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Colorado Music: More This ‘n That and The Other

September 14, 2015

Colorado Data Base

I’ve just completed converting the tremendous amount of vinyl information gathered by Colorado Bloggers Lisa Wheeler (author of Blogs “Pueblo City Limits” and “North of Pueblo”) and Doc George Krieger (author of “Rock and Roll Reviews & Trivia”).  I’ve supplemented the listing with entries from my own collection.  Visit the Colorado Index and Discography page to view the nearly 3,800 entries – vinyl only – no compact discs.

60,000,000 Buffalo Atco 384 LP Nevada Jukebox 1972
A Grain Of Salt Salt Lick 908 LP Wayaring Stranger
Abbott, Cheryl Centered LP Hatha Yoga
Abeyta, Jim & Vibratones Vito 45 Cuando Te Vias De Me San Migual
Abrams, Reid AMS 500 LP Speck Of Time 1972
Achilles & Frank Norman 426 45 As We Do Today Somebody Knockin’
Achilles & Frank Norman 568 45 Two Peddler Men, The Watermelon Is A King’s Delight 1966
Achilles & Frank Norman 577 45 Bottomless Well Colorado Sky
Achilles & Frank 19866 45 Cache La Poudre Bridger’s Song 1964
Achilles, Ralph FR 1 LP Falls River
Achilles, Ralph Rainbow Venture 103 LP Funny One, The
Action Brass Cartay 5335 45 Livin’ The Good Life When The Spirit Moves Me 1968
Adams State Choir KM 10871 LP Adams State Choir
Adams Trio, Tim Twi-Lite 1016/1017 45 I Gathered Up Roses Borrow
Adams, Deke Gold Coin 4957 45 Broncos Fan, The Buck N Ednas 1978
Adams, Deke Gold Coin 45 Cattletruck Drivin’ Boogie Buck N Ednas

Speaking of Doc Krieger

Take a look at Doc’s September 9th Post – “Colorado Music Favorites” with a very nice Top 25 presentation