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Music Ad’s “C”ache…

May 23, 2019

Music Trade Advertising Alpha Musicians “C”

From Sebastian Cabot (remember him?) to Brian Epstein’s “Crykle” we come full circle to all of those singers and groups falling into the “C” musician data base.  (Click on the image above or here to visit the whole current assembly located over on my special Music Trade Ad Data Base site).

Who could ever forget Sonny Calelllo or the group called “The Carmel” from the late 1960’s?  How about Angee Castle or Chuck and Gary singing “Teenie Weenie Jeanie” in 1958?  Then there was teen hopeful Johnny Cobb in the early 50’s and crazy Lee Collins with his 1960 “”Two Crazy Scientists” – Remember That?

All the Coopers are here – Christine – Jackie and Jerry!

Enjoy!  Lots more to come!