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The Angels – Wow Wow Wee!

Lana had been a one-time member of Colorado’s Serendipity Singers where she met Peggy who was also with the folk troupe for a time.  In 1978, Lana departed and so Peggy and Barbara elected not to add a third female instead enlisting Stan Sirico as a guitarist and third harmony voice. This trio carried on until 2008 a which point Barbara’s daughter Karalyn was added to the mix.  As of 2016 the Angels are once again a sometimes-performing trio with the sisters Barbara and Phyllis along with long-time member Peggy.

Not Peggy and Barbara in the above, but Peggy & Jiggs

Not Barbara’s daughter, but Jiggs’ daughter

When I first heard “My Boyfriend’s Back” by The Angels in the summer of 1963 I didn’t add two and two and realize this was the same group who had performed a couple of my favorite songs – “Til” in 1961 and a early 1962 flip side “That’s All I Ask Of You”.

Those two tracks had that early girl group lilting and nostalgic feel – not the ‘bad girl’ girl group feel of a little bit later artists such as Bernadette Carroll in 1964 with “Party Girl”, or anything by The Cookies on Dimension: “Don’t Say Nothin’ Bad (About My Baby)”, The Shangri-Las “Give Him a Great Big Kiss” (or just about anything by them), as well as others.

Image result for bernadette carroll

“Party Girl” Bernadette Carroll

But they were, in fact, one in the same!

The Angels formed in the late 1950’s out of New Jersey (where else would a ‘bad girl’ girl group come from?) first performing as The Starlets.  That first line up included Barbara and Phyllis Allbut, the above said Bernadette Carroll and lead singer Lynda Malzone.  She departed to be replaced by Linda Jankowski (Jansen).

The group’s manager was interested more in promoting Bernadette Carroll and thus, dropped the rest of the girls.  The Allbuts turned away from being a group and concentrated on their futures.  They were beckoned back to the recording studio by dhj/singer/producer Gerry Granahan who was impressed with a song the Starlets had earlier sang called “Til”. (Granahan was a member of the studio type group “Dickey Doo & The Don’ts” covered elsewhere in this blog).

Image result for the angels group

This time the song was released by “The Angels” on the Caprice record label – August of 1961.  The song entered the Top 20 in late 1961 and peaked at number 14 – giving the girls the encouragement they needed to continue on.

The group followed up with “Cry Baby Cry” in early 1962 and achieved a number 38 chart position.  Right after this their lead voice – Jansen – departed to be replaced by Peggy Santiglia who came over from a group called “The Delicates”.  With Peggy in place the group – a trio landed a contract with Mercury Records and was assigned to the Smash subsidiary label.

“Delicate” Peggy Santiglia

The Delicates – Peggy Santiglia – Denis Ferri and Arleen Lanzotti

Peggy Santiglia also performed with Jessica James & The Outlaws, the Serendipity Singers and the early 1970’s group “Dusk”.

Jessica James & The Outlaws – Peggy along with Angel Bernadette Carroll (middle) and Denise Ferri – Mid 1960’s

Their Caprice catalog included four singles and nine tracks.  Their first effort on Smash was indeed a smash – rising to the top – staying at number 1 for three weeks.

A follow up failed to chart and then they were back on the charts with “I Adore Him” in the fall of 1963 – a song composed by Jan Berry of Jan and Dean along with Artie Kornfeld.  “I Adore Him” made it to number 25.

The Angels remained with Smash for another year with a couple of additional minor hits (I did enjoy “Wow Wow Wee”).  Their Smash days came to an end and so they moved on to the Congress label changing their name to “The Halos” due to the usual story of running into a right-to-the-name dispute with Mercury.

All-in-all the Angels placed 12 songs on the National Charts including the “Bubbling Under” Charts.

Peggy departed in 1965 with Toni Mason taking her place.  Mason moved on by 1967 with Debra Swisher coming in from “The Pixies Three” of “Birthday Party” fame.  They went back to being “The Angels” and recorded for record label giant RCA Victor.  Bernadette Carroll returned and they were now a foursome.

Chicklettes Jean Thomas (right) – Barbara Allbut – Toni Mason – Phyllis Allbut

Peggy Santiglia departed in ’65 to be replaced by lead vocalist Jean Thomas who had been with “Angie and the Chicklettes”, the “Powder Puffs”, the “Calendar Girls” and the “Rag Dolls”.  Great Credentials!  The Chicklettes were in fact all Angels – including sisters Barbara and Phyllis Albut as well as Toni Mason.

Image result for debra swisher

Debra the “Pixie” Swisher

At one point in the early 1970’s Peggy Santiglia return to join Barbara and Toni Mason performing first as a trio and then a quartet when Phyllis came back into the fold.  They were enjoying ‘oldies revival’ phenom for some time.  Barbara would depart once again at which point Lana Shaw came into the group.

Pixies Peggy Long – Kaye McCool and Midge Bollinger

Lana had been a one-time member of Colorado’s Serendipity Singers where she met Peggy who was also with the folk troupe for a time.  In 1978, Lana departed and so Peggy and Jiggs elected not to add a third female instead enlisting Stan Sirico as a guitarist and third harmony voice. This trio carried on until 2008 a which point Jiggs’ daughter Karalyn was added to the mix.  As of 2016 the Angels are once again a sometimes-performing trio with the sisters Barbara and Phyllis along with long-time member Peggy.

Lots of reunions along the way – The group was awarded a place in the Vocal Group Hall of Fame in 2005 as well as the Doo Wop Hall of Fame (I have not been able to determine exactly which Doo Wop Hall this might be).  All members are still living with the exception of Bernadette – She passed away at the age of 74 in late 2018.

Angels’ Discography Including Group Member’s Related Recordings)

The Starlets

45 – Astro AS 202 – P.S. I Love You/Where Is My Love Tonight? – Charted Number 106 – June, 1960

The Angels

45 – Caprice C-107 – ‘Til/A Moment Ago – Charted Number 14 – October, 1961

45 – Caprice 112 – Cry Baby Cry/That’s All I Ask Of You – Charted Number 38 – February, 1962

45 – Caprice 116 – Everybody Loves a Lover/Blow Joe – Charted Number 103 – May, 1962

45 – Caprice 118 – You Should Have Told Me/I’d Be Good For You – September, 1962

45 – Caprice 121 – Cotton Fields/Irresistible – 1963 (not released)

45 – Caprice 121 – A Moment Ago/Cotton Fields – B side Charted Number 119 – September, 1963

45 – Smash S-1834 – My Boyfriend’s Back/(Love Me) Now – Charted Number 1 for 3 Weeks – August, 1963 – Charted Number 2 R&B

45 – Ascot AS 2139 – Cotton Fields/Irresistible – Charted Number 119 – September, 1963

45 – Smash DJS-2 Promo – Thank You and Goodnight – Charted Number 84 – October, 1963

45 – Smash S-1854 – I Adore Him/Thank You And Goodnight – Charted Number 25 Hot 100 & Number 14 R&B – B side Charted Number Number 84 – October 26th, 1963/December, 1963

45 – Smash S-1870 – Wow Wow Wee (He’s The Boy For Me)/Snowflakes and Teardrops – Charted Number 41 – January, 1964

45 – Smash 1885 – Little Beatle Boy/Java – Charted Number  116 – March, 1964

45 – Smash S-1915 – Jamaico Joe/Dream Boy – July, 1964

45 – Smash S-1931 – The Boy From Crosstown/World Without Love – Charted Number 150 November, 1964

45 – RCA Victor 47-9129 – I Had A Dream I Lost You/What To Do – February, 1967

45 – RCA Victor 47-9246 – You’ll Never Get To Heaven (If You Break My Heart)/Go Out And Play – June, 1967

45 – RCA Victor 47-9404 – You’re The Cause Of It/With Love – December, 1967

45 – RCA Victor 47-9551 – Medley: Moments to Remember-Theme From A Summer Place – One Summer Night/If I Didn’t Love You – Charted Number 138 – June, 1968

45 – RCA Victor 47-9612 – The Boy With The Green Eyes/But For Love – Charted Number 136 – September, 1968

45 – RCA Victor 47-9681 – Merry-Go-Round/So Nice (Samba De Verao) – November, 1968

45 – Polydor PD 14222 – Poppa’s Side Of the Bed/You’re All I Need To Get By (Promo Only Shown) – March, 1974

The Angels Long Plays

LP Caprice LP 1001 – And The Angels Sing – 1962

LP Smash SRS 67039 – My Boyfriend’s Back – September, 1963

LP – Smash SRS 67048 – 1964

The Delicates Discography

45 – Unart UR 2017 – Ronnie Is My Lover/Black and White Thunderbird – Charted Number 105 – August, 1959

45 – Unart UR 2024 – Ringa Ding/Meusurry – October, 1959

The B side was recorded to serve as a radio jingle for their former fellow high school classmate “Murry the K” (Murray Kaufman)

Image result for murray the k

Murray “The K”

45 – United Artists UA 210 – Your Happiest Years/Flip, Flip – February, 1960

45 – United Artists UA 228 – The Kiss/Too Young to Date – May, 1960

45 – Roulette R 4321 – Not Tomorrow/Little Ship – January, 1961

45 – Roulette R 4360 – Little Boy Of Mine/Dickie Went And Did It – April, 1961

Members of the doo wop group The Cleftones – appeared on one version of this release

Image result for the cleftones


45 – Roulette R 4387 – I Don’t Know Why (I Just Do)/Strange Love – August, 1961

Bernadette Carroll Discography

45 – Julia 1106 – My Heart Stood Still/Sweet Sugar Sweet – August, 1962

45 – Julia 1108 – Laughing On The Outside – September, 1962

45 – Cleopatra C-5 – Heavenly/Pretty Bernadette (B side by The Rhythm Ramblers) – 1964

45 – Laurie 3217 – Nicky/All The Way Home I Cried – January, 1964

45 – Laurie LR 3238 – Party Girl/I Don’t Wanna Know – Charted Number 47 – May, 1964

45 – Laurie 3268 – Happy Birthday/Homecoming Party – August, 1964

45 – Laurie 3278 – One Little Lie/The Hero – November, 1964

45 – Laurie 3311 – Circus Girl/Don’t Hurt Me – July, 1965 (need images)


45 – Laurie 3320 – He’s Just A Playboy/Try Your Luck – November, 1965

Peggy Santiglia Discography

45 – Tollie 9018 – Give Your Love/Snow Man – August, 1964 (as “Peggy Sans”)

45 – MGM K 13624 – Dixie/Come Closer – December, 1966 (as “Tiffany Michel”)

LP – Amazon 400 – Sweet City Rhythm – 1978 (lead vocalist with the group Fantasia)

Jean Thomas

45 – Coral 62418 – Hey Little Dancing Girl/She Acts Like She Doesn’t Care – June, 1964 (B side is Jean Thomas with brother Don Thomas

Angie and the Chicklettes Discography

An oddity shown here – an erroneous titled first release

45 – Apt 45-35080 – Treat Him Tender, Maureen (Now That Ringo/Tingo Belongs To You)/Tommy – Charted Number 125 – March, 1965

The Pixies Three Discography

45 – Mercury 72130 – Birthday Party/Our Love – Charted Number

45 – Mercury 72208 – Cold Cold Winter/442 Glenwood Avenue

LP – Mercury MG 2019 – Party With the Pixies Three – May, 1964

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