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Universal Twisting

Seems the Europeans both East and West took in the Twist phenomenon with a much more casual and fun-loving attitude – Just Twist!

Didn’t seem to be as much as a desperation to be “the next big thing” as in the U.S. judging by the graphic discography shown here.  The U.K. was not nearly as receptive to twisting with Chubby as either France or Germany.  The first release of “The Twist” by Checker entered the British charts on September 24th, 1960 at number 49 and would fall off the following week.  It would renter on October 8th the following month at number 44 and that was it for the original.  The song did better during the second “Twist Wave” in 1961 in the summer of 1962 this time peaking at number 14 and running for 10 weeks.

“Let’s Twist Again” fared much better charting on five different occasions first in August of 1961 (#37) then in December of that same year (#2), two more times in 1962 (#46 and #49) and then revived in 1975 backed with “The Twist” and reaching number 5!

For all of their appreciation of all things rhythm & blues – the Brits didn’t jump on the Hank Ballard and the Midnighters band wagon, with a complete absence of any recordings by that group over the years in the U.K.  Joey Dee and the Starliters struck only once with their debut Twist track “The Peppermint Twist” which reached number 33.

The Starliters didn’t place a long play on the British Charts and Chubby only managed two: “Twist with Chubby Checker” (#13 in January, 1962) and then “For Twisters Only” in March of the same year (#17).

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