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In the Groove with Grove!

May 24, 2019

Pueblo’s John Grove – Aloha & Jan & Dean

Received this nice email from the bass player for many Colorado bands from back in the day (not the sax player):

“Craig, First of all, let me tell you thank you for keeping the garage band flame brightly burning, Appreciate the work you do, certainly a labor of love. I have a couple of requests…..I am mentioned in numerous bands out of Pueblo and in a few I am shown as my instrument being “Sax”. The only problem is, I have never played sax in my life.

Would very much appreciate if you could change it to “Bass” . That is the only instrument I’ve ever played. (Here is) a little bit of rock n’ roll history. The band “Aloha” was the backing band for surf legend, Jan Berry and Jan & Dean in the late seventies.

The band consisted of  John Grove – Bass, Carl Brenner – Drums, Gary Snyder – Guitar, Brad Rice – Keyboards, Gene Wall – Keyboards. We toured the US and played hundreds of shows with just Jan.

The historical part is…..in July of 1978, we received a call from our management. company in Arizona that we would be performing in NYC at the famed “Palladium” and for the first time since Jan’s horrific car accident in 1966, Jan & Dean would perform a full live concert.

This show was promoted by the legendary Ron Delsner and was Billed as The Murray the K Brooklyn Fox Reunion. We were the headliners, along with The Four Tops, Jay & The Americans, The Ronettes with Ronnie Spector, and the original Skyliners.

Would greatly appreciate the addition. 
Thank You”

Upper Row L-to-R: Gene Wall, Jan Berry, Gary Snyder, Carl Brenner – In Front: John Grove

Left to Right Upper Row: Carl Brenner, Brad Rice, John Grove, Gary Snyder – Front” Jan Berry


Music Ad’s “C”ache…

May 23, 2019

Music Trade Advertising Alpha Musicians “C”

From Sebastian Cabot (remember him?) to Brian Epstein’s “Crykle” we come full circle to all of those singers and groups falling into the “C” musician data base.  (Click on the image above or here to visit the whole current assembly located over on my special Music Trade Ad Data Base site).

Who could ever forget Sonny Calelllo or the group called “The Carmel” from the late 1960’s?  How about Angee Castle or Chuck and Gary singing “Teenie Weenie Jeanie” in 1958?  Then there was teen hopeful Johnny Cobb in the early 50’s and crazy Lee Collins with his 1960 “”Two Crazy Scientists” – Remember That?

All the Coopers are here – Christine – Jackie and Jerry!

Enjoy!  Lots more to come!