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Epic Colorado Battles!

June 28, 2019

KIMN 1965 & KBTR 1967 Battle of the Bands!

Colorado rocker Marc Gonzales (3.2 Blues To Go – and many more) was very kind to take time to not only locate some vintage Colorado classic garage-era programs, photos and articles, but got them scanned and sent them our way!

Marc Gonzales with “3.2 Blues To Go”

KBTR’s High School Dance & Music Festival

In my previous post I highlighted the KBTR event in November of 1965 – which pitted more than 40 Colorado bands in competition to win a spot on the Rolling Stones’ 1965 Denver concert!

A couple of garage bands who are mentioned in the Denver Post article include “The Raindrops”, “The Driving Dynamics” – both new for me.

The Champs – The Bluetones

The winners were the Bluetones followed by

  • #2 – The Contrasts
  • #3 – Lothar & the Hand People
  • #4 – The Boenzee Cryque
  • #5 – The Galaxies
  • #6 – The Pussycats
  • #7 – The Intrigues
  • #8 – Tyler & The Bandits
  • #9 – The Marauders
  • #10 – The Daleks
  • #11 – The Time Travelers

KIMN’s 1967 Battle of the Bands

Following are the participants and some program pages for the Colorado Jaycees KIMN’s Battle of the Bands which was held in the Villa Italia shopping center (a mere shell of it’s former self these days):  If anyone knows any of these guys or something about these groups send the information my way to share with all.

The Blue Angels

Alameda High School’s Blue Angels won the Battle!

L-R: Randy DeAlba, Mike Brianza, Bruce Lee Buazier, Jeff Wayne, Rick Rivero and Eddie Ulbarri

The Action Brass (Wheat Ridge)

Back Row L-R: Jim Johnson, Larry Greene, Doug Winegar, Marc Greene, John Gary Front: Gene Brown

The Cavemen (Pueblo)

L-R: Chuck Corsentino, Al Volpe, Greg McCaulley Front: Rick Bratina

The Congress of Soul (Monte Vista)

L-R: Doug Sharp, Mark Green, Bill Cannon, Ken Widger and Eddy Miller

Dawn & The Twilights (Boulder)

L-R: Melvin Grant, Jerry Miller, David Wilson, Gerald Morris, Mike Morris

The Echoes (Limon)

L-R: Bill Green, Tommy Thomas, Jim Grabow, Rick Weidner, Willie Clark, Martin Haines

The Geneva Convention (Fort Morgan)

L-R: Dick Walker, Gary Sagel, Mike Williams, Jon Wacker, George Sears

The Kicques (Northglenn)

L-R: Ron Suzuki, Max Watkins, Charlie Lyons, John Scifurt and Steve Suzuki

The Misirlou’s (Aurora)

L-R: John Libundgut, Jamey Philips, Skip Knittle, Dave Brainard and Jack Purdie

Phalanx Mass (Fort Collins)

Standing L-R: Jim Dyekman, Buz Dicks, Ken Williams, Scott Johnson Sitting: Randy Tiler

The Precious Few (Greeley)

L-R: Lee Kendrick, Bill Hokenson, Mike Jones Kneeling: Gene Savard

The Ravens (Littleton)

L-R: Gil Cordosa, Rick Ortega, Claude Garcia and Paul Garcia

The Restless Ones (Lafayette)

L-R: Don Rice, Randy Bukey, Don Marvin and Doug Husa

The Runnaways (Westminster)

Formed in 1965 the group performed at The Acosatic in Estes Park, The Tiki in Boulder and appeared at KIMN Radio events. Most members were from Ranum High School

L-R: Lee Sutherland, Rick Chalmers, Rick Willet and Jeff Olivas

The Sands of Tyme (Glenwood Springs)

L-R: Tony Kavaric, Paul Bilansky, Jim Smedley and Wayne Eastland

Tyler & The Bandits (Lakewood)

L-R: Jim Stallings, Mike Ziskin, Sitting L-R: Tyler Plotzke, Steve Adler, Wayne Brown

The U.S. Male (Englewood)

Standing: Rene Ulibarri Sitting L-R: Tim Stephenson, Kent Borucki and Mark Fisher

The Young Savages (Commerce City)

Bottom L-R: Mike Gallegos, Larry Lavato and Lonny Lovato Top: L-R: Dick Martinez, Ralph Garcia and Tom Archuleta