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Wheeler Wheelin’ & Dealin’!

April 2, 2018

“Hey all! Holy cats…..

…..have I a post for you, today!  So, I get a call from a fellow record collector, who tells me that he has discovered a cache of music posters, many from Colorado. Of course, he knows who to call, to unload them (grin)”

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Lisa Wheeler

And with that opening exclamation local Colorado DJ, music historian and Colorado record collector supreme, Lisa Wheeler shares with us a fantastic find of vintage music promotional posters – many promoting artists with roots in the southern central Colorado town of Pueblo.

How fortunate for all of us Mile Highers that these were not only preserved, but found their way into Lisa’s hands where they will live on forever!  And Lisa tells us that “part 2” is on the way.

Click on the image below to visit Lisa’s latest informative trip through some very obscure memorabilia from “Pueblo City Limits”.