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Rockin’ with Tony Bellus

Tony Bellus had his moment in the sun – with one memorable (or perhaps non-memorable) hit “Robbin’ The Cradle” from the Spring of 59 – his only hit record which charted at number 25.

I thought that perhaps Bellus (born Anthony J. Bellusci in Chicago – 1936) might have been from New Orleans armed with his accordion.  “Robbin’ The Cradle” had some unique touches for a song finding popularity among teenagers in 1959.

The recording originally came out on the small “Shi-Fi” record label – an original of which I have not seen from 1958 – There is a 1962 Shi-Fi release out there.  “Robbin'” was actually the designated “B” side giving way to “Jacqueline”.

Bellus composed the song and played the accordion on the track – and was backed by a more-or-less country combo on instruments and supported by a vocal group – described as a “Latino” group.  NRC records picked up the song which ran on the Billboard Charts for 26 weeks.  Bellus took his rockin’ accordion onto Dick Clark’s American Bandstand on April 20th, 1959.  No doubt that was the boost “Robbin’ the Cradle” required.

Bellus continued to record releasing five more singles on NRC before they went belly up.  He continued performing in nightclubs around Chicago and later in the 1970’s recorded on the Seven Flags, 123, Southern Tracks, and MMP record labels.

Today Bellus – at age 82 – has created “Bellusci Music Publishing Company” putting out a few CD’s to date and has turned his attention to performing Christian Music.

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