From the Land of Band Box Records

The Roots of Rock and Roll
on Long Play in the U.S. – SL thru Z Artists

Earliest long plays selected when possible to obtain images from these iconic founders from the world of Rock ‘n Roll.

1966 – Percy Sledge – Atlantic 8125 – “When A Man Loves A Woman”

Percy Sledge was born in November of 1940 in Leighton, Arkansas Percy Tyrone Sledge.  He died on April 14th, 2015.  Percy Sledge is a 2005 Inductee into the Rock Hall of Fame.

1965 – P.F. Sloan – Dunhill 50004 – “Songs of Our Times”

P.F. Sloan was born in November of 1945 in New York City Philip Gary Schlein.   Sloan moved to Los Angeles and teamed up with Steve Barri recording together as “Philip and Stephan”, “The Rally Packs”, “The Wildcats”, “The Street Cleaners”, “The Themes” and more.  The duo would work closely with Jan and Dean providing production support, vocals  and more.

Sloan was a listed composer or co-composer on many hits including “Secret Agent Man”, “A Must to Avoid”, “You Baby”, “Let It Be”, “The Eve of Destruction”, “Take Me For What I’m Worth”, “Summer Means Fun”, “One Piece Topless Bathing Suit”, “Where Were You When I Needed You” as well as hitting it with his own “The Sins of a Family”.

And to top it off Barri and Sloan were also the surf group “The Fantastic Baggys”.

P.F. Sloan died on November 15th, 2015 at the age of 70 of cancer.

1967 – Sly and the Family Stone – Epic 26324 – “A Whole New Thing”

Sly and the Family Stone formed in 1966 in San Francisco headed up by Sly Stone – Sly was born in Texas and his family made it’s way to California where he – as a teen – was in a group called “The Viscaynes”.  In 1964 he became a disc jockey in San Francisco before forming “Sly and the Stoners” – Next the group became “The Sly Brothers and Sisters” before the final name change.

Members were Jerry Martini, Sly Stone, Freddie Stone, Cynthia Robinson, Rose Tone and Larry Graham.

1969 – Smith – ABC/Dunhill 50056 – “A Group Called Smith”

Smith was formed in 1969 in Los Angeles, California initially called “The Smiths” – Members included Gayle McCormick, Rich Cliburn, Jerry Carter, Robert Evans, John Horrigan, Larry Moss and John Horrigan.  McCormick began her career in “The Klassmen” in 1967.

1959 – Huey Piano Smith & The Clowns – Ace LP 1004 – “Having A Good Time”

Huey Piano Smith was born in January, 1934 in New Orleans, Louisiana Huey Pierce Smith – Smith started off as a member of Little Richard’s band and played as a session musician with Lloyd Price and Smiley Lewis to name a few.  Bobby Marchan was a member of Smith’s group “The Clowns”.

1967 – O.C. Smith – Columbia 9514 – “The Dynamic O.C. Smith Recorded Live”

O.C. Smith was born in June of 1932 in Mansfield, Louisiana Ocie Lee Smith.  O.C. worked as a vocalist with Count Basie from 1961 until 1965.  He died on November 23rd, of 2001 at the age of 69.

Image result for o.c. smith billboard

1960 – Ray Smith – Judd 75-002 – “Travelin’ with Ray”

Ray Smith was born in October of 1934 in Melber, Kentucky – Smith took his own life on November 29th, 1979 – Ray Smith was yet another rockabilly artist who recorded for the Sun Record label.

Robert Curtis Smith – Prestige 1064 – “Clarksdale Blues”

Robert Curtis Smith was born in February of 1930 in Cruger, Mississippi  – He was a member of Willie Dixon’s backing band.  He died on November 10th, 2010 at the age of 80.

1960 – Roger Smith – Warner Bros. 1305 – “Beach Romance”

Roger Smith was born in December of 1932 in South Gate, California Roger LaVerne Smith.  An actor, Smith made his mark on Jeff Spencer on “77 Sunset Strip”.  He died on June 4th, 2017 from Parkinson’s.

1960 – Warren Smith – Liberty LRP 3199 – “The First Country Collection of Warren Smith”

Warren Smith was born in February of 1932 in Humprheys County, Mississippi – He died on January 30th, 1980.  His popular rocker “Rock and Roll Ruby” was recorded at the famed Sun Records studios.  That session was backed by “The Snearly Ranch Boys”.

1968 – The Smoke – Sidewalk 5912 – “The Smoke”

The Smoke were a group formed in 1968 as a studio project with members Steve Baim, Michael Lloyd and Stan Ayeroof.  Lloyd was with many groups including “The West Coast Pop Experimental Band” which included musicians from Colorado among them Robert Yeazel, brothers Danny and Shaun Harris and extraordinary guitarist Ron Morgan.

Stan Ayeroff was with “Snapdaddys”.

1968 – Smoke – UNI 73052 – “Carry On Your Idea”

Smoke was Ed Beyer, Johnny Wilde, Phil Parker, Earl Finn, John Orvis and Richard Floyd.

1969 – Smokestack Lightnin’ – Bell 6026 – “Off the Wall”

Smokestack Lightnin’ was formed in 1968 in Hollywood, California – a regular act at “The Whiskey A-Go-Go” – Members were Ronnie Darling, Ric Eislering, Art Guy, Howard Newhouse and Kelly Green.  Green was also with “Frijid Pink” and Art Guy with “The New Dimensions”.

1962 – The Smothers Brothers – Mercury 60675 – “The Two Sides of the Smothers Brothers”

The Smothers brothers – Thomas and Richard formed in the late 1950’s rising through the folk and comedy clubs to a loft national television program with high ratings.  The Smothers resisted network censorship efforts and the show was terminated in April of 1969 despite it’s popularity.  Would not happen today…..

The Doors – On The Smother’s Brothers 1968

1962 – Joanie Sommers – Warner Bros. 1470 – “Johnny Get Angry”

Joanie Sommers was born in February of 1941 in Buffalo, New York Joan Drost.  She had a vibrant career and “Johnny Get Angry” was a definite shot at the “girl group” genre and a successful one at that.  She would also become known as “The Pepsi Girl” singing their commercial “For Those Who Think Young”.

1965 – The Sonics – Etiquette 24 – “Here Are the Sonics!!!”

The Sonics formed in 1960 in Tacoma, Washington with Larry Parypa, Mitch Jaber, Stuart Turner and sometimes Jerry Parypa.  Rich Koch from the Wailers took over for Turner when he went into the army.  They added a vocalist early on – Marilyn Lodge.

1967 – Sonny – Atco 33-229 – “Inner-Views”

1965 – Sonny & Cher – Reprise R-6177 – “Baby Don’t Go”

Sonny & Cher formed out of Los Angeles in 1964 – Cher was born in May of 1946 in El Centro, California Cherilyn Sarkisian.  Sonny Bono was born in February of 1935 and died on January 5th, 1998 as a result of a skiing accident in Lake Tahoe.

1963 – Sonny & The Demons – United Artists 3316 – “Drag Kings”

Yet another studio session!

1963 – Sonny & The Eagles – United Artists 3311 – “Everybody Monkey”

Probably studio musicians

1969 – The Sons of Champlin – Capitol 200 – “Loosen Up Naturally”

The Sons of Champlin formed in 1965 in San Francisco started by Bill Champlin from the “Opposite Six” in Mill Valley, Terry Haggerty, Tim Cain, John Prosser and Jim Meyers.

1967 – The Sopwith Camel – Kama Sutra 8060 – “The Sopwith Camel”

The Sopwith Camel formed out of San Francisco in 1965 with Peter Kraemer, Terry MacNeil, William Sievers, Martin Beard and Norman Mayell.  They had the distinction of being the first of the San Fran bands to chart with “Hello, Hello” reaching number 26 in early 1967.  The band was only able to survive for six months.

1963 – Jimmy Soul – SPQR E 16001 – “If You Wanna Be Happy”

Jimmy Soul was born in August of 1942 in Weldon, North Carolina James Louis McCleese – He died on June 25th, 1988. – He recorded two charting records “If You Wanna Be Happy” and “Twistin’ Matilda” both which originally were intended for singer Gary U.S. Bonds.

1967 – The Soul Finders – RCA Camden 2170 – “Sweet Soul Music”

Probably a studio group – Need Information.

1964 – The Soul Sisters – Sue 1022 – “I Can’t Stand It”

The Soul Sisters were not sisters and were Thresia Cleveland and Ann Gissendanner from New York City.

1968 – The Soul Society – Dot 3842 – “Satisfaction From the Soul Society”

Need Information

1967 – The Soul Survivors – Crimson 502 – “When the Whistle Blows Anything Goes”

The Soul Survivors formed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1969 with Kenny Jeremiah, Charlie Ingui and Richie Ingui.  The group was first known as “The Dedications” in 1962.

1967 – The Sounds of Our Times – Capitol 2817 – “Music of the Flower Children”

Studio Group?  Most likely….

1965 – Sounds Orchestral – Parkway 7046 – “Cast Your Fate to the Wind”

Sounds Orchestral formed in 1964 via the efforts of two Brtis, John Schneider and Johnny Pearson.  Some other members were Tony Reeves (later with Curved Air), Kenny Clare and Peter McGurk.

1958 – The Spaniels – Vee Jay 1002 – “Goodnite, It’s Time to Go”

The Spaniels formed in 1952 in Gary Indiana first appearing as “Pookie Hudson & The Hudsonaires” soon becoming “The Spaniels”.  Original members were Tornton James Hudson, Ernest Warren, Willie Jackson, Opal Courtney, Jr., and Gerald Gregory.  – All five members are now deceased.

1967 – Spanky & Our Gang – Mercury 61161 – “Like to Get to Know You”

Spanky and Our Gang were formed in 1966 in Bloomington, Illinois with Elaine McFarlane, Malcolm Hale (deceased 1968), Nigel Pickering (deceased), Malcolm Hale, John Seller, Kenny Hodges, Lefty Baker and Jim Scherz.  Spanky spent a short time with “The New Mamas and Papas” after Cass Elliot’s passing.


1965 – The Spats – ABC 502 – “Cookin’ With the Spats”

The Spats formed in California in the mid 1960’s with Bud Johnson, Dick Johnson, Mike Suisona, Chuck Showalter, Mike Sulsona, Myron Carpino and Doug Rhodes.

1964 – Ronnie Speeks & The El Rods – Fraternity LP 1015 – “Specially For You”

Ronnie Speeks and the El Rods formed in 1960 from Knoxville, Tennessee – Members include Rick Walker, Dave Sandusky and Bobby Davis.

1961 – The Spiders – Imperial LP 9140 – “I Didn’t Wanna Do It”

The Spiders formed in New Orleans, Louisiana originally as a gospel group “The Zion City Harmonizers” and then “The Southernaires” before becoming “The Spiders” in 1953.  Original members were Joe Maxon, Matthew West, Howard Carbo and Chuck Carbo.

1966 – The Spinners – Motown 639 – “The Original Spinners”

The Spinners formed in 1954 in Detroit, Michigan – The roots of the original Spinners were Billy Henderson, Henry Fambrough, Pervis Jackson. C.P. Spencer and James Edwards who were first called “The Domingoes”.  Vocalist Bobby Smith would join soon and would be the voice known on the group’s Atlantic Records hits.

1963 – The Spinners – Time 52092 – “Party – My Pad! After Surfin'”

The band on this LP was more in the vein of “big band” music, members unknown.

1969 – The Spiral Staircase – Columbia 9852 – “More Today Than Yesterday”

The Spiral Staircase formed in 1964 in Sacramento, California – they started off as “The Fydallions” – Members were Dick Lopes, Bobby Raymond, Harvey Kaye, Gene Austin, Vinny Parello, Mark Barrett and Al Sebay – They were discovered by Gary Usher.

1968 – Spirit – Ode 44014 – “The Family That Plays Together”

Spirit formed in 1967 in Los Angeles, California with original members Mark Andes, Randy California, Jay Ferguson, Ed Cassidy and John Locke.

1969 – Spirits & Worm – A&M 4229 – “Spirits & Worm”

Spirits and Worm was Adrianne Maurici, Alfred Scotti, Tommy Paris, Carlos Hernandez and Artie Hicks.  Tommy Paris would later go on to join “Britny Fox” in the 70’s.

1965 – The Spokesmen – Decca 4712 – “The Dawn of Correction”

The Spokesmen formed in 1965 with John Madara, David White and Ray Gilmore.  White was formerly with “Danny and the Juniors”  and was co-composer – along with Madara – and Danny White of “At the Hop” – and he also composed their follow-up “Rock and Roll is Here to Stay”.

Together they wrote their Spokesmen hit “The Dawn of Correction” and they team up on Lesley Gore’s “You Don’t Own Me”, Len Barry’s “1-2-3”, Chubby Checker’s “The Fly”, The Orlons’ and the Sherrys’ “Pop Pop Pop-Pie”, The Secrets’ “The Boy Next Door” and a score more!

1968 – Springfield Rifle – Burdette 5159 – “Springfield Rifle”

Members of the Springfield Rifle include Jeff Afdem, Terry Afdem and Harry Wilson.

1968 – Spur – Cinema International 1500 – “Of the Moment”

Spur formed out of Belleville, Illinois in the mid 1960’s – first called “The Unknowns” – Members included Jimmy Fey, Gary Maxwell (deceased), Ed Jenny, Rick Willard. Ed Kaletic (deceased), Stan Bratzski and Larry Wilson.

1968 – SRC – Capitol 2991 – “SRC”

SRC formed in 1966 out of Detroit, Michigan – The band members were Scott Richardson from “The Chosen Few”, Glenn Quackenbush, Gary Quackenbush and E. E. Clawson all from “The Fugitives” in Detroit.  A Brit, Robin Dale was the bass player.

1968 – St. Anthony’s Fyre – Zonk – “St. Anthony’s Fyre”

St. Anthony’s Fire formed in Trenton, New Jersey. Members included Bob Sharples, John Whitesel (deceased) and Tom Nardill. – Members had been with various New Jersey bands included “The Statics”, “The Orange Invasion”, “The Tins” and “The Dive Bombers to name a few.

Image result for st anthony's fire zonk long play

1964 – Terry Stafford – Crusader CLP 1001 – “Suspicion”

Terry Stafford was born in November of 1941 in Hollis, Oklahoma Terry LaVerne Stafford – He died on March 17th, 1996.  My wife obtained his signature on his long play in the late 1960’s near KIMN radio studios at an autograph session

1964 – The Standells – Liberty 3384 – “In Person at P.J.s”

The Standells formed in 1962 in Los Angeles, California with original members Larry Tamblyn (brother of Russ Tamblyn), Tony Valentino, Jody Rich and Benny King.  Other noted musicians who passed through the group were Dick Dodd , Dewey Martin later with Buffalo Springfield, Lowell George and Gary Leeds who went onto “Walker Brothers” fame.

1962 – The Staple Singers – Vee Jay VJLP 5019 – “The Best of The Staple Singers”

The Staple singers morphed into a soul group gradually from a gospel format – They first formed in 1948 with Roebuck Staples, Cleotha Staples, Pervis Staples and Mavis Staples out of Chicago, Illinois.  Roebuck and Cleotha have both since died.  The Staples Singers are a 1999 Inductee into the Rock Hall of Fame.

1965 – The Starfires – La Brea 4001 – “Teenbeat A-Go-Go”

The Starfires were Dave Anderson, Freddie Fields, Chuck Butler, Jack Emerick and Sonny Lathrop – a band out of Los Angeles, California –  Sonny Lathrop went to “The Sweet Marie” in 1970 releasing an LP on the Yard Bird label in the U.S.

1968 – Edwin Starr – Gordy 931 – “Soul Master”

Edwin Starr was born in January of 1942 in Nashville, Tennessee Charles Edwin Hatcher – He died on April 2nd, 2003 at the age of 61.

1969 – Edwin Starr and Blinky – Gordy 945 – “Just We Two”

Blinky was born in May of 1944 in Los Angeles, California Sondra Williams. She had been a member of “The Cogic Singers” a group that included Andraw Crouch, Billy Preston and Edna Wright of “The Honeycone”.

1967 – The Status Cymbal – RCA Victor 3993 – “In the Morning”

The members were Bryon Warner, Tom Porter and Florence Warner.

1969 – Steam – Mercury 61254 – “Steam”

Steam formed in New York City in 1969 and the group was a studio assembly of David Chester, Dale Frashuer, Gary DeCarlo and Pual Leka – Frashauer and DeCarlo were members of “The Glenwoods”.  Leka had earlier written “Green Tambourine” by The Lemon Pipers – When the record hit – a group had to be assembled for performances with Tom Zuke, Hank Schorz, Bill Steer, Tom Zuke and Tor Pinney.

1969 – David Steinberg – UNI 3013 – “The Incredible Shrinking God”

David Steinberg was born in 1942 in Canada starting off studying theology and then becoming a stand-up comic!

1969 – Leigh Stephens – Philips 600-294 – “Red Weather”

Leigh Stephens was the guitarist for the San Francisco group “Blue Cheer”.

1960 – April Stevens – Imperial 12055 – “Teach Me Tiger”

April Stevens was born in April of 1929 Caroline LoTempio born in Niagra Falls, New York.  She first charted singing with Henri Rene’s band in 1951 with “I’m In Love Again” peaking at number 6 on the charts.

April teamed up with her brother Antonio LeTempio as the signing team “Nino Tempo and April Stevens” hitting it big with “Deep Purple”.  Her 1959 recording of “Teach Me Tiger” was actually banned from some radio stations due to it’s suggestiveness – whatever that is.

1958 – Connie Stevens – Warner Bros. 1208 – “Conchetta”

Connie Stevens was born in August of 1938 in Brooklyn, New York Concetta Rosalie Ann Ingoglia.  She came from a musical family and first sang with “The Fourmost” as a young teen, a group which included Tony Butala who went on to the very successful group “The Lettermen”.  Comedian Jerry Lewis saw her in an early B movie and cast her in “Rock-A-Bye-Baby” after which she signed on with Warner Bros.

Her big teen hit was “Sixteen Reasons” which peaked in 1960 at number 3 on Billboard.

1959 – Dodie Stevens – Dot DLP 25212 – “Dodie Stevens”

Dodie Stevens was born in February of 1947 in Chicago, Illinois Geraldine Ann Paquale – She was a mere 13 years old when she recorded her smash hit “Pink Shoe Laces”.  Dodie married at 16 years of age – a marriage which failed – and then returned to performing into the 1990’s with various oldies concerts.

1962 – Ray Stevens – Mercury MG 20732 – “1,837 Seconds of Humor”

Ray Stevens was born in January of 1939 in Clarkdale, Georgia Harold Ray Ragsdale – Ray is one of the few novelty artists featured in this set of pages on my site but his longevity warrants acknowledgement – He moved comfortably into country as well as song writing and so on.

1965 – Billy Stewart – Chess LP-1499 – “Unbelievable”

Billy Stewart was born in March of 1937 in Washington, D.C. William Larry Stewart – He died on January 17th, 1970 in an automobile accident.  He was a member of a D.C. group “The Rainbows” along with Marvin Gaye.  He was reportedly discovered by Bo Diddley and signed to Chess Records.

1960 – Gary Stites – Carlton 12/120 – “Lonely For You”

Gary Stites was born in July of 1940 and was raised in Wheat Ridge, Colorado – He first fronted the Colorado group “The Satelites.  He later migrated to Florida.-

The Stompers – Cloister 6301 – “The Silver Sounds of the Surf”

The group behind this LP is “The Irridescents” – Members unknown – Dick Dale has two tracks on the LP.

1961 – Billy Storm (and the Valiants) – Buena Vista 561 – “Billy Storm”

Billy Storm was born in June of 1938 in Dayton, Ohio first performing with “The Sabers” – The group was also known as “The Valiants”, “The Sabres”, “The Chavelles”, “The Electras”, “The Freedoms”, “The Alley Cats” and “The Gents”.

1967 – The Stowaways – Justice 148 – “The Stowaways”

The Stowaways were from Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

1962 – Billy Strange with The Telstars – Coliseum 1001 – “Limbo Rock”

Billy Strange was born in September of 1930 in Long Beach, California William Everett Strange.  Billy was a mainstay with the “Wrecking Crew” collaboration of studio musicians.  He co-wrote the Elvis hit “A Little Less Conversation” as well as “Memories”.  He wrote songs from Elvis movies and composed “Limbo Rock” recorded by “The Champs” and Chubby Checker. The “Telstars” were most likely his studio chums.

Strange died on February 22nd, 2012 at the age of 81.

1965 – The Strangeloves – Bang 211 – “I Want Candy”

The Strangeloves formed – a studio project in 1964 in New York City with Bob Feldman, Jerry Goldstein and Richard Gottehrer.

Bob and Jerry had been members of other studio groups includeing “Bobbi and the Beaus”, “Erza and the Iveys”, and worked with “The Kittens” and “The Angels”.  They discovered Rick Derringer and recorded him – creating the group “The McCoys”.

1967 – The Strawberry Alarm Clock – UNI 73014 – “Incense and Peppermints”

The Strawberry Alarm Clock formed in 1967 in Los Angeles, California with the coming together of members of “Thee Sixpence”  and the “Waterfyrd Traene”.  Original members were Mark Weitz, Ed King, Michael Luciano, Gary Lovetro and and Lee Freeman.

Their big hit was penned by two University of Colorado students – John Carter and Tim Gilbert.   Gilbert was a member of Colorado’s “Rainy Daze”.

1969 – Street Noise – Fontana 6342 – “Six Days on the Road

Street Noise was Tom Tricks, Paul Patos, Tom Graves, Tina Newkirk and Wallace Ford.

1961 – The String-A-Longs – Warwick 2036 – “Pick a Hit”

The String-A-Longs formed in  1960 in Plainview, Texas first coming together as the “Rock N Rollers” – Members were Richard Stephens, Jimmy Torres, Keith McCormack, Aubrey de Cordova and Don Allen.  The band recorded at Norman Petty’s studio in Clovis and ended up in a fiscal dispute with the producer.

1963 – Nolan Strong & The Diablos – Fortune 8015 – “Mind Over Matter”

Nolan Strong & The Diablos formed out of Detroit, Michigan in 1954 – Members included Nolan Strong (born in January of 1934 in Scottsboro, Alabama – died on February 21st, 1977), Juan Guitierrez, Willie Hunter, Quentin Eubanks and Bob Edwards.

1969 – Sugar Creek – Metromedia 1020 – “Please Tell a Friend”

Sugar Creek was formed in 1969 with Gary Gans, Malcolm McKinney, Jonathan Edwards and Tod McKinney.  Edwards had a big hit in the 1970’s with “Sunshine” and enjoyed a good recording career post Sugar Creek.

1969 – Sugarloaf – Liberty 7640 – “Sugarloaf”

Sugarloaf was a Colorado band formed in 1969 out of Denver.  Original members were the late Jerry Corbetta, Bob Webber who had come from “The Moonrakers” and then “Chocolate Hair” – Other members were Veeder Van Dorn, and Bob MacVittie.

Sugarloaf was inducted into the Colorado Music Hall of Fame in 2012.

1969 – The Summer Sounds – Laurel 331098 – “Up – Down”

Need group information

1968 – Summerhill – Tetragrammaton 114 – “Summerhill”

Summerhill was Del Ramos, Alan Parker, Doug Burger and Larry Hickman.  Parker was also with “Smith” and “The New Society”.  Del Ramos was the brother of New Christy Minstrel Larry Ramos.  Ramos and Hickman were also in “The New Society”.

1962 – The Sundowners – Liberty 3269 – “Folk Songs for the Rich”

Need group information

1964 – Sunny & The Sunliners – Tear Drop LP 2000 – “Talk To Me”

Sunny and The Sunliners were first known as “Sunny and the Sunglows” – They formed in 1959 in San Antonia, Texas.  Among the original members were Sunny Ozuna, Jimmy Edward and Amos Johnson, Jr., Manuel Guerra, Gregg Ramirez, Rudy Guerra, Henry Nanez and Tommy Luna.

1966 – The Sunrays – Tower T 5017 – “Andrea”

The Sunrays formed in 1965 in Pacific Palisades, California – Members were Larry Tremaine, Rick Henn, Byron Case, Eddy Medora, Marty DiGiovanni and Vince Hozier – The were managed by Beach Boy father Murray Wilson in an attempt to challenge the Beach Boys where Murray’s services were no longer required.

1963 – The Sunset Dragsters & Orchestra – Palace 775 – “Hot Rod Rally”

A budget label with unknown studio musicians

1963 – The Sunsets – Palace 752 – “Surfing with the Sunsets”

Most likely the same group of musicians as on the Sunset Orchestra above.

1968 – The Sunshine Company – Imperial 12368 – “The Sunshine Company”

The Sunshine Company formed in 1967 in Los Angeles, California starting off as a duo with Mary Nance and Maury Manseau – and the expanding with Larry Sims, Merle Bregante and Douglas Mark.

1967 – The Superfine Dandelion – Mainstream 6102 – “The Superfine Dandelion”

The Superfine Dandelion formed in 1967 first as “The Miles Ends” with Ed Black, Rick Anderson, Mike McFadden, and Mike Collins.  McFadden was later with “Elton Duck” and “Goose Creek Symphony” – Anderson went with “The Tubes”.

1964 – The Super Stocks – Capitol 2113 – “Surf Route 101”

The “Wrecking Crew” were the musicians on this LP with Gary Usher delivering vocals – Pictured on the cover below left-to-right are Wayne Edwards, Richie Podolor, Bill Cooper, Richard Burns and Gary Usher – studio guys making a rare appearance on a front cover.

1962 – The Supremes – Motown MT 606 – “Meet the Supremes”

The Supremes formed in 1959 in Detroit, Michigan as the Primettes before taking the name The Supremes – Original Members were Diana Ross, Florence Ballard and Mary Wilson. The Supremes are a1988 Inductee into the Rock Hall of Fame.  Florence Ballard died on February 22nd, 1976.

1968 – The Supremes & Temptations – Motown 679 – “Diana Ross & The Supremes Join the Temptations”

1963 – Surf Riders – Condor 2468 – “Ten Tons of Wet”

This group was also called “The Cornells” and included Bob Linkletter, Peter Lewis and Jim O’Keefe.  Their release as the Cornells was on the “Garex” label called “Beach Bound”.   Bob was son of TV personality Art Linkletter.  Peter Lewis was later in the San Francisco group “Moby Grape”.

1963 – The Surf Stompers – Del-Fi 1236 – “The Original Surfer Stomp”

This LP was initially released as “Surfer’s Pajama Party” by Bruce Johnston and studio musicians.

1963 – The Surf Teens – Sutton 339 – “Surf Mania”

Studio musicians once again.

1963 – The Surfaris – Dot 25535 – “Wipe Out”

The Surfaris were formed in 1962 in Glendora, California with original members Pat Connolly, Jim Fuller, Ron Wilson and Bob Berryhill.

1965 – The Surfaris/The Original Surfaris – Diplomat 2309 – “Wheels”

The Original Surfaris were formed in 1962 out of Fullerton, California starting off in 1960 as “The Vogues” (not the Kansas group).  They next became “The Customs” in 1961 landin g an appearance on a Mexican radio station.  Members of the first group acquiring the “Surfari” name were Jim Tran, Doug Wiseman, Larry Weed, Chuck Vehle and Mike Blondo – now playing as “The Surfaris”.

It appeared that the group was well on their way to releasing an LP on the Del-Fi record label but were interrupted when a lawsuit popped up due to the arrival of another California group (above) who were hitting it big with the instrumental “Wipe Out”.  A judge ruled in favor of the new Surfaris gaining rights to the name since they were demonstrating national success, but the same judge permitted the Fullerton group to continue on as “The Original Surfaris”.

The Del-Fi LP never materialized .  So moving ahead enter the “Synthetic Plastics” recording company, which was founded by Daniel Kasen way back in the 1920’s providing garment industry products.  The company evolved into records by the 1940’s establishing the children’s series “Peter Pan” records, then moving to the “Promenade” label which was a series of budget ‘sound-alike’ release by Enoch Light and his orchestra.  Next, in 1962, the brothers founded two additional labels, “Guest Star” and “Diplomat”.  The SPS story is complex and well worth the purchase of the excellent book “Rock Rarities for a Song – Budget LPs That Saved the Roots of Rock ‘n’ Roll” by Brian McFadden).

So speeding ahead – the Kasens  compiled a various artists LP featuring Dick Dale – but containing what McFadden describes as “excellent” cuts by “The Surfaris” who were now “The Original Surfaris” and had basically fizzled out and lost some original members.

The next step for the Kasens was to move the group (now as “The Original Surfaris”) to their Diplomat label on the LP shown below.  McFadden reports that only one cut was worth the effort, “Delano Soul Beat” and “after that it’s all downhill EXCEPT for the very last cut on the album”.  For the record the cut was titled “Way Out Wheeler” which was a fake title of a song actually titled “The Bug”.  The song had been released  back in 1958 by a group called “Jerry Dallman and the Knightcaps”.  McFadden reports that the song surfaced 30 years later in a movie titled “Hairspray”.  He further reports that “The Bug” on the original 45 on the “Punch” label commands some bucks (around $40) – but can be had on this Diplomat LP for pennies!.

1965 – The Surfsiders – Design 208 – The Surfsiders Sing The Beach Boys Songbook”

Rumors abound that Velvet Underground member Lou Reed is involved with this LP – Reed did do budget record label work for Pickwick International a label group which included Design, but according to budget record label historian Brian McFadden – the Reed involvement here is not verified.  Here is what McFadden says of this LP “It’s had to describe this record.  Think  ‘The Percy Faith Orchestra and Chorus Perform the James Brown Songbook!’ It’s that bad!”

1962 – The Swagmen – Parkway 7015 – “Meet The Swagmen”

Need Information

1967 – Bettye Swann – Money 1103 – “Make Me Yours”

Bettye Swann was born in Octaober of 1944 in Shreveport, Louisiana Betty Jean Champion. – She first sang with “The Fawns” in 1963 before going solo.

1967 – The Sweet Inspirations – Atlantic 8155 – “The Sweet Inspirations”

The Sweet Inspirations formed way back in 1950 formed first by Emily “Cissy” Houston. – Members of the 60’s version included Doris Troy, Sylvia Shermwell – with earlier members Judy Guions (became Judy Clay), Marie Epps, Ann Moss and more.

1969 – Sweet Pants – Barclay 1141 – “Fat Peter Presents Sweet Pants”

Sweet Pants was from Pennsylvania including Michael Carr, Mark Mozzone, Tony Molla and Mike Mulloney.  The LP is very scare with estimates of 100 copies produced.  The LP easily fetches over $200.

1966 – The Swinging Medallions – Smash 67083 – “Double Shot (Of My Baby’s Love)”

The Swinging Medallions formed in 1962 in Greenwood, South Carolina first named “The Medallions” before they started swinging – Members were Brent Fortson, Steve Caldwell (both from “The Tassells” and then “The Pieces of Eight”), Johnny Cox, Hack Bartley, Jim Doares, Charles Webber, Irven Hicks, Charles Webber, Carroll Bledsoe, Joe Morris, Richard Wrenn, Ken Johnson and Mark DeJohn were all with the group at one time or another.

1966 – The Syndicate of Sound – Bell 6001 – “Little Girl”

The Syndicate of Sound formed in 1965 in San Jose, California out of a groups “The Pharaohs” and “Lenny Lee and the Nightmen”.  Members were Don Baskin, Bob Gonzalez, John Sharkey, Larry Ray and John Duckworth.

Image result for syndicate of sound billboard

1967 – T.C. Atlantic – Dove 4459 – “Recorded Live at the Bel-Rae Ballroom”

T.C. Atlantic was a group out of Minneapolis, Minnesota with Fred Freeman, Joe Kanan, Robert Wells, and Rod Eaton who came from “The Underbeats”.

1964 – The Tams – ABC-Paramount ABCS-481 – “Presenting The Tams”

The Tams formed in 1960 in Atlanta, Georgia – Members included Robert Lee Smith, Joseph Pope, Horace Key, Charles Pope, Floyd Ashton and Albert Cottle.

1968 – The Tangerine Zoo – Mainstream 56107 – “The Tangerine Zoo”

The Tangerine Zoo formed in 1966 in Swansea, Massachusetts starting off as “The Ebb Tides” and then with personnel changes “The Flower Pot”.  Members included Ron Medeiros, Wayne Gagnon (from “The Rockin’ Teens”), Donald Smith and Tony Taveira.

1969 – Tarantula – A&M 4202 – “Tarantula”

Members included Mike Edelman, Oz Bach, Thad Maxwell, Steve Zwirn and Tom Grasco.  Bach was from “Spanky and Our Gang” and an American folk group called “Wings” in 1968.  Maxwell went on to “Sierra” and then “The Flying Burrito Bros.”

1956 – The Tarriers – Glory 1200 – “The Tarriers”

The Tarriers fromed in 1955 as a folk group in New York City with Erik Darling, Bob Carey, Karl Karlton and the future actor Alan Arkin (pictured below).

1967 – Howard Tate – Verve V6-5022 – “Get It While You Can”

Howard Tate was born in August of 1939 in Elberton, Georgia – He died on December 2nd of 2011.  Howard went through some very rough times in his life – mainly the loss a young teen daughter in a house fire.  Early in his career he was a member of “The Enchanters”.

1968 – Bobby Taylor & The Vancouvers – Gordy 930 – “Bobby Taylor & The Vancouvers”

Bobby Taylor and the Vancouvers were formed in 1963 in Vancouver, British Columbia – Canada – The leader – Bobby Taylor – was born in New York City – Members included Tommy Chong, Wes Henderson, Bernie Sneed and Floyd Sneed.  The group had been known in Canada as “The Calgary Shades”.  Bobby Taylor attempted to replace David Ruffin in the Temptations but didn’t make the cut.

1968 – James Taylor – Apple 3352 – “James Taylor”

James Taylor was born in March of 1948 in Boston, Massachusetts James Vernon Taylor.  He was first in a band called “The Corsayers” who became “The Fabulous Corsairs” – He next formed “The Flying Machine.  He battled depression, drugs and stumbled his way through life before being signed to the Apple Record Label.  His career took off in the 1970’s.  There would be more bumps in the road but aren’t there always…

1967 – Johnnie Taylor – Stax 715 – “Wanted One Soul Singer”

Johnnie Taylor was born in May of 1934 in Crawfordsville, Arkansas Johnnie Harrison Taylor – He started off with “The Highway QCs” a gospel group.

1969 – Livingston Taylor – ATCO 33-334 – “Livingston Taylor”

Livingston Taylor was born in November of 1951 in Boston, Massachusetts the younger brother of James Taylor.

1965 – Ted Taylor – Okeh OKM 12109 – “Blues and Soul”

Ted Taylor was born in February of 1934 in Okmulgee, Oklahoma Theodore Austin Taylor – He died on October 23rd, 1987.  Ted started off with the gospel group “The Mighty Clouds of Joy” and then “The Soul Seekers”.

1964 – The T-Bones – Liberty 3363 – “Boss Drag at the Beach”

The T-Bones were a Los Angeles, California session group (Wrecking Crew) who hit with “No Matter What Shape”  in 1966 – When it came time to make public appearances Liberty recruited Judd Hamilton, Dan Hamilton, Joe Frank Carollo, Tommy Reynolds and Gene Pello to hit the road.  Of course later Danny, Joe Frank and Tommy would form “Hamilton, Frank and Reynolds”.

1968 – The Tea Company – Smash 67105 – “Come and Have Some Tea with the Tea Company”

The Tea Company was Frankie Carr, John Vancho, Al Vertucci and Mike La Ssandro.

1963 – The Teardrops – 20th Century Fox 5011 – “The Teardrops at Trinchi’s”

Need Information

1959 – The Teddy Bears – Imperial LP-9067 – “The Teddy Bears Sing!”

The Teddy Bears formed in Los Angeles, California in 1958.  Members were Phil Spector, Marshall Leib, Harvey Goldstein and Annette Kleinbard.  Spector is serving time in prison for murder.  Annette Kleinbard recorded as Carol Connors.

1969 – Willie Tee – Capitol 199 – “I’m Only a Man”

Willie Tee was born in February of 1944 in New Orleans, Louisiana Wilson Turbinton.  He fronted a group called “Willie Tee & The Souls”.  He died on September 11th, 2007 at the age of 63.

1964 – The Teemates – Audio Fidelty 90394 – “Jet Set Dance Discoteque Vol. 4”

The Teemates were Bobby Calumet, Byan Post, Rich Staff and Robbie Lundius.

1957 – The Teen Queens – Crown CLP 5022 – “Eddie My Love”

The Teen Queens formed in 1956 with sisters Betty and Rosie Collins from Los Angeles, California daughters of Aaron Collins of “The Cadets”.

1956 – Nino Tempo – Liberty 3023 – “Rock and Roll Beach Party”

See “Nino Tempo and April Stevens”

1963 – Nino Tempo & April Stevens – ATCO 33-156 – “Deep Purple”

Nino Tempo and April Stevens were a brother/sister act from the early 1960’s – Antonio and Carol Lo Tempio) born in Niagra Falls, New York.

1965 – The Tempos – Justice 104 – “Speaking of the Tempos”

The Tempos formed in 1965 out of Sylacauga, Alabama with Larry Cook, Mike Shell, Bill Moore and Terry Barnett.

1964 – The Temptations – Gordy GLP S 911 – “Meet the Temptations”

The Temptations formed in 1960 in Detroit, Michigan with original members Otis Williams, Elbridge Bryant and Melvin Franklin all coming from the group “Otis Williams and the Distants”.  They were joined by Eddie Kendricks and Paul Williams of “The Primes”.  All original members other than founder Otis Williams have passed.  The Temptations are a 1989 Inductee into the Rock Hall of Fame.

1969 – Ten Wheel Drive – Polydor 24-4008 – “Construction #1”

Ten Wheel Drive formed in 1968 with Genya Ravan, Aram Schefrin and Michael Zager.  Ravan had been with “The Escorts” and ”
Goldie and the Gingerbreads”.

1966 – Tammi Terrell – Motown 652 – “Irresistible”

Tammi Terrell was born in April of 1945 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Thomasina Winifred Montgomery.  She performed as a solo Motown Artist as well as a duet with Marvin Gaye.  She was discovered by Luther Dixon and sang with the James Brown revue.   Tammi died on March 6th, 1970 a result of brain cancer.

1968 – Joe Tex – Atlantic 8156 – “Live and Lively”

Joe Tex was born in August of 1933 in Rogers, Texas Joseph Arrington, Jr. – He died on August 13th, 1982

1965 – Thee Midniters  – Chattahoochee 1001 – “Thee Midniters”

Thee Midniters formed in Los Angeles in the mid 1960’s – a “Chicano Rock” band – one of the first.  Members were Ray Jimenez, Willie Garcia, Romeo Prado, Jimmy Espinoza, Greg Esparza and Larry Rendon.

1969 – Thee Prophets – Kapp 3596 – “Playgirl”

Thee Prophets formed out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin and included Dave Leslie, Chris Michaels, Jim Anderson, and Brian Lake.

1969 – The Third Power – Vanguard 6554 – “Believe”

The Third Power was Jem Targai, Jim Craig and Drew Abbott – Drew Abbott was also with “Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band” – Targal released a solo LP in 1978.

1967 – The Third Rail – Epic 26327 – “Id Music”

The Third Rail fromed in 1967 with Arthur Resnick, Kris Resnick and Joey Levine – Levine was a figurehead of the “bubble gum” music genre and delivered lead vocals for “The Ohio Express”, “The Kasenetz-Katz Singing Orchestra Circus” and “Reunion”.

Later on Levine created commercial jingles for “Mounds”, “Almond Joy”, “Pepsi”, “Coca Cola” and many others.

1966 – The 13th Floor Elevators – International Artists LP1 – “The Psychedelic Sounds of the 13th Floor Elevators”

The 13th Floor Elevators fromed in 1965 in Austin, Texas head up by Roxy Erickson who first headed up a band called “The Spades”.  He was joined by Stacy Sutherland, Benny Thurman and John Walton who came from “The Lingsmen”.

1968 – The 31st of February – Vanguard 6503 – “The 31st of February”

The 31st of February was first known as “The Tiffany System” – They formed in Florida with members Butch Trucks, David Brown and Scott Bayer.  Butch Trucks went on to drum for “The Allman Brothers Band”.

1969 – 31 Flavors – Crown 592 – “Hair”

Another studio project – with musicians who also recorded as “The Firebirds” also in 1969.

1966 – B. J. Thomas – Scepter 535 – “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry”

B.J. Thomas was born in August of 1942 in Houston, Texas Billy Joe Thomas.  He was in a group as a teen called “The Triumphs” and they backed him on the LP shown below.  He went on to solo fame with hits like “Hooked on a Feeling” and “Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head” from the movie “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid” winning an Academy Award in 1970.

I liked 1971’s “Rock and Roll Lullaby” which charted number 15 and featured smooth Beach Boy sound-alike vocal harmony segment towards the end of the record which added sufficient time to the single preventing it from gaining more air play and a higher chart peak (or so they say).  There is some controversy as to whether any Beach Boy participated or not, but for sure “The Blossoms” and Dave Somerville from “The Diamonds” participated.  Duane Eddy provided the guitar segment.

In later years it was reported that Thomas admitted that the (or some) Beach Boys did sing on the track.

The Triumphs were Fred Carney, Donald Drachenberg, Gary Koepen, Denver Zatyka, Teddy Mensik, Tom Griffith and Tim Griffith.

1961 – Carla Thomas – Atlantic 8057 – “Gee Whiz”

Carla Thomas was born in December of 1942 in Memphis, Tennessee Carla Venita Thomas – daughter of Rufus Thomas – She was a member of “The Teen Town Singers” in Memphis while in high school.  Brown was with “The Bitter Ind” and Boyer was with “Cowboy”.

1964 – Irma Thomas – Imperial LP-9266 – “Wish Someone Would Care”

Irma Thomas was born in February of 1941 in Ponchatoula, Louisiana – Irma first performed in her church choir for going solo.

1960 – Jon Thomas – ABC-Paramount 351 – “Heartbreak”

Jon Thomas played organ for “The Johnny Pate Quintet” as well as fronting his own “Jon Thomas and His Organ Quartet”

1963 – Rufus Thomas – Stax 704 – “Walking the Dog”

Rufus Thomas was born in Marcy of 1917 in Cayce, Mississippi Rufus C. Thomas, Jr.  He died on December 15th, 2001 – Rufus recorded for both Sun Records in Memphis and Chess Records in Chicago before landing with Stax Records.  Early in his career he was with “The Rabbit Foot Minstrels”.  Thomas also worked in the South as a DJ.  His daughter was recording star Carla Thomas.

1961 – Sue Thompson – Hickory LPMH 104 – “Meet Sue Thompson”

Sue Thompson was born in July of 1925 in Nevada, Missouri Eva Sue McKee – a bit older than “girl group” singers of the era – she pulled it off with a long string of pop hits.  When those faded she moved easily into Country music.

1967 – Thorinshield – Philips 600-251 – “Thorinsfield”

Thorinsfield formed in 1968 out of Los Angeles, California with members Bobby Ray, James Smith and Terry Hand who had worked with “The Everpresent Fullness” in 1968 as well as “The Crossfires” a group which became “The Turtles”.  Ray was in a duo called “Bob and Kit” in 1966.

1956 – The Three Chuckles – Vik 1067 – “The Three Chuckles”

The Three Chuckles formed in 1950 naming themselves after a popular candy.  Members included Teddy Randazzo who had replaced Bill Benti, Tommy Romano, Jackie Farrell and Tommy Gilberto.

1969 – The Three D’s – Continental 107 – “Songs of Our American Heritage”

Two members were Art Doyle and Johnny Dalton.

1969 – The Three Degrees – Roulette 42050 – “Maybe”

The Three Degrees formed in 1963 out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with original members Fayette Pinkney (deceased), Shirley Porter and Linda Turner. – Many more have passed through the ranks up to the present day.

1969 – Three Dog Night – ABC/Dunhill 50048 – “Three Dog Night”

Three Dog Night formed in 1967 in Los Angeles, California with front members Danny Hutton, Cory Wells and Chuck Negron – Their backing band was originally Michael Allsup, Floyd Sneed, Jimmy Greenspoon and Joe Schermie.

Colorado’s own extraordinary guitar player – the late Ron Morgan – was also a backing member for a time.

1965 – The Three Souls – Argo 4044 – “Soul Sounds”

Members were Sonny Cox and Ken Prince

1963 – Johnny Thunder – Diamond SD 5001 – “Loop De Loop”

Johnny Thunder was born in August of 1932 in Leesburg, Florida Gil Hamilton – He toured for a time in one version of “The Drifters”.

1969 – Thunder and Roses – United Artists 6709 – “King of the Black Sunrise”

Need information

1969 – Thundertree – Roulette 42038 – “Thundertree”

Thundertree was a band out of Minnesota with John Miesen, Rick LiaBraaten, Billy Halquist, Dervin Wallin and Terry Tilley.

1963 – The Tides – Mercury Wing 16255 – “Surf City/Surfin’ USA and Other Surfin’ Favorites”

The Tides were a studio project band which also recorded as “The Black Brothers”, “The Five Whispers” and “The Triplets” and included Larry Dean and Bobby Black.

1958 – Freddie Tieken & The Rockers – IT – “Freddie Tieken & The Rockers Live”

Freddie was also a member of “Ilmo Smokehouse” in 1969/1970.

1962 – The Tikis – Philips 200-043 – “The Tikis”

Need Information

1969 – Sonny Til – RCA Victor 4451 – “Sonny Til Returns!”

Sonny Til fronted “The Orioles” out of Baltimore, Maryland.  He passed away in 1981 from a heart attack.

1962 – Johnny Tillotson – Cadence 3058 – “It Keeps Right On A-Hurtin'”

Johnny Tillotson was born in April of 1939 in Jacksonville, Florida.  Tillotson was always a solo act and moved comfortably into country music for a short time after a long and successful run on the pop charts.  From 1958 to 1965 Tillotson charted 26 times on the Billboard Pop Charts.  He entered the top 10 four times and “Poetry in Motion” was his biggest hit reaching number 2 in 1960.  He is an inductee into the Florida Artists Hall of Fame.

1968 – The Tingling Mother’s Circus – Musicor 3167 – “A Circus of the Mind”

Need group information on this New York based band.

1968 – Tiny Tim – Reprise 6292 – “God Bless Tiny Tim”

Tiny Tim (who wasn’t really very tiny) was born in April of 1932 in Manhattan New York City Herbert Buckingham Khaury.  Tiny was a one-of-a-kind – fit right into the later 1960’s.  Tim died on November 30 of 1996 at the age of 64.

1961 – The Titans – MGM 3992 – “Today’s Teen Beat”

The Titans were a studio group headed up by Billy Mure with Don Lomond, Dick Hickson, Milt Hinton and band leader Danny Davis all out of New York.  The had the honor of being included on the Beatles’ lone U.S. MGM long play release in 1964 “The Beatles with Tony Sheridan and Guests” where they were described as “The rocking, socking Titans” and further described them as a “hip” English group.

1968 – Toad Hall – Liberty 7580 – “Toad Hall”

Toad Hall members were Chris Sigwald, Gary Razzante, John Richardson, Tommy Marcus and Clapton Gugliano.

1958 – Art and Dotty Todd – Beverly Hills 1137 – “Chanson D’Amour”

Art and Dotty Todd were husband and wife – Dotty being born Doris Dabb in Elizabeth, New Jersey and Arthur William Todd from Baltimore, Maryland.  The pair made their way to California establishing a radio show.  They were one of those unique acts which landed on the Pop Charts just as rock and roll was well under way – hitting the charts with “Chanson D’Amour” peaking at number 6 – They would never grace the charts again although they rode the song’s success for a fulfilling career.

The Manhattan Transfer did a remake of the song in 1977 and enjoyed a a three week run at number 1 in the U.K. but nothing here in the U.S.

The couple remained together until the end – finally settling in Honolulu where they operated and performed in their own night club.  Dotty Todd died on December 12th, 2000 at the age of 87 and Art followed her in death on October 10th, 2007 at the age of 93.

As for myself, I always enjoyed “Chanson D’Amour”…..

1961 – The Tokens – RCA Victor LPM-2514 – “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”

The Tokens formed in 1955 in Brooklyn, New York.  Original members were Neil Sedaka, Hank Medress, Eddie Rabkin and Cynthia Zolotin.  The more known Tokens on their recordings replaced Sedaka and Rabkin with Jay Siegel.  The band was originally called “The Linc-Tones”.

1967 – The Tokens and Happenings – B. T. Puppy 1002 – “Back to Back – The Happenings & The Tokens”

See their individual listings

1967 – Oscar Toney Jr. – Bell 6006 – “For Your Precious Love”

Oscar Toney Jr. was born in May of 1939 in Columbus, Georgia first singing with “The Sensational Melodies of Joy” a gospel group.

1963 – The Tornadoes – Josie 4005 – “Bustin’ Surfboards”

The Tornadoes were formed in 1960 in Redlands, California and one of the earliest surf groups to receive national radio airplay after the Marketts.  Original members were Gerald Sanders, Norm Sanders, Jesse Sanders and Leonard Delaney.  For a time to avoid confusion with England’s Tornados, they became “The Hollywood Tornadoes”.

1967 – The Torques – Lemco 604 – “Live”

The Torques were formed out of Lexington, Kentucky with Bill Brooks, Mike Thompson, Charlie Carter and Phil Copeland.

1964 – Torques – WA 64-010 – “Zoom”

The Torques formed in Andover, Massachusetts with Craig Bonda, DeWolf Fulton, Randy Hoover, Dan Turbeville, Pete Mele plus many more as you can see from the photo – earnings must have been meager – They were all students at Phillips Academy in Andover.


1969 – Touch – Coliseum 51004 – “Touch”

Touch was from Portland, Oregon evolving from “Don and the Goodtimes” – Members included Bruce Hauser, Jeff Hawks (Stepson, Hawk and the Randelas), Joey Newman (Blue Mountain Eagle, Stepson), Don Gallucci (The Kingsmen, Tikis and The Fabulons) and John Bordanaro.

1966 – The Toys – Dynovoice 9002 – “The Toys Sing A Lover’s Concerto and Attack”

The Toys formed in 1961 out of New York City – Original members were Barbara Harris, Barbara Parritt and June Montiero.  They started off as “The Charlettes”.

1967 – The Tradewinds – Kama Sutra 8057 – “Excursions”

The Tradewinds formed in Providence, Rhode Island with Peter Andreoli, Vincent Poncia, Jr., and Norman Marzano first performing as “The Videls” who had a charting record in 1960 “Mr. Lonely”.  Peter and Vincent composed songs for other acts including “The Ronettes” and “The Crystals”.  Both were also members of a sister label group “The Innocence”.

1962 – Bobby Lee Trammell – Atlanta 1503 – “Arkansas Twist”

Bobby Lee Trammell was born in January of 1934 in Jonesboro, Arkansas – At one point in his career he had a altercation with Jerry Lee Lewis and was more or less black balled from performing In 1997 Trammel became a member of the Arkansas House of Representatives.  He died on February 20th, 2008.

1963 – The Transients – Horizon 1633 – “The Funky 12 String Guitar”

This session of studio musicians was headed up by guitar player Billy Strange.

1964 – The Trashmen – Soma 200 – “Surfin’ Bird”

The Trashmen formed in 1962 out of Minneapolis, Minnesota – Original members were Tony Andreason, Dal Winslow, Steve Wahrer and Bob Reed.

1969 – Tree – Goat Farm 580 – “Tree”

Goat Tree was from Kalona, Iowa

1955 – The Treniers – Epic LN 3125 – “Go! Go! Go! The Treniers on TV”

The Treniers formed in 1947 starting off with Cliff and Claude Trenier from Mobile, Alabama who were known as “The Trenier Twins”.  Other original members were Don Hill, Shifty Henry, James Johnson, Henry Tucker, and Gene Gilbeaux.  Both Trenier twins have passed way

1969 – The Tricycle 674 – “Tricycle”

The Tricycle were Bob Cirilli, Frank White, Art Brooks and John Tricozzi.

1964 – Bo Troy and His Hot Rods – Diplomat 2304 – “Wild Hot Rod Hits”

A studio budget LP which did feature a couple of tracks by Dick Dale.

1965 – Doris Troy – Atlantic 8088 – “Just One Look”

Doris Troy was born in January of 1937 in the Bronx, New York Doris Elaine Higginsen – She died on February 16th, 2004.  Doris took her name from “Helen of Troy”.  She was one of the musicians courted by The Beatles for their Apple label.

1964 – Tommy Tucker – Checker LP 2990 – “Hi-Heel Sneakers”

Tommy Tucker was born in March of 1933 in Springfield, Ohio Robert HigginBotham.  He died on January 22nd, 1982 from a construction project accident.

1957 – The Turbans – Herald 5009 – “Presenting the Turbans”

The Turbans formed in 1955 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Original members were Al Banks, Matthew Platt, Charlie Williams and Andrew Jones.

1963 – Ike Turner – Crown 5367 – “Rocks the Blues”

Ike Turner was born in November of 1931 in Clarksdale, Mississippi Izear Luster Turner, Jr.  His first band was “The Tophatters” before joining “The Kings of Rhythm” – In 1960 he formed “The Ike and Tina Turner Revue”.

1960 – Ike and Tina Turner – Sue 2001 – “The Soul of Ike & Tina Turner”

Ike and Tina Turner formed in 1960 – Tina Turner was born in November of 1939 in Nutbush, Tennessee Anna Mae Bullock.  Ike Turner was born in November of 1931 in Clarksdale, Mississippi and died on December 12th, 2007 at age 76.

1957 – Joe Turner – Atlantic 8005 – “Rock & Roll”

Joe Turner (Big Joe Turner) was born in May of 1911 in Kansas City, Missouri Joseph Vernon Turner, Jr.  He died on November 24th, 1985.

1967 – Spyder Turner – MGM E-4450 – “Stand By Me”

Spyder Turner was born in February of 1947 in Beckley, West Virginia and grew up in Detroit.

1961 – Titus Turner – Jamie JLP 70-3018 – “Sound Off”

Titus Turner was born in May of 1933 in Atlanta, Georgia Titus Lee Turner – He died on September 13th, 1984

1969 – Turnquist Remedy – Pentagram 10004 – “Iowa By the Sea”

Turnquist Remedy is John Maggi, Michael Woods, George Semper, Murphy Scarnecchia and Scott Harper – Semper was also with “Funkproof” “The Rhythm & Blues Classical Funk Band”, “Robinhood” and “The United Soul Association” – Michael Woods was with “America”.

1969 – The Twentieth Century Zoo – Vault 122 – “Thunder on a Clear Day”

The Twentieth Century Zoo evolved from a group called “The Bittersweets” out of Phoenix, Arizona forming in 1967.  Original members were Allan Chitwood, Paul Bennett, Bob Sutko and Greg Farley.

1958 – The Twins Jim and John – RCA Victor 1708 – “Teenagers Love the Twins”

The Twins were brothers John and James Cunningham who were born in New York City.  In 1957 the two composed the song “Jo-Ann” which was recorded by the Playmates and became a hit.  They met Alan Freed and worked with him to promote the song before it was taken to the Playmates.  Originally the brothers were sure they would be the ones to release a single but Freed battled with RCA Victor and it just never happened.  All of this took place while they were still in their late teens – Fame and fortune as singers just wasn’t to be.

1962 – The Twisters – Arc 539 – “C’Mon Let’s Do The Twist”

Need Information on this group (Canadian release shown)

1959 – Conway Twitty – MGM E-3744 – “Conway Twitty Sings”

Conway Twitty was born in September of 1933 in Friars Point, Mississippi Harold Lloyd Jenkins – After a successful early rocker career – Conway went Country in a big way scoring 98 hit country records with an incredible 40 number ones!  He ranks as the number 1 country artist for both the 1970’s and 1980’s and as number 5 all-time.

1965 – Willie Tyler & Lester – Tamla 265 – “Hello Dummy”

Willie Tyler was a comic who was torn in September of 1940 in Red Level, Alabama and raised in Detroit where he came to the attention of Motown.

1962 – The Tymes – Parkway P-7039 – “Somewhere”

The Tymes formed in 1956 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  They were first known as “The Latineers”.  Original members were Donald Banks, Albert Berry, Norman Burnett and George Hilliard.

1968 – Ultimate Spinach – MGM 4518 – “Ultimate Spinach”

Ultimate Spinach was yet another “Boss Town” group formed in 1967 first called “The Underground Cinema” with Ian Bruce-Douglas, Barbara Hudson, Keith Lahtenein, Geoff Winthrop and Richard Nese.

1964 – The Unbeatables – Dawn 5050 – “Live at the Palisades Amusement Park N.J.”

Future “Young Rascal”  Gene Cornish was a member of this group and they did release a single “I Wanna Be a Beetle” in March of 1964 which is included on this long play.  Can’t seem to locate the names of the other “Unbeatables” other than a reference to them being an “interracial” group.   The group spelled their name “Unbeetables” on their Dawn 45.  Plenty of photos on the back cover but no ID’s of band members.  Darn!

1963 – The Undergrads – Somerset 21600 – “Blue-Grass Hoot On Campus”

Need information

1969 – Underground Sunshine – Intrepid 74003 – “Let There Be Light”

The Underground Sunshine was formed 1969 in Montello, Wisconsin by brother Berty and Frank Kohl along with Chris Conners – The three first performed as “The Entrance to Sound”.  They became Underground Sunshine with the addition of Jane Little.

1967 – The Unfolding – Audio Fidelity 6184 – “How to Blow Your Mind and Have A Freak-Out Party”

Members were Victoria Sackville, Steven Kapovitch, David Dalton, Andrea Ross, Ken, Peter and Gary

1968 – The Unifics – Kapp KS-3582 – “Sittin’ In At The Court Of Love”

The Unifics formed in 1966 out of Washington, D.C. while in college.  They were first called “Al and the Vikings”.  Original members included Al Johnson, Tom Fauntleroy, Marvin Brown, Bob Hayes and George Roland.  They then begin the “Unique Five” and finally “The Unifics”.

1966 – The Uniques – Paula 2190 – “Uniquely Yours”

The Uniques formed in 1965 out of Shreveport, Louisiana – Members were Joe Stampley, Bobby Sims, Mike Love, Ray Mills and Robert Stampley.  Joe went on to huge Country recording fame.

1968 – The United States of America – Columbia 9614 – “The United States of America”

The United States of America formed in 1967 out of Los Angeles, California – Members were Dorothy Moskowitz, Craig Woodson, Ed Bogas, Gordon Marron, Joseph Byrd and Rand Forbes.  Bogas was later a member of “Clover” – Byrd formed “Joe Byrd and the Field Hippies”.

1969 – The Unusual We – Pulsar 10608 – “The Unusual We”

Need information

1965 – Up With People – Pace 1102 – “Up With People In Hollywood”

Up With People formed in 1965 with a global mission to “make a difference in the world”.  I ran into a configuration of this group in 1965 while riding a tilt-o-whirl ride in “The Lagoon” amusement park.  The group filled all the seats on the ride other than the one my date and I were occupying and then when the ride started up the “Uppers” began singing one of their uplifting songs – and so the ride operator let the old tilt-o-whirl go on, and on, and on for what seemed like forever.


1961 – Phil Upchurch – Boyd 3162 – “You Can’t Sit Down Part Two”

Phil Upchurch was born in July of 1941 in Chicago, Illinois – He was part of many popular groups including “The Kool Gents”, “The Spaniels” and “The Dells”.  His big hit “You Can’t Sit Down” sold over a million copies and was also covered by Philadelphia’s “Dovells”.

1963 – Ricky Vale and His Surfers – Strand 1104 – “Everbody’s Surfin'”

Need Information

1959 – Ritchie Valens – Del-Fi DFLP 1206 – “Ritchie”

Ritchie Valens was born in May of 1941 in Pacoima, California Richard Steven Valenzuela – He died in THE plane crash on February 3rd, 1959.  Ritchie Valens is a 2001 Inductee into the Rock Hall of Fame.

1963 – Ritchie Valens & Jerry Kole – Crown 5336 – “Ritchie Valens & Jerry Kole”

Jerry Kole was born in September, 1939 Jerald Edward Kolbrak – Kole also performed as “Billy Boyd” – as a session musician he worked with many studio projects.

1968 – Dino Valente – Epic 26335 – “Dino Valente”

Dino Valente was born in October of 1937 Chester William Powers, Jr.  He was a member of “Quicksilver Messenger Service”.  He penned the “Youngblood” hit “Get Together”.

1965 – Earl Van Dyke & The Soul Brothers – “That Motown Sound”

Earl Van Dyke was born in July of 1960 in Detroit, Michigan.  He was a member of Motown’s “Funk Brothers” – backing musicians and this LP featured many of those musicians.  He died on September 18th, 1992 at the age of 62 from cancer.

1969 – Joe Vance – Cadet Concept 325 – “What I Did On My Vacation”

Need Information

1963 – Mark Valentino – Swan 508 – “Mark Valentino”

Need information

1965 – Rudy Valentyne – Roulette 25299 – “And Now…Rudy Valentyne”

Need Information (Birth name was Rudy Adamo)

1969 – Valhalla – United Artists 6730 – “Valhalla”

Members included Rick Ambrose, Bob Hulling, Don Krantz, Mark Mangold, and Eddie Livingston.  Krantz was also with “Yesterday’s Children”.  Livingston was in “Evildead”, “Social Distortion” and “The Tactics”.

Mangold was with “American Tears”, “She Said”, “Flesh and Blood”, “Mystic Healer”, “The Sign” and “Touch”.

1967 – Frankie Valli – Philips 600-247 – “Solo”

Frankie Valli was born in May of 1934 in Newark, New Jersey Francesco Stephen Castelluccio.  He started off as a member of “The Variety Trio) along with a couple of future Seasons.  Next he joined a group called “The Strand”.  Then it was on to “The Four Lovers” before settling on “The Four Seasons”.

1964 – The Vampires – United Artists 6378 – “At The Monster Ball”

These musicians were most likely studio hires.

1967 – The Van Dykes – Bell 6004 – “Tellin’ Like It Is”

The Van Dykes were out of Fort Worth, Texas with members Rondalis Tandy, Wenzon Mosley, Eddie Nixon and James Mays.

1967 – Vanilla Fudge – ACTO 33-224 – “Vanilla Fudge”

Vanilla Fudge formed in 1967  in Long Island, New York with roots in a group called “Rick Martin and the Showmen”.  They next evolved into “The Electric Pigeons” shortened to “The Pigeons” and next “The Younger Brothers Band” before becoming “Vanilla Fudge” with Mark Stein, Carmine Appice, Pete Bremy and Vince Martell.

Appice went on to join many groups including “Cactus” and “The Rod Stewart Group”.  Stein came from a group called “Mark Stevens and the Charmers”.  Vince Martell would go on to join “The Pigeons” in 1969.

1963 – Bob Vaught & The Renegaids – GNP Crescendo 83 – “Surf Crazy”

Another studio project cashing in on the surfing craze – Bob Vaught also headed up another studio project “Bob Vaught and The Wheels”.  Bob and the Renegaides released a single in 1962 on the Impact label.

1960 – Bobby Vee – Liberty LST 7181 – “Bobby Vee”

Bobby Vee was born in April of 1943 in Fargo, North Dakota Robert Thomas Velline – He died on October 24th, 2016.  Bobby Vee’s band was called “The Shadows” and Bob Dylan played with them very briefly at a young age.

1967 – Jimmy Velvet – Velvet Tone 501 – “Sings a Touch of Velvet”

Jimmy Velvet was born in Jacksonville, Florida Jimmy Tennant. Velvet first worked with another singer James Mullins who called himself “Jimmy Velvit”.  After splitting up Tennant began using “Jimmy Velvet” for his performing name and Mullins also continued on as “Jimmy Velvit” – a little confusing.  To add to the confusion – both recorded a single titled “We Belong Together”.

To learn more about the Velvets/Velvits visit this Post

1969 – Velvet Night – Metromedia 1026 – “Velvet Night”

Musicians were Doug Catungno, Vinnie Nisi, Lynn Boccemini, Frank Chiaro, Tony Faranda and Peter Fuiso

1966 – The Velvet Underground – Verve 5008 – “The Velvet Underground & Nico”

The Velvet Underground formed in 1964 – Member Lou Reed started off with “The Primitives” along with Undergrounder John Cale.  Next they formed “The Warlocks” followed by “The Falling Spikes” – Other early members were Sterling Morrison and Angus MacLise.  For this 1966 LP they were joined by Christa Paffgen from Germany otherwise known as “Nico”.

Reed died on October 27th of 2013 at age 71.  MacLise died in 1979 and Morrison in 1995.

1963 – The Venturas – Drum Boy 1003 – “Here They Are!”

The Venturas were Ken Ciezek, Roger Weir, Roman Soprych, Jim Redemski and Dennis Ziemann out of Chicago, Illinois all high school classmates in Chicago.

1960 – The Ventures – Dolton BST 8003 – “Walk Don’t Run”

The Ventures formed out of Tacoma, Washington in 1958 starting off as “The Versatones” with Don Wilson and Bob Bogle as a duo. They soon added Nokie Edwards and Skip Moore on Drums.  The Ventures are a 1990 Inductee into the Rock Hall of Fame.


1968 – Billy Vera – Atlantic 8197 – “With Pen in Hand”

Billy Vera was born in May of 1944 in Riverside, California William Patrick McCord.  He started off as a member of a group called “The Reservations”.  Then he formed “Billy Vera and the Contrasts”.  Much later on he fronted “Billy and the Beaters”.  He recorded one LP with Judy Clay (reference her listing).

1968 – Billy Vera and Judy Clay – Atlantic SD 8174 – “Storybook Children”

Billy Vera was born in May of 1944 in Riverside, California William Patrick McCord – Judy Clay was born in September of 1938 in St. Pauls, North Carolina – She passed away on July 19th, 2001.

1960 – Larry Verne – ERA EL 104 – “Mister Larry Verne”

Larry Verne was born in February of 1934 in Minneapolis, Minnesota Larry Verne Erickson – He died on October 8th, 2013 – A one-time novelty shot artist – his “Mister Custer” sold over 7 million records and was big big among the teen public.

1957 – The Versatones – RCA Victor 1538 – “The Versatones”

The Versatones were from New Jersey – They formed while in the Armed Forces.  Need more information

1964 – The Vettes – MGM 4193 – “Rev-Up”

The Vettes were Southern California standbys Bruce Johnston, Jay Migliori and Steve Douglas – with Jay and Steve both charter members of “The Wrecking Crew”.

1961 – The Vibrations – Checker LP 2978 – “Watusi!”

The Vibrations formed in Los Angeles, California in 1956 staring off as “The Jay Hawks” – They also recorded as “The Marathons” releasing “Peanut Butter”.  Members were Don Bradley, Carl Fisher, Dave Govan, James Johnson and Ricky Owens.

1963 – The Viceroys – Seafair Bolo 8000 –  “The Viceroys at Granny’s Pad”

The Viceroys formed in 1958 out of Seattle, Washington with many members moving through the ranks including Bud Potter, Al Berry, Fred Zeufeldt, Greg Beck, Jim Valley, Kim Eggers and Michael Rogers being among earlier members.  Zeufeldt was with “Bighorn”.  Several members were in “The Surprise Package” and “American Eagle”.  Valley was with “Don & The Goodtimes” and “Paul Revere and the Raiders”

Earlier the Viceroys were known as “Vince Valley and His Chain Gang”.

1956 – Gene Vincent & His Blue Caps – Capitol 764 – “Bluejean Bop”

Gene Vincent was born in February of 1935 in Norfolk, Virginia Vincent Eugene Craddock – There were many Blue Caps early members included Cliff Gallup, Paul Peek, Willie Williams, Jack Neal and Dickie Harrell – Gene Vincent died on October 12, 1971 from a ruptured stomach ulcer.

1962 – Bobby Vinton – Epic 26020 – “Roses Are Red”

Bobby Vinton was born in April of 1935 in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania Stanley Robert Vinton, Jr.  His career started out with him leading a big band of all things.

1960 – Frank Virtue & The Virtues – Strand SLS 1061 – “Guitar Boogie Shuffle”

Frank Virtue was born in January of 1923 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – He died on June 11th, 1994. – He first formed “The Virtuoso Trio” in 1947 – He then decided to change directions with the advent of Bill Haley and the Comets and formed “The Virtues” with John Renner, Jimmy Bruno, Joe Vespe and Dave Kaplin as original members.

1960 – The Viscounts – Madison 1001 – “The Viscounts”

The Viscounts formed in 1958 out of New Jersey – Members included Harry Haller, Bobby Spievak, Joe Spievak, Larry Vecchio and Clark Smith.

1969 – Vision of Sunshine – AVCO Embassy – 33007 – “Vision of Sunshine”

Need Information

1965 – The Vogues – Co & Ce 1229 – “Meet the Vogues”

The Vogues formed in 1958 out of Turtle Creek, Pennsylvania with original members Don Miller, Hugh Geyer, Bill Burkette and Chuck Blasko.  They were first known as “The Val-Aires” releasing one single in 1960.  Their first efforts were more rock and roll oriented and their first big hit “You’re the One” was a Petula Clark track.

1960 – Adam Wade – Coed 902 – “And Then Came Adam”

Adam Wade was born in March of 1935 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Patrick Henry Wade.

1961 – The Fabulous Wailers – Etiquette 1 – “At the Castle”

The Wailers formed in 1958 in Tacoma, Washington first known as “The Nightcaps” with John Greek (deceased), Richard Dangel (deceased), Mark Marush (deceased), Mike Burk and Kent Morrill (deceased) all high school classmates.

1969 – Loudon Wainwright III – Atlantic 8260 – “Loudon Wainwright III”

Loudon Wainright III was born in September of 1946 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina Loudon Snowden Wainwright III.

1968 – Jerry Jeff Walker – ATCO 33-259 – “Mr. Bojangles”

Jerry Jeff Walker was born in March of 1942 in Oneonta, New York Ronald Clyde Crosby.  He cut his teeth in Greenwich Village.  In the 1970’s he was performed with the backing of “The Lost Gonzo Band”.

1965 – Jr. Walker & The All Stars – Soul S 701 – “Shotgun”

Jr. Walker was born in June of 1941 in Blytheville, Arkansas Autry DeWalt Mixon, Jr.  – He died on November 23rd, 1995.  Walker earlier headed up a group called “The Jumping Jacks”.  Early members were Fred Patton, Willie Woods, Tony Washington and Victor Thomas – They called themselves “The Rhythm Rockers” before becoming The All Stars

1959 – T-Bone Walker – Imperial 9098 – “T-Bone Walker Sings the Blues”

T-Bone Walker was born in May of 1910 in Linden, Texas Aaron Thibeaux Walker.  He first recorded as “Oak Cliff T-Bone”.  T-Bone worked often with Dave Bartholomew’s band who backed Fats Domino. T-Bone died on March 16th, 1975 at the age of 64.

1961 – Jerry Wallace – Challenge 612 – “There She Goes”

Jerry Wallace was born in December of 1928 in Guilford, Missouri.  He died on May 5th, 2008 of heart failure.  When his string of pop hits came to an end he comfortably slid into Country Music placing more than 30 records on the charts.

1964 – The Wallace Brothers – Sims LP 128 – Soul Soul and More Soul

Members included Ervin Wallace, Johnny Wallace and Johnny Simone.

1963 – The Wanderers Three – Dolton 2021 – “We Sing Folk Songs”

Need Information

1959 – Billy Ward – Liberty 3113 – “Pagan Love Song”

Billy Ward was born in September of 1921 in Savannah Georgia Robert L. Williams and died in February of 2002.

1956 – Billy Ward and His Dominoes – Federal 548 – “Billy Ward and His Dominoes Featuring Clyde McPhatter”

Billy Ward formed the Dominoes in 1950 and the original group started off as “The Ques” and featured Ward, Rose Marks, Clyde McPhatter, Charlie White, Joe Lamont and Bill Brown in 1951.  Their first big hit “Sixty Minute Man” held the number 1 spot on the R&B charts for 14 weeks.  After McPhatter another great lead singer stepped in, Jackie Wilson.

1967 – Dee Dee Warwick – Mercury SR 61100 – “I Want To Be With You/I’m Gonna Make You Love Me”

Dee Dee Warwick was born in September of 1945 in Newark, New Jersey Delia Juanita Warrick – She died on October 18th, 2008.  She was a member of the “New Hope Baptist Church Choir” along with sister Dionne Warwick and aunt Cissy Houston.  These three then formed “The Gospelaires”

1963 – Dionne Warwick – Scepter SPS 508 – “Presenting Dionne Warwick”

Dionne Warwick wass born in December of 1940 in East Orange, New Jersey Marie Dionne Warrick.

1963 – Baby Washington – Sue LP 1014 – “That’s How Heartaches Are Made”

Baby Washington was born November, 1940 in Bamberg, South Carolina Justine Washington  – She recorded for a short time with “The Jaynetts”

1960 – Dinah Washington – Mercury MG 20638 – “September in the Rain”

Dinah Washington was born in August of 1924 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama Ruth Lee Jones – She died on December 14th, 1963 of a medication overdose – She was married to footballer Dick “Night Train” Lane.

1966 – Doc Watson – Vanguard 79213 – “Southbound”

Doc Watson was born in March of 1923 in Deep Gap, North Carolina Arthel Lane Watson.  His name is an adaptation of Sherlock’s partner “Doctor Watson”.  Watson died on May 29th, 2012 at the age of 89.

1965 – We Five – A&M 108 – “You Were On My Mind”

The We Five formed in 1964 in San Francisco, California with Michael Stewart brother of Kingston Trio member John Stewart, Beverly Bivens, Jerry Burgan, Pete Fullerton and Bob Jones.  Bivens delivered one of my all-time favorite lead vocals on this LP’s title track – never can play it too many times.  She went on to be part of “The Light Show Dimension” – She sang background vocals on the Kingston Trio’s “Desert Pete”.  The group was first called “The Ridgerunners” and then “The Mike Stewart Quintet” before becoming the “We Five”.

1957 – The Weavers – Vanguard 9013 – “On Tour”

The Weavers formed in 1948 in Greenwich Village, in New York City with members Ronnie Gilbert, Fred Hellerman, Pete Seeger and Lee Hays.  Seeger came from “The Almanac Singers” a activist group opposing the U.S. entry into World War II – mainly because the group were fellow travelers with Stalin’s Soviet Union.

When Germany and Russian clashed – the Almanacs did a prompt about face and began singing pro war songs – hmmmm…  They next became “The Weavers” – I was always a little surprised by their 1950’s commercial output such as “So Long Been Good To Know You” and “On Top of Old Smoky”, etc.  But the group explained that these songs provided them with additional opportunities to appear and spread the Soviet gospel.  Hays and Seeger had joined the American Communist Party.  Seeger didn’t cooperate and had sanctions placed on him by the House Committee on Un American Activities not the Joe McCarthy committee which investigated federal employees.

All of the Weavers experienced denunciation and it cost them their recording contract with Decca Records.

Hays (who composed at times as Lee Hayes)  had also co-composed the hit “If I Had a Hammer”.  He was in a children’s songs group called “The Baby Sitters” along with actor and singer Alan Arkin in 1958.  Fortunately for Hays he was able to survive lean times via royalties realized from “If I Had a Hammer” think Peter, Paul and Mary.  Hays also composed the song “Joe Hill” which was performed and made famous by Joan Baez at the Woodstock Festival in 1969 and captured on the resulting long play.

Pete Seeger composed the Byrds’ hit “Turn, Turn, Turn”, and  “Where Have All the Flowers Gone” (Kingston Trio).

1963 – The Wedges – TIME 2090 – “Hang Ten: For Surfers Only”

The Wedges were a jazz combo who diverted momentarily to release this LP.

1963 – Eric Weissberg, Marshall Hickman – Elektra 7238 – “New Dimensions In Banjo and Bluegrass”

Weissberg was born in 1939 – He was the banjo player for the theme from the movie “Deliverance”.  He was born in New York.  He was earlier with “The Greenbriar Boys” folk group.  He then joined “The Tarriers” replacing Erik Darling who went to “The Weavers”.  Marshall Brinkman was with “The New Journeymen” and also with “The Tarriers”.  The New Journeymen included Papas Denny Doherty and John Phillips as well as Mama Michelle Phillips.

1963 – Lenny Welch – Cadence CLP 25068 – “Since I Fell For You”

Lenny Welch was born in May of 1938 in Asbury Park, New Jersey Leon Welch.

1961 – Mary Wells – Motown MLP 600 – “Bye Bye Baby – I Don’t Want to Take a Chance”

Mary Wells was born in May of 1943 in Detroit, Michigan Mary Esther Wells.  She was the “Queen of Motown”.  She died on July 26th, 1992

1968 – West – Epic 26380 – “West”

West formed in 1968 and included Ron Cornelius, Bob Claire, Jon Sagen, Joe Davis, Lloyd Perata and Mike Stewart.  Stewart was the brother of Kingston Trio member John Stewart and was in “We Five”.

Joe Davis was in “The Guilloteens”, “The Justice League”, “Captain Zoom” and the “Crystal Set” along with band mate Ron Cornelius.

1967 – The West Coast Pop Experimental Band – Reprise 6247 – “Part One”

This band had strong ties to Colorado with Ron Morgan, Robert Yeazel, Shaun Harris and Danny Harris all coming from The Mile High State.  Other members were Bob Markley, Danny Belsky, and Dennis Lambert.

1966 – Kim Weston – MGM 4477 – “For the First Time”

Kim Weston was born in December of 1939 in Detroit, Michigan Agatha Nathalia Weston.  For a short time she recorded with Motown a venture that ended up in a lawsuit.

1969 – Whalefeathers – Nasco 9003 – “Declare”

The Whalefeathers were from Cincinnati, Ohio with Ed Blackmon, Michael Jones, Lenny LeBlanc and Stephe Bacon.  Lenny LeBlanc would find future fame with “LeBlanc and Carr” – He was also with “The Maranatha Singers”.

1963 – Burt Wheels and the Speedsters – Coronet 216 – “Sounds of the Big Racers”

A studio group

1969 – The Whispers – Soul Clock 22001 – “The Whispers”

The Whispers formed in 1964 out of Watts in Los Angeles, California.  Original members were brothers Wallace and Walter Scott, Gordy Harmon, Marcus Hutson and Nicholas Caldwell.  The Scotts performed as “Walter and Scotty”

1968 – Tony Joe White – Monument 18114 – “Black and White”

Tony Joe White was born in July of 1943 in Oak Grove, Louisiana.

1969 – White Light – Vanita 39955 – “White Light”

Need Information

1969 – Whitney Sunday – Decca 75239 – “Whitney Sunday”

The band was first known as “The Friends of Whitney Sunday with Bill Callagher on lead guitar, drummer Larry Scarano, Doug Jacobs and Les Figersky.

1968 – Wichita Train Whistle – Dot 25861 – “The Wichita Train Whistle Sings”

This in reality was a Michael Nesmeth solo project while he was yet a Monkee.  He was backed on this effort by members of “The Wrecking Crew”.

1964 – Larry Wilcox – Columbia 2147 – “Tuff Saxes and Twangy Guitars”

Wilcox was a sax player leading his own orchestra and was a member of “Sal Salvador & His Orchestra”

1961 – The Wilcox Three – RCA Camden 669 – “The Greatest Folk Songs Ever Sung!!”

Most likely a studio session musician project on the RCA budget label.

1969 – Wild Butter – United Artists 6766 – “Wild Butter”

Wild Butter formed in the late 1960’s in Akron, Ohio with Rick Garen, Jerry Buckner, Jon Senne and Steve Price who were both added after the LP was recorded.  Garen formally was with a group called “The Collection”.  Buckner was with a duo called “Buckner and Garcia”.  Mark Price went on to join “Tin Huey”

1965 – The Wild Ones – United Artists 6450 – “The Arthur Sound”

The Wild Ones formed in 1965 in New York with Jordan Christoper, Chuck Alden, Eddie Wright, Tom Graves and Tommy Tricarico.  They recorded “Wild Thing” before the Troggs made it a hit.  Alden was later with “The Fuzz Bunnies”.  Christopher was in “The Boulevards in the late 1950’s and headed up a group in the early 1960’s called “Jordan and the Fascinations”.

1969 – The Wilkinson Tri-Cycle – Date 41016 – “Wilkinson Tri-Cycle”

The Wilkinson Tri-Cycle formed in Boston, Massachusetts in 1969 playing along with “The Velvet Underground.  Members were David Mello, Richard Porter and Michael Clemens.

1959 – Larry Williams – Specialty SP 2109 – “Here’s Larry Williams”

Larry Williams was born in May of 1935 in New Orleans, Louisiana – He worked in bands fronted by Lloyd Price as well as Roy Brown – He died on January 7th, 1980 of a gunshot wound speculated to have been suicide but not confirmed.

1961 – Maurice Williams & The Zodiacs – Herald HLP 1014 – “Stay”

Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs formed in 1959 in Lancaster, South Carolina – Members included Maurice Williams, Earl Gainey both of whom were in “The Junior Harmonizers”, They were joined by Wiley Bennett, Charles Thomas and Little Willie Morrow.

1959 – Tony Williams – Mercury 20454 – “A Girl Is A Girl Is A Girl”

Tony Williams was born in April of 1928 in Elizabeth, New Jersey Samuel E. Williams.  He was the fantastic lead voice of the Platters.  Unfortunately he departed that group in 1960 over fiscal disputes – going solo – but the magic was gone.  He died on August 14th, 1992.

1959 – Sonny Boy Williamson – Checker LP 1437 – “Down and Out Blues”

Sonny Boy Williamson was born in December of 1912 in Tallahatchie County, Mississippi – He died on May 24th, 1965.

1958 – Chuck Willis – Atlantic 8018 – “King of the Stroll”

Chuck Willis was born in January of 1926 in Atlanta, Georgia Harold James Willis – He died during surgery on April 10th, 1958 making him one of the very earliest rock and roll losses.

1969 – Wilmer & The Dukes – Aphrodisiac 6001 – “Wilmer & The Dukes”

Wilmer and the Dukes’ origins go back to 1957 with founder Wilmer Alexander Jr., Ronnie Alberts and Ralph Gillotte joined by Bob Egan and finally Doug Brown.  The band was often an opening act for national acts such as Wilson Pickett, Sly and the Family Stone, The Association, Tommy James and the Shondells and more.

1969 – Al Wilson – Soul City 92006 – “Searching for the Dolphins”

Al Wilson was born in June of 1939 in Meridian, Mississippi Allen LaMar Wilson.  Wilson worked first as a janitor and then entered the U.S. Navy where he joined a Navy Chorus.  After completing his stint in the military he came to Los Angeles and joined a group called “The Jewels” next joining “The Rollers” and finally “The Souls” an instrumental group.  Wilson died on April 21st, 2008 at the age of 68 from kidney failure.

1958 – Jackie Wilson – Brunswick 54042 – “He’s So Fine”

Jackie Wilson was born on June 9th, 1934 in Detroit, Michigan Jack Leroy Wilson, Jr.   Wilson replaced lead singer Clyde McPhatter in Billy Ward’s Dominoes in 1953 before going solo.  As a young man, Wilson was with a group called “The Ever Ready Gospel Singers”.  His first professional group was Detroit’s “Falcons” a group that later included Wilson Pickett.

Wilson died on January 21st, 1984 at the age of 49 as the result of pneumonia, which followed a long period of debilitation after having a heart attack on stage on September 29th of 1975 during one of Dick Clark’s “Good Ol’ Rock and Roll Revue” performances in New Jersey.  Jackie was never able to regain the ability not only to perform but to barely meet life’s basic function requirements.

1960 – Nancy Wilson – Capitol ST-1319 – “Like In Love”

Nancy Wilson was born in February of 1937 in Chillicote, Ohio.

1969 – Jesse Winchester – Ampex 10104 – “Jesse Winchester”

Jesse Winchester was born in May of 1944 in Bossier City, Louisiana James Ridout Winchester, Jr.  He was a member of a Canadian band “Les Astronautes”.  Winchester gained government attention when he became a draft resister.  He died on April 11th, 2014 at the age of 69.

1969 – Wind – Life 2000 – “Make Believe”

Tony Orlando was a member of “Wind” – The other members were studio musicians.

1968 – The Wind in the Willows – Capitol 2956 – “The Wind in the Willows”

The Wind in the Willows formed in 1968 with future solo star Deborah Harry, Wayne Kirby, Paul Klein, Peter Brittain, Anton Carysforth, Steve DePhillips and Ida Andrews.  Harry was also with “Spirit of The Forest”

1968 – Wings – ABC/Dunhill 50046 – “Wings”

Wings was a folk rock group formed by Oz Bach (“Spanky and Our Gang”), Pam Robins (“Serendipity Singers”), Jerry Peloquin (“Jefferson Airplane”), Eddie Simon (brother of Paul Simon) and Steve Knight (“Mountain” & “The Devil’s Anvil”).  The performed in the San Francisco area appearing with “Big Brother & The Holding Company” and “Sly and the Family Stone”.

1963 – The Winners – Crown 5394 – “Checkered Flag”

The Winners were headed up by guitarist Jerry Cole along with other members of the “Wrecking Crew”.

1969 – The Winstons – Metromedia 1010 – “Color Him Father”

The Winstons formed in the late 1960’s in Washington D.C. Members included Ray Maritano, Richard Lewis Spencer, Quincy Mattison, Phil Tolotta and Sonny Pekerol.

1969 – Edgar Winter – Epic 26503 – “Entrance”

Edgar Winter was born in December of 1946 in Beaumont Texas Edgar Holland Winter younger brother of Johnny Winter.  He would later form Edgar Winter’s White Trash.

1969 – Johnny Winter – Buddah 7513 – “First Winter”

Johnny Winter was born in February of 1944 in Beaumont, Texas John Dawson Winter III.  His first group was “Johnny and the Jammers” when he was only 15.  Then in 1967 he went to a group called “The Traits”.  Johnny died on July 16th, 2014 at age 70.

1959 – Jimmy Witherspoon – HiFi R422 – “Feelin’ The Spirit”

Jimmy Witherspoon was born in August of 1920 in Gurdon, Arkansas James Witherspoon.  He died on September 18th, 1997 – He first was a vocalist for Jay McShann’s Band.

1969 – The Wizards from Kansas – Mercury 61309 – “The Wizards from Kansas”

The Wizards from Kansas formed in 1968 based in Lawrence, Kansas evolving from a group called “New West”.  Their next configuration was called “Pig Newton” and then “Peg Newton and the Wizards from Kansas” – The members were John Paul Coffin, Robert Manson Crain, Harold Earl Pierce, Marc Evan Caplan, Mark Naftalin and Robert Joseph Menadier.  These guys must have been rich kids with those names!  Mark Nafalin was also a member of “Mother Earth”, and “The Paul Butterfield Blues Band”

1963 – The Womenfolk – RCA Victor 2919 – “Never Underestimate the Power of the Womenfolk”

The Womenfolk formed in 1963 in Pasadena, California with Jean Amos, Leni Ashmore, Elaine Gealer, Joyce James, Babs Cooper and Judy Fine.  Their one claim  to fame was performing Pete Seeger’s “Little Boxes” a very condescending song lambasting working Americans.   Glass Houses folks – Glass Houses……

1962 – Stevie Wonder – Tamla TM-232 – “Tribute to Uncle Ray”

Stevie Wonder was born in May of 1950 in Saginaw, Michigan Stevland Hardaway Morris – He is one of the latest born artists to be found on these “Founder” pages if not the earliest.  Stevie Wonder is a 1989 Inductee into the Rock Hall of Fame.

1964 – Bobby Wood – Joy 1001 – “Bobby Wood”

Bobby Wood was born in January of 1941 in New Albany, Mississippi.

1967 – Brenton Wood – Double Shot DSM 1002 – “Oogum Boogum”

Brenton Wood was born in July of 1941 Alfred Jesse Smith in Shreveport, Louisiana.

1964 – The Woofers – Wyncote 9011 – “Dragsville”

The Woofers also recorded as “The Scramblers” – Jerry Cole played guitar for this studio project.

1960 – Link Wray – Vermillion 1925 – “Ling Wray Sings and Plays Guitar”

Link Wray was born in May of 1929 in Dunn, North Carolina Fred Lincoln Wray, Jr.  Link was a Shawnee Native American.  His backup band was called “The Ray Men”.  Members included Shorty Horton, Doug Wray and Vernon Wray.  Link Wray died on November 5th, 2005 at age 76 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

1968 – Betty Wright – ATCO 33-260 – “My First Time Around”

Betty Wright was born in December of 1953 in Miami, Florida Bessie Regina Norris.  Wright sang with her sisters at the age of 3 in “The Echoes of Joy” and remained there until she was 11.

1967 – Charles Wright & the Watts 103rd St. Rhythm Band – Warner Bros. 1741 – “Hot Heat and Sweet Groove”

Charles Wright and the Watts 103rd St. Rhythm Band formed in 1962 in Los Angeles, California.  Charles Wright was a member of “The Turks”, “The Twilighters”, “The Shields” and “The Gallahads”. He formed his first band “Charles Wright and the Wright Sounds” before the 103rd St. version.  Many members passed through the group including Al McKay, James Gadson, Ray Jackson, Bill Cannon, Melvin Jernigan and more.

McKay would go to “Earth, Wind and Fire”.  Gadson was with The Carpets, The Derbys and Dyke and the Blazers.

1965 – O.V. Wright – Back Beat 61 – “(It It Is) Only for Tonight”

O.V. Wright was born in October of 1939 in Lenow, Tennessee Overton Vertis Wright.  His first group was “The Sunset Travelers” and then “The Harmony Echoes”.  He died on November 16th of 1980 at the age of 41.

1969 – Yesterday’s Folks – Buddah 5035 – “U.S. 69”

Yesterday’s Folks is also known as “U.S. 69” leading to some confusion and they released a 45 from this LP as “The Mustard Family”.  Members were Bill Durso, Bill Cartier, Don DePalma, Bob DePalma and Gil Nelson.  Bob De-Palma was also with “The New England Jazz Ensemble” in the 1990’s.

1965 – Barry Young – Dot 3672 – “One Has My Name”

Barry Young was born in June of 1931 in Oklahoma (town unknown) Clarence LaVonne Fitzgerald.  He died on December 2nd of 1966 at the age of 35.  I always detected similarities to Young’s hit record with Dean Martin’s mid 1960’s output especially “Everybody Love’s Somebody” and “The Door is Still Open to My Heart” and sure enough, all were arranged by Ernie Freeman.

1961 – Kathy Young & The Innocents – Indigo IND-LP 504 – “The Sound of Kathy Young”

Kathy Young was born in October of 1945 in Santa Ana, California – She was backed up by another California act “The Innocents” (see separate listing).  Kathy married John Maus – who was one of the Walker Brothers.

1967 – Young-Holt Unlimited – Brunswick Bl 754125 – “On Stage”

1968 – The Young Americans – ABC 626 – “The Wonderful World of the Young”

The Young Americans were a wholesome group which was first formed in 1962 in Southern California.  Hundred’s of members passed through the ranks from all over the world and the group continues today!  Their first appearance occurred in the 1960’s on the “Bing Crosby Show”.

Some noted members included Vicki Lawrence, Mark Walberg (Antiques Roadshow), Reggie Banister, and Nia Peeples.

1966 – The Young Rascals – Atlantic SD 8123 – “The Young Rascals”

The Young Rascals formed in Garfield, New Jersey.  Members were Eddie Brigati, Felix Cavaliere, Gene Cornish and Dino Danelli.  The Young Rascals are a 1997 Inductee into the Rock Hall of Fame. Brigati had been one of Joey Dee’s original  Starliters.

1966 – The Yum Yum Kids – MGM 4396 – “The Yum Yum Kids and The MGM Marshmallow Orchestra – Yummy in Your Tummy”

An interesting little bubble gum project that went nowhere – with producer/arranger Richard William Wolfe being the driving force.

1961 – Timi Yuro – Liberty 3208 – “Hurt!!!!!”

Timi Yuro was born in August of 1940 in Chicago, Illinois Rosemary Timothy Yuro – “the little girl with the big voice”.  Her 1961 single “Hurt” hit number four on the Billboard Charts.  This was followed by my favorite, “What’s a Matter Baby (Is It Hurting You)”.  What a finely produced record that was!  Timi passed away on March 30th, 2004 at the age of 63 from throat cancer.

1960 – John Zacherly – Elektra 190 – “Spook Along with Zacherley”

John Zacherley was born in September of 1918 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania John Zacherle.  He started off after a tour in the military, as a local TV personality in Philadelphia.  It was there where he first assumed a spooky persona appearing as “Roland” – living in a crypt with his wife.

John sometimes served as a stand-in on some of Clark’s road tours featuring hit artists of the day, as he was a close friend of Dick Clark.  With Clark’s backing, Zacherle recorded “Dinner with Drac” on the Cameo record label in 1958.

Zacherle died on October 27th, 2016 at the ripe old age of 98!

1969 – Zager and Evans – RCA Victor 4214 – “2525 (Exordium & Terminus)”

Zager and Evans formed in 1962 out of Lincoln, Nebraska with Denny Zager and Rick Evans, both born in Nebraska.  The met at Nebraska Wesleyan University in 1962 and worked in a trio called “The Eccentrics” that also included Danny Schindler who later was with “The Benders”.  Band members included Dave Trupp, Mark Dalton, Paul Maher coming from “The Liberation Blues Band”.

Their big hit was first recorded way back in 1964 released on the Truth record label – putting it up there among the earliest of the 1960’s protest songs.

1959 – The Zanies – Dore 321 – “The Zanies”

The Zanies formed as an instrumental group in the 1950’s and included Lew Bedell.

1968 – Frank Zappa – Verve 8741 – “Francis Vincent Zappa Conducts The Abnuceals Emuukha Electric Orchestra & Chorus – Lumpy Gravy”

Frank Zappa was born in December of 1950 in Baltimore, Maryland Frank Vincent Zappa.  His first musical experience came with the Mission Bay High School Band in San Diego, California.  He was later with “The Blackouts” and his path to “The Mothers of Invention” was loaded with an astonishing exposure to the world of music.

1961 – The Zeniths – Atlantic 8043 – “Makin’ The Scene”

Need Information

1969 – Zephyr – Probe 4510 – “Zephyr”

Zephyr was a Colorado based band forming in 1968 out of Boulder, Colorado with Candy Givens, Tommy Bolin, David Givens, Robbie Chamberlin and others – See the Colorado listing on this site for more information.

1964 -The Zip-Codes – Liberty 3367 – “Mustang!”

The Zip-Codes were Sonny Curtis (from “The Crickets”), James Burton (started off with Ricky Nelson), Gary Paxton, Leon Russell, Jerry McKenzie, Bob Zwirn, Stan Farber, Ron Hicklin, and Al Kapps.  They also recorded as “The Eligibles”

1965 – The Zirkons – Snowflake 1003 – “Acappella Session with The Original Zirkons”

The Zirkons included Barry Zakar, Robert McInerny, Carlos Infante, Mario Ibanez and Leo Perez.

1968 – The Zoo – Sunburst 7500 – “The Zoo Presents Chocolate Moose”

The Zoo formed out of Los Angeles, California with Howard Leese, Terry Gottlieb, Murphy Carfagna, Ira Welsley, and Mike Flicker.

Leese was also with “Bad Company”, “Heart” and “Connie and Howie”.

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