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The Roots of Rock and Roll
on Long Play in the U.S. – ROC thru SK Artists

Earliest long plays selected when possible to obtain images from these iconic founders from the world of Rock ‘n Roll.

1960 – The Rock-A-Teens – Roulette – “Woo-Hoo”

The Rock-A-Teens formed in 1956 out of Richmond, Virginia – A true rock-a-billy group – the group remains obscure since their lone 1959 hit instrumental record “Woo Hoo”.  Members: Vic Mizelle, Bobby Walke, Bill Cook, Eddie Robinson, Paul Dixon and Bill Smith.  They began while in high school as “Boo Walker and the Rockets”.  Not long after the success of “Woo Hoo” they split – none apparently continuing on in the world of rock and roll.

From Paul Payton – June 9th: More on the Rock-A-Teens: https://www.styleweekly.com/richmond/the-story-of-woo-hoo/Content?oid=1379727. The detailed chronicle of another hose job perpetrated upon a motley group of kids (and young adults) who both wanted and needed to rock out. At least they got their two-and-a-half minutes of fame, even if it took decades to get paid – well, some of them, at least. Well worth reading, in my opinion, and the comments by Boo Walke’s kids are fascinating. (By the way, that’s the correct spelling.) .

1969 – Rock Island – Project 3 4005 – “Rock Island”

Members included Mike Kennedy , Tony Curcio, B. J. Taylor, Frank Schallis and Cobb Bussinger – Bussinger, Schallis and Kennedy were later in the group “Rain”.  Kennedy was also in “Horse Power” in 1978.

1968 – The Rockets – White Whale 7116 – “The Rockets”

Members included Bobby Notkoff, Danny Whitten, George Whitsell, Leon Whitsell, Billy Talbot and Ralph Molina.

Talbot, Whitten and Molina went on to be in the group  “Crazy Horse” which backed Neil Young in the early 1970’s.

1961 – Rockin’ Rebels – Swan 509 – “Wild Weekend”

The Rockin Rebels/Rebels came out of Buffalo, New York – Original members: Jim Kipler, Mick Kipler, Tom Gorman and Paul Balon. – They added “Rockin'” to their name to avoid confusion with Duane Eddy’s “Rebels”.

1963 – The Rocky Fellers – Scepter 512 – “Killer Joe”

The Rocky Fellers formed in 1962 in California – an American-born Filipino group with brothers Tony, Junior, Eddie and Albert Maligmat along with father Doroteo Maligmat.   The song was based on Killer Joe Piro – a noted dance instructor of the Discotheque.

1964 – Rod and the Cobras – “Drag Race at Surf City”

Studio group fairly typical of the Somerset label – a label which Bill Haley and the Comets made a few appearances.

1957 – Jimmie Rodgers – Roulette R-25020 – “Jimmie Rodgers”

Jimmie Rodgers was born in September of 1933 in Camas, Washington James Frederick Rodgers – Jimmie was definitely a part of the early music teen scene although not in a rocking vein – He survived a mysterious serious head injury which has been attributed as being administered by police during a traffic incident in San Diego – This story has never been fully resolved.  Rodgers certainly looked like a bonafide rocker.

1962 – Tommy Roe (and the Roemans) – ABC Paramount ABC-432 – “Sheila”

Tommy Roe was born in May of 1942 in Atlanta, Georgia – Roe made the transition to 50’s rocker into a bubble gum mainstay in the 1960’s.  Roe was backed by “The Roemans” who released several singles on their own.

Members were Ronnie Swartzkopf, Barry Oakley, Bo Glover, Bertie Higgins, Joe Pappalardo and Lanny Langford.  The band was patterned a bit after Liverpool’s “Searchers”.

1963 – Timmie Rogers – Philips 200-088 – “If I Were President”

Timmie Rogers was born in July of 1915 in Detroit, Michigan Timothy John Anerum – comedian, band leader and song writer.  Rogers was one of the first black comics permitted to work before white audiences.  His compositions were recorded by Carmen McCrae, Sarah Vaughan, Nat King Cole and others.

1964 – The Ronettes – Philles 4006 – “Presenting the Fabulous Ronettes”

The Ronettes formed in 1959 in Spanish Harlem in New York City – Original Members were Veronica Bennett, Estelle Bennett and Nedra Talley.  They began as “The Darlings” before becoming “Ronnie and The Relatives” recording for Colpix Records – Then it was on to Phil Specter and the Big Time.  Estelle passed away on February 11th, 2009.  The Ronettes are a 2007 Inductee into the Rock Hall of Fame.

1965 – Ronnie & The Pomona Casuals – Donna 2112 – “Everybody Jerk”

Ronnie and the Pamona Casuals out of San Dimas, California were Phillip Duran, Charles Lett, Ronnie Duran, Jimmie Duran, Robert Foley, Ryan O’Brien, Jr. and Robert Arroyo.  They started off as “The Casuals” in 1963.

1964 – Ronny & The Daytonas – Mala 4001 – “G.T.O.”

Ronny and the Daytonas formed in 1964 in Nashville, Tennessee with Paul Jensen, Thomas Ramey, Lynn Williams, Lee Kraft and John Wilkin who was the “Ronny” in the group.  John also recorded with James Cason as the duo “Buzz and Bucky”.  Cason also recorded as “Garry Miles” and scored with the hit record “Look for a Star” in 1960.

1968 – Biff Rose – Tetragrammaton 103 – “The Thorn in Mrs. Rose’s Side”

Biff Rose was born in October of 1937 in New Orleans, Louisiana Paul Conrad Rose.  Rose began by writing comedy sketches for George Carlin and also for Mort Sahl’s television show and later worked with Paul Williams.

Image result for biff rose billboard

1967 – Tim Rose – Columbia 9577 – “Tim Rose”

Tim Rose was born in September of 1940 in Washington D.C. Timothy Alan Patrick Rose – He started off in a group called “The Singing Strings” with Scott McKenzie – Next he worked in the duo “Michael and Timothy” with Michael Barnes.  From there it was “The Feldmans” with Rose, Rich Husson and Jake Holmes and this group became “Tim Rose and the Thorns”.

In 1962 Rose joined up with Cass Elliot and John Brown in “The Triumvirate”.  When Rose departed James Hendricks would take his place and the group became “The Big Three”.  Rose died in England on September 24th, 2002 from a heart attack.

1961 – Rosie – Brunswick BL 754102 – “Lonely Blue Nights”

Rosie was born in July of 1945 in Klamath Falls, Oregon Rosalie Mendez Hamlin.  She penned “Angel Baby” at the age of 14.  She teamed up with “The Originals” on “Angel Baby” – Members included Noah Tafolla, David Ponce, Tony Gomez, Carl Von Goodat and Alfred Barrett.

1964 – Jackie Ross – Chess 1489 – “Full Bloom”

Jackie Ross was born in January, 1956 in St. Louis, Missouri Jaculyn Bless Ross

1967 – Rotary Connection – Cadet Concept 312 – “The Rotary Connection”

The Rotary Connection was formed in 1966 in Chicago, Illinois – Their roots were in a group called “The Proper Strangers” with Bobby Simms, Mitch Aliotta, Sidney Barnes and Ken Venegas – Next to join were Judy Hauf, Sidney Barnes and Minnie Riperton.

Minnie Riperton went onto solo fame displaying an unbelievable octave range – She was born in November of 1947 in Bronzeville (Chicago), Illinoise Minnie Julia Riperton-Rudolph.  She had started off with a group called “The Gems” at the age of 15 which became “The Studio Three” – Other names were used to record such as “The Girls Three”, and “The Starlets”.

Minnie died on July 12th of 1979 at a very young 31 years of age losing a battle to cancer.

1963 – The Routers – Warner Bros. W1490 – “Let’s Go! With the Routers”

The Routers formed in 1961 in Los Angeles, California.  The group was primarily a group of session musicians organized by Michael Gordon.  Other members were Al Kait, Lynn Frasier, Scott Engel (of the Walker Brothers) and Randy Viers.  Gordon would also start the group “The Marketts”.

1965 – Billy Joe Royal – Columbia 2403 – “Down in the Boondocks”

Billy Joe Royal was born in April of 1942 in Valdosta, Georgia – He was a friend of Joe South and thus recorded the title track composed by South as his recording career beginning.  Royal died on October 6th, 2015 peacefully in his sleep at the age of 73.

1967 – The Royal Guardsmen – Laurie 2042 – “Snoopy and His Friends”

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The Royal Playboys

Need Information

1969 – The Royal Teens – Musicor 3186 – “Newies But Oldies”

The Royal Teens formed in 1956 out of New Jersey – Original Members: Bob Gaudio, Billy Crandall, Billy Dalton and Tom Austin (Diana Lee vocals on “Short Shorts”.

Related image

1965 – The Royalettes – MGM E-4322 – I’ts Gonna Take a Miracle”

The Royalettes formed in 1962 in Baltimore, Maryland.  Members were Sheila Ross, Veronica Brown, Anita Ross and Terry Jones.

1969 – The Rubber Band – GRT 1000 – “Cream Songbook”

Need information – Likely a one-off studio project – Produced by Mike Curb and produced by Robert Fitzpatrick from the U.K.

1963 – Ruby and the Romantics – Kapp KL-1341 – “Till Then”

Ruby and the Romantics formed in 1962 from Akron, Ohio.  Original members included Ruby Nash, Leroy Fann, Ed Roberts, George Lee, and Ronald Mosley.

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1969 – David Ruffin – Motown 685 – “My Whole World Ended”

David Ruffin was born in January of 1941 in Meridian, Mississippi David Eli Ruffin – David was a member of “The Temptations”‘ classic lineup – brother of Motown singer Jimmy Ruffin. He performed early on as “Little David Bush” and also sang with “The Dixie Nightengales” and “The Soul Stirrers”.  David may have been murdered – his death coming on June 1st, 1991.

1967 – Jimmy Ruffin – Soul 133 – “Jimmy Ruffin Sings Top 10”

Jimmy Ruffin was born in May of 1936 in Collinsville, Mississippi James Lee Ruffin bother of Temptation David Ruffin.  He died on November 17th, 2014 at age 78.

1962 – The Rumblers – Downey 1001 – “Boss”

The band was also known as “Little Johnny and the Rumblers” with members Dave Allen, Adrian Lloyd, Johnny Kirkland, Bob Jones, Mike Kelishes and Wayne Matteson.  Lloyd also headed up the group “Adrian and the Sunsets”.  Allen was with “The Blazers” in the 1960’s

1968 – Merrilee Rush and the Turnabouts – Bell 6020 – “Angel of the Morning”

Merrilee Rush was born in January of 1944 in Seattle, Washington Merrilee Gunst – She fronted a group called “The Amazing Aztecs” in 1960 and then “Merrilee and Her Men”.  Next it was singing and playing keyboards with “Tiny Tony and the Statics” – Don’t know who the original Turnabouts were but over time there were a bunch of them – more than 30.

1963 – Tom Rush – Prestige 14003 – “Got a Mind to Ramble”

Tom Rush was born in February of 1941 in Portsmouth, New Hampshire – He started off as a solo act in Massachusetts and then Pennsylvania.

1969 – Kurt Russell – Capitol 492 – “Kurt Russell”

Kurt Russell was born in March of 1951 in Springfield, Massachusetts – An actor by trade – he debuted in an Elvis movie “It Happened at the World’s Fair”.

1969 – Rustix – Rare Earth 508 – “Bedlam”

Rustix were another Motown-based group forming in 1967 out of Rochester, New York – The members were Chuck Brucato, David Colon, Ron Collins, Vinnie Strenk, Bob D’Andrea and Al Galich.

1961 – Charlie Ryan – King 751 – “Hot Rod”

Charlie Ryan was born in December of 1915 in Graceville, Minnesota Charles Ryan. “Hot Rod Lincoln” was Ryan’s crowning achievement – He enjoyed a career in country music performing with Jim Reeves, Johnny Horton and others.

1959 – Bobby Rydell – Cameo 1006 – “We Got Love”

Bobby Rydell was born in April of 1942 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Robert Louis Ridarelli – He first appeared on Colorado’s Paul Whiteman TV Teen Club shown in 1950 which was followed by a Cameo Records contract.  Bobby was one of the regulars on American Bandstand – one who lived closed by the studio and who Dick Clark could summon in emergencies when a performer was needed.

Rydell appeared in this Motion Picture

1966 – Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels – New Voice Records 2002 – “Breakout….!!!”

Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels formed in 1964 in – guess where – Detroit, Michigan!  They started as “Billy Lee and the Rivieras” – Early members of the band were William Levise, Jr. (“Mitch”), Earl Elliot, Jim McCarty, Mark Manko, Joseph Kubert, Jim McCallister and Johnny Badanjek.

Mitch Ryder was born in February of 1945 in Hamtramck William S. Levise, Jr. – He has been seen very recently appearing in a TV commercial.  In 1973 Mitch moved to Colorado where he worked in a warehouse.  In addition he worked on a novel, painted and composed poetry.   He did put together a band in Colorado and worked some small venues.  He would eventually return to the State of Michigan returning to the music industry.

Mitch Ryder & Detroit Wheels – July 1966

1969 – The Sacred Mushroom – Parallax 4001 – “The Sacred Mushroom”

The Sacred Mushroom fored in 1968 in Cincinnati, Ohio with Larry Goshorn, Danny Gorsshorn, Doug Hamilton, and Fred Fogwell.

1966 – SSgt. Barry Sadler – RCA Victor 3547 – “Ballads of the Green Berets”

Barry Sadler was born in November of 1940 in Carlsbad, New Mexico Barry Allen Sadler.  He served in Vietnam in 1964 into late 1965 where he was wounded in combat.  His later life took a nose dive when he was involved in a shooting death of a country songwriter – What started off as a 4-5 year prison sentence was reduced – with Sadler finally serving less than one month.  He moved to Guatemala City, where amazingly – he was shot while sitting in a taxi in 1988.  He never recovered and died on November 5th, 1989.

1967 – Sagittarius – Columbia 9644 – “Present Tense”

Sagittarius was a late 1960’s studio group – produced by Gary Usher and Curt Boettcher.

1959 – Mort Sahl – Verve 15004 – “Mort Sahl 1960 or Look Forward In Anger”

Mort Sahl was born in May of 1927 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada – and became a stand-up comedian.

1969 – Saint Seven – Probe 4506 – “Over the Hills”

(Need Information)

1964 – Buffy Sainte-Marie – Vanguard 79142 – “It’s My Way!”

Buffy Sainte-Marie was born in February of 1941 in Saskatchewan, Canada Beverly Sainte-Marie.  She continues on today.

1962 – Kyo Sakamoto – Capitol 10348 – “Sukiyaki and Other Japanese Hits”

Kyu Sakamoto ws born in December of 1941 In Kawaski, Japan Hisashi Sakamoto.  Kyo was originally with a Japanese band “The Drifters” in 1958 – Next he joined “Danny Lida and Paradise King” then solo.  He died in a plane crash on August 12th, 1985 at the age of 43.

1969 – Soupy Sales – Motown 686 – “A Bag Of Soup”

Soupy Sales was born in January of 1926 in Franklinton, North Carolina Milton Supman – One of a handful of novelty acts he found his way onto the Motown label.  Soupy died on October 22nd, 2009 at the age of 83.

1968 – Salt Water Taffy – Buddah 5021 – “Finders Keepers”

Salt Water Taffy formed in Amityville, New York as high school students with Rod McBrien, Johnny Giametta, Phi8l Giarranano, Kathy Weinberg and Janie Brannan.  McBrien would go onto to join a group called “The Valrays”.

1968 – Salvation – ABC 623 – “Salvation”

Salvation formed in San Francisco, California first as “The New Salvation army Banned” – Members were Al Linde, Artie McLean, Art Resnick and Teddy Stewart.  The group was active in the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood of San Francisco.

1966 – Sam and Dave – Stax SD 708 – “Hold On, I’m Comin'”

Sam Moore and Dave Prater formed in 1961 in Memphis, Tennessee as the duo “Sam and Dave”.   Sam and Dave are 1992 Inductees into the Rock Hall of Fame.  Dave Prater died on April 9th, 1988.

1965 – Sam the Sham & The Pharaohs – MGM 4297 – “Wooly Bully”

Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs formed in 1961 in Arlington, Texas with Carl Miedke, Russell Fowler, Omar Lopez and Vince Lopez.  Earlier Sam had performed in a group with Trini Lopez.  Sam the Sham was born in February of 1937 in Dallas, Texas Domingo Samudio.  In later years Sam became a motivational speaker.

1967 – The San Remo Golden Strings – Gordy 923 – “Hungry For Love”

This was a group of studio musicians out of Detroit, Michigan formed in 1965 – Some members were also musicians in the “Detroit Symphony Orchestra”.  The group actually charted twice on the U.S. singles charts.

1966 – The Sandals/The Sandells – World Pacific 1818 – “Scrambler”

The Sandals formed in 1962 in San Clemente, California as “The Twangs” imitating the popular “Ventures” – They became the “Sandals” with Danny Brawner, Gaston Georis, Walter Georis, John Blakeley and David Blakely.

1966 – The Sandpipers – A&M 4117 – “Guantanamera”

The Sandpipers formed in 1966 in Los Angeles, California with Mike Piano, Richard Shoff – these two performing as “The Grads”, adding Pamela Ramicer, Jim Brady and Robie Lester.

1957 – Tommy Sands – Capitol T 848 – “Steady Date with Tommy Sands”

Tommy Sands was born in August of 1937 in Chicago, Illinois Thomas Adrian Sands – He was a Capitol Records effort to bring a young singer into the rock and roll genre.

1969 – Santana – Columbia 9781 – “Santana”

Santana formed in 1966 in San Francisco, California as “The Santana Blues Band” with Carlos Santana, Marcus Malone, Rod Harper, Gus Rodriguez and Gregg Rollie.  They got a great boost performing at Woodstock and being included in the soundtrack album.

Carlos Santana was born in July of 1947 in Mexico.  He has been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

1959 – Santo and Johnny – Canadian American CALP 1001 – “Santo & Johnny”

They were Santo Anthony and John Steven Farina out of Brooklyn, New York born In October, 1937 and April, 1941 respectively – The sibling duo were quintessential 1950’s all the way.

1069 – Larry Santos – Evolution 2002 – “Just a Man”

Larry Santos was born in June of 1941 in Oneonta, New York – He composed “Candy Girl” for the “Four Seasons” – He was in a group called “The Madisons” before going solo.

1969 – Sapodilla Punch – Philips 600-312 – “Steel Soul”

Need Information

1964 – The Sapphires – Swan 513 – “Who Do You Love”

The Sapphires formed in 1963 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – Members included Thom Bell, Bobby Eli, Joe Macho and Bobby Martin.

1969 – Satan & Deciples – Goldband 7750 – “Underground”

Purportedly Freddy Fender is a member of this group. Don’t know if he was Satan or just a disciple.

1969 – Satan’s Four – B.T. Puppy 1010 – “Mixed Soul”

Need Information

1969 – Savage Grace – Reprise 6399 – “Savage Grace”

Savage Grace formed in 1968 in Detroit, Michigan – The band’s roots are in “The Scarlet Letter” which included Al Jacquez, Ron Koss, Larry Zoack and John Seanor as original members.

1968 – The Savage Resurrection – Mercury 61156 – “The Savage Resurrection”

The Savage Resurrection formed in 1967 in Richmond, California – in the San Francisco Bay area – Members were Randy Hammon, Bill Harper, John Palmer, Steve Lage (deceased) and Jeff Myer.  Hammon’s cousin was Paul Whaley from “Blue Cheer”.

1967 – The Sky Saxon Blues Band – GNP Crescendo 2040 – “A Full Spoon of Seedy Blues”

The Sky Saxon Blues Band was in fact “The Seeds” with Buck Reeder, Daryl Hooper, Rick Andridge and Sky Saxon. (See the Seeds listing)

1969 – Scorpion – Tower 5171 – “Scorpion”

Scorpion was a band out of Detroit, Michigan forming in the late 1960’s with Andrew Smith, Mike Campbell, Ray Monette and Bob Babbitt.

1963 – Freddie Scott – Colpix 461 – “Freddie Scott Sings”

Freddie Scott was born in April of 1933 in Providence, Rhode Island  – He died on June 4th, 2007

1958 – Jack Scott – Carlton 12/107 – “Jack Scott”

Jack Scott was born in January of 1936 in Windsor, Canada Giovanni Domenico Scafone, Jr.  Jack moved to Hazel Park, Michigan at the age of 10 and first performed with “The Southern Drifters” then going solo in 1957. He has been inducted in the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame (2011).

1961 – Linda Scott – Canadian American 1005 – “Starlight, Starbright”

Linda Scott was born in June of 1945 in New York City Linda Joy Sampson – Her career was jump started by winning a regular spot on Arthur Godfrey’s radio show in 1959 before being signed to “Canadian American” records.


1958 – Jack Scott – Carlton STLP 12/107 – “Jack Scott

Jack Scott was born in January of 1936 in Windsor, Ontario Canada Giovanni Domenico Scafone, Jr. – As a teenager he fronted “The Southern Teenagers”.

1961 – Linda Scott – Canadian American SCALP 1005 – “Starlight, Starbright”

Linda Scott was born on June 1st, 1945 in New York City Linda Joy Sampson – She first came to the attention of record labels via her 1959 successful debut on the Arthur Godfrey show. She penned her hit “Don’t Bet Money Honey”.

1969 – Peggy Scott & Jo Jo Benson – SSS International SSS 1 – “Soulshake”

Peggy Scott and Jo Jo Benson formed in the late 1960’s – Peggy was born in June of 1948 in Pensacola, Florida – Jo Jo Benson was born in April of 1938 in Phenix City, Alabama – He died on December 23rd, 2014.

1967 – Walter Scott – Musicland 3502 – “Great Scott”

Walter Scott was born in February of 1943 in St. Louis, Missouri – Scott was the lead singer for “Bob Kuban and the In-Men” out of St. Louis – He left that band early on and planned a reunion with Kuban in the early 1980’s – however he disappeared and was found a few years later dead from a gunshot wound.  Lots of mystery surrounded this incident and a TV edition of the “Forensic Files” featured the story.

1963 – The Scramblers – Crown 5384 – “Cycle Psychos”

Here we go with the old “Wrecking Crew” once again with Jerry Cole and most likely (according to “The Illustrated Discography of Hot Rod Music” Plas Johnson, Ray Pohlman, Steve Douglas and Don Dexter.  “The Scramblers” released two addition LP’s on budget labels – Wyncote and Diplomat.

1966 – Johnny Sea – Warner Bros. 1659 – “Day For Decision”

Johnny Sea was born in July of 1940 in Gulfport, Mississippi John Allan Seay, Jr.  He started what would generally be a country music career when he finished in first place in a talent contest in 1957 beating out Bill Anderson.  During the early days of protest music – Sea’s “Day For Decision” represented the patriotic side of things.  Sea had 11 country hits and two of them reached the Billboard Pop Charts.

1969 – Seals and Crofts – T.A. 5001 – “Seals and Crofts”

Seals and Crofts formed as a duo in 1969 – James Seals was born in October of 1941 and Darrell Crofts was born in August of 1938 both in the state of Texas.  Seals was in a group called “Dean Bard and the Crew Cats” and then Crofts would also join.  The two moved on to Los Angeles with Beard – all three joining up with “The Champs” post “Tequilla”.

1969 – The Search Party – Century 32013 – “Montgomery Chapel”

The Search Party was Jim Carvallo, Rev. Nicholas Freund, Tim King, Pete Apps and Joanie Goff.  This LP lists for $2,000 in the Goldmine Guide and lo and behold the record does actually sell in the four figure range – highest one I found was $2,150!

1969 – Seatrain – A&M 4171 – “Sea Train”

Seatrain formed in 1968 in Marin County, California with Roy Blumenfeld (“Blues Project”), Jim Roberts, John Gregory (“Mystery Trend”), John Gregory (“Jim Kweskin Jug Band”), Richard Greene and Don Kretmar.

1968 – The Second Time – Tower 5146 – “Listen to the Music”

Need images and information on this band – Harold and Michael Bishop were both members.  Both became members of “The Street Boys” in the 1970’s.

1959 – Neil Sedaka – RCA Victor LSP 2035 – “Neil Sedaka”

Neil Sedaka was born in March of 1939 in Brooklyn, New York  – Neil was an original member of “The Tokens” before they enjoyed chart success.

1963 – Neil Sedaka & The Tokens – Guest Star 1448 – “Neil Sedaka and the Tokens”

Sedaka was with the early version of “The Tokens” in 1956 – all being classmates at Abraham Lincoln High School in New York.  He went out on his own in 1957 writing songs in the “Brill” building and recording.

1953 – Pete Seeger – Stinson 57 – “A Pete Seeger Concert: Folk Songs and Ballads”

Pete Seeger was born in May of 1919 in Patterson, New York Peter Seeger.  As a proper folk singer – Pete hooked up with the American Communists for a time – He was called before the House Un-Americans Activities Committee usually attributed to Joe McCarthy but in reality having nothing to do with Joe (His investigations and ‘witch hunts” focused only of federal employees – of which he did locate over 70 who were passing sensitive information to the Soviet Union.

Seeger was a member of the Weavers folk group – I remember listening to my mother sing some of the early Weaver songs thinking how old fashioned they did seem.  And they were )”Good Night Irene”, “Tzena, Tzena, Tzena “, “On Top of Old Smokey” and “Song Long, It’s Been Good to Know You” – some heavy stuff.

Pete passed away on January 27th, 2014 at the age of 94.

1968 – The Bob Seger System – Capitol 172 – “Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man”

The Bob Seger System formed in 1961 in Detroit, Michigan first as “Bob Seger and the Last Heard”.  His first band was “The Decibels” while he was in high school.  Next was “The Town Criers” – His third effort was as a member of “Doug Brown and The Omens” – Finally in 1968 her formed “The Bob Seger System with Seger, Bob Schultz, Carl Lagassa, Pep Perrine and Dan Honaker.

1963 – The Sensations – Argo LP 4022 – “Let Me In/Music, Music, Music”

The Sensations formed in 1954 as “The Cavaliers” out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Original members were Alphonso Howell, Yvonne Mills Baker, Richard Curtain and Sam Armstrong.

1963 – The Sentinals – Del-Fi 1232 – “Big Surf!”

The Sentinals were produced by Del-Fi record owner Bob Keene – Members included Kenny Hinkle and John Barbata.

1967 – The Serpent Power – Vanguard 79252 – “The Serpent Power”

The Serpent Power formed in 1968 in San Francisco with Tina and David Meltzer, David Stenson, John Payne, Clark Coolidge, and Denny Ellis – Stenson and Ellis both came from “The Grass Roots”.

1962 – The Seven Blends – Roulette 25172 – “Twistin’ At the Miami Beach Peppermint Lounge”

Need Information

1968 – The Seventh Sons – ESP Disk 1078 – “Raga (4 A.M. at Frank’s)”

This group was headed up by Pittsburgh’s Buzzy Linhart (William Linhart) who was born in 1943.  Other members of the group out of New York City were  Steve De Naut, Serge Katzen and Max Ochs.

1958 – David Seville & His Friends – Liberty LRP 3092 – “The Witch Doctor”

David Seville was born in January of 1919 in Fresno, California Rostom Sipan Bagdasarian of Armenian parents.  He died on January 16th, 1971.  The Witch Doctor preceded his immensely popular “Chipmunks” which brought him and his son to follow lasting fame.

1963 – Alec Seward – Prestige Bluesville 1076 – “The Blues of Alec Seward – Creepin’ Blues”

Alec Seward was born in March of 1901 in Charles City County, Virginia Alexander T. Seward and died on May 11, 1972 at the age of 71.  Seward went under many names including Blues Servant Boy, King Blues, Guitar Slim, Duke Bayou and Georgia Slim.  He performed as part of “The Blues Servant Boys”, and “The Back Porch Boys”.

1969 – Sha-Na-Na – Kama Sutra 2010 – “Rock & Roll Is Here to Stay”

Sha-Na-Na formed in 1969 at Columbia University in New York City.  They were members of a Columbia a Cappella group called “The Kingsmen”.  They performed at Woodstock appearing just ahead of Jimi Hendrix.  Original members included George Leonard, Alan Cooper, Rob Leonard, Frederick Greene, Henry Gross, Jocko Marcellino, Joe Witkin, Scott Powell, Donald York, Elliot Cahn, Rich Joffe, Dave Garrett and Bruce Clarke.  The old paychecks probably weren’t very thick in the beginning.

Gross later recorded a hit single “Shannon”.

1966 – The Shades of Blue – Impact 101 – “Happiness Is The Shades of Blue”

The Shades of Blue formed in high school as “The Domingos” in Livonia, Michigan  in 1965. – Members were Nick Marinelli, Ernie Dernai, Linda Allen and Bob Kerr.  Their hit single “Oh How Happy” was composed by Motown musician Edwin Starr.

1969 – The Shades of Joy – Fontana 67592 – “Shades of Joy”

The Shades of Joy were Eddie Adams, Joachim Young, Jackie King, Martin Fierro and Roger Troy.  Fierro was also a member of “Legion of Mary”, “Mother Earth” and “Zero”.

1966 – The Shadows of Knight – Dunwich S 667 – “Back Door Men”

The Shadows of Knight formed in 1965 in Chicago, Illinois – Members included Warren Rogers, Roger Spielman, Norm Gotsch, Wayne Pursell, Tom Schiffor and Jim Sohns.  They began simply enough at “The Shadows” – The original members were all from Prospect High School located in Mt. Prospect, Illinois.

1965 – The Shangri Las – Red Bird 101 – “Leader of the Pack”

The Shangri-Las formed in New York City in 1963 becoming the quintessential ‘girl group’ – Members were Mary Weis, Elizabeth Weis, Marquerite Ganser and Mary Ann Ganser. Mary Ann Ganser died of a drug overdose on March 15th, 1970.  Her twin sister Marge Ganser died from cancer on July 28th, 1996.

1961 – Del Shannon – Big Top 12-1303 – “Runaway with Del Shannon”

Del Shannon was born in December of 1934 in Grand Rapids, Michigan Charles Weedon Westover – He died on February 8th, 1990 – taking his own life.

1963 – Ralph Sharon – Gordy – “Modern Innovations on Country & Western Themes”

Seems that Berry Gordy Jr. was up for about anything – and so Ralph Sharon on the Gordy label.  Ralph Sharon was born in September of 1923 in London.  He died on March 31st, 2015 at age 91 in Boulder, Colorado.  He had earlier retired in Boulder and performed in the Colorado Front Range at “The Dazzle Restaurant & Lounge” as well as other venues.

1962 – Dee Sharp – Cameo 1018 – “It’s Mashed Potato Time”

Dee Dee Sharp was born in September of 1945 in Philadelphia, Pennyslvania

1960 – Ray Sharpe – Award – “Welcome Back/Linda Lou”

Ray Sharpe was born in February of 1938 in Fort Worth, Texas Edward Ray Sharpe – He started off with his own group “Ray Sharpe and the Blues Whalers” – “Linda Lou” was produced by Lee Hazelwood and featured Duane Eddy on guitar.

1968 – William Shatner – Decca 75043 – “The Transformed Man”

William Shatner was born in March of 1931 in Montreal, Quebec  – Captain James T. Kirk forever!

1967 – Marlena Shaw – Cadet 803 – “Out of Different Bags”

Marlena Shaw was born in September of 1942 in New Rochelle, New York Marlina Burgess.

1962 – The Shells – Josie JOZ 4001 – “The Dubs Meet the Shells”

The Shells formed in 1956 out of Brooklyn, New York: Members included Nate Bouknight, Randy Alston, Bobby Nurse, Danny Small, Gus Geter and Alphonse Merkman.

1961 – Roscoe Shelton – Excello LP 8002 – “Roscoe Shelton Sings”

Roscoe Shelton was born in August of 1931 in Lynchburg, Tennessee – He died on July 27th, 2002.  He had been a member of “The Fairfield Four” a gospel group.

1962 – Shep & The Limelites – Hull LP 1001 – “Our Anniversary”

Shep and the Limelites formed in 1960 in Queens, New York.  Members included James Sheppard, Clarence Bassett and Charles Baskerville.

1964 – The Sheppards – Constellation 4 – “Collectors Showcase Vol. IV”

The Sheppards formed in Chicago, Illinois with Kermit Chandler, Millard Edwards, O.C. Perkins and Murrie Eskridge among the early members.

1962 – Allan Sherman – Warner Bros. 1475 – “My Son, The Folk Singer”

Allan Sherman was born in November of 1924 in Chicago, Illinois Allan Copelan – The comic died on November 20th, 1963 at the age of 48 of diabetes.

1969 – Bobby Sherman – Metromedia 1014 – “Bobby Sherman”

Bobby Sherman was born in July of 1943 in Santa Monica, California Robert Cabot Sherman, Jr.  His first couple of songs were composed by Sal Mineo – He kicked off an acting career with his role as “Jeremy Bolt” on “Here Comes the Brides” in 1968.

1962 – The Sherrys – Guyden 503 – “At The Hop with The Sherrys”

The Sherrys formed in 1961 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with Delphine and Dinell Cook and cousin Charlotte Butler.  The Cook’s father was Little Joe Cook who was lead singer for “The Thrillers”.  Little Joe had a hit called “Peanuts”.  Composer/singer Johnny Madara wrote several songs for The Sherrys.

1961 – The Shirelles – Scepter SLP 5002 – “The Shirelles Sing To Trumpets and Strings”

The Shirelles formed in 1957 out of Passaic, New Jersey and were one of the earliest and most successful ‘girl groups’.  Members were Shirley Owens, Doris Coley, Addie Harris and Beverly Lee.  Coley died on February 4th, 2000.  The Shirelles are a 1996 Inductee into the Rock Hall of Fame.

1956 – Shirley & Lee – Aladdin LP-807 – “Let The Good Times Roll”

Shirley and Lee were Shirley Lee Goodman who was born in June of 1936 in New Orleans, and Lee Goodman (Leonard Lee) who was born in June of 1935 also in New Orleans.  Shirley died on July 5th, 2005 and Lee died on October 23rd, 1975.

1962 – Troy Shondell – Everest – “The Many Sides of Troy Shondell” & 1967 – Sunset – “This Time”

Troy Shondell was born in May of 1939 in Fort Wayne, Indiana Gary Wayne Schelton and died on January 7th, 2016.

1966 – The Sidekicks – RCA Victor 3712 – “Fifi the Flea”

The Sidekicks were from Wildwood, New Jersey forming in 1964 – Member John Spirit had sang with “The Ran-Dells” and composed their hit “The Martian Hop”.  He was joined by Zach Bochelle, Randy Bochelle and Mike Burke.

1967 – Bunny Sigler – Parkway 50,000 – “Let the Good Times Roll & (Feel So Good)”

Bunny Sigler was born in March of 1941 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Walter Sigler.  Since the LP Sigler worked with many Philadelphia musicians such as the “O’Jays”, Jackie Moore, Harlold Melvin and the Blue Notes and more.

1959 – The Signatures – Warner Bros. 1250 – “The Signatures Sign In”

Need Information

1968 – The Silhouettes – Goodway GLP 100 “Get a Job”

The Silhouettes formed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1956 – Original Members were Richard Lewis, Bill Horton, Earl Beal, Raymond Edwards and John Wilson – All but Beal have passed away.  The group started as “The Thunderbirds”.

1964 – The Silly Surfers – Mercury 20977 – “The Sounds of the Silly Surfers”

The Silly Surfers from California included Gary Usher on vocals, Richard Burns, Chuck Girard, Randy Thomas, Joe Kelly and Sharky Richards.  Jerry Cole and Richie Polodor joined Usher on vocals.

1968 – Silver Apples – Kapp 3562 – “Silver Apples”

The Silver Apples were a duo of Simeon Oliver Coxe III  and Danny Taylor.  They formed in 1967 in New York City.

1962 – Shel Silverstein – Atlantic 8072 – “Inside Folk Songs”

Shel Silverstein was born in September of 1930 in Chicago, Illinois Sheldon Allan Silverstein.  He transcended the art form – poet, writer, composer – his songs included “The Unicorn” (Irish Rovers), “A Boy Named Sue” (Johnny Cash), “Sylvia’s Mother”, “Queen of the Silver Dollar”  & “The Cover of the Rolling Stone” (Dr. Hook & the Medicine Show), “Daddy What If” (Bobby Bare) and many more.

Silverstein passed away on May 10th, 1999 at the age of 68.

1964 – Jumpin’ Gene Simmons – Hi – “Haunted House”

Jumpin’ Gene Simmons was born in August of 1949 in Tirat Camel Israel

1966 – Joe Simon – Sound Stage 7 – “Simon Pure Soul”

Joe Simon was born in September of 1943 in Simmesport, Louisiana – He first sang with “The Golden West Gospel Singers” and then joined the “Golden Tones” and then signed to Vee Jay Records to begin his solo career in 1964.

1964 – Simon & Garfunkle – Columbia 2249 – “Wednesday Morning, 3 A.M.”

Simon and Garfunkle formed in 1957 in Queens, New York first performing as “Tom and Jerry” and then they split up.  They got back together in 1963.  Paul Simon was born in October of 1941 in Newark, New Jersey Paul Frederic Simon.  Art Garfunkle was born in November of 1941 in Queens, New York Arthur Ira Garfunkle.

1965 – The Simon Sisters – Kapp 1359 – “Lucy & Carly”

The Simon Sisters were a folk duo – real sisters from Provincetown, Massachusetts first performing in 1964.  Their parents were the famous book publishers Richard and Andrea Simon of “Simon & Schuster, Inc.”

1967 – Frank Sinatra – Reprise 1025 – “Frank Sinatra’s Greatest Hits”

Frank Sinatra was very much part of the Rock and Roll era – especially during his own label’s run – “Reprise Records”.

1966 – Nancy Sinatra – Reprise 6202 – “Boots”

Nancy Sinatra was born in June of 1940 in Jersey City, New Jersey Nancy Sandra Sinatra.

1964 – The Singing Nun – Philips 203 – “Soeur Sourire”

The Singing Nun was born in October of 1933 in Brussels, Belgium Jeanne-Paule Marie – Her life didn’t run smooth after the monster international success of “Dominique”.  She ended her own life on March 29th, 1985 at the age of 51.

1966 – The Sir Douglas Quintent – Tribe 37001 – “The Best of Sir Douglas Quintet”

The Sir Douglas Quintet formed in 1964 in San Antonio, Texas headed up by the late Doug Sahm – Band mates included organ player Augie Meyers, Jack Barber, Frank Morin and Johnny Perez.

1969 – Sir Lord Baltimore – Mercury 61328 – “Kingdom Come”

Sir Lord Baltimore formed in 1968 in Brooklyn, New York with John Gamer, Louis Dambra, and Gary Justin.

1967 – Skip and the Creations – Justice 152 – “MOBAM”

Skip and the Creations formed in the mid 1960’s in Virginia – Members (only still remembered by first name on the LP) were Skip, Rick, Tommy, Jeffrey, Brute and Walter.

1969 – Sky – RCA Victor 4457 – “Don’t Hold Back”

Sky was Doug Fieger, Rob Stawinski and John Coury  – Doug Fieger was also in “The Knack” (1960’s group) and “The Sunset Bombers”

1959 – The Skyliners – Calico – “The Skyliners”

The Skyliners formed in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1958.  Original members were Janet Vogel, Wally Lester, Jackie Taylor, Joe Verscharen and lead singer Jimmy Beaumont.  The group started off while in high school and co-composed the classic hits “Since I Don’t Have You”, “This I Swear” and “It Happened Today”.  Janet Vogel took her life in 1980.

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