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Just took in my first episode (Season 1) of Stephen King’s “11.22.63” first episode being “Down the Rabbit Hole”.

As is usually the case with Baby Boomer Stephen, the music fits the time’s and sets the scene (think “Christine”).  James Franco is chosen in this story line to return to that fateful period time in U.S. history with an assignment – “stop the assassination of JFK”!

And so onto the so-far-fun soundtrack leading of with Maurice and the Zodiacs welcoming Jake Epping (Franco) and encouraging him to “Stay”.  Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs formed in 1959 in Lancaster, South Carolina – Members included Maurice Williams, Earl Gainey both of whom were in “The Junior Harmonizers”, They were joined by Wiley Bennett, Charles Thomas and Little Willie Morrow.

Their big hit “Stay” – reached number 1 in October of 1963.  They had charted once prior to “Stay” back in 1957 with their version of “Little Darlin'” which reached number 41.  Maurice started off with “The Junior Harmonizers” before becoming the “Royal Charms” finally changing their names to “The Gladiolas” – the name they recorded and released “Little Darlin'” under.   The song has the distinction of being the shortest song every to reach number 1.

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I hadn’t listen to Paul Evan’s “Happy-Go-Lucky-Me” for years.  The radio always opts for “Seven Little Girls”.  Paul’s singing career wasn’t a long one but had it’s moments with “Seven Little Girls Sitting in the Back Seat” going to number 9, followed by “Midnite Special” at number 16, then the “Happy” song again at number 10 and finally “The Brigade of Broken Hearts” at only number 81 – all in 1960.

In Stephen King’s setting nothing is “Happy” or “Go Lucky” as the song bounces along – great stuff!  Paul Evans was born in March of 1938 in Queens.  Paul penned “Roses Are Red (My Love)” a number 1 for Bobby Vinton and another I always enjoy “When” by the Kalin Twins which reached number 5 in 1958.

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Road Runner

Next up is one of my all-time favorite rockers, Bo Diddley’s “Road Runner” and with this great raunchy video with Norma Jean Woffard on guitar rocking out as rocking out was meant to be.  With all of the vintage cars adorning the background of “11.22.63” this one wants to make you just get up and drive!

I’ve Had It

The Bell Notes scored a number 6 hit in early 1959 – Their career was over by the summer of 1960.

And a Bonus Track

Not included in the TV Series – just had to run this because Dodie Stevens was just so darn cute! (performing here at age 12 when the song entered the charts!)  Dodie was born in February of 1946 Geraldine Ann Pasquale.  She would chart four more times.  Dodie married at age 16.

“Pink Shoe Laces” reached 3 on the Billboard Charts.

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