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Psychedelia Comes to the Rockies! – The Frantics Colorado Connection

The Frantics – Colorado Springs Days

The original Frantics’ lineup from 1966:

  • Max Byfuglin ~ Vocals, Tambourine
  • Don Kingery ~ Drums
  • Bill Koglashak ~ Bass
  • Doan Moak ~ Rhythm Guitar
    Kim Sherman ~ Lead Guitar

The 1970 lineup as “Frantic”:

  • Max Byfuglin ~ Vocals, Tambourine
  • David Day ~ Bass (Wanderers – 1966 Montana Group – joined The Frantics in 1967 – later to “Whitehorse”)
  • Dennis Devlin ~ Guitar
  • Jim Haas ~ Keyboards
  • Phil Head ~ Drums
  • Kim Sherman ~ Lead Guitar

This group came out of Billings, Montana to establish themselves in Colorado.  The band is cited as being an early pioneer of psychedelic music.  They made their way around the country – for a time in New York City and then a stint in New Mexico before finally finding a base in a Colorado Springs nightclub called “Kelker Junction”.

During their time in New York they would mingle and jam with east coast musicians – one in particular of note – Jimi Hendrix!  I am thinking  that during their stay in New York they somehow hooked up with the Sunco Records label and this is where they released their Sunco single probably in 1966.  Another group who transplanted to Denver around this same time – and who also recorded three singles for Sunco was the “Fantabulous Jags”.

Denver’s Fantabulous Jags – On Sunco Records

Like many Colorado-based bands, the Frantics would find their way into Norman Petty’s studio in New Mexico.  The band had two sessions in Clovis, the first in the summer of 1968 and the second in December of that year.  They were working with Petty on recording a full long play.  Two members of the Frantics composed a few songs which Petty recorded with other bands.  One of these was titled “Think About It”, but the effort lacked the power of the Frantics’ version and went nowhere.

The tracks that the Frantics laid down for their LP eventually first surfaced in 1994 with the release of the “Relax Your Mind” CD on the Collectibles label (below).

In 1966 and 1967 the group performed on the same billing as many prominent touring acts including England’s “Yardbirds” and “The Who”,  “The Young Rascals”, “The Everly Brothers” and the “McCoys” to name a few.

Eventually the group would relocate to Los Angeles modifying their name slightly to “Frantic” in 1970. During that time the lineup underwent nearly total overhaul with Byfuglin and Sherman being joined by four new members.  One of their first appearances out west was as the famed “Whiskey-A-Go-Go”.

Frantic – circa 1970

They would finally get to take a shot at a long play when they signed on with the “Lizard” record label and one resulting 45 rpm release (both shown below).  By 1971, things were cooling off and several members moved on while others continued playing around Los Angeles.

Fortunately, the Frantics’ “Route 66” from Clovis made it onto a couple of releases from the “Garageland” label (shown below).

Montana’s “Wanderers” pictured with Chan Romero (David Day in this group)

Image result for chad romero singer

Montana’s Chan Romero

The Wanderers were from Billings, Montana and first formed in 1965.  They won Montana’s 1966 “Battle of the Bands”.  They recorded one single on the Warrior record label which was owned by Chan Romero.  A handful of singles were released on Chan’s label – very obscure – including one by the Pueblo, Colorado garage band “The Trolls”.

Wanderers Photo Teen Town 66

Frantics/Frantic Discography

45 – Sunco SR 1008 – The Frantics – Route 66 b/w La-Do-Da-Da  Released most likely 1966 late or early 1967

(If this record came out in 1967 that would indicate that the Frantics re-recorded the “A” side in Clovis with Petty in 1968)

45 – Lizard 21002 – Midnight to Six Man b/w Shady Sam – Released 1970

LP – Lizard A20103 – Conception – Released 1970

45 EP – Garageland EP 5 – “Punk Classics Presents: Vol. 5 Six Wild Covers! – Released 1987

(with “Route 66” by the Frantics)

CD – Collectibles COL-0570 – The Frantics – Relax Your Mind – Released 1994

CD – Garageland #13 – “Punk Classics” – Released 1995

(with “Route 66” by the Frantics)

CD – UK Big Beat Records CDWIKD 262 – The Frantics and Others – “Get Ready To Fly: Pop-Psych From the Norman Petty Vaults” – Released 2007

(Contains “Just For A While” and “Think About It” by the Frantics – Also contains tracks by three other Colorado-based groups, “White Lightning” from Pueblo, “The Livin’ Ends”, from Denver Cherry Creek High School and “The Daniel Paul Revelation from Loveland, Colorado)

LP – Lost Sounds Montana – The Frantics (& Others) – “Long Time Comin’ (Lost Sounds From the Treasure State Vol. 1 – 1958-1969 – with “Route 66” and “La Do Da Da” by the Frantics – Released 2015

(Interesting: Chad Romero was a friend of “The Wanderers” and he too made his way to Colorado for a time during the 1960’s – Also, this CD contains a track by The Wanderers – “”Don’t Pity Me”)

LP – Lost Sounds Montana LSMT002 – The Frantics – “Birth” – Released 2018

CD – Nor-Jak-Music NVJCD11 – The Frantics – “Birth” – Released 2018

(This collection came via the guys who acquired the Petty tracks Shawn Nagy and Greg Walker – the Clovis recordings were released directly from original master tapes)

Related Releases by Frantic Members

David Day

(David Day’s real name is David Merril Havlicek)

45 – Chrislon AC 102 – David Day – Dance Her By Me (One More Time) b/w A Lifetime of Missing You – release date unknown

45 – Christ 122 – David Day – Bobby (Played Guitar in A Dance Band) b/w If You Really Want Me To I’ll Go – release date unknown)

45 – Warrior L-140 – Wanderers with David Day – Don’t Pity Me b/w Give Me All You Got – Released 1966

Jimmy Haas

45 – United Artists UA-XW553 – Jimmy Haas – Love Is Loving You b/w Ridin’ On a Rainbow – Released 1974

45 – United Artists UA-XW696 – Jimmy Haas – “I Don’t Believe In Miracle” (promo issue)

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