From the Land of Band Box Records

Band Box Country Pioneer Still Going Strong

Lee Sims released several recordings on either Band Box or one of it’s subsidiary labels.  I located Lee recently through his web site “Lee Sims & The Platte River Band”.  These days Lee resides in Colorado performing around the Denver metro area.

Lee has been recognized as one of the premier country stars coming out of Colorado.  He was inducted into the Colorado Country Music Hall of Fame and was chosen as Hall of Fame Male Vocalist of the year in 2003.  In addition, Lee was chosen as the Colorado Entertainer of the Year in 2001.  He was a three-time Golden Music Award Winner in Nashville in 2001.

I asked Lee about his time with Band Box and the following are his recollections:

“I began recording for Band Box owner Vicky Morosan in 1967 on the Band Box label.  I don’t have all the info such as the catalog numbers associated with the releases however the songs were “Marie” b/w “Truck Driving Flame”. then in 1968 “Denver County Jail” b/w “If You Don’t Know.

“These two records were recorded at Band Box studios on Sheridan Blvd and were both recorded and engineered by Vicky Morosan. The two records on the Keyboard label (#709 “Husbands & Wives ” b/w “Paralyze My Mind”) and Rustique (#711 “Indian Tears” b/w “Married to Wine”) were both recorded in 1969 at a studio on the corner of Alameda & Pearl Street.   I don’t recall the studio name but it will come to me eventually and I will get back to you.”

(POP NOTE: very likely was the Western Cine studio).  I also recorded an The Fabulous Lee Sims’ that was recorded at Jackson studios which I believe was on the corner of Evans & S. Lipan.

“Vicky was always eager to help artist and it was our involvement in the 1967 (Band Box) project that led to our relationship with the later projects.”

(POP NOTE: The two Band Box titles provided by Lee could easily be a couple of the missing titles shown as blank on the Band Box catalog sheets).

Sims, Lee Group

“I performed with The Lee Sims Country Trio up until the release of the “Indian Tears” and “Married to Wine” cuts at which time the group became Lee Sims and the Ronnie Steele Trio. The album release was a Lee Sims solo project. We  worked mostly private clubs Elks/Moose lodges and Eagles however we did work the old Lulu’s Inn in Watkins, Colorado and the Merchant Inn in Limon, the Bar Lake Inn in Brighton, and Evelyn’s Holliday Inn in Morrison, Colorado.”

Sims, Lulu's Watkins

(POP NOTE: It appears that all of these venues are long gone with the exception of Lulu’s).

I would like to add that the writer’s last name on “Indian Tears” was “Messinger.  Your email kinda came out of the blue so I will continue to search the brain cells for details. Thank you for your extensive investigations into this time period it is certainly and honor to  mentioned with the great artists you have collected.”

POP NOTE: Thank You Mr. Sims!

45 – Keyboard 707 – Truck Drivin’ Flame b/w Marie – 1969

45 – Keyboard 708 – Denver County Jail b/w If You Don’t Know, I Ain’t Gonna Tell – 1969

45 – Keyboard 709 – Husbands and Wives b/w Paralyze My Mind – July, 1969

Keyboard 709 - Sims, Lee - Husbands & WivesKeyboard 709 - Sims, Lee - Paralyze My Mind

45 – Rustique 711 – Indian Tears b/w Married To Wine – 1969

Rustique 711 - Sims, Lee - Indian TearsRustique 711 - Sims, Lee - Married To Wine

LP – Rustique 7000 – The Fabulous Lee Sims


45 – Timberline 7906 – Cash & Carry Love Affair b/w The Silverton (Lee Sims & The Platte River Band) – 1977

45 – Jass U 11134 – West Texas Wind b/w Feelin’ Loved – 1997

45 – Amcor 21078 – Learnin’ the Hard Way b/w Four Wheels a Rollin’ (Lee Sims & Ray Cobb) – 1978

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