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Chimin’ In with the Chimes

The Chimes were yet another New York group formed out Brooklyn, New York organized by lead vocalist Lenny Cocco.  They first called themselves “The Capris” but quickly changed it to “The Chimes” when they discovered their friends out out Rockaway Beach were already using that name.

Those Capris scored a late 1960 hit with “There’s a Moon Out Tonight” which peaked at a lofty number 3.

Lenny was joined by Pat DePrisco, Richard Mercado, Pat McGuire and Joseph Croce in the white doo wop quintet.  “Once In a While” was drawn from an old Tommy Dorsey recording and would result in one million units in sales and peaking on the Billboard Charts at number 11.  Around New York it was believed that the group that was being heard on the radio was black and so they were easily booked into venue such as New York’s Apollo and Chicago’s Regal.

Their next release was another standard of sorts “I’m in the Mood for Love”.  This one would go to number 38 and would be the Chimes’ final chart appearance.  Like so many other musicians – the Chimes moved on to other labels after a couple of flops with the Tag record label, including Vee Jay, Metro International and Laurie.  But the moon had set for the Chimes.  They called it quits in 1965 but did manage to come together for some reunions during the 1970’s.

Group member Pat McGuire died young perishing in a car accident in 1963 while still with the group.  Croce died in 1993. and Richard Mercado and lead singer Cocco both passed away in 2015 leaving Pat DePrisco as the only surviving member.

The group appeared in the summer of 1963 on the Musicnote label as “The Videls” and recorded one single in 1964 on Vee Jay as “Lenny and The Chimes”

Tag 447 – May, 1961

Tag 450 – June, 1962

Metro International – July, 1963

Laurie – November, 1963

Vee Jay – July, 1964


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