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You Cheated….

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The Slades came out of Austin, Texas – all high school classmates – The original members were Don Burch, John Goeke, Tommy Kaspar and Bobby Doyle.  These four recorded “You Cheated” which charted at number 42 on the Billboard charts in 1958 – their only chart appearance.

Soon after they were joined by Jimmy Davis before recording their next single.  “You Cheated” was in fact their second 45 – their first being recorded in 1957 and initially released under the name “The Spades” on Domino Records “Baby” b/w “You Mean Everything To Me”.

Domino Records turned down an offer by Dot Records to release “You Cheated” with a further-reaching distribution network – but Domino balked.   Then an R&B group out of southern California, The Shields, jumped on the recording taking it all the way to number 12 Hot 100 and number 11 R&B.  Like the Slades, the Shields would not have another hit record.

Ironically, “You Cheated” was not the intended hit side released by Domino.  The label targeted “The Waddle” which went nowhere,  Group member Don Burch composed the single and also provided additional songs for the group.  The song was also covered by the very popular Del Vikings also in 1958, Terri and the Kittens in 1961 and a group called the “Autumn Daze” in 1969.

A rare insert is shown below provided by collector/historian Fred Hoyt.  Five additional Domino singles would follow – but the time and come and gone for The Slades.

Group member Bobby Doyle (Robert Glen Doyle) would go on to work with Kenny Rogers in his earliest days as a member of “The Bobby Doyle Three” which included Rogers and Don Russell.  They stayed together until 1965 and we all know about Kenny’s career.  A side note – Doyle was born blind.

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Liberty F-55118 – December, 1957

Domino R-800 – May, 1958

Domino 900 – 1959

Domino 901 – 1959

Domino 1000 – June, 1959

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