From the Land of Band Box Records

The Roots of Rock and Roll
on Long Play in the U.S. – Ko thru O Artists

Earliest long plays selected when possible to obtain images from these iconic founders from the world of Rock ‘n Roll.

1961 – Kokomo – Felsted 7513 – “Asia Minor”

Kokomo is Jimmy Wisner – a classical composer and orchestra leader who broke into the pop charts with “Asia Minor”.

1963 – Jerry Kole and the Strokers – Crown 385 – “Hot Rod Alley”

Another assembly of session musicians with Jerry Cole assuming guitar lead.

1969 – Kool and the Gang – De-Lite 2003 – “Kool and the Gang”

Kool and the Gang formed in 1964 as “The Jazziacs” changing their names to “Kool & The Flames” and finally “Kool and the Gang” in 1967.  Original members were Robert Bell, Ronald Bell, Robert Mickens, Dennis Thomas, Ricky West, George Brown and Charles Smith.

1966 – Bob Kuban & the In-Men – Musicland U.S.A. – “The Cheater”

Bob Kuban and The In-Men were formed out of St. Louis, Missouri and included Bob Kuban, Greg Hoeltzel, and Walter Scott lead singer.  Scott was a murder victim in 1983

1964 – The Kustom Kings – Smash 67051 – “Kustom City U.S.A.

The good old hot rod and surf session musicians strike again with Steve Douglas, Ray Pohlman, Tommy Tedesco, Billy Strange, Jay Miglion, Bruce Johnston and Hal Blaine.

1963 – Jim Kweskin and the Jug Band – Vanguard 2158 – “Jim Kweskin and the Jug Band”

The Jim Kweskin band formed in the Berkeley area of San Francisco – one of the earliest of Bay area bands – Early members included Richard Greene, Mel Lyman, Bill Keith, Fritz Richmond, Maria Muldaur and husband Geoff Muldaur and others.

1962 – Patti Labelle & The Bluebelles – Parkway P-7403 – “Patti Labelle And Her Bluebells On Stage”

Patti LaBelle and The Bluebelles formed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1962 with Patti LaBelle, Cindy Birdsong, Nona Hendryx and Sarah Dash – Paai LaBelle was born in May of 1944 in Philadelphia. Cindy Birdsong went on to become a Supreme.

1963 – Major Lance – Okeh OKS 14105 – “The Monkey Time”

Major Lance was born in April of 1939 in Winterville, Mississippi – He died on September 3rd, 1994.  Lance was a member of a group called “The Floats” before going solo.

1969 – Lancelot Link and the Evolution Revolution – ABC 715 – “Lancelot Link and the Evolution Revolution”

This was an honest to God band of chimps featuring Mata Hairi, Lance Link, Sweetwater Gibbons, Bananas Marmoset and Steve Hoffman.

1964 – Billy Larkin & The Delegates – Aura 3002 – “Billy Larkin & The Delegates”

Billy Larkin and the Delegates included Hank Swarn, Mel Brown and Billy Larkin.

1965 – The Larks – Money 1102 – “The Jerk”

The Larks were from Los Angeles and were fronted by Don Julian along with Ronald Barrett, Earl Jones and Randy Jones.

1967 – The Latin Souls – Kapp 1524 – “Boo-Ga-Loo and Shing-A-Ling”

Most likely studio musicians.

1963 – Billy Lazar & The Woody Wagoners – Scarlet 100 – “Surfin’ Around”

Need Information but likely a studio group other than Lazar.

1959 – Leadbelly/Lead Belly – Melodisc 12-114 – “Leadbelly’s Last Sessions Vol. 2”

Leadbelly was born in January of 1889 in Mooringsport, Louisiana Huddie William Ledbetter – He died on December 6th, 1949 at the age of 60.

1966 – Timothy Leary, Ph.D – ESP 1027 – “Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out”

Here’s one for the ages – another life dedicated to …… oh well – Timothy Leary was born in October of 1920 in Springfield, Massachusetts Timothy Francis Leary – sort of a spoiled child from the “lost generation” – LSD was his game and the basis of his “fame” – He died on May 31st, 1991 at the age of 75.

1966 – The Leaves – Mira 3005 – “Hey Joe”

The Leaves formed in 1964 out of the San Fernando Valley, California – They were first known as “The Rockwells” – Original members were Jim Pons (Turtles, Mothers of Invention), John Beck, Bill Rinehart, and Jimmy Kern.

1961 – Brenda Lee – Decca DL 8873 – “Grandma What Great Songs You Sang!”

Brenda Lee was born in December of 1944 in Atlanta, Georga Brenda Mae Tarpley – She broke onto the scene before she was even a teenager and quickly established solid rock and roll credentials.  In later years she turned to country music to prolong her impressive career. Brenda is a 2002 Inductee into the Rock Hall of Fame.

1962 – Dickey Lee – Smash 27020 – “The Tale of Patches”

Dickey Lee was born in September of 1936 in Memphis, Tennessee – Lee was yet another musician recording on the Memphis Sun Label.

1966 – Jackie Lee – Mirwood MW 7000 – “The Duck”

Jackie Lee was born in September of 1927 in Lake Charles, Louisiana Earl Lee Nelson – He died on July 12th, 2008 – Jackie was an alias for Earl and he performed in the soul duo “Bob and Earl” of “I’m Your Puppet” fame – He had also been a member of “The Hollywood Flames”.

1967 – The Left Banke – Smash 67088 – “Walk Away Renee/Pretty Ballerina”

The Left Banke formed in 1965 in New York City – Original members were Michael Brown, George Cameron, Tom Finn, Steve Martin and Warren David-Schierhorst.

1963 – The Legends – Capitol 1925 – “The Legends Let Loose”

These guys were around and recorded a lot but not very well known – Members included Larry Foster, Sam McCue, Jerry Schils and Jim Sesody – The band formed in the early 60’s in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

1959 – Jerry Leiber – Zephyr 12002 – “Jerry Leiber Presents Scooby Doo” Good Rock and Roll for Dancing”

Jerry Leiber was one-half the composing team of Leiber and Stoller.

1960 – The Leiber-Stoller Big Band – Atlantic 8047 – “Yakety Yak”

Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller were rock and roll classic composers having started off as teenagers composing some of the best rock and roll ever.  Jerry Leiber was born in April of 1935 Jerome Leiber – He died on August 22nd of 2011.  Mike Stoller was born in March of 1933.

The composed Jailhouse Rock, Loving You, Yakety Yak, Searchin’, Hound Dog, Kansas City, On Broadway and many more often working with other “Brill Building” composers.

1964 – Ketty Lester – RCA Victor 2945 – “The Soul of Me”

Ketty Lester was born in August of 1934 in Hope, Arkansas Revoyda Frierson. – She started off singing for Cab Calloway’s orchestra

1962 – The Lettermen – Capitol ST 1761 – “Once Upon A Time”

The Lettermen formed in 1959 in Las Vegas, Nevada – Original members included Mike Barnett, Dick Stewart and Tony Butala.

1963 – Barbara Lewis – Atlantic 8086 – “Hello Stranger”

Barbara Lewis was born in February of 1943 in Salem, Michigan – Lewis is a talented composer and penned all the songs on her debut long play for Atlantic Records.

 1961 – Bobby Lewis – Beltone 4000 – “Tossin’ and Turnin'”

Bobby Lewis was born in February of 1933 in Indianapolis, Indiana Robert Allan Lewis

1965 – Gary Lewis & the Playboys – Liberty 3428 – “Everybody Loves a Clown”

Gary Lewis and the Playboys formed in 1964 in California – The original Playboys were high school friends of Gary’s and the group originally called themselves “Gary and the Playboys” to avoid any reference to celebrity credentials.  Original Playboys were David Walker, Allan Ramsay (deceased), David Costell and John West.

1958 – Jerry Lee Lewis – Sun 1230 – “Jerry Lee Lewis”

Jerry Lee Lewis was born in September of 1935 in Ferriday, Louisiana – Jerry Lee is a 1986 Inductee into the Rock Hall of Fame.

1961 – Smiley Lewis – Imperial – “I Hear You Knocking”

Smiley Lewis was born in July of 1913 in DeQuincy, Louisiana Overton Amos Lemons – He died on October 7th, 1966 – He was a very early pioneer of a definite rock sound but gained little notoriety – although he was indeed an influence to those in the know.

1967 – The Lewis and Clarke Expedition – Colgems 105 – “Earth, Air, Fire & Water”

The Lewis and Clarke Expedition formed in 1966 in Los Angeles, California with Travis Lewis – who was Michael Martin Murphey , John London, John Raines, Boomer Castleman and Ken Bloom.

1964 – The Lifeguards – Wyncote 9043 – “C’mon and Swim”

Musicians unknown here

1969 – Papa George Lightfoot – Vault 130 – “Natchez Trace”

Papa Lightfoot was born in March of 1924 in Natchez, Mississippi Alexander Lightfoot.  He died in November 28th, 1971 at age 47.

1960 – Lightnin’ Slim – Excello 8000 – “Rooster Blues”

Lightning Slim was born in March of 1913 in St. Louis, Missouri Otis Verries Hicks – He died on July 27th, 1974

1968 – Linn County – Mercury 61181 – “Proud Flesh Soothseer”

Linn County formed in 1967 in Linn County, Iowa rising out of a group called “The Prophets”.  Original members were Stephen Miller, Larry Easter, Fred Walk, Bob Miskimen and Jerry McAndrew.

1968 – Listening – Vanguard 6504 – “Listening”

Listening was formed in 1967 in Boston, Massachusetts – another member of “The Bosstown Sound” – Members included Ernie Kamanis, Peter Malick, Walter Powers and Michael Tschudin.

1967 – The Litter – Warick 671 – “Distortions”

The Litter formed in 1966 in Minneapolis, Minnesota – Original members included Jim Kane, Denny Waite, Bill Strandlof and Dan Rinaldi which evolved from two local bands “The Victors” and “The Tabs”.

1959 – Little Anthony & The Imperials – End 303 – “We Are The Imperials Featuring Little Anthony”

Little Anthony and the Imperials formed in 1957 first being known as “The Chesters” – Original Members were Clarence Collins, Tracey Lord, Nathaniel Rodgers and Ronald Ross.  Anthony Gourdine soon joined becoming their lead singer (Little Anthony) – Little Anthony & The Imperials are a 2009 Inductee into the Rock Hall of Fame.

1964 – Little Bill & the Bluenotes – Camelot 102 – “Recorded Live at the Fiesta Club”

Little Bill and the Bluenotes formed in 1958 in Tacoma, Washington – The band has had many, many members over the years – Some early members were Robin Roberts, Buck Ornsby, Frank Dutra (Little Bill), Buck Mann and Lassie Aanes back in 1958.

1968 – The Little Boy Blues – Fontana 67578 – “In the Woodland of Weir”

The Little Boy Blues formed in 1964 in Chicago, Illinois with Lowell Shyette, Paul Ostroff, Ray Levin and James Boyce.

1962 – Little Caesar & The Romans – Milestone Mil 1001 – “The Blue Jays Meet Little Caesar & The Romans”

Little Caesar started off as “The Cubans” and then the “Upfronts” before settling on their name.  Members included Carl Burnett (Little Caesar), John Simmons, Early Harris, David Johnson and Leroy Sanders.  The group was short-lived breaking up in 1962.

1962 – Little Eva – Dimension 6000 – “Llllloco-Motion”

Little Eva was born in June of 1943 in Belhaven, North Carolina Eva Narcissus Boyd – She died on April 10th, 2003 – Little Eva showcased some of composers Carol King and Gerry Goffins finest teen rock from the Brill Building era.

1968 – Little Joe – Brunswick 754135 – “Little Joe Sure Can Sing”

Little Joe is actor Joe Pesci born in February of 1943 in Newark, New Jersey Joseph Frank Pesci – Before releasing this LP he was a guitarist for several New Jersey area bands.

1965 – Little Milton – Checker LP-2995 – “We’re Gonna Make It”

Little Milton was born in September of 1934 James Milton Campbell, Jr. He Died on August 4th, 2005

1961 – Little Miss Cornshucks – Chess 1453 – “The Loneliest Girl in Town”

Little Miss Cornshucks was born in May of 1923 in Dayton, Ohio Mildred Jordan nee Cummings – She died on November 11th, 1999.

1957 – Little Richard – Specialty 100 – “Here’s Little Richard”

Little Richard was born in December of 1932 in Macon, Georgia Richard Wayne Penniman – Little Richard is a 1986 Inductee into the Rock Hall of Fame.

Little Walter – 1957 – Chess LP 1428 – “The Best of Little Walter”

Little Walter was born in May of 1930 in Marksville, Louisiana – He died February 15th, 1958. (Died after an altercation in Chicago)

1963 – The Lively Ones – Del-Fi 1237 – “Surf City”

The Lively Ones formed in 1963 in Southern California  with Ed Chiaverini, Jim Masoner, Ron Griffith, Tim Fitzpatrick and Jim Masoner.+

1968 – The Lollipop Shoppe – UNI 73019 – “Just Colour”

The Lollipop Shoppe formed in 1966 in Las Vegas, Nevada – The group was headed up by Fred Cole who quickly migrated the band to a group called “The Weeds” with Eddiw Bowen, Ron Buzzel, Bob Atkins and Tim Rockson.

1958 – Laurie London – Capitol 10169 – “England’s 14 Year Old Singing Sensation”

1967 – The Lonesome Rhodes – RCA Victor 3759 – “Sandy and Donna”

The Lonesome Rhodes were Sandy and Donna Rhodes out of Memphis, Tennessee – Later on they were in the group “RCR” (1980’s)

1968 – Shorty Long – Soul 709 – “Here Comes The Judge”

Shorty Long was born in May of 1940 in Birmingham, Alabama Frederick Earl Long – He died in a boating accident on June 29th, 1969 at age 29.

1969 – Longbranch/Pennywhistle – Amos 7007 – “Longbranch/Pennywhistle”

Longbranch Pennywhistle was a country rock duo with future Eagle Glenn Frey and John David Souther both coming out of Detroit, Michigan to form in 1969 in California.

1969 – Loose – Nocturne 906 – “Freaky Billy The Wheelie King”

Need Information

1965 – Donna Loren – Capitol 2323 – “Beach Blanket Bingo”

Donna Loren was born in March of 1947 Donna Zukor in Boston, Massachusetts – She was a Dr. Pepper spokesperson as well as a regular vocalist on the TV show “Shindig”.

1968 – Lost and Found – International Artists 3 – “Forever Lasting Plastic Words”

The Lost and Found formed in Houston, Texas evolving from the “Misfits” in 1966.  Members were Jimmy Frost, Peter Black, James Harrell and John Kearny who came from a group called “The Spades”.

1961 – John D. Loudermilk – RCA Victor LSP-2434 – “Language of Love”

John D. Loudermilk was born in March of 1934 in Durham, North Carolina – He died on September 21st, 2016 – Loudermilk was an extremely proficient composer of hit records writing for Eddie Cochran, Dick and Dee, The Everly Brothers, Johnny Tillotson, Sue Thompson, The Nashville Teens, The Casinos and many more.

1966 – Love – Elektra 4001 – “Love”

Love formed in 1965 in Los Angeles, California with Arthur Lee from “The LAG’s” and “Lee’s American Four” – Other members were Mike Randle, David Green, Johnny Echols, David Chapple and Rusty Squeezebox.  Arthur Lee was born in Memphis in March of 1945 and died on August 3rd in 2006 at the age of 61 from cancer.

1968 – The Love Exchange – Tower 5115 – “The Love Exchange”

The Love Exchange was formed in Los Angeles, California made up of Fred Barnett, Bonnie Blunt, Jeff Barnett, Mike Joyce, Dan Altchuler and Walter Flannery.

1967 – The Love Generation – Imperial 12351 – “The Love Generation”

The Love Generation was a Southern California group formed in 1966 with Jimmy Wasson, Marilyn Miller, Annie White, Mitch Gordon and Tom and John Bahler.

1965 – The Lovin’ Spoonful – Kama Sutra 8050 – “Do You Believe in Magic”

The Lovin’ Spoonful formed in 1965 in New York City’s Greenwich Village with John Sebastian, Zal Yanovsky, Jan Carl and Steve Boone.  Both Sebastian and Yanovsky were members of “The Mugwumps” with Mama Cass Elliott and Denny Doherty.  John Sebastian was born in March of 1944 in Greenwich Village John Benson Sebastian.

1968 – L.R.Y. – Congress of the Crow 803-1002 – “The L.R.Y. Record”

Need Information

1960 – Bob Luman – Warner Bros. 1396 – “Let’s Think About Livin'”

Bob Luman was born in April of 1937 in Nacogdoches, Texas Robert Glynn Luman.  Bob’s first band was called “The Shadows” – He was definitely aiming for a career in rock but migrated in time to pure country.  He died on December 27th of 1978 of pneumonia at age 41.

1958 – Frankie Lymon – Roulette 25013 – “At the London Palladium

Frankie Lymon was born in September of 1940 in Harlem, New York Franklin Joseph Lymon.  He died as a result of substance addiction on February 27, 1958.  The Teenagers are a 1993 Inductee into the Rock Hall of Fame.

1956 – Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers – Gee GLP 701 – “The Teenagers Featuring Frankie Lymon”

Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers formed in Harlem, New York in 1954 – Original Members included Frankie Lymon, Jimmy Merchant, Sherman Garnes, Herman Santiago and Joe Negroni –

1963 – Barbara Lynn – Jamie 3023 – “You’ll Lose a Good Thing”

Barbara Lynn was born in January of 1942 in Beaumont, Texas

(From Paul Payton – June, 2017): I saw Barbara Lynn at Lincoln Center in NYC last summer (2016) – she’s still got it!

1963 – Lonnie Mack – Fraternity 1014 – “The Wham of That Memphis Man!”

Lonnie Mack was born in July of 1941 in West Harrison, Indiana Lonnie McIntosh.  Lonnie emerged as an accomplished session musician but cut more than a dozen LP’s on his own.  He died on April 21st, 2016 at the age of 74.

1966 – The Mad Lads – Volt 414 – “In Action”

The Mad Lads formed in 1964 in Memphis, Tennessee – Original members were John Gary Williams, Julius Green, William Brown and Robert Phillips.

1968 – Mad River – Capitol 2985 – “Mad River”

Mad River formed in 1965 in Yellow Springs, Ohio and then moved to California.  Members were Greg Dewey, David Robinson, Lawrence Hammond, Rick Bockner and Thomas Manning.

1967 – The Magnificent Men – Capitol 2678 – “The Magnificent Men”

1962 – The Majors – Imperial LP 9222 – “Meet the Majors”

The Majors formed in 1961 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – Original members were Ricky Cordo, Idella Morris, Eugene Glass, Frank Troutt and Ronald Gathers

1967 – Malachi – Verve 5024 – “Holy Music”

Malachi is John Morgan Newbern from Baltimore, Ohio.

1966 – The Mamas & Papas – Dunhill DS-50006 – “If You Can Believe Your Eyes & Ears”

The Mamas and Papas formed in 1965 migrating from the East Coast to Los Angeles, California – Members were John Phillips, Michelle Phillips, Denny Doherty and Cass Elliot.  All are deceased except for Michelle.

1968 – Harvey Mandel – Philips 600-281 – “Cristo Redentor”

Harvey Mandel was born in March of 1945 in Detroit, Michigan – He played with Canned Heat and John Mayall.

1959 – Mando & The Chili Peppers – “On The Road with Rock and Roll”

Mando and the Chili Peppers were formed in the late 1950’s out of San Antonia – Members: Armando Almendarez, Chucho Perales; Rudolpho Martinez; Juventino Elizondo and Abel Garcia

1968 – The Mandrake Memorial – Poppy 40,002

The Mandrake Memorial formed in 1967 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Members were Michael Kat (Candymen, Cat’s Cradle), J. Kevin Lally, Craig Anderton (The Flowers of Evil) and Randy Monaco (The Novae Police).

1968 – The Manhattans – Carnival 202 – “Sing For You and Yours”

The Manhattans formed in 1962 – in Jersey City, New Jersey with George Smith, Edward Bivins, Winfred Lovett, Kenny Kelley and Richard Taylor – All five original members have passed away.


1963 – Barry Mann – ABC Paramount 399 – “Who Put the Bomp”

Barry Mann was born in February of 1939 in Brooklyn, New York Barry Imberman and was one-half of the great Brill Building composing team of Mann and his wife Cynthia Weil.

(From Paul Payton – June, 2017): For those who don’t know him for his songwriting, Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil were responsible for at least as many good songs as Goffin and King. But checkout what I think is his masterpiece – the original author’s version of We Gotta Get Out of This Place: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sgbi7v-U-ds. This is potent!!! To my ears, The Animals pale by comparison.

Carl Mann – Phillips International – “Like Mann – Carl Mann Sings”

Carl Mann was born in August of 1942 in Huntingdon, Tennessee – He was one of the younger singers in Sam Phillips’ Sun Records stable of stars.

1962 – The Rev. Columbus Mann – Tamla 227 – “They Shall Be Mine”

1960 – The Marathons – Arvee – “Peanut Butter”

The Marathons were actually a group called “The Vibrations” out of Los Angeles, California.  They formed in 1955 – Original Members were Don Bradley, Carl Fisher, Dave Govan, James Johnson and Ricky Owens.  They started off as “The Jay Hawks” and had a hit “Stranded in the Jungle” which reached number 18 in 1956.  That effort was topped by The Cadet’s version peaking at number 11.

They did not record an LP under the name “The Jay Hawks” but released several as “The Vibrations”.

“Peanut Butter” was recorded using “The Marathons” name while they were still working as “The Vibrations”


1965 – The Marauders – Philadelphia Recording Center 64-1102 – “Maraudin’ 65”

The Marauders were formed in Bucks County, Pennsylvania with Steve Sober, Pete Geerlofs, Bill Stickney, Jim Pearie and Don Miller.

1968 – The Marble Phrogg – Derrick 8868 – “Marble Phrogg”

The Marble Phrogg were from Tulsa, Oklahoma.

1961 – The Marcels – Colpix CP 416 – “Blue Moon”

The Marcels formed in 1959 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with Cornelious Harp, Ron Mundy, Richard Knauss, Gene Bricker, Fred Johnson and Richard Knauss.

1963 – Little Peggy March – RCA Victor 2732 – “I Will Follow Him”

Little Peggy March was born in March of 1948 in Lansdale, Pennsylvania Margaret Annemarie Battavio  – She released her first record at age 13 and “I Will Follow Him” at 15.

1965 – Peggy March and Bennie Thomas – RCA Victor 3408 – “In Our Fashion”

1964 – Bobby Marchan – Sphere Sound SSR-7004 – “There’s Something On Your Mind”

Bobby Marchan was born in April of 1930 in Youngstown, Ohio Oscar James Gibson  – He died on December 5th, 1999 – He was a member of the group “The Clowns” behind Huey “Piano” Smith – From there it was on to a solo career.

1960 – Ernie Maresca – Seville 119 – “Down on the Beach”

Ernie Maresca was born in August of 1938 in The Bronx – New York Ernest Peter Maresca – Ernie composed songs for Dion and the Belmonts both together and apart – He had been a member of “The Regents” of “Barbara Ann” fame – He composed hits for Jimmy Rodgers, Dean and Jean and Reparata and the Delrons among others.

Image result for ernie maresca shout lp

Image result for ernie maresca shout lp

1964 – The Marketts – Warner Bros. W 1527 – “Out of Limits”

The Marketts formed in 1961 in Hollywood, California – Original members were Michael Gordon, and session musicians Rene Hall, Tommy Tedesco, Bill Pitman, Plas Johnson, Ray Johnson, Cliff Hills, Ed Gilbert, Sharky Hall, George Price and Sid Sharp.+

1961 – The Markeys – Atlantic 8055 – “Last Night!”

The Mar-Keys formed in 1958 in Memphis, Tennessee – Members were originally known as “The Royal Spades” – Original Members included Charles Axton, Wayne Jackson, Jerry Lee Smith, Floyd Newman and Gilbert Caple.

1969 – Markley – Foward 1007 – “Markley, A Group”

The lineup for Markley was the final assembly of the “West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band” with Bob Markley, Michael Lloyd, Danny Harris and Shaun Harris.  The Harris brothers were both born in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

1965 – Hank Marr – King 933 – “On and Off Stage”

Hank Marr was born in January of 1927 from Columbus, Ohio – He died on March 16th, 2004.

1962 – Sylvia Mars – Folk-Lyric 124 – “Blues Walk Right In”

Need Information

1967 – Marsadees – Justice 150 – “Marsadees”

The Marsadees were a surf-type band from Lexington, South Carolina – Very rare and obscure.


1962 – Chuck Marshall & the Twist-Stars- Decca 4267 – “Twist to Songs Everybody Knows”

Need Information

1963 – Jack Marshall – Capitol 1939 – “My Son the Surf Nut”

Jack Marshall worked out of Newport Beach, California – On this LP he used the talents of studio musicians Billy Strange, Bob Bain, Plas Johnson, Shelly Manne and Jack Sheldon.

1969 – Marshmallow Way – United Artists 6708 – “Marshmallow Way”

“Marshmallow Way was a pet project for two well-known pop songwriters, Billy Carl (born Carlucci) and Reid Whitelaw, the men who wrote 1910 Fruitgum Company’s 1968 single, “Goody Goody Gumdrops.” After that song was a hit for bubblegum kingpins Kasenetz and Katz, Carl and Whitelaw sought to duplicate K&K’s success on their own and ultimately signed a production deal with United Artists Records. A band was picked from the New Jersey dancehall circuit, renamed Marshmallow Way and put to work recording a set of Carl/Whitelaw compositions. The resulting album, the self-titled Marshmallow Way, was released in 1969, just after the bubblegum craze was reaching its peak.” (from “Pop Geek Heaven”)

1963 – Martha & The Vandellas – Gordy 902 – “Come Get These Memories”

Martha and the Vandellas formed in 1957 in Detroit, Michigan.  Their roots were in a group called “The Del-Phis” then becoming “The Vels” -Original Vandellas were Rosalind Ashford Holmes, Annette Beard Holmes and Rochelle Laughhunn – Later members were Lois Reeves, lead singer Martha Reeves and third sister Delphina Reeves.

1961 – The Marvelettes – Tamla TM 228 – “Please Mr. Postman”

The Marvelettes formed in 1950 in Inkster, Michigan.  Original members included Gladys Horton, Katherine Anderson, Georgeanna Tillman, Juanita Cowart and Georgia Dobbins. Gladys Horton was born on May 30th, 1945 and died on January 26th, 2011.

1963 – Marvin & Johnny – United – “Rock and Roll Hits of the 50’s”

Marvin and Johnny formed in 1954 in Los Angeles, California.  They were Marvin Phillips born in October of 1941 in Guthrie, Oklahoma and Emory Perry born in Sherman, Texas in March of 1928.

1969 – Mary Butterworth – Custom Fidelity 2092 – “Mary Butterworth”

Mary Butterworth is Michael Hunt, Michael Lachus, Michael Ayling and Jim Giardano – The group is named after an historical figure who was a British counterfitter.

1969 – The Masked Marauders – Deity 6378 – “The Masked Marauders”

The story behind this goofy project is too detailed to repeat here – Plenty on line and including my own San Francisco pages – Also see “The Cleanliness and Godliness Skiffle Band”.

1965 – Barbara Mason – Artic 1000 – “Yes, I’m Ready”

Barbara Mason was born in August of 1947 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – She originally set her sites on composing songs but moved easily into recording.

1969 – The Match – RCA Victor 4206 – “A New Light”

1956 – Johnny Mathis – Columbia CL 887 – “Johnny Mathis”

Johnny Mathis was born September 30th, 1935 in Gilmer, Texas John Royce Mathis.  Not a rocker by any means, but Johnny was definitely there with us the entire way.  Mathis was a high jump star and invited to try out for the Olympic team but declined.

1967 – The Mauds – Mercury 61135 – “The Mauds Hold On”

The Mods formed in 1965 in Chicago, Illinois with Billy Winter, Denny Horan, Fuzzy Fuscaldo, Jimy Rogers, Phil Weinberg and Timmy Coniglio

1969 – Maximillian – ABC 696 – “Maximillian”

Maximillian was formed in New York City with Buzzy Bower, Mojack Maximillian and Moby Medina.

1969 – The MC5 – Elektra 74042 – “Kick Out the Jams”

The MC5 were formed in 1964 in Detroit, Michigan with Rob Tyner, Fred Smith, Wayne Kramer, Michael Davis and Dennis Thompson – Tyler and Smith have both since passed away.  Smith came from “The Vibratones” and Kramer from “The Bounty Hunters”.

1966 – Van McCoy – Columbia 2497 – “Night Time is a Lonely Time”

Van McCoy was born in January of 1940 in Washington, D.C. Van Allen Clinton McCoy.  McCoy early on was in a group called “The Starlighters”.  He would later produce many other acts including The Stylistics, Aretha Franklin, David Ruffin and many more – He will be always remembered for his 1975 smash “The Hustle”.

1965 – The McCoys – Bang 212 – “Hang On Sloopy”

The McCoys formed in 1962 in Union City, Indiana with Richard Zehringer (Rick Derringer), Randy Zehringer, and Dennis Kelly which was first called “The Rick Z Combo” then “Rick and the Raiders” – Randy Jo Hobbs, Sean Michaels and Ronnie Brandon came in to form “The McCoys”.  Rick Derringer was born in August of 1947 in Fort Recovery, Ohio Ricky Dean Zehringer.

1962 – Jimmy McCracklin – Chess LP-1464 – “Jimmy McCracklin Sings”

Jimmy McCracklin was born in August of 1921 in Elaine, Arkansas James David Walker, Jr.  He died on December 20th, 2012

1960 – Ed McCurdy – Elektra 124 – “Sing Songs (Pro/Con)”

Ed McCurdy was born in January of 1919 in Willow Hill, Pennsylvania – He composed a protest song made somewhat known by “The Kingston Trio” – “Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream” (which was one of my 1960’s favorites).  McCurdy worked in both radio on his own show and television.  He worked on the George Gobel Show as emcee and starred on “Freddie the Fireman” a children’s TV show.

His famous protest song was recorded by many other acts including Johnny Cash, Simon and Garfunkle, The Weavers and the Chad Mitchell Trio.  The song was given perhaps it’s most famous tribute when the Berlin Wall was being dismantled in 1989 – East German children were filmed by a television crew singing his anthem en masse as the wall came down.

McCurdy died on March 23rd, 2000 at the age of 1981.

1961 – Gene McDaniels – Liberty LRP 3191 – “100 Lbs of Clay”

Gene McDaniels was born in February of 1935 in Kansas City, Missouri Eugene Booker McDaniels – Not really a rocker but Gene was a solid teen influence – He began as a gospel singer and was with a group called “The Sultans” before going solo.

1959 – Brownie McGhee – Folkways 3557 – “Brownie McGhee Sings the Blues”

Brownie McGhee was born in November of 1915 in Knoxville, Tennessee Walter Brown McGhee.  He died on February 16th, 1996 at the age of 80.

1963 – Jimmy McGriff – Sue STLP 1013 – “One Of Mine”

Jimmy McGriff was born in April of 1936 in Germantown, Pennsylvania James Harrell McGriff – He died on May 24th, 2008.

1963 – Barry McGuire – Mira 3000 – “The Barry McGuire Album”

Barry McGuire was born in October of 1935 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma  – His first endeavor was a duo called “Barry and Barry” with Barry Kane.  Both would soon join “The New Christy Minstrels” – He would go on to “Eve of Destruction” fame.

1969 – McKendree Spring – Decca 75104 – “McKendree Spring”

McKendree Spring formed in 1969 as a folk group from Glen Falls, New York with Fran McKendree, Larry Tucker, Michael Dreyfuss, and Martin Slutsky.

1967 – Scott McKenzie – Ode 44002 – “The Voice of Scott McKenzie”

Scott McKenzie was born in January of 1939 in Jacksonville, Florida Philip Wallace Blondheim III.  He was first in a group called “The Singing Strings” and then “The Abstracts”.  Next stop was with Papa John Phillips forming “The Journeymen” before Scott would go solo.  Reportedly McKenzie was chronically shy often unable to face an audience during performance directly.  He died on August 18th, 2012 at the age of 73.

1966 – Barbara McNair – Motown 644 – “Here I Am”

Barbara McNair was born in March of 1934 in Chicago, Illinois Barbara Jean McNair. – She died on February 4th of 2007 from throat cancer.

1959 – Big Jay McNeely – Federal 395 – “Big Jay in 3-D”

Big Jay McNeeley was born in April of 1929 in Los Angeles Cecil James McNeely

1958 – Clyde McPhatter – Atlantic 8024 – “Love Ballads”

Clyde McPhatter was born in November of 1932 in Durham, North Carolina Clyde Lensley McPhatter – He started off as lead singer for Billy Ward’s Dominoes and then went on to front The Drifters – He died on June 13th, 1972 – a victim of alcoholism.  He is a 1987 Inductee into the Rock Hall of Fame.


1968 – Bill Medley – MGM 4583 – “100%”

Bill Medley was born in September of 1940 in Santa Ana, California William Thomas Medley – one-half of the “Righteous Brothers”.  Earlier he was a member of the”The Romancers” then “The Paramours”

1968 – Melanie – Buddah 5024 – “Born To Be”

Melanie was born in February of 1947 in Astoria, Queens New York Melanie Anne Safka-Schekeryk.

1960 – The Mello Kings – Herald LP-1013 – “Tonight-Tonight”

The Mollo-Kings formed in 1956 in Mount Vernon, New York with original members Jerry School, Bob Scholl, Neil Arena and Larry Esposito.  They were originally called “The Mellotones”

1959 – Memphis Slim – Folkways – “Memphis Slim & the Real Boogie Woogie”

Memphis Slim was born in September of 1915 in Memphis, Tennessee John Len Chatman – He died on February 24th, 1988

1969 – Mephistopheles – Reprise 6355 – “In Frustration I Hear Singing”

Mephistopheles formed in the late 1960’s in Norman, Oklahoma with Bob Siller, Fred Tackett, Daryl Burch, Gordon Grant, Skip Mosher and Steve Simone.

1969 – The Merchants of Dream – A&M 4149 – “Strange Night”

Members included Mark Wirtz and Jack Murphy.

1968 – Mercy – Sundi 803 – “Love (Can Make You Happy)”

The Mercy formed in 1967 in Florida – The group was not actually the three ladies depicted on this cover and there were disputes about who was entitled to the name.  Original singers included Ann Sigler, Brenda McNish and Debbie Lewis.

1967 – The Merry-Go-Round – A&M 4132 – “The Merry-Go-Round”

The Merry-Go-Round formed in Los Angeles, California with Emitt Rhodes, Garo Kato, William Rinehart and Joel Larson

1967 – The Mesmerizing Eye – Smash 27090 – “Psychedelia – A Musical Light Show”

Need Information

1969 – The Messengers – Rare Earth 509 – “The Messengers”

The Messengers were from Winona, Minnesota forming in 1962 – Early members include Greg Jeresek, Roy Berger, Chip Andrews, John Carter and Jesse Roe – The were first known as “Michael & the Messengers”.

1964 – Jim Messina & His Jesters – Audio Fidelity DFS 7037 – “The Dragsters”

The Jim Messina formed “The Jesters” when he was sixteen years old – The “Jesters” are lost to time. Jim Messina was born in December of 1947 in Maywood, California James Melvin Messina.  He would go on to be with Buffalo Springfield, Poco and one-half of the duo Loggins & Messina.

1967 – The Metros – RCA Victor 3776 – “Sweetest One”

1968 – Lee Michaels – A&M 4199 – “Lee Michaels”

Lee Michaels was born in November of 1945 in Los Angeles, California Lee Eugene Michaels – He started off with the surf band “The Sentinals” and then “The Joel Scott Trio” and moving to San Francisco joined “The Family Tree”.

1957 – Mickey & Sylvia – Vik 1102 – “New Sounds”

Mickey and Sylvia formed in the mid 1950’s – Mickey Baker was born in October of 1925 in Louisville, Kentucky MacHouston Baker and he died on November 27th, 2012 in France. Sylvia Robinson was born in March of 1935 in New York City, New York Sylvia Vanderpool – She passed away on September 29th, 2011.

1956 – The Midnighters – Federal 541 – “Their Greatest Hits”

The Midnighters were Hank Ballard’s backing band – See his entry.

1968 – The Mighty Marvelows – ABC 643 – “The Mighty Marvelows”

The Mighty Marvelows formed in 1965 in Chicago Heights, Illinois with original members Willie Stephenson, Jesse Smith, Melvin Mason, Johnny Paden and Frank Paden.  They started off as “The Marvelows” but changed names due to another group performing with that name on the West Coast.

1952 – Amos Milburn – Aladdin 7 – “Rockin’ The Boogie”

Amos Milburn was born in April of 1927 in Houston, Texas Joseph Amos Milburn, Jr., – He died on January 3rd, 1980

1969 – Milkwood Tapestry – Metromedia 1007 – “Milkwood Tapestry”

Members included Joseph Ransohoff and Roland Antonelli.

1966 – Mrs. Miller – Capitol 2494 – “Mrs. Miller’s Greatest Hits”

Mrs. Miller was born in October of 1907  Elva Ruby Miller and died July 5th, 1997 enough said.

1968 – The Steve Miller Band – Capitol 2984 – “Sailor”

The Steve Miller Band formed in 1966 in San Francisco, California – Steve Miller was first a member of “The Goldberg-Miller Blues Band” out of Chicago. From there it was onto San Francisco.

1962 – Haley Mills – Buena Vista 3311 – “Let’s Get Together with Haley Mills”

Haley Mills was born in Marylebone, London, England in April of 1971 Hayley Chatherine Rose Vivien Mills – She is the daughter of a Sir John Mills – British Actor.

1959 – Roy Milton and Chuck Higgins – Dooto DL 223 – “Rock n Roll versus Rhythm & Blues”

Roy Milton was born in July of 1907 in Wynnewood, Oklahoma Roy Bunny Milton and died on September 18th, 1983.

Chuck Higgins was born in April of 1924 in Gary, Indiana Charles Williams Higgins and died on September 14th, 1999.

1966 – Garnet Mimms (and the Enchanters) – United Artists USA 6498 – “I’ll Take Good Care of You”

Garnet Mimms was born in November of 1933 in Ashland, West Virginia Garrett Mimms  – He was earlier with “The Norfolk Four” and then “The Deltones” going on to “The Gainors”.  Members of the Enchanters included Sam Bell, Charles Boyer and Zola Pearnell.

1958 – Sal Mineo – Epic LN 3405 – “Sal”

Sal Mineo was born in January of 1939 in The Bronx, New York Salvatore Mineo, Jr.  He died on February 12th, 1976.  Sal was stabbed to death in 1976 in Hollywood, California.

1969 – Mint Tatoo – Dot 25918 – “Mint Tatoo”

Members included Bruce Stephens, Ralph Burns Kellogg and Greg Thomas.

1961 – The Miracles – Tamla TM 220 – “Hi We’re The Miracles”

The Miracles formed in 1955 as “The Five Chimes” with members Smokey Robinson, Warren Moore and Ronnie White.  Claudette Robinson joined in 1958 and then Bobby Rogers and Marv Tarplin.

Smokey Robinson – a major hit song writer for Motown is a 1987 Inductee into the Rock Hall of Fame.  The Miracles followed as an Inductee in 2012.

1968 – The Mirettes – Revue 7205 – “In the Midnight Hour”

The Mirettes evolved out of “The Ikettes” in 1967 with Jessica Smith, Robbie Montgomery, Venetta Fields – They were also known at “The Belles”.

1961 – The Chad Mitchell Trio – Kapp 1262 – “Mighty Day On Campus”

The Chad Mitchell Trio formed in 1959 in Spokane, Washington with members William Chadbourne Mitchell, Mike Kobluk and Mike Pugh.  Upon Mitchell’s departure John Denver would join along with Colorado’s Michael Johnson of future “Bluer Than Blue” fame.

1965 – Willie Mitchell – Hi SHL 32021 – “Hold It!”

Willie Mitchell was born in March of 1928 in Ashland, Mississippi William Lawrence Mitchell – He died on January 5th, 2010.

1962 – The Mixtures – Linda 3301 – “Stompin’ at the Rainbow”

Need Information

1967 – Moby Grape – Columbia 2698 – “Moby Grape”

Moby Grape formed in 1966 in San Francisco, California – one of the ground-floor San Fran bands – Original members were Skip Spence, manager Matthew Katz – both from “The Jefferson Airplane”, Peter Lewis, Jerry Miller and Don Stevenson.

1967 – Mod and the Rockers – Justice 153 – “Mod and the Rockers….. Now!”

Need Information

1969 – The Mojo Men – GRT 10003 – “Mojo Magic”

The Mojo Men formed in 1965 in San Francisco, California with Jim Alaimo, Paul Curcio, Dennis DeCarr and Don Metchick who started off in Florida – They worked with Sly Stone at first as “Sly Stone and the Mojo Men”.

1969 – Moloch- Enterprise 1002 – “Moloch”

Moloch formed in 1969 in Memphis, Tennessee – Members were Lee Baker (“Memphis Blazers”), Bobby Dodds, Fred Nicholson, Gene Wilkins, Jimmy Segerson, Phillip Durham and Steve Spear.

1969 – The Moments – Stang 1000 – “Not On the Outside But On the Inside, Strong!”

The Moments formed in the mid 1960’s in Washington with members Larry Mizell, Fonce Mizell and Freddie Perren.

1968 – The Monitors – Soul 714 – “Greetings! We’re the Monitors”

The Monitors formed in 1964 out of Detroit, Michigan – Members were Richard Street, Sandra Fagin, John Fagin and Warren Harris.  Street had been a member of “The Distants” with future Temptations Melvin Franklin and Otis Williams.

1966 – The Monkees – Colgems 101 – “The Monkees”

The Monkees were a fabricated group project which was tremendously successful for what is is worth – They formed in 1965 after wining what was essentially a huge Hollywood audition exercise (even Colorado’s Astronauts auditioned for the part).

The Monkees were Davy Jones from Great Britain, Peter Tork, Michael Nesmith and Micky Dolenz. There are all sorts of tales about the list of those who auditioned.  Davy Jones died on February 29th, 2012.

1962 – Vaughn Monroe – Dot 3419 – “Surfer’s Stomp”

This a bit of a strange departure for Vaughn Monroe and actually one of the first “surf” oriented long plays.  Vaughn Monroe was born in October of 1911 in Akron, Ohio and died on May 21st of 1973 at the age of 61.

1968 – Montage – Laurie 2049 – “Montage”

Montage was Vance Chapman, Bob Steurer, Mike Smyth and Michael Lookofsky.

1963 – Chris Montez – Monogram MLP 100 – “Let’s Dance And Have Some Kinda Fun!!!”

Chris Montez was born in January of 1943 in Los Angeles, California Ezekiel Christopher Montanez – He made a big style change during the 1960’s signing on to the A&M label and going quite soft.

1969 – The Moog Machine – Columbia 9921 – “Switched-On Rock”

1969 – The Moon – Imperial 12444 – “The Moon”

The Moon formed in 1967 with Matthew Moore, Larry Brown, Andy Bennett and former Beach Boy David Marks.

1959 – The Moonglows – Chess LP 1430 – “Look! It’s The Moonglows”

The Moonglows formed in Cleveland, Ohio in 1953 – Original Members: Harvey Fuqua, Bobby Lester, Danny Coggins and Prentiss Barnes – They were first named “The Crazy Sounds” before DJ Alan Freed renamed them.  The Moonglows are a 2000 Inductee into the Rock Hall of Fame.

1968 – The Moonrakers – Shamley 704 – “Together with Him”

Visit my Moonrakers Page for group information

1961 – Bob Moore – Monument 400 5- “Bob Moore and His Orchestra Play Mexico”

Bob Moore had one of those instrumental hits that just clicked in 1961 along with the rock and roll of the day.

1966 – Bobby Moore and the Rhythm Aces – Checker 3000 – “Searching for My Love”

Bobby Moore was born in July of 1930 in New Orleans, Louisiana Robert Moore – He died on February 1st, 2006.  The Rhythm Aces were Chico Jenkins, Clifford Lewis, John Baldwin Jr., Larry Moore and Marion Sledge.

1960 – Gatemouth Moore – Audio Fidelity 5921 – “Revival!”

Gatemouth Moore was born in November of 1913 in Topeka, Kansas Arnold Dwight Moore.  His first group was “F. S. Wolcott’s Rabbit’s Foot Minstrels” – He died on May 19th, 2004 at the age of 90.

1964 – Scotty Moore – Epic 26103 – “The Guitar That Changed the World”

Scotty Moore was born in December of 1931 in Gadsden, Tennessee Winfield Scott Moore III.  Scotty was a member of Elvis Preley’s backing band in the early days.  He died on June 28th, 2016 at the age of 84.

1969 – The Morning Dew – Roulette 42049 – “Morning Dew”

The Morning Dew formed in 1966 in Topeka, Kansas with Mal Robinson (“Impacts”).  His group next became “The Toads”  – Other members were Dan Sligar, Don Shuford and Don Anderson.

1964 – Gene Moss & the Monsters – RCA Victor 2977 – “Dracula’s Greatest Hits”

“Gene Moss, who co-wrote the TV cartoon show “Roger Ramjet” and co-wrote and hosted the satiric Los Angeles television children’s show “Shrimpenstein” in the mid-1960s during a varied career that included a 10-year stint supplying the voice of Smokey Bear, has died. He was 75.

A Palm Desert resident since retiring from advertising and voice-over work, he died of cancer July 15 at Eisenhower Medical Center in Rancho Mirage.

Moss and his writing partner in comedy and advertising, Jim Thurman, co-wrote all 156 episodes of “Roger Ramjet,” a 1965 syndicated cartoon show known for its puns, Hollywood in-jokes and cultural references. Gary Owens supplied the voice of the show’s patriotic, “Proton Energy Pill”-popping superhero, with Moss providing the voices of Doodle and Noodles Romanoff.”  (Los Angeles Times).

1968 – Mother Earth – Mercury 61194 – “Living with the Animals”

Mother Earth formed in 1967 in California with Tracy Nelson, Powell St. John, Wayne Talbert, George Rains and Jance Garfat.

1968 – Mount Rushmore – Dot 25898 – “High On Mount Rushmore”

Mount Rushmore formed in San Francisco, California in 1967 right out of the “Haight-Asbury” district – Original members were Ed Levin (“Vipers”), Warren Phillips (“Blue House Basement”), Thomas Dotzier, Mike Bolan and Danny Wei.

1968 – The Moving Sidewalks – Tantara – “Flash”

The Moving Sidewalks formed in the mid 1960’s in Houston, Texas with original members Billy Gibbons, Don Summers, Dan Mitchell and Tom Moore.  Gibbons and Mitchell would go on to form “ZZ Top”.

1964 – The Munsters – Decca 4588 – “The Munsters”

Don’t know who the musicians were on this LP – If I had a larger image of the back cover I believe they are revealed.

1963 – Billy Mure – MGM 4131 – “Teen Bossa Nova”

Billy Mure was born in November of 1915 in New York City Sebastian Mure – He died on September 25th, 2013.

1967 – Mickey Murray – SSS International MLP 102 – “Shout Bamalama and Other Super Soul Songs”

Need bio information.

1969 – The Music Asylum – United Artists 6776 – “Commit Thyself”

The Music Asylum formed in the late 1960’s with members Louis Argese, Louis Luzzi, Leonard Conforti and Leonard Argese.

1967 – The Music Explosion – Lauri LLP 2040 – “Little Bit O’ Soul”

The Music Explosion formed in 1966 out of Mansfield, Ohio – Members were Jamie Lyons, Don Atkins, Rick Nesta, Bob Avery and Burton Sahl – Lead singer Lyons passed away in 2006.

1966 – The Music Machine – Original Sound OSR LP 5015 – “(Turn On) The Music Machine”

The Music Machine formed in 1965 in Los Angeles, California – Three members started off as “The Raggamuffins” – Original members were Sean Bonniwell, Ron Edgar, Mark Landon, Keith Olsen and Doug Rhodes.  Bonniwell died on December 20th, 1911 at age 71.

1964 – The Mustangs – Providence 1 – “Dartell Stomp”

More studio musicians in California cashing in on the hot rod music fad of 1963 and 1964.

1968 – The Dave Myers Effect – GNP Crescendo 8002 – “Greatest Racing Themes”

See the next listing for band information.

1963 – Dave Myers and the Surftones – Del-Fi 1239 – “Hangin’ Twenty!”

The band was also known as “Dave Myers and the Disciples” and then “The Dave Myers Effect”.  Members were Bob Colwell, Dave Myers, Dennis Merritt, Ed Quarry, Seaton Blanco and Johnny Curtis.

1967 – The Mystic Astrologic Crystal Band – Carole 8001 – “The Mystic Astrologic Crystal Band Featuring Steve Hoffman”

The Mystic Astrologic Crystal Band formed in Los Angeles, California in 1967 with Bob Phillips, Ron Roman, Steve Hoffman, John Leighton and John Moreland.  – Hoffman was also a member of the “Lancelot Link and the Evolution Revolution” wow!

1969 – The Mystic Number National Bank – Probe 4501 – “Mystic Number National Bank”

The Mystic Number National Bank formed in 1969 in Kansas City, Missouri with Bob Sebbo, Russ Booth, Glenn Walters and Dave Lorenz.

1966 – Napoleon XIV – Warner Bros. 1661 – “They’re Coming to Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa!”

Napoleon the XIV was Jerry Samuels born in Mary of 1938 in New York City Jerrod Samuels.  In 1956 Samuels recorded his first song “Puppy Love” released on the VIK label.

1958 – Johnny Nash – ABC Paramount – “Johnny Nash”

Johnny Nash was born in August of 1940 in Houston, Texas John Lester Nash, Jr. – Johnny underwent several style changes into the 1970’s from teen type to reggae-like to pop – enjoying success all along the way.  He co-formed a music label and his first signing was “The Cowsills”.

1961 – Tommy Navarro and the Sundialers – Urania 5900 – “Twist Around the Town”

Need Information

1968 – The Nazz – SGC 5001 – “Nazz”

The Nazz formed in 1967 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with Todd Rundgren, Carson Van Osten, Thom Mooney (“Munchkins”) and Robert Antoni.  Leader Todd Rundgren was born in June of 1948 in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania Todd Harry Rundgren.

1963 – The Necators IV – Saunder’s 10001/2 – “Prime Cut”

The Necators IV were Rick Godknecht, Paul Halpern, John Boddington and Al Kraemer.

1968 – Neighb’rhood Childr’n – Acta 38005 – “Neighb’rhood Childr’n”

The Neighb’rhood Childr’n formed in the late 1960’s in San Francisco, California coming from Phoenix, Arizona.  They were once called “The Navarros”.  Members were Rick Bolz, Dyan Hoffman, Ron Raschdorf, and W.A. Farrens.

1969 – The Neighborhood – Big Tree 2001 – “Debut”

Need Information

1964 – Fred Neil – Capitol 2665 – “Fred Neil”

Fred Neil was born in March of 1936 in Cleveland, Ohio Frederick Neil – Neil composed for a time in New York City as one of the famed “Brill Building” group of composers.  His most famous composition is “Everybody’s Talkin'”.  He died on July 7th, 2001 at the age of 65.

1957 – Ricky Nelson – Verve MG V 2083 – “Teen Time”

Ricky Nelson was born in May of 1940 in Teaneck, New Jersey Eric Hilliard Nelson – He died in a plane crash on December 31st, 1985. – Although a “show business kid” Ricky was no rock and roll light weight.  His choice of songs, his delivery and longevity rank him very high toward the top of the pioneers.  Ricky Nelson is a 1987 Inductee Into the Rock Hall of Fame.

(From Paul Payton – June, 2017):

Wow – you got me with the “Teen Time” album. Amazing how Verve had only three tracks on Rick Nelson and still padded up an album. I haven’t seen it since 1990 or so, but there was a special with Rick Nelson and Fats Domino which ended with both duetting on “I’m Walkin’.” Their breathtaking performance is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qWfsJx1ycY0. As I recall, it was Nelson’s last recorded concert before the fatal plane crash that killed him and his band. He was such a fine and underrated artist.

And the beat goes on….

1960 – Sandy Nelson – Imperial 9105 – “Sandy Nelson Plays Teen Beat”

Sandy Nelson was born in December of 1938 in Santa Monica, California Sander L. Nelson – He started off with “The Renegades” a band which included Bruce Johnston and Nick Venet. Sandy was another class mate at University High with Jan Barry and Dean Torrence – and many other notables.  Early on as a session drummer Sandy played on “To Know Him is to Love Him” by “The Teddy Bears” and he played on the soundtrack of “Ghost of Dragstrip Hollow” (below).

1968 – The Teri Nelson Group – Kama Sutra 8072 – “Sweet Talkin’ Teri”

The Teri Nelson Group formed in Harlem, New York in the late 1960’s with Teri Nelson – She did not sanction the release of the LP shown and the other women shown on the cover may or may not have provided vocal support – sort of a non-group.

1969 – The Neon Philharmonic – Warner Bros. 1769 – “The Moth Confesses”

The Neon Philharmonic formed in 1967 in Nashville, Tennessee with Tupper Saussey and Don Gant and many studio musicians.

1963 – The Nep-Tunes – Family 152 – “Surfer’s Holiday”

Band members were Al Torzeli, Rich Schweitzer, Steve Marcus and Eddie Hawkins.

1966 – Aaron Neville – Par Lo – “Tell It Like It Is”

Aaron Neville was born in January of 1941 in New Orleans, Louisiana – Aaron was a part of his family’s group “The Neville Brothers”

1967 – The New Colony Six – Sentar 3001 – “Colonization”

The New Colony Six formed in 1965 out of Chicago, Illinois with Ray Graffia, Craig Kemp, Chick James, Pat McBride, Wally Kemp and Gerry Van Kollenburg.

1969 – The New Dawn – Hoot 70 – “There’s a New Dawn”

The New Dawn formed in 1967 with Joe Smith, Bob Justen, Larry Davis and Dan Bazzy.

1963 – The New Dimensions – Sutton 331 – “Deuces and Eights”

The New Dimensions formed in the early 1960’s out of Beverly Hills, California with members Michael Lloyd, Craig Nuttbycombe, DAve Dowd, Danny Beisky, JIm Greenspoon, and Art Guy.  They were also known as “The Surf Boys” (see that listing).

1968 – The New Mix – United Artists 6678 – “The New Mix”

John Lee Pace and Rob Thorne were members.

1966 – The New Renaissance Society – Hanna-Barbera 9504 – “Baroque ‘N’ Stones”

Most likely a group of studio musicians.

1966 – The New Society – RCA Victor 3676 – “The Barock Sound of the New Society”

Members of the New Society included Del Ramos, Larry Hickman and Alan Parker.

1968 – The New Tweedy Bros – Ridon 234 – “The New Tweedy Bros!”

The New Tweedy Bros. formed in 1966 in Portland, Oregon with Dennis Fagaly, Steve Ekman, Fred Lackaff, Dave McClure and Danny Lackaff.

1967 – The New Wave – Canterbury 1501 – “The New Wave”

The New Wave were the duo of Reid King and Thom Andriola.

1968 – The New York Rock & Roll Ensemble – Atco 33-240 – “The New York Rock & Roll Ensemble”

The New York Rock and Roll Ensemble formed in 1968 in New Jersey by Michael Kamen, Mary Fulterman,  and Dorian Rudnytsk (all Julliard students) along with rockers Brian Corrigan and Clif Nivison.

1964 – The Newbeats – Hickory LPM 120 – “Bread and Butter”

The Newbeats formed in Shreveport, Louisiana in 1964 – Members: Larry Henley , Dean Mathis and brother Mark Mathis – Henley died on December 18th, 2014

1968 – Mickey Newbury – RCA Victor 4043 – “Harlequin Melodies”

Micey Newbury was born in May of 1940 in Houston, Texas Milton Sims Newbury, Jr. – He was with a group called “The Embers” opening for Sam Cooke and Johnny Cash.  He migrated to his roots – Country Music over time – He died on September 29th, 2002 at the age of 62.

1968 – Randy Newman – Reprise 6286 – “Randy Newman”

Randy Newman was born in November of 1943 in Los Angeles, California Randall Stuart Newman.  Newman was a prolific and ironic composer his songs recorded by hundreds of artists.

1968 – The Nickel Bag – Kama Sutra 8066 – “Doing Their Love Thing”

The Nickel Bag were from Chicago, Illinois

1967 – Nico – Verve 5032 – “Chelsea Girl”

Nico was born in October of 1938 in Germany Christa Paffgen – She was a member of “The Velvet Underground” – She died on October 16th, 1988 at the age of 49 after experiencing a bicycle wreck and a subsequent heart attack in The Mediterranean.

1961 – The Nightcaps – Vandan 8124 – “Wine, Wine, Wine”

The Nightcaps were out of Dallas, Texas. Members were David Schwartz, Mario Daboub, Gene Haufler, Billy Joe Shine, Jon Hardtimes and Jack Allday.

1967 – The Nightriders – Justic 157 – “Introducing the Nightriders”

The Nightriders were from Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  Members included David Marlette – This LP sold on Ebay for nearly $400.

1967 – Nilsson – RCA Victor 3874 – “Pandemonium Shadow Show”

Nilsson was born in June of 1941 in Brooklyn, New York Harry Edward Nilsson III. – He hit it big with his song “One” recorded by “Three Dog Night”.  He died on Janujary 15th, 1994 at the age of 52 from a heart attack.

1967 – Leonard Nimoy – Dot 25794 – “Presents Mr. Spock’s Music From Outer Space”

Leonard Nimoy was born in March of 1931 in Boston, Massachusetts Leonard Simon Nimoy – He died on February 27th, 2015 at the age of 83.  He released five albums on the Dot record label.

1968 – The 1910 Fruitgum Company – Buddah 5022 – “1, 2, 3 Red Light”

The 1910 Fruitgum Company form in 1965 in Linden, New Jersey starting off as “Jeckell and the Hydes” with Frank Jeckell, Mark Gutkowski, Floyd Marcus, Pat Karwan and Steve Mortkowitz.  A genuine band, they joined the Buddah stable of “bubble gum” stars.

1969 – Nirvana – Metromedia 1018 – “Dedicated to Markos III”

Not the same band that was from the U.K. Members were Patrick Campbell-Lyons and Alex Spyropolous.

1967 – The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band – Liberty 7516 – “Ricochet”

The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band formed in 1966 in Long Beach, California with Jeff Hanna, Jimmie Fadden, Bruce Kunkel, Les Thompson, Ralph Barr and Jackson Browne.  Hanna and Kunkle had been “The New Coast Two” and then “The Illegitimate Jug Band”.

1963 – Jack Nitzsche – Reprise 6101 – “The Lonely Surfer”

Jack Nitzsche was born in April of 1937 in Chicago, Illinois Bernard Alfred Nitzsche – He passed away on August 25th, 2000 – Nitzsche was an industry mainstay working with Phil Specter, the Rolling Stones, Neil Young  and more.  He composed the Searcher’s massive hit record “Needles and Pins”. For a time he was married to Buff Sainte-Marie.

1958 – Terry Noland – Brunswick BL 54041 – “Terry Noland”

1969 – Freddie North – Abet 403 – “The Magnetic North”

Freddie North was born in 1939 in Nashville, Tennessee – He started off as a disc jockey in Nashville.

1960 – Jay North – Kem 27 – “Look Who’s Singing”

Jay North was born in August of 1951 in Hollywood, California as one would suspect.  He kicked off his acting career on “Queen for a Day working his way through several TV shows and then getting the role of “Dennis the Menace”.  Jay had a rough go and eventually took a job as a corrections officer and has remained in that field.

1968 – The Novells – Mothers 73 – “That Did It!”

The Novells were Chip Moore, Terry Tibbets, Bob Archer and Ed Benson and that is all that is known of this obscure group.

1959 – The Nutty Squirrels – Hanover 8014 – “The Nutty Squirrels”

The Nutty Squirrels were a “Chipmunk” wannabe created by Don Elliott and Alexander Burland.

1967 – Laura Nyro – Verve Folkways 3020 – “More Than a New Discovery”

Laura Nyro was born in October of 1947 in The Bronx, New York City Laura Nigro – Laura was an extremely proficient composer scoring several hits for “The 5th Dimension”, “Blood, Sweat and Tears”, Barbara Streisand, “Three Dog Night” and others. She died on April 8th, 1997 at the age of 49 from cancer.

1962 – Arch Oboler – Capitol 1763 – “Drop Dead! An Exercise in Horror!”

Arch Oboler was born in December of 1909 in Chicago, Illinois and worked in movies and plays as a writer, producer and director.  He died on 1987 at the age of 77.

1957 – Hugh O’Brian – ABC-Paramount 203 – “TV’s Wyatt Earp Sings”

Hugh O’Brian was born in April of 1925 in Rochester, New York and died on September 5th, 2016 at the age of 91.

1964 – Phil Ochs – Elektra 269 – “All the News That’s Fit to Sing”

Phil Ochs was born in December of 1940 in El Paso, Texas – He solo’d from the very start – Ochs passed away on April 9th, 1976 at the age of 35 taking his own life in New York after a battle with substance and depression.


1968 – October Country – Epic 26381 – “October Country”

October Country formed in 1967 in Los Angeles, California with Caryle De Franca, Joe De Franca (brother and sister), Eddie Beram, Marty Earle, Bruce Wayne and Bob Wian – In the beginning they backed both “The Coasters” and “The Rivingtons”.

1967 – Kenny O’Dell – Vegas 401 – “Beautiful People”

Kenny O’Dell was born in 1956 in Oklahoma – He fronted a band called “Guys and Dolls” and worked with Duane Eddy.  He composed the song “Behind Closed Doors” for Charlie Rich.  He also wrote “Next Plane to London” for the group “The Rose Garden” as well as “Mama, He’s Crazy” for the Judds.

1967 – The Ohio Express – Cameo 20,000 – “Beg, Borrow and Steal”

The Ohio Express formed in 1967 in Mansfield, Ohio – The group behind this release is a cloudy story – actually “The Rare Breed” – and so when the single of “Beg, Borrow or Steal” took off a group called “Sir Timothy and the Royals” was promoted to perform and their name changed to “The Ohio Express”.  This band was Doug Grassel, Dale Powers, Dean Kastran, Jim Pfahler and Tim Corwin.

They soon were moved over to the often bubble gum oriented Buddah Label and scored several more hit tracks.

1969 – The Ohio Players – Capitol 192 – “Observations in Time”

The Ohio Players formed in 1959 in Dayton, Ohio as “The Ohio Untouchables” with original members Robert Ward, Marshall Jones, Clarence Stachell, Cornelius Johnson and Ralph Middlebrooks.  In those days they backed the vocal group “The Falcons”.  They broke up and reformed a few times and many musicians have passed through their ranks over the years.

1965 – The O’Jays – Imperial LP 12290 – “Comin’ Through”

The O’Jays formed in Canton, Ohio in 1958 – Original members were Eddie Levert, Walter Williams, William Powell, Bobby Massey and Bill Isles. – The O’Jays are a 2005 Inductee into the Rock Hall of Fame.

1968 – The Okaysions – ABC 664 – “Girl Watcher”

The Okaysions formed in 1959 as “The Kays” out of Wilson, North Carolina – The original band members were Donnie Weaver, JImmy Hinnant, Wayne Pittman, Eddie Dement, Gerald Toler and Steve Watson.

1957 – Johnny Olenn – Liberty 3029 – “Just Rollin’ With Johnny Olenn”

Johnny Olenn is an inductee into the Rockabilly Hall of Fame – He was a member of “Eddie Dugosh and the Ah-Ha Boys” out of San Antonio, Texas.  He was born in December of 1936 in San Antonio Johnny Olenn McCord.

1969 – Oliver – Crewe 1333 – “Good Morning Starshine”

Oliver was born in February of 1945 in North Wilkesboro, North Carolina William Oliver Swofford – He was a member of “The Virginians” and then “The Good Earth” performing as Bill Swofford.  He died on February 12th, of 2000 from cancer.

1961 – Oliver and the Twisters – Colpix 423 – “Look Who’s Twistin’ …Everybody!!”

Need Information

1966 – Ollie & The Nightingales – Stax 2021 – “Ollie & The Nightingales”

Ollie and the Nightingales were formed in 1958 in Memphis, Tennessee as “The Gospel Writer Juniors” and then “The Dixie Nightingales”.  Original members were Ollie Hoskins, Willie Neal, Bill Davis, Nelson Lesure and Rochester Neal.

1960 – The Olympics – Arvee A423 – “Doin’ The Hully Gully”

The Olympics formed in 1957 in Los Angeles, California – Original Members: Walter Ward, Eddie Lewis, Walter Hammond, Melvin King and Charles Fizer – They started off as “The Challengers” – One of their more obscure cuts “Good Lovin'” was covered by The Young Rascals which rose to the nation’s number 1 spot.-

1969 – Omnibus – United Artists 6743 – “Omnibus”

Need Information

1969 – 100 Proof Aged in Soul – Hot Wax 704 – “Somebody’s Been Sleeping In My Bed”

100 Proof Aged in Soul formed in 1969 in Detroit, Michigan with Steve Mancha, Eddie Holiday (from “The Holidays”), Joe Stubbs (“Contours”, “The Originals” and “The Falcons”), Carlie McKineley (“Falcons”, “Firestones” and “Fabulous Playboys”), Donald Hatcher (“Fun Co.”) and Donnel Hagan.  They signed to the Hot Wax label which belonged to the famed Motown writing team of Holland-Dozier-Holland.

1968 – Orange Colored Sky – Uni 73031 – “Orange Colored Sky”

Orange Colored Sky formed in 1962 as “The Fabulous Epics” out of Erie, Pennsylvania – with Larry Younger, Walter Slivinksi, Vinny Younger and Pual McCartney.  They worked at New York’s “Peppermint Lounge” early in their career.  The group migrated to  California where they became Orange Colored Sky.

1961 – Roy Orbison – Monument XM 4002 – “Lonely and Blue”

Roy Orbison was born in April of 1936 in Vernon, Texas Roy Kelton Orbison – He died on December 6th, 1988 – another icon from Sam Phillips’ Sun Records stable of rockers.  Roy Orbison is a 1987 Inductee into the Rock Hall of Fame.

1962 – The Orchids – Roulette 25169 – “Twistin’ At the Roundtable with The Orchids”

The Orchids formed around 1959 out of Mamardneck, New York. Members included Lionel Chamberland and Bobby Lindsay – as well as Billy Shields, Tom Giorgi, Jack Hungaski, Butch Gator and Don Jordan along the way.  Lindsay also performed with “The Run-Ways”.

1969 – The Organ Grinders – Mercury 61282 – “Out of the Egg”

The Organgrinders were out of Baltimore, Ohio – Members included Frank Eventoff, Nisan Eventoff, Richard Eventoff, Paul Eventoff and Masiry Eventoff – They had been in a group called “The Seventh Sons” and before that “The Seven Evens” keeping it all in the family.


1962 – The Original Twisters – Wing 12217 – “Come On and Twist”

Another studio combo lost to time.

1969 – The Originals – Soul 716 – “Green Grow the Lilacs”

The Originals were formed in 1966 in Detroit, Michigan – Original members were Freddie Gorman, Walter Gaines, C.P. Spencer and Hank Dixon.  Spencer was also with “The Spinners”.

1962 – The Orioles – Charlie Parker PLP 816 – “Modern Sounds of the Orioles – Greatest Hits”

The Orioles formed in 1946 in Baltimore, Maryland – Members included: Sonny Til, Alexander Sharp, George Nelson, Johnny Reed and Tommy Gaither – The Orioles led the way for the original “bird groups” and were largely responsible for pioneering “doo-wop” vocals rock and roll.  Lead singer Sonny Til died on December 9th, 1981

1967 – P.J. Orion & the Magnates – Magnate 122458 – “P.J. Orion & the Magnates”

P.J. Orion and the Magnates were from the State of Massachusetts.  Need more information.

1961 – Tony Orlando – Epic LN 3808 – “Bless You and 11 Other Great Hits”

Tony Orlando was born in April of 1944 in New York City Michael Anthony Orlando Cassavitis.  Tony started off as a member of “The Five Gents as a teenager – Later he would go to form the group “Dawn” with tremendous success in the 1970’s – even garnering a Television show for a brief time.

1963 – The Orlons – Cameo C-1054 – “Not Me”

The Orlons formed in 1960 out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – part of a talented stable of artists from the Cameo/Parkway record family.  Members: Rosetta Hightower, Shirley Brickley, Marlena Davis and Stephen Caldwell.  All three original female members have passed away.

1968 – Orphan Egg – Carole 8004 – “Orphan Egg”

Orphan Egg formed in San Jose, California in 1967 all attending Saratoga High School – Members were George Brix, Jim Bate, Pat Gallagher, Dave Monley and Barry Smith.

1968 – Orpheus – MGM 4524 – “Orpheus”

Orpheus was formed in Worcester, Massachusetts in 1967 members included Bruce Arnold, Harry Sandler, Jack McKenes and Eric Gulliksen.  The group tagged along with the other late 1960’s Massachusetts acts lumped in the “Bosstown Sound”.

1960 – Paul O’Shea – Riverside 1181 – “Paul O’Shea and Four Jacks and a Jill Sing a Song of Sports Cars”

Paul was a sports car driver from the early 1960’s and God only knows how the “Four Jacks and a Jill” from Canada found their way onto this LP.

1962 – The Osmond Brothers – MGM 4146 – “Songs We Sang on the Andy Williams Show”

The Osmond Brothers formed in Salt Lake City, Utah in 1958 as a quartet with Alan, Wayne, Merrill and Jay Osmond – Little Donny would join the group a bit later and took the lead more or less.

1967 – Lee Harvey Oswald – Eyewitness 1002 – “Lee Harvey Oswald Speaks”

Lee Harvey Oswald’s voice was released on five different long plays in the U.S. – Enough said…

1968 – The Other Half – Acta 38004 – “The Other Half”

The Other Half formed in 1967 in San Francisco, California with Danny Woods, Jeff Nowlen, Geoff Westen and Larry Brown.  The second poster below is from Denver, Colorado’s “Family Dogg” a short lived venture in the Mile High State in 1967.

1966 – The Other Half – (no label name) – “The Other Half”

This is an obscure group from Pottsdown, Pennsylvania – Very difficult to find a non-counterfeited copy of this rare LP.

The Other Half -The Other Half - no label LP '66 Pottstown, PA garage band Rare

1958 – The Johnny Otis Show – Capitol – “The Johnny Otis Show”

J0hnny Otis was born in December of 1921 in Vallejo, California Loannis Alexandres Veliotes – He died on January 17th, 2012 – Notable musicians who passed through the Johnny Otis Show included Etta James, Jackie Wilson, Esther Phillips, Big Mama Thornton, Johnny Ace, Little Willie John, and Hank Ballard.

1968 – The Outlaw Blues Band – Bluesway 6021 – “The Outlaw Blues Band”

The Outlaw Blues Band formed in the late 1960’s in Los Angeles, California with Victor Aleman, Joe Francis Gonzalez, Phillip and John Diaz. – They were produced by LA music mainstay Bob Thiele.

1966 – The Outsiders – Capitol 2501 – “Time Won’t Let Me”

The Outsiders formed in 1965 in Cleveland, Ohio evolving from a group called “The Starfires” – with Tom King, Sonny Geraci, Mert Madsen, Richard Kriss, Al Austin and Jim Fox who went to “The James Gang”.

Lead singer Sonny Geraci was born in November of 1947 in Cleveland Emmett Peter Geraci.  He later became lead singer for “Climax” singing “Precious and Few”.  In the 2000’s he sang with “The Grass Roots” on occasion.  He died on February 5th, 2017 at the age of 69.


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