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Keepin’ Time In ’59!

December 10, 2018

Lots of good stuff here

I can also hear the songs crackling from my pocket size transistor radio early on a Sunday morning – folding papers for my Denver Post paper route.

By 1957 the music industry was taking a bit more serious notice of rock and roll – although begrudgingly – but by 1959 everyone (well, not everyone – i.e. Mitch Miller) was on board as these great trade ads do attest.  And by 1959 Cash Box was running regular editorials testifying to the marketability of – yes rock and roll and the new pop!

Nice to see the Falcons here – The Royal Teens with Bob Gaudio and  Carl Dobkins, Jr. – With “Mack the Knife” Bobby Darin was finally able to break away from Rock and Roll and go where he wanted to be (number 1 for nine weeks!).

Bob Gaudio and the Teens broke onto the scene in early 1958 when their recording of “Short Shorts” was picked up by ABC-Paramount from the small New York independent label – Power Records.  “Short Shorts” composer Bob Gaudio would depart the Royal Teens to join a final version of Franki Valli’s “Four Lovers” and would help skyrocket them to stardom with his songs.

And oh yes!  A trade ad placed by “Tops Records”!!  Brian McFadden – Any comment???  I don’t think I have come across another one.

Never Too Late for ’58!

December 6, 2018

Cash Box Music Trade Ads from 1958

A really early – pre-Motown release by the Miracles here – and a group I always enjoyed – The Playmates – great sound great production – “The End” by Earl Grant captivated me back then and now…. dramatic rendering – The Crescendos have a follow-up to “Oh Julie” but fame was fleeting – Billy Grammer’s “Gotta Travel On” just slipped in their comfortably among all that great 1958 rock and roll – country I suppose but not for me – “Gotta Travel On” was just plain sad….. The great Eddie Cochran and finally Billy and Lillie – ’58 was a great time for music…

PS:  (If the Barnum Gang had caught me humming along to “Gotta Travel On” or trying to Cha Cha to “Lucky Ladybug” they certainly would have pounded me!)