polka/Dance
Stajich, Steve – Colo
Stallion – Colo
Standing Ovation – Colo
Standwood, Michael – Colo
Stanley, Michael – Tumbleweed
Stapleton, Velma Lamar – Colo Gospel
Star Tones – Band Box
Star Tones – Colo Garage
Star, Eddie Band – Colo
Starland Vocal Band – Colo
Starlite Ramblers – Colo
Starr – Colo
Starr, Curly – Band Box
Starr, Pat of Ragtime – Keyboard/Tollgate
Starr, Penny – Band Box
Starr, Penny – Colorado
Starr, Rocky Trio – Band Box
Starwood – Colo
Statesmen – Colo Garage
Status Seekers – Colo Garage
Steam Railroad in Colorado – Colo
Steel City Band – Colo
Steel Moon – Colo
Steele, Larry – Colo
Steele, Larry Colorado
Steele, Tommy & Steelmen UK
Steele, Tommy & Steelmen US
Steen, Dave & Tim Frydendall – Colo
Stegner, Bob – Colo
Stehle, John & His Polka Band – Colo Polka/Dance
Stein, Dwayne – Colo
Stephen B & The Hawk – Colo
Stephens, Bill – Band Box
Stephens, J.L. – Colo
Stereomonic’s with Ester Maree – Colo
Stetson Brothers Band – Colo
Stevens, Betty – Colo
Stevens, Larry Trio – Finer Arts
Stevens, Mary – Colo
Stevens, Ted – Colo
Stevenson & Hunter – Motown
Stewart, Chestina – Colo
Stewart, Chuck – Colo
Stewart, Jim – CLW
Stewart, Johnny with Eddie Star’s Band – Colo
Stewart, Wayne & Friends – Colo
Stiff Water – Colo
Sting Reys – Colo Garage
Stir Crazy – Colo
Stites, Gary & Satelites Colorado
Stites, Gary & Satelites Colorado Disography
Stites, Gary & Satellites – Colo Garage
Stone Canyon Band – Colo
Stone, Cliffie – Colo
Stone, Gil – Colo
Stone, Kim – Colo
Stoneback, Stu – Colo
Stonebreakers – Colo Garage
Stonie – Colo
Stormtroupers – Colo Garage
Straight Shot – Colo
Straight, Slim & Fabulous Wildtones – Colo
Strange Cargo – Colo
Strange Daze – Colo
Stratocasters – Colo Garage
Stratus – Colo
Strawberry Alarm Clock – Colo
Street Carnival – Colo Garage
Street, Jerry – Colo
Stremel, Johnny & His Original Dutch Hop Band – Colo Polka/Dance
Stricklan, Jim – Colo
Stricklan, Jim & Steve Fulton – Colo
String Cheese Incident – Colo
Stringer, Little Debbie – Colo
Strouf, Ralph – Colo
Strovas & Visich & Their Accordians – Colo Polka/Dance
Struttin’ Sam Minstrels – Colo
Stubby – Colo
Stylists – Colo
Subdudes – Colo
Success with Ron Franklin – Colo
Sugar King Boys – Colo
Sugar Mule – Colo
Sugar Shack (with Boss 32) – Colo
Sugar Tree – Colo
Sugarloaf Colorado
Sugarloaf Colorado Discography
Sun Records –  Sun International after Petty
Sun Records – Blues Musicians
Sun Records – from the Sun Studio
Sun Records – Index
Sun Records – LP’s and EP’s
Sun Records – Women of Sun
Sunday River Bluegrass Show with David Ferretta – Colo
Sundowners – Colo
Sunshine Ward – Colo Garage
Super Band – Colo Garage
Supernatural Family Band – Colo
Sur Royal Da Count – Colo
Surf Music
Surf Music – Long Plays
Surfin’ Classics – Colo Garage
Surf-Riders – Colo Garage
Surfties & Thunderchiefs – Colo
Susan & God – Colo
Susi, John – Colo
Swain, Vern – Finer Arts
Swallow Hill Music Hall – Colo
Swank, Charlie & Vaughn Parris – Colo Polka/Dance
Swanson, Bobby & Sonics – Colo Garage
Swanson, Bobby & Sonics Colorado
Sweeney, Cindy – Colo
Sweet Leaf – Colo
Sweethearts Of Rhythm – Colo
Sweetwater Junction – Colo
Swerer, Bob & His Sons of the Rockies – Colo
Swerer, Bob & Orchestra
Swingin’ Swankies – Colo
Swinging Blue Jeans US
Sykes, Paul with Johnson Boys – Colo
Sylvia, Dee
Syms, Sylvia – Colo
Synchrony – Colo
Syndicate – Colo Garage
Tabernash – Colo Garage
Tackitt, Norma Lou & Jim LaFond – Colo
Tact Family – Colo Gospel
Tag Team – Colo
Tait’s Orchestra with Bud Udick – Colo
Talleymen – Colo
Tangen, Art & Western Swingers – Colo Polka/Dance
Tank, Jim – Colo
Tapestry Quartet with Wanda Hopson – Colo
Tarzi-io – Colo
Taupin & John
Taylor, Chris – Colo
Taylor, Clay – Colo Polka/Dance
Taylor, Cliff – Colo
Taylor, Dallas – Colo
Taylor, Elaine & Mastertones – Band Box
Taylor, Emmett – Colo
Taylor, James
Taylor, Otis – Colo
Taylor, Pastor Roland Crossroads Baptist Church Denver – Colo Gospel
Taylor, Patti Singers – Valerie
Taylor, Sandy – Colo
Taylor, Steve – Colo
Taylors – Colo
Teardrops & Patti Jo – Colo Garage
Teeny Titans – Colo Garage
Tempo, Nino & Stevens, April
Tenebaum, David – Colo
Tennessee Bill and Tennesse Boys – Colo
Tennessee Boys – Colo
Terry & Rudy – Colo
Terry, Bill – Colo
Terry, Dewey – Colo
Terry, Dewey – Tumbleweed
Tescee, Ian – Colo
Texas Bluebonnets with Marvin Shilling – Colo Polka/Dance
Them US
Thinking Plague – Colo Punk
Thomas, Chuck with Johnny & Hitchhikers – Band Box
Thomas, Jean – Girl Group Sound
Thomason, Dave – Colo
Thompn, Shorty and Family Colorado
Thompson, Billy – Colo
Thompson, Billy Show – Colo Gospel
Thompson, Katie – Colo
Thompson, Mark – Colo
Thompson, Shorty & Saddle Rocking Rhythm
Thompson, Tommy & W Bar A Rhythm Masters – Band Box
Thompson, Verlon – Colo
Thorn, Carl & His Saddle Pals – Colo
Thorne, Francis – Colo
Thornton, Dave – Colo
Three Dimensions – Colo Garage
Three Quarters – Colo
Three Sharps – Colo
Thrush – Colo Garage
Thudpucker, Jimmy – Colo
Thunderbird All-Stars – Colo
Thunderbird Band – Colo
Thunderchiefs – Colo
Tiff, Don & Michael J. Diamond – Colo
Tilson, Ronnie – CLW
Tilson, Ronnie – Colo
Timberline – Colo
Time System – Colo
Time System – Colo Garage
Time Travelers – Colo Garage
Timerliners – Colo
Timm, Chuck & Tom McKay – Colo
Tin Pan Alley – The Birth Of
Tin Pan Alley – Tough Times
Tina & Company – Colo
Tinkers – Colo
Tinkers – Colo Garage
Tiny Bubbles A-C (No Hit Wonders on the Bubbling Under Charts)
Tiny Bubbles D-H (No Hit Wonders on the Bubbling Under Charts)
Tippitt, Ken Littleton – Colo Gospel
Tippler Three – Colo
Titus – Colo Gospel
Tobin, Louis – Colo
Tolar, Bob – Colo
Tolland Men – Colo
Tom Troccoli’s Dog – Colo Punk
Tommy & Electratones – Colo
Tomsic, Frank – Colo Polka/Dance
Tone, David – Colo
Toodman, Tim – Colo
Torquays – Colo Garage
Town Club A-Go-Go – Colo
Toyz – Colo
Tracy Trio, Pete – Colo Garage
Trailriders – Colo
Transistors – Colo
Transistors – Colo Punk
Trapper Tom & Mindy Manley – Colo
Trash Is Truth – Colo Punk
Travellers Three with Walt Conley – Colo
Tremeloes UK
Tremeloes US
Trespasser – Colo
Trevor, Van – Band Box
Trevor, Van – Colorado
Trevor, Van – Trevor and Starr Tour – Colorado
Triangle – Colo
Trick – Colo
Trikk – Colo
Trinidad – Colo
Trinity United Methodist Church – Colo Gospel
Trip – Colo Garage
Tris and Tom – Colo
Trish, Kinney – Colo
Troggs UK
Troggs US
Trojanovich, Judy & Flying W Wranglers – Colo
Trolls – Colo Garage
Tropos – Colo
Trouble Boys – Colo
Trudy & John – Colo
Trudy and John Evergreen – Colo Gospel
True Direction – Colo
Trujillio, Orlie & Saints – Colorado
Trujillo, Sol – Infal
Truly Original Band – Colo
Trumbo, Jim Trio – Band Box
Trux – Colo
Tryb – Colo
Tryb – Colo Garage
Tuck, Duncan – Band Box
Tuck, Duncan – Colorado
Tucker, Vance – Colo Gospel
Tuesday Club – Colo Garage
Tuft, Harry – Colo
Tuft, Harry & Dick Weissman – Colo
Tumbleweed – Colo
Tumbleweed Records Colorado
Tumblin’ Creek – CLW
Tune Twisters – Colo
Tune Weavers
Turner, Bob – Colo
Turner, Bob – Colo
Turner, Jim – Colo
Tuttle, Alvyra & Lee Pace – Colo
Tuxedo Moon – Colo
Tuxedo Moon – Colo Garage
Twenty Five Miles – Colo
Twilighters – Colo Garage
Twitty, Conway
Two Bucks and Change – Colo
Two Ton Annie – Colo
Twy-Mar Trio – Colo
Tycoons – Colo Garage
Tyler & Bandits – Colo Garage
Tyme & Places – Colo Garage
U.S. Male – Colo Garage
Uberfall – Colo Punk
Udick, Bud with Tait’s Orchestra – Colo
Uhl, Sepp – Colo
Ulysses Hardware – Colo
Umbra – Colo Garage
Umbra Colorado
Unatural Sex Acts – Colo Punk
Uncalled Four – Colo Garage
Union Harmonizers – Colo Garage
Unity – Colo
University Baptist Church Choir Denver – Colo Gospel
Unrein, Virginia Lois Munfrada – Colo
Unx – Colo Punk
Up With People – Colo
Uptown – Colo
Uriah – Colo
Usher, Gary
Utah St. John – Colo
Uti – Colo Punk
Valdez, Jeff – Colo
Valino, Joe – Band Box
Valley Men – Band Box
Valley Singers Capulin – Colo Gospel
Valley Singers with Elva – Colo
Van Alstine, Carol & Willie Jaeger – Colo
Van Buren, James – Colo
Van Derbur, Marilyn Miss America 1958 – Colo
Van Dorn, Veeder – Colo
Van Zandt, Townes – Colo
Vanelli, Johnny and Colorado Brass – Colo
Vanguard – Colo Garage
Vannwarmer, Randy Colorado
Vaqueros – Colo Garage
Variations – Colo
Varve – Colo Punk
Vaughn, Dot & Jimmy – Colo
Vaughn, Scott – Colo
Velarde, D.L. Band – Colo
Verne, Larry – Billboard Bio Feature
Vernon, Duke
Verses – Colo
Vessey, Bernard Colorado Springs – Colo Gospel
Vibrotones – Infal
Vic Trola – Colo
Vidal Trio – Band Box
Vigil Brothers – Colo
Vigil, Job Timothy – Colo
Villagers – Colo Garage
Vincent Brothers – Finer Arts
Vintage: The Roots
Violators – Colo Punk
Viscounts (Denver) – Colo Garage
Visitors – Colo Punk
Vitale, Nick & Echo’s – Band Box
Viva Brass – Colo
Voices Of Mute – Colo Garage
Volk, Phillip Fang – Colo
Voltage Rot – Colo Punk
Vonne, Mel – Colo
Voyage of Slaves – Colo
Waco – Colo Garage
Wagon Masters Colorado
Waits, Harold – Colo
Wakefield – Colo Garage
Wakefield & Caston – Motown
Walevska, Christine – Colo
Walker Brothers
Walker Brothers – Colo Gospel
Walker Brothers UK
Walker Brothers US
Walker Brothers US discography
Walker, Hysear Trio – Colo
Walker, Jerry – Colo
Wall, Snaz – Colo
Wallace, Billy Trio – Colo
Wallace, Jimmy & Toni Lee Scott – Colo
Wallar, Wayne – Colo
Wallis, Jimmy – Keyboard
Walls of Genius – Colo Punk
Walnedto Brothers – Colo
Walters, Dave – Colo
Ward, Robin – Girl Group Sound
Ward, Tyler – Colo
Warlock Pinchers – Colo Punk
Warm – Colo Garage
Warming Trend – Colo
Washboard Chaz – Colo
Washington, Ron – Colo
Waters, Ozie Colorado
Watkins, Buddy & Buddies of the West – Colo
Watson, Doc & Mary Flower – Colo
Watson, Jim & Cowan, Joel – Spicy
Watson, Jim & Cowan, Joel – Spicy
Watson, Milt Wildest Clan – Band Box
Watta, Maxine – Colo
Wax Tracks Record Store Colorado
Way, Linda – Colo
Wayfarer – Colo
We Never Sleep – Colo Punk
Weatherford, Richard & Colorado Water Wheel – Colo
Weaver, Jerry – Colo
Webb, Don – Colo Gospel
Webb, Pamela & The George – Colo
Weeks, Lee – Colo
Weese, Vern & Western Swingers – Colo Polka/Dance
Weidig, Paul – Colo
Weiger, Barbara – Colo
Weiger, Dody – Colo
Weimer, Ray & Starfires – Colo
Weingardt, Paul & Polka Band – Colo Polka/Dance
Weiss, Cantor Maurice – Colo Gospel
Weiss, Cantor Maurice – Finer Arts
Weiss, Chuck E – Colo
Weissman, Dick – Colo
Weissman, Dick & Harry Tuft – Colo
Welch, Jimmy – Colo
Well Diggers – Finer Arts
Wells, Jack – Colo
Wells, John & Barbara Greeley – Colo Gospel
Wells, Kaylan – Colo
Wells, Kaylen – Finer Arts
Wells, Skip – Colo
Wellshires – Colo Garage
Werkele, Shaun – Colo
Wernick, Pete – Colo
West Cost Pop Experimental Band Colorado
West, Dick & Hymntones – Band Box
West, Norma – Colo
West, Sonny – Band Box
West, Ted with Buddy Watkins & Buddies of the West – Colo
Western Cine Studios – Colo
Western Heralds – Colo
Westerns On Television – Vinyl
Westminsters – Colo Garage
Weyand, Maryruth and Unmentionables – Colo
Whatley, Ed & Hummingbirds – Band Box
Wheat – Colo Garage
Wheeler, Cindy – Colo
Whilt – Colo
Whirlwind – Colo
Whitcombo, Ian US
White Lightning – Colo Garage
White Pine – Colo
White Trash – Colo Punk
White, Brodie & White Noise – Colo
White, Jack – Colo
White, Kep Lakewood – Colo Gospel
Whitefield-Ward Jamboree – Colo
Whiteman, Paul Colorado
Whiteman, Paul Colorado 45 and LP Discography
Whiteman, Paul Colorado 78 Discography
Whiterock – Colo
Whitesell, George – Colo
Whitfield & Strong – Motown
Whitmore, Stuart & Heritage Square Opera House Zanies – Colo
Whizz Band – Colo
Who UK
Who US
Whyte, Ronny – Band Box
Wieder, Jay – Colo
Wig Wam Trio – Colo
Wight, Vinton – Colo
Wilbanks, Duane – Colo
Wild Ones – Colo Garage
Wilde, Marty UK
Wilder, Allen Jay – Band Box
Wilkins, Jimmy & Blue Falcons with Sarands – Band Box
Williams, Billie Jean (Horton)
Williams, Danny – Colo
Williams, Julius & Indeya – Colo
Williams, Mike – Colo
Williams, Reed & Fantasy Band – Colo
Williams, Steve – Colo
Willie & Flat Tops – Colo
Willie & Jerry & Their Gang of Popular Musical Artists – Colo
Willie & Rhythm Razors – Colo
Willie & String Poppers – Colo
Willie & the Bop-A-Whiles – Colo
Willie & the Original Stablemen – Colo
Willis, Curtis & Willis Brothers – Colo
Wills, Patty and David & Petit Brothers – Colo
Wilson Trio, Billy – Colo
Wilson, Bob Quartet – Colo
Wilson, Frank – Motown
Wilson, Rod Trio – Colo
Wimbush, Glen – Colo
Wind Machine – Colo
Windfall – Colo
Windfield – Colo
Windsong Records Colorado
Windsor Players – Colo
Wine, Toni
Winger Colorado
Winger, Bernie – Band Box
Wingert, Bernie – Band Box
Winkler, E’De & Paul – Colo Gospel
Winns, Gail – Colo
Winters, Jay – Colo
Wisthoff, Walt & Country Gentlemen – Colo
Withrow, Tom – Colo
Wolf, Roger – Colo
Wolfe, Fran – Colo
Wolfe, Lanny & Celebration Choir Denver – Colo Gospel
Wolfe, Stewart – Colo
Wolfman Jack
Wolter, Ursula – Band Box
Wonder Boy – Colo
Wonder, Johnny & His Exotic Exclusives – Colo
Wonderland Singers – Keyboard
Wood, Dick – Colo
Wood, Weldon – Colo
Woode, Henri Trio – Colo
Wooden Nickel – Colo
Woodmore & Curzon Strings – Colo
Woods, Dick – Colo
Woodson Family, Fabulous – Colo
Wormtone Records Colorado
Wowie Zowie – Colo Garage
Wright, Dennis – Colo
Wulf, Jerry – Colo
Wyatt, Johnny with Jimmy Johnson and His Band – Colo
Wylie, Popcorn – Motown
X Man – Colo
Xandra – Colo
XEQ – Colo
XEQ – Colo Punk
Yansh, K.A. with Curd V. Pirkof & Orchestra – Colo Polka/Dance
Yarbrough, Glenn & Havenstock River Band – Colo
Yardbirds UK
Yardbirds US
Yarns, Earrell – Valerie
Yelin, Rober – Colo
Yonder Mountain String Band – Colo
York, J. William Curtis – Colo
Young Folk Three – Colo
Young Savages – Colo Garage
Young Weasels – Colo Punk
Young, Dez & Irene – Colo
Young, Julie – Colo
Young, Ray & Dick – Colo
Your Funeral – Colo Punk
Youth Unlimited Denver – Colo Gospel
Zales Jewelers – Colo
Zanza Bar Orchestra – Colo
Zarlengo, Ted Trio – Colo
Zavodny, Dick Polka Band – Colo Polka/Dance
Zavpdmu, Dick & Polka Band – Colo Polka/Dance
Zebra – Colo Punk
Zeller, Carl – CLW
Zeller, Carl – Colo Polka/Dance
Zephyr Colorado
Ziegler, Brian – Colo
Zion Temple Church Choir & Children’s Choir – Colo Gospel
Zomar, Karl Columbine Records – Colo
Zombies US
Zombola, Randy with Blarnery Pilgrim – Colo
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