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Around the World with Apple Records – Pt 1

May 17, 2022

Apple Records 45 Picture Sleeves International

Angola – Argentina – Australia 45/Single Sleeves

Here is a collection of Beatles and Apple Records artists and the picture sleeves which were released worldwide. England’s EMI retained copyrights to most the material after the formation of Apple Corps.

Angola Apple

Argentina Apple

Australia Apple

“And My Soul Has Been Psychedelicized….” Pt 2 “B”

May 17, 2022

The Great ‘Psychedelic’ Bands of the 1960s (and some from the 1970s) – “B” Artists

Picked up a great book titled “The Acid Archives A Guide To Underground Sounds 1965-1982” by Patrick Lundborg. Fun stuff – Here are some of the bands gleaned from the book. (be sure to look for the 2nd edition) – Some of the LPs are jazzy in tone others folk psych, mystic, occult, and sometimes just weird – but nearly all are not your common late 60s/early 70s fare…

It may be more accurate to describe these long plays and bands/musicians as “underground” but – whatever – still not the usual by any means.

This 2nd edition is apparently a great expansion from the first edition – Many groups/artists and recordings have been added and all the art work is now in color. Thorough discography information is presented accompanied by reviews of the tracks – but not so much band biographies – so I have added photos and some notes on that aspect of these listings.

I am not presenting anything here beyond mid 1970s at the latest – No CD’s or reissues…

The Bachs – Roto – “Out of the Bachs” – 1968

Chicago based garage band

Isabel Baker – Romco – “I Like God’ Style” – 1965

Banchee – Atlantic – “Banchee”- 1969

Psychedelic band from the east coast

Barbie – Bond – “Journey To Jesus” – 1971

Folk singer Barbara Sipple – underground gospel

Barbara The Gray Witch – DEA – “Barbara the Gray Witch” – 1971

From Los Angeles

The Barbarians – Laurie – “Are You A Boy Or Are You A Girl” – 1966

From Boston, Massachusetts featuring Victor “Moulty” Moulton the one-armed drummer

The Baroques – Chess – “The Baroques” – 1967

The Barracudas – Justice – “A Plane View of the Barracudas” – 1967

Garage band from Sandston, Virginia

Yank Barry – McConnell (Canada) – “The Diary of Mr. Gray” – 1971

The Baskerville Hounds – Dot’ – “Featuring Space Rock Part 2 – 1967

Band from Cleveland, Ohio

Bead Game – Avco Embassy – “Welcome” – 1970

Also recorded as the “Freedom Express”

The Beat of the Earth – Artistic Statement – “The Beat Of the Earth” – 1967

Psychedelic band from Orange County, California

The Beat of the Earth – Radish – “The Electronic Hole” – 1970

Beauregarde – Empire – “Beauregarde” – 1971

Born Larry Pitchford from Portland, Oregon – A pro wrestler – Guitarist here is Greg Sage who later was in the “Wipers” – His presence makes this LP collectible

Greg Sage from Los Angeles

Joe Beck – Verve Forecast – “Nature Boy” – 1969

Joseph A. Beck from Philadelphia – very “wild” guitar featured

Beck: 1945-2008

Jack Bedient and the Chessmen – Satori – “Where Did She Go?” – 1967

Band out of Wenatchee, Washington then Reno, Nevada

Jack Bedient and the Chessmen – Chessmen – “In Concert Presented by the Smith Family” – early 70s

William C. Beeley – North Park – “Gallivantin'” – 1972

Bent Wind – Trend – “Sussex” – October, 1969

Band from Toronto, Canada – only 200 copies of this LP pressed

Beo Wulf – Crown – “Too Late To Turn Back Now” – 1972

Interesting to see a budget LP release – the band was real from Chicago featuring Keith Gravenhorst/Keith Everett – Keith was born in Deerfield, Illinois

John Berberian & the Rock East Ensemble – Verve Forecast – “Middle Eastern Rock” – 1969

Berberian was born in New York city to immigrant parents from Armenia.

Father Patrick Berkery with the band Spur – Glasgow – “Prayers For a Noonday Church” – 1969

This priest raised plenty of eyebrows when he recorded this hip psychedelic long play – Spur was from Belleville, Illinois – They also recorded as “The Unknowns”.


Bob Berry – (no label name) – “Heavy Berry” – early 1970s

Berry was formerly with the “4th Street Exits” – He was born in San Jose, California – He was a member of “3” along with Keith Emerson and Carl Palmer

The Best – RPC – “Some of the Best/More of the Best” – 1966

This rare LP was not issued with a cover

Betty – Thin Man – “Handful” – 1971

Betty was a band from Los Angeles, California – record very rare – copies have gone for over $1,300!

Bezalel & the Sabras – Tikva – “Bezalel & the Sabras” – most likely late 1960s

Band was from Israel featuring Bezalel Jungreis

Big Brother – All American – “Confusion” – 1970

Band from Santa Barbara, California – Member Ernie Orosco was also with the “Emporers”, “Ernie’s Funnys” and “Giant Crab”

Big Lost Rainbow – Big Lost – “Big Lost Rainbow” – 1973

The Big Town Boys – Capitol – “The Big Town Boys” – March, 1966

Band out of Canada

Billy – Orion – “Persephone” – 1973

Billy Hallquist was a member of “Thundertree” out of Minnesota

Birmingham Sunday – All American – “A Message from Birmingham Sunday” – 1968

Band out of Carson City, Nevada that formed in 1966

Randy Bishop – Liquid Stereo – “I Sing A Soft Song” – 1969

Norman Randolph Bishop out of Portland, Oregon was with “The Wackers” and “The Rosebuds”

Bill Bissett & the Mandan Massacre – See/Hear Productions – “Awake in the Red Desert” – 1968

William Frederick Bissett was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia – Was a member of “Luddites” and the “Sonic Horses” One member of Mandan Massacre was Wayne Carr –

Bit ‘A Sweet – ABC – “Hypnotic I” – 1968

Band was from Long Island, New York

Dave Bixby – (no label name) – “Ode To Quetzalcoatl” – 1970

From Rockford, Michigan – was also a member of “Harbinger” and “Peter & the Prophets”

Terry Black – Arc – “The Black Plague” – December, 1964

Black was from Canada and was with the groups “Black & Ward” and “Dr. Music”

Terry Black – 1949-2009

The Black Canyon Gang – Viking – “Ridin’ High” – 1974

This group came out of Colorado – hippie rock band from Montrose – Their LP has sold for around $200 at auction.

Black Diamonds – Alshire – “A Tribute to Jimi Hendrix” – 1973

This is actually the “Animated Egg” with the same tracks as their LP

J.D. Blackfoot – Mercury – “The Ultimate Prophecy” – 1970

Benjamin Franklin Van Dervort from Cleveland, Ohio – was a member of “The Ebb Tides” in the mid 1960s

Black Merda – Chess – “Black Merda” – 1970

Psychedelic band from Detroit, Michigan – also recorded as “Temptation Rise”, “The Fabulous Impacs” and the “Soul Agents”

The Black Orchids – Black Orchids Records – “AWOL” – 1974

Band from Charleston, Virginia

Black Voy Alley – Alley Records – “Black Voy Alley” – 1972

Band out of El Paso, Texas – all teens when this was recorded

Hal Blaine – Dunhill – “Psychedelic Percussion” – 1967

Famed session drummer from Holyoke, Massachusetts – This LP often goes for over $125 at auction

Harolad Simon Belsky – Wrecking Crew: 1929-2019

The Blazers – Perfection Sound Studios – “On Fire” – 1967

This LP can easily fetch over $1,000 at auction

The Blessed End – The New Sound Records – “Movin’ On” – 1971

Band out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – sounding much like “The Doors”

Blind Ravage – Crescent Street Records – “Blind Ravage” – 1972

Band formed in 1969 in Montreal, Canada

Bliss – Canyon Records – “Bliss” – 1969

This Arizona band was formerly “The Sect”

Blitz – Tema Records – “Oga Erutuf” – 1975

Band from Cleveland, Ohio

Bloody Mary – Family Productions – “Bloody Mary” – 1974

Little known band

Blue Mountain Eagle – Atco – “Blue Mountain Eagle” – 1970

Band from Texas – They were put together by Dewey Martin in 1968 to tour as a newly formed “Buffalo Springfield” but were stopped by Stills and Young

Blue Ridge – (no label name) – “Blue Ridge” – 1974

Band from Long Island, New York

Blues Prism – Silver Crest Records – “Blues Prism” – 1970

No cover

Blues Spectrum – (no label name) – “We Were the Blues Spectrum” – 1970

The Blues Train – Condor – “The Blues Train” – 1969

The band also recorded as “Morning Reign”

The Blue Things – RCA – “The Blue Things” – 1969

Band out of Hays, Kansas who started off as “The Blue Boys” in 1964

Boa – Snakefield Records – “Wrong Road” – 1971

Band out of Rochester, Minnesota

Boa Constrictor & A Natural Vine – Vanguard Apostolic – “Boa Constrictor & A Natural Vine” – 1968

Bohemian Vendetta – Mainstream – “Bohemian Vendetta” – 1968

Band from Long Island, New York formed in 1966 – Also recorded as “Faine Jade’s Candlepower”

Bold – ABC Records – “Bold” – 1970

Band from Massachusetts who began as “The Esquires” and they also performed as “Steve Walker and the Bold”

Bolder Damn – Hit Records – “Mourning” – 1971

From Fort Lauderdale, Florida formed in the late 1960s

The Bonne Villes – Justice Records – “Bringing It Home” – 1967

Band from North Carolina

T.S. Bonniwell – Capitol Records – “Close” – 1969

Thomas Sean Harvey Bonniwell – was with “The Music Machine”, “The Friendly Torpedos”, “The Ragamuffins” and “The Wayfarers”

Bonniwell: 1940-2011

Boot – Agape Records – “Boot” – 1972

From Tampa, Florida began in 1963 as “The Allusions” – Later became “The Split Ends”

Borealis – Audat Records – “Sons of the Sea” – 1972

Band out of Newfoundland, Canada

The Bow Street Runners – B.T. Puppy Records – “Bow Street Runners” – 1970

Band out of Fayetteville, North Carolina

J. Leland Braddock – Live Bear Records – “Evil Is On My Mind” – 1975

Fronted “The Hallucinations” from Mississippi

Victor Brady – Polydor – “Brown Rain” – 1970

From St. Croix in the Virgin Islands

John Braheny – Records by Pete – “Some Kind Of Change” – 1968

From Los Angeles, California

The Brain Police – K.B. Artists Records – “The Brain Police” – 1968 (came with a generic white cover)

Band from San Diego, California

Bramante & Cross – Scold Records – “When the Music’s On” – 1972

Joanne Bramante, Kevin Cross, Frank Bramonte and Phyllis Bramonte

Marc Brandt – (no label name) – “Back To Better Days” – 1973

Brandt was from Dallas, Texas

The Brazda Brothers – Dominion Records – “Brazda Brothers” – 1973

Canadian brothers Andy and Bystrik Brazda

Bregent – RCA Victor – “Poussiere Des Regrets” – 1973

Band from Quebec, Canada featuring Jacqus and Michel-Georges Bregent

Brew – ABC Records – “A Very Strange Brew” – 1969

Bridge – Good Records – “Jesus Is the Bridge” – 1972

Gospel psychedelic band from Joplin, Missouri

The Bridge – Crescent City – “Just for You” – 1971

Greensboro, North Carolina band another Gospel Psych band


The Bridge – (no label name) – “Hallelujah” – 1972

The Brigade – Band N Vocal Mobile Recording – “Last Laugh” – 1970

Band from North Portland, Oregon who formed in 1966

Brigg – Susquehanna Sound – “Brigg” – 1973

Band from Danville, Pennsylvania

Ashleigh Brilliant – Dorash Enterprises – “In the Haight-Asbury” – 1967

Brilliant was a resident of the “Haight” in San Francisco during the 60’s – He would often entertain the residents by giving daily lectures in Golden Gate Park

Brimstone – Brimstone Records – “Paper Winged Dreams” – 1973

Band from Canton, Ohio

The British Modbeats – Red Leaf Records – “Mod Is The British Modbeats” – 1967

Band out of St. Catharine, Ontario, Canada

The British North American Act – Now Records – “In the Beginning” – 1969

Band from Montreal, Quebec, Canada – although they had members from England and Hungary as well

Joan Brooks – Band N Vocal Recording Service – “The Long and Winding Road” – 1970

Terry Brooks and Strange – Outer Galaxie Records – “Translucent World” – 1973

Band out of Orlando, Florida

The Brotherhood – Brotherhood Music Records – “Stavia” – 1972

Band out of Ohio

The Brotherhood of Peace – Avanti Records – “Cuttin’ Loose” – 1975

Band from North Carolina with drummer Ronnie Smith

Brothers and One – Audat – “Brothers and One” – 1973

Band from Nova Scotia – All of them were teenagers none older than 17!

Bobby Brown – Destiny Records – “The Enlightening Beam of Axonda” – 1972

Brown was from California

Charlie Brown – Broadside Records – “Teton Tea Party with Charlie Brown” – 1967

Brown was originally from Iowa then migrated to New York City

The Brunswick Playboys – Excellent Records – “Looking In On the Brunswick Playboys” – 1966

Band from New Brunswick, Canada – formed in 1965

Bubble Puppy – International Artists – “A Gathering Of Promises” – #178 LP charts – 1969

One of the more successful of the Psych bands – out of San Antonio, Texas

Del Buckingham – Genera Records – “No Gimmicks” – 1974

From West Alexandria, Ohio

Dave Budin – Bellamy – “Budin at the Red Lyon” – 1967

Budin was from Cleveland, Ohio – 17 years old when he composed the tracks for this LP

Bump – Pioneer – “Bump” – 1970

Band out of Detroit, Michigan – opened for Alice Cooper, Brit Terry Reid and others

Master Wilburn Burchette – Amos – “Occult Concert” – 1970

Burchette described as a “California mail-order mystic” fits right in with those times – he apparently built his own instruments

Abner Burnett and the Burnouts – Worpt 1 Records – “Crash and Burn” – 1975

Band from Odessa, Texas

Burnt Suite – B.K.W. Records – “Burnt Suite” – 1972

Band from East Hartford, Connecticut

The Bushes – Sunndial Records – “Assorted Shrubbery” – 1969

The Bushes were an Illinois band

Butterfingers – Pot Records – “Butterfingers” – 1970

This band emersed this LP with sound effects – Came in a plain white cover – Nothing more known about them

“And My Soul Has Been Psychedelicized….” Pt 1 “A”

May 15, 2022

The Great Psychedelic Bands of the 1960s (and some from the 1970s) – “A” Artists

Picked up a great book titled “The Acid Archives A Guide To Underground Sounds 1965-1982” by Patrick Lundborg. Fun stuff – Here are some of the bands gleaned from the book. (be sure to look for the 2nd edition) – Some of the LPs are jazzy in tone others folk psych – but nearly all are not your common garage sale fare….

This 2nd edition is apparently a great expansion from the first edition – Many groups/artists and recordings have been added and all the art work is now in color. Thorough discography information is presented accompanied by reviews of the tracks – but not so much band biographies – so I have added photos and some notes on that aspect of these listings.

I am not presenting anything here beyond mid 1970s at the latest – No CD’s or reissues…

Aaron Space – Warner Brothers – “Aaron Space” – 1972

Band from Sudbury, Canada – Formed late 60s

Abbrev’s – American Division – “Here Come the Abbrev’s” – 1966

Band from North Carolina

The Aces Combo – Justice – “Introducing the Aces Combo” – 1966

Group from Salisbury, North Carolina

The Advancement – Philips – “The Advancement” – 1969

Band from Hollywood, California

After All – Athena – “After All” – 1969

Band from Tallahassee, Tennessee

Afterglow – MTA – “Afterglow” – 1968

Band from Oregon formed in 1965

A.J. – Black Walnut – “Last Song First Side” – 1973

“A.J.” is Andy Goulart – Later on in the 1980s he was in “Salves By Trade’

Albatross – Dominion – “Rockin’ the Sky” – 1975

Les Alexandrins – Polydor – “Les Alexandrins Dans Double Jeu” – 1969

French Canadian duo

Chad Allan & The Expressions – “Shakin’ All Over” – 1965

Chad was Allan Kobel – Randy Bachman was also a member – A Canadian band

All In One – (no label name) – “All In One” – 1969

Very rare folk-psych group

All-Niters – Erie – “Recorded Live At the Barn” – 1966

Band from Michigan – Group also recorded as “The Pastels” and the “Vigilantes”

All of Thus – Century – “All Of Thus” – 1968

Very rare recorded on the national vanity Century label

The All Saved Freak Band – Rock the World – “Brainwashed” – 1976

Christina psych band out of Orwell, Ohio within a commune

All That the Name Implies – ORO – “All That the Name Implies” – 1968

Alter Ego and Friends – (no label name) – “Obsessional Schizophrenia” – 1972

Alternativity – (no label name) – “Alternativity” – 1972

American Blues – Karma – “Is Here” – 1968

Forerunner to “ZZ Top”

American Blues Exchange – Tayl – “Blueprints” 1969

Band from Hartford, Connecticut who often played at Trinity College

The Animated Egg – Alshire – “The Animated Egg” – 1968

They were a studio group led by Jerry Kolbrak and Jerry Cole two Wrecking Crew session musicians – They were joined by session drummer Don Dexter

Ant Trip Ceremony – (no label name) – “24 Hours” – 1968

Band from Oberlin, Ohio – students at Oberlin College

The Apostles – (no label name) – “On Crusade” – 1964

Jon Appleton – Flying Dutchman – “Appleton Syntonic Menagerie” – 1969

Jonathan Howard Appleton from Los Angeles – 1939-2022

Appletree Theater – Verve Forecast – “Playback” – 1968

Psych duo of John and Terrance Boylan from Los Angeles

The Aquinos – Saint Thomas Seminary – “More Adventures with the Aquinos” – 1967

From Hannibal, Missouri

Arcesia – Alpha – “Reachin'” – 1972

This was John Anthony Arcesia from Sayre, Pennsylvania – Recorded as “Chick Johnson”, “Chris Darcy”, “Isecra” and “Tony Conti”

Arica – (no label name) – “Arica (Woo Soo)” – 1972

From New York City

Armageddon – Amos – “Armageddon” – 1968

Group from Texas who moved on to southern California

Arrogance – Sugarbush – “Give Us A Break” – 1973

From Chapel Hill, North Carolina – They started off in college at the University of North Carolina

Arthur – LHI – “Dream and Images” – 1968

Arthur is “Arthur Lee Harper” from Los Angeles – Died on January 10th, 2002

The Art of Lovin’ – Mainstream – “The Art of Lovin'” – 1968

Group from Newton, Massachusetts

Bill Artz and His Rhythm Kings – Justice – “Variety Time” – 1965

Ashes – Vault – “Ashes Featuring Pat Taylor” – June, 1969

Group from southern California which formed in 1965 – They later became the “Peanut Butter Conspiracy’ – One member was Spencer Dryden later of “The Jefferson Airplane” and “The New Riders of the Purple Sage” – Guitarist John Merrill was also in “The Young Savages” and – Vocalist Barbara Jena Moyer was also known as “Sandi Robison”.

The Astral Projection – Metro – “The Astral Scene” – 1968

These were sessions musicians including Hugh McCrackin and Al Gorgoni

Asylum – (no label name) – “First and Last” – 1973

Band out of Virginia, Minnesota with Bob King, Ken Ward, Ken Willis, Elaine LaZizza, Buddy Williamson and Dan Dinkins

Atlantis – Tektra – “Atlantis” – 1970

August – Nise – “The Nise Sound” – 1968

Members were from New Jersey and Pensylvania

Autosalvage – RCA Victor – “Autosalvage” – 1968

Band from New York formed in 1966

The Avengers VI – Mark 56 – “Good Humor Presents Real Cool Hits” – 1966

They also recorded as the “Californians”

The Awakening – Christos – “God Come Down” – 1972

Azitis – Elco – “Help” – 1971

Psychedelic religious band from Sacramento, California

Pop Crossovers to Rhythm & Blues! Pt 2 – “C” Artists

May 14, 2022

Just as I have marveled at R&B crossovers or country crossover songs – songs which transcended those charts to hit the Hot 100, over time we have had some pure pop recordings that did just the opposite, crossing over to the R&B charts.

Following are some of those songs which popped up on R&B radio station play lists and enjoyed record sales in record shops catering to rhythm and blues buyers.

Selected Pop-To-Rhythm & Blues Crossover Discography Part 1 “C” Artists

Jo Ann & Troy – I Found A Love Oh What A Love – #27 R&B (did not chart pop) – January, 1965

This was Jo-Ann Campbell and Troy Seals – brother of Jim, Brady and Dan Seals

Freddie Cannon – Tallahassee Lassie – #13 R&B (#6 Pop) – June, 1959

Captain and Tennille – Do That To Me One More Time – #58 R&B (#1 Pop for 1 week) – February, 1980

The Cascades – Rhythm of the Rain – #7 R&B – (#3 Pop) – February, 1963

The Champs – Tequila – #1 R&B for 4 Weeks (#1 Pop for 5 Weeks) – March, 1958

Bruce Channel – Hey! Baby – #2 R&B (#1 Pop for 3 Weeks) – February, 1962

The Chantays – Pipeline – #11 R&B (#4 Pop) – April, 1963

Cheech & Chong – Basketball Jones Featuring Tyrone Shoelaces – #58 R&B (#15 Pop) – September, 1973

Cher – Take Me Home – #21 R&B (#8 Pop) – March, 1979

Chicago – Street Player – #91 R&B (did not chart pop) – December, 1979

The Chipmunks – The Chipmunk Song – #5 R&B (#1 Pop for 4 Weeks) – December, 1958

The Chordettes – Lollipop – #3 R&B (#2 Pop) – March, 1958

Lou Christie – Two Faces Have I – #11 R&B (#6 Pop) – May, 1963

Jimmy Clanton – Just A Dream – #1 R&B for 1 Week (#4 Pop) – July, 1958

Eric Clapton – I Shot the Sheriff – #33 R&B (#1 Pop for 1 Week) – September, 1974

Sanford Clark – The Fool – #5 R&B (#7 Pop) – September, 1958

Tom Clay – What The World Needs Now Is Love/Abraham, Martin & John – #32 R&B (#8 Pop) – August, 1971

Buzz Clifford – Baby Sittin’ Boogie – #27 R&B (#6 Pop) – March, 1961

Eddie Cochran – Sittin’ In the Balcony – #7 R&B (#18 Pop) – July, 1957

Floyd Cramer – Last Date – #3 R&B (#2 Pop) – October, 1960

The Crescendos – Oh Julie – #4 R&B (#5 Pop) – January, 1958

Bing Crosby – White Christmas – #1 R&B for 3 Weeks (#1 Pop for 11 Weeks) – November, 1942

Getting Psyched in Texas!

May 13, 2022

International Artists Records

Lelan Rogers: Texas Record Man

Small International Artists Records was formed in 1965 down in Houston, Texas with Lelan Rogers serving as an operative and producer. The label was headed up by a corporation of businessmen. Lelan had a brother would go on to do very well for himself, Kenny Rogers.

Leland Rogers

Ahead of International, Lelan founded Lynn and then Sabra records in Texas and also Lenox, Silver Fox and the House of Fox. At International Rogers was the primary producer for the psychedelic bands.

One of two primary International Records’ signings was the “13th Floor Elevators” who would migrate to San Francisco and become a major influence on the burgeoning ‘San Francisco sound’. Based on the reception and moderate success of the Elevators, Rogers, no doubt, turned his attention more and more to the bands.

Later on, in 1968, Rogers would sing “The Bubble Puppy” who would give him his highest chart success.

The Bubble Puppy from San Antonio, Texas

The label is noted for its psychedelic garage bands but Leland also drew heavily on country musicians.

International Records would close its doors in 1971 but then, seven years later, Rogers would revive the label and then release material from the vaults – highly sought after tracks.

Baby Brother Kenneth Ray Donald Rogers with his First Edition

In 2008, British reissue specialist label Charly, acquired the International catalog. Lelan would record a few tracks of his own which would show up on later CD albums.

Lelan Rogers passed away in Nashville, Tennessee on July 22nd, 2002 at the age of 74.

Singles Discography – Lelan Rogers Related

In 1969, Lelan Rogers would release three singles on the “Country Road” label in a move to focus on country music . It was a brief side trip. A few examples of his other labels are included here.

David Moore – “Please Accept My Love” b/w “Crazy Dream” – 1960

David Alfa Moore – “Crazy Dream” co-penned by Mickey Gilley –

David Moore

Leland Rogers and Friends – “Hold It” Parts 1 and 2 – 1960

Backing band is the Mickey Gilley band and the vocal segment is Eddie Kilroy who is David Alfa Moore

Mickey Leroy Gilley 1936-2022

Mickey Gilley – “Everything Turned To Love” b/w “Your Selfish Pride” – August, 1960

Mickey Gilley passed away on May 7th, 2022 just before this Post was put together

Bobby Doss – “Don’t Say Good-Bye b/w “I’ve Got You (Where I Want You): – 1961

Bobby Gene Doss

Mickey Gilley – “Turn Around (I’ll Be Following You)” b/w “My Baby’s Been Cheatin’ Again” – January, 1961

The Epics – “Girl By the Wayside” b/w “Ho-Hum Deedle Dum” – 1961

Sunny and the Sunglows – “Just A Moment” b/w “Uptown” – January, 1961

From San Antonio, Texas – Sunny Ozuna leader – later of “Talk To Me” fame


Mickey Gilley – “Slippin’ and Slidin’ (Peepin’ and Hidin’)” b/w “(It’s the) End of the Line” – January, 1961

The Epics – “The Magic Kiss” b/w “(I’m Gonna Pay You Back With) The Very Same Coin” – 1961

Johnny Guidry with Jeannie and the Clowns – “A Torch I’ll Carry” b/w “The Place” – March, 1961

Mickey Gilley – “My Babe” b/w “Lonely, Lonely Nights” – March, 1961

The Epics – “Last Night I Dreamed” b/w “Most of All” – 1961

Also recorded as “Jeannie and the Epics – One time member was Buddy Williams

The Epics – “Last Night I Dreamed” b/w “The Magic Kiss” – 1961

C.L. and the Pictures – “I’m Asking Forgiveness” b/w “Let’s Take A Ride” – August, 1961

This is C.L. Weldon and the Pictures

Mickey Gilley – “I Need Your Love” b/w “Valley of Tears” – September, 1961

Louis (Blues Boy) Jones – “I’ll Be Your Fool” b/w “Someway, Somewhere” – 1961

Louis Prince “Blue Boy” Jones, Jr. from Galveston, Texas – Fronted the “Rock ‘N’ Roll Band” – 1931-1984

Cecil and Ann – “Through the Night” b/w “You Wrote This Letter” – 1962

Louis (Blues Boy) Jones – “Come On Home” b/w “I Cried” – 1962

Esther Phillips – “Release Me” – #1 R&B – #8 Hot 100 b/w “Don’t Feel Rained On” – October, 1962

Probably Leland’s biggest success on his various label associations – Esther Mae Jones from Galveston, Texas – Fronted “The Blue Notes” – 1935-1984

The Medallions – “Why Do You Look At Me” b/w “You Are Irresistible” – October, 1962

Clint Miller – “Drummer Boy of Shiloh” b/w “Forget-Me-Nots” – December, 1962

Isaac Clinton Miller from Ferguson, North Carolina – after rock-a-billy career served in politics in Virginia and was a judge – His version of “Bertha Lou” reached number 79 on nation’s charts

Demetrius – “Hold Back Tomorrow” b/w “Your Tender Touch” – December, 1962

Demetrius (middle) with Leland Rogers (left) and Bob Gans

The Cliff Parman Orchestra & Chorus – “Leah” b/w “Rumors” – January, 1963

Little Esther Phillips – “I Really Don’t Want To Know” #61 Hot 100 b/w “Am I That Easy To Forget” – #112 Bubbling Under – January, 1963

Jimmy Wick – “Send For Me” b/w “It’s All Over Now” – February, 1963

The Genies – “Shoo Fly Pie” b/w “I’m Going Home” – February, 1963

A southern U.S. female group

Sir Joe & The Maidens – “Jivin’ Jean” b/w “Pen Pal” – March, 1963

Sir Joe Quarterman – Headed up “The Knights” in Washington DC, his hometown, and he led the “Free Soul”

Little Esther Phillips & Big Al Downing – “You Never Miss Your Water (Till the Well Runs Dry)” b/w “If You Want It (I’ve Got It)” – March, 1963

Alexander Downing – Was a member of the “Poe Cats” – born in Lenapah, Oklahoma – 1940-2005

Margo Treadwell – “Three’s A Crowd” b/w “I Can’t Keep Myself From Loving You” – April, 1963

Lee Maye – “Half Way (Out of Love With You)” b/w “I Can’t Please You” – April, 1963

Member of the Crowns and a major league baseball player with Milwaukee Braves

Bonnie Greer – “When Tommy Needs Me” b/w I’m Nobody’s Baby” – May, 1963

Bobby Rio – “Don Diddly” b/w “I Got You” – May, 1963

Jean DuShon – “It Won’t Stop Hurtin’ Me” b/w “Look the Other Way” – July, 1963

Anna Jean Harris from Detroit, Michigan she began her singing career at age 15 – 1935-2019

Jimmy Roselli – “Mala Femmina” b/w “Her Eyes Shone Like Diamonds” – July, 1963

Michael John Roselli from Hoboken, New Jersey – 1925-2011

Fran Lori – “I’m Gonna Study Jimmy” b/w “Better To Have Loved and Lost You” – July, 1963

The Jones Boys – “Honky” b/w The Jones Boys featuring Bongo Pete – “Beatlemania” – 1964

“Bongo Pete” was Pete Eckford from the group “Freak Power”

“Freak Power” with “Bongo Pete”

Billy Patt Quintett – “Passion (An Act of Love)” b/w “Desafinado” – 1965

David and Jonathan – “A World of Dreams” b/w “Stagger Lee” – 1965

Sources say this is “Gib Guilbeau” and Wayne Moore – Gib was Fred August Guilbeau from Sunset Louisiana 1937-2016

I think “Jonathan” could be John English III (see below)

Gib Guilbeau

The Emperor’s – “And Then” b/w “I Want My Woman” – May, 1965

From Long Beach, California – the played on the same bill as the Rolling Stones, Peter and Gordon, the Righteous Brothers and others

John English III & the Heathens – “I Need You Near” b/w “Some People” – May, 1965

Band from southern, California – They performed with the “Crossfires” who became the “Turtles”.

“I Need You Near” is cited as being one the rarest and most sought after mid 1960s garage band releases,

John English III was Jonathan Harvan English who was also a member of “The Preachers” out of Los Angeles. He was from Kensington, England

John English III
Heathens Around 1966 After Departure of English (from “garage hangover)

The Coastliners – “Alright” b/w Wonderful You” – October, 1965

From Houston, Texas – they would become “The U.S. Males” in 1968 recording one single on the tiny Britania label.

Tom Harvey – “It Happens” b/w “If You Loved Me” – February, 1966

From Florida – started out with a country swing band “The Kingstrings” and recorded as “Hardluck Harvey”

Johnny Williams – “Honey Child” b/w “Another Love” – 1966

Another country musician – Williams would eventually perform as a regular in Mickey Gilley’s night club

Frankie Lee – “Another Love” b/w “I Love the Go-Go Girls” – February, 1966

Not much known about this musician – Apparently did record on 4 other small labels

Kathy Clarke – “My Summer Prayer” b/w “Little Girl Called Sad” – March, 1966

Tom Harvey – “So Ah In Ah Love” b/w “My Love Is Here” – May, 1966

The Thirteenth Floor Elevators – “You’re Gonna Miss Me” – #55 Hot 100 b/w “Tried To Hide” – May, 1966

Legendary Austin, Texas band one of the first to refer to their style as “psychedelic” – The band was busted for drugs in the late 1960’s with member Stacy Sutherland going to jail and Roky Erickson pleading insanity which landed him in a state hospital for 3 years putting an end to the Elevators.

1970 Reissue Advertisement

Sterling Damon – “Rejected” b/w “My Last Letter” – May, 1966

From Houston, Texas he also recorded as “Mel Douglas” or “Melvin Douglas Gilmore” – He fronted a band called the “Nu-Notes” in the early 1960s

The Disciples of Shaftesbury – “My Cup Is Full” b/w “Times Gone By” – September, 1966

Thursdays’ Children – “Air Conditioned Man” b/w “Dominoes” – October, 1966

Band from Houston, Texas – Member Charlie Helpinstill formed his own band “Helpinstill” with brother Dyanne in 1980

The Thirteenth Floor Elevators – “Reverbaration” – #129 Bubbling Under b/w “Fire Engine” – October, 1966

Frankie and Johnny – “Sweet Thang” b/w Times Gone By” – December, 1966

Also recorded as “Scott and Kay”

The Thirteenth Floor Elevators – “I’ve Got Levitation” b/w “Before You Accuse Me” – February, 1967

The Chayns – “Live With the Moon” b/w “Night Time” – February, 1967

Also recorded as Paul Allen & the Baroques – They were from San Antonio, Texas

The Thursdays Children – “Help, Murder, Police”b/w “You Can Forget About That”- 1967

Billy Wade McKnight – “Trouble’s Commin’ On” b/w I Need Your Lovin'” – 1967

Fronted the group Billy McKnight & the Plus 4 – They were out of Tyler, Texas

Frankie & Johnny – “Right String, Baby (But the Wrong Yo Yo)” b/w “Present of the Past” (as by “Scott and Kay”)

The Chayns – “There’s Something Wrong In This Place” b/w “See It Thru” – July, 1967

Lost and Found – “Forever Lasting Plastic Words” b/w “Everybody’s Here” – 1967

Houston, Texas band – Also recorded as “The Misfits”

Thirteenth Floor Elevators – “She Lives (In A Time of Her Own)” b/w “Baby Blue” – November, 1967

Thirteenth Floor Elevators – “Slip Inside This House” b/w “Splash 1” – January, 1968

Beauregard – “Popcorn Popper” b/w “Mama Never Taught Me How To Jelly Roll” – 1968

The Rubayyat – “If I Were A Carpenter” b/w Ever, Ever Land” – 1968

Psychedelic Texas band with Al Acosta on vocals and Billy Hallmark on guitar – Acosta was formerly with the “Stoics” – The band was also known as “Electric Rubayyat”

Dan Galindo from the Elevators would join this band.

Acosta and the Stoics in 1967

Lost and Found – “When Will You Come Through” b/w “Professor Black” – May, 1968

13th Floor Elevators – “May the Circle Remain Unbroken” b/w “I’m Gonna Love You Too” – June, 1968

Lightnin’ Hopkins – “Mr. Charlie” b/w “Baby Child” – 1968

Sam Hopkins from Centerville, Texas – 1912-1982

The Bubble Puppy – “Hot Smoke & Sasafrass” – #14 Hot 100 b/w “Lonely” – November, 1968

Endle St. Cloud In the Rain – “Tell Me One More Time What’s Happening To Our World” b/w “Quest For Beauty” – December, 1968

Two members were Alan Melinger who was with the Texas garage band “The Iguanas” in 1966 and David Potter who was with “The East Side Kids”

Laura Greene & Johnny McKinnis – “Pledging My Love” b/w “Soul Symphony” – February, 1968

From Cleveland, Ohio – She appeared in the motion picture “For Love of Ivy” in 1968 along with Sidney Poitier

Thirteenth Floor Elevators – “Livin’ On” b/w “Scarlet and Gold” – January, 1969

Baby Al and the Caps – “Grab Your Partner (And Do Your Own Thing)” b/w “Laugh Now Boy – 1969

Willie Hobbs – “Yes, My Goodness, Yes” b/w “The Game of Love” – 1969

From Doerun, Georgia – born in 1944

The Pat Rebillot Exchange – “Oh Happy Day” b/w “Blue Sunday Smile”

An American keyboard player – with the Dave Tofani Quartet, The Family of Mann and others

The Family of Mann

South – “Barefoot In the Woods” b/w “A Girl Like You” – 1969

Donald L. Hill and Fred B. Burch were members. Hill was a songwriter composing for Peggy Scott & Jo Jo Benson, Bobby Gentry, Johnny Adams & others. Burch was also a songwriter

Fred Burch

Reuben Bell – “Action Speaks Louder Than Words” b/w “Too Late” – July, 1969

From Shreveport, Louisiana – In 1967 recorded with the “Casanovas” – He composed songs recorded by Bobby “Blue” Bland – 1945-2004

Sonny Hall – “The Battle of the Moon” b/w “Poor Planet Earth” – 1969

Sonny was Morris Hall – He fronted the “Ozark Boys” and the Sonny Hall Trio

The Shayds – “Search the Sun” b/w “Bring Your Love” – May, 1969

One known member was Stu Bailey

The Bubble Puppy – “Beginning” – #128 Bubbling Under on Billboard – #119 Cash Box and #81 Record World b/w “If I Had A Reason” – May, 1969

The Moonlighters – “Mainline” b/w “Was It Worth It?” – July, 1969

Jill Norris – “No, Not Really” b/w “A Letter To Dad” – July, 1969

Eddy Giles – “So Deep In Love” b/w “That’s How Strong My Love Is” – July, 1969

Elbert W. Giles – from Minnesota but transplanted to Louisiana in the 50s – A member of “Eddie Giles and the Numbers” – 1938-2019

The South Street Soul Guitars – “Poppin’ Popcorn” b/w “Soul Fire” – July, 1969

The Bunch Twins – “No Good Son of a Gun” b/w Darling, I’m Sorry” – August, 1969

Brothers Irmin and Thurmin Bunch

Robert Parker – “You See Me” b/w “You Shakin’ Things Up” – August, 1969

Born in Mobile, Alabama – known for his hit “Barefootin’ – Recorded with Huey “Piano” Smith, Fats Domino, Ernie K-Doe and many more – 1930-2020

Gloria Taylor – “You Got To Pay the Price” – #9 R&B – #49 Hot 100 b/w “Loving You and Being Loved By You” – September, 1969

Gloria Ann Taylor from Dehue, West Virginia – This song was nominated for a Grammy – 1944-2017

The Brightlights – “Motor City Funk” Parts 1 and 2 – 1969

The Bubble Puppy – “Thinkin’ About Thinkin'” b/w “Days Of Our Time” – October, 1969

Billy Shears and the All Americans – “Brother Paul” b/w “Message to Seymour” – November, 1969

Betty Lavette – “He Made A Woman Out of Me’ – #25 R&B – December, 1969

Betty Jo Haskins from Muskegon, Michigan – Fronted the “LaVettes” and recorded as “B.J. Harris”

Shayde – “A Profitable Dream” b/w “Third Number” – 1969

George Perkins & the Silver Stars – “Cryin’ In the Streets” Parts 1 and 2 – January, 1970

From Denham Springs, Louisiana – was a member of the Silver Stars – 1942-2013

Gloria Taylor – “Grounded” Parts 1 and 2 – #43 R&B – February, 1970

Rosalind Madison – “Fancy” b/w “Use What You Got” – February, 1970

Betty Lavette – “Do Your Duty” – #38 b/w “Love’s Made A Fool Out of Me” – February, 1970

Marilyn Haywood – “Mama’s Baby (Ain’t A Baby No More)” b/w Think About It” – May, 1970

Bubble Puppy – “What Do You See” b/w “Hurry Sundown” – May, 1970

Hank Ballard – “Love Made A Fool Of Me” b/w “Sunday Morning Coming Down” – June, 1970

Born John Henry Kendricks in Detroit, Michigan – Hank was the older brother of Supreme Florence Ballard – 1927-2003

Endle – “She Wears It Like A Badge” b/w “Laughter” – May, 1970

Arnim-Hamilton – “Pepperman” b/w “Walkin’ Midnight Coffee Break” – June, 1970

Ginger Valley – “Country Life” b/w “Ginger” – June, 1970

Bobby Donato of “Penny Arkade” & “The Bad Seeds” is a member

Maceo and All the King’s Men – “Got To Get’cha” b/w “(I Remember) Mr. Banks” – October, 1970

Dr. William Truly, Jr. – “(The Two Wars Of) Old Black Joe” b/w ‘King Is Not Dead” – December, 1970

Roy Roberts Experience – “You Move Me” Parts 1 and 2 – 1971

With Billy Crenshaw, Roy Roberts and Vaughn Freeman – Roberts was from Livingston, Tennessee – He played guitar for Solomon Burke

Billy Cox and Annetta Brooks – “Slip Around” b/w “Make Me Do Right” by Brooks – 1971

Sam and Bill – “Come On and Show Me” b/w “Rainbow Week” – 1971

Sam Gary and Bill Johnson from Newark, New Jersey – Johnson fronted the group “The Four Steps”

“Little” Johnny Blair – “Momma’s Gone” b/w “Easier To Say Than To Do” – 1971

Charles Hodges

Keyboard & String Ensemble – “Alpine Winter” b/w “Dedicated To Ora Mae” – 1971

The Identities/Indentities – “When Love Slips Away” b/w “Hey Brother” – 1971

Curley Moore and the Kool Ones – “Shelley’s Rubber Band” b/w “Funky, Yeah” – 1971

Reportedly this is actually Eddie Bocage – Curly was born June Moore in New Orleans – He was a member of “Huey and Curley” and also “The Clowns” with Huey Piano Smith – He was born in 1943 and died in 1985

Curley Moore

Eddy was born Edwin Joseph Bocage in New Orleans, Louisiana – He backed many musicians and recorded on more than 40 record labels

Edwin Bocage

The Soul Lifters – “Hot Funky, and Sweaty” b/w “Brothers and Sisters” – 1971

Again, this is likely “Eddie Bo”

At this point, International Artists Records pretty much went in the direction of country or country-folk keeping it ‘in the family’ with a son of Lelan as well as members of the First Edition.

Dann Rogers – “Looks Like Love Again” b/w “Lucy” -September, 1979

Danny Wayne Rogers was a country singer and nephew of Kenny Rogers – Most likely he was Lelan’s son.

Kin Vasse – “Do I Ever Cross Your Mind” – Charted Country both Cash Box & Billboard b/w “Sometimes Love Is Better When It’s Gone” – September, 1979

Charles Kindred Vassy – Was a member of the Back Porch Majority and also Kenny Rogers and the First Edition – From Carollton, Georgia – 1943-1994

Kin Vassy – “Makes Me Wonder If I Ever Said Goodbye” b/w Fort Worth Featherbed” – February, 1980

Dann Rogers – “China” b/w “I Got the Fever” – March, 1980

Terry Williams – “Blame It On the Night” b/w “Couldn’t I Just Tell You” – May, 1980

Terry was born in Hollywood, California in 1947 and was a member of Kenny Rogers and the First Edition – She also with “The Williams Sisters”, “K. Wallis B and the Dark Shades of Night”

Kin Vassy – “There’s Nobody Like You” b/w “Nite Out”

Long Play Discography – Lelan Rogers Related

LP – Lenox – Little Esther Phillips – “Release Me” – January, 1963

LP – The 13th Floor Elevators – “Thirteenth Floor Elevators” – December, 1966

The Red Crayola with the Familiar Ugly – “The Parable of Arable Land” – 1967

Thirteenth Floor Elevators – “Easter Everywhere” – November, 1967

Lost and Found – “Everybody’s Here” – 1968

13th Floor Elevators – “Elevators Live!” – August, 1968

The Golden Dawn – “Power Plant” – 1968

Austin, Texas band

LP – House of the Fox – Hillow Hammet – “Hillow Hammet’s Hammer” – 1969

Members included Chuck Bennett formerly of “Link Wray and His Ray Men” and “The Fender Benders” – He was born Charles Wayne Avery 1943-2009 – Another member was Jack Register who joined the group
“Snail” in the late 1970s

Endle St. Cloud (In the Rain)” – 1969

13th Floor Elevators – “Bull Of the Woods” – 1969

The Bubble Puppy – “A Gathering of Promises” – April, 1969

Dann Rogers – “Hearts Under Fire” – 1978

LP – Various Artists – “Epitaph for a Legend” – 1980

With The Chaynes, The Patterns, The Chapparals, Thursday’s Children, The Electric Rubayyat, Sonny Hall, Red Crayola, The Emperors, Lost and Found, Dave Allen, Lightnin’ Hopkins, Roky Erickson, Spades, 13th Floor Elevators,

CD LP – “Ichiban One-Liners” – 2010

(with “Hold It Part 1” by Lelan Rogers & Friends)

CD LP – Fantastic Voyage – “Snazzy Sugar: The Pure Essence of Rock & Roll From West Texas and Beyond” – 2012 (UK)

(with “Hold It Part 1” by Lelan Rogers & Friends)

LP – Sin City Records – “Sin City Jukebox Volume 2 The Double Barrell Edition” – 2014

(with “Hold It Part 1” by Lelan Rogers & Friends)

The View from the Tower!

May 12, 2022

Tower Records

Where Mainstream, Sidewalk and Uni all gave the rock and roll and psychedelic genres the old college try, the better-backed Tower Record label actually managed to enjoy a respectable degree of chart success.

Tower Records was created just around the time that the Fab Four hit the American shores, which well may have given the executives at the new label cause for pause.

But then again, it was their parent company, Capitol Records, that was leading the ‘Invasion’ in the U.S.

Tower in the Tower

The upstart label took its name from the landmark Capitol building in Hollywood. The thinking at Capitol was to relegate many ‘low profile’ bands and musicians to Tower.

From a rock and roll standpoint, Tower released some collectible gems such as early Pink Floyd and the Chocolate Watch Band.

Mike Curb came over to Tower in 1968 after overseeing his own Sidewalk record label. Tower was most likely what Curb was striving for at Sidewalk.

Off the “Sidewalk” Into the “Tower”

It is not clear who (other than Mike Curb later on) was behind the Tower operation – My guess is that the Capitol Records staffers handled the assignment. One staffer, though, was publicist George Sherlock who handled Ian Whitcomb. Sherlock also worked for a time closely with the Rolling Stones.

KIMN Denver Festival Party: L-R: Jack Sorbi – Gar Todd, Ken Palmer, George Sherlock from Tower, and Ted Atkins
It Wasn’t All Rock & Roll at Tower – December, 1964

Tower had the muscle of Capitol Records behind it and so was able to record an astounding number of artists – very diverse – with several known names passing through the ranks.

Tower had a decent run, continuing on until 1970 when it was finally shut down. Today in the 21st century, Universal Music Group owns the Tower catalog via Capitol Records with the exception of the Pink Floyd recordings which is the property on the band and licensed through other companies in the U.S. and the U.K.

Tower’s Early British Artists – 1964

I always perked up when I came across a Tower long play during my record collecting days. Denver’s own Moonrakers were signed to Tower and cut several singles.

Listing the charting singles and then at least one listing for each of the other artists. I am listing all of the recordings on Tower by Colorado-related bands or musicians. Those include The Moonrakers, Denny Rockwell, The Laughing Wind and Beggar’s Opera Company.

Also listing those releases with picture sleeves and we have collector Fred Hoyt to thank for so many of those great images!

Tower Records Selected 45 RPM Discography

The Sunrays – “Car Party” b/w Outta Gas” – September, 1964

Tower’s debut release likely due to Murry (sometimes “Murray”) Wilson’s association with his sons and Capitol Records – Reportedly former Beach Boy David Marks plays guitar on the record – Seems unlikely because he and Murry were not buddies!

Catch a Wave with Murry!

Tower Records Discography





Ritchie Dean – “Goodbye Girl” b/w “I’d Do Anything” – September, 1964

Warren Schatz – was in “The Chats”, “The Petrified Forest”, “The Warmest Spring” and more

Harry Nilsson – “Sixteen Tons” b/w “I’m Gonna Lose My Mind” – October, 1964

Harry Edward Nilsson III from Brooklyn, New York – 1941-1994

Darlene McCrea – “My Heart’s Not In It” b/w “Don’t Worry Baby” – November, 1964

Ethel Darlene McCrae – original member of the “Cookies” and later joined the “Raelets”

The Rosebuds – “Say You’ll Be Mine” b/w “Mama Said” – November, 1964

Girl group out of Brooklyn, New York

Mary Miller – “Here Comes The Heartaches” b/w “Goodbye Charlie” – November, 1964

Gus Jenkins – “Chittlins” – #113 Bubbling Under – November, 1964

Augusta G. Jenkins from Birmingham, Alabama – fronted his own bands – Tower’s first charting single – 1931-1985

Linda Laine with the Sinners – “Low Grades and High Fever” b/w “After Today” – October, 1964

Veronica Lind birth name

Mike Rabin & The Demons – “Head Over Heels” b/w “I’m Leaving You” – October, 1964

British band

Heinz – “Questions I Can’t Answer” b/w “The Beating Of My Heart” – October, 1964

England’s Heinz Burt – member of the “Wild Boys” and the Tornados – 1942-2000

Kenny Shane – “Earth Shakin’ Baby” b/w “Run To Me” – November, 1964

Rick & Donna – “What Good Is Love” b/w “A.B.C.” – December, 1964

Rick was Rick Jarrad member of the folk group “The Greenwood Country Singers” and a producer for RCA Records

The Champions – “In the Ring” b/w “Three Blocks Away” – December, 1964

Lon Chaney – “Monster Holiday” b/w “Yule-Tide Jerk” – December, 1964

Creighton Tull Chaney – 1906-1973

The Starlets – “You Won’t Even Know Her Name” b/w “Multiply By Three” – December, 1964

Davie Allan & the Arrows – “Apache ’65” – #64 Hot 100 – February, 1965

The Toggery Five – “I’m Gonna Jump” b/w “Bye Bye Bird” – March, 1965

UK Beat group from Manchester – Also known as “Toggery Soul Band”

Ian Whitcomb & Bluesville – “This Sporting Life” – #100 Hot 100 – March, 1965

From Surrey, England

The East River Boys – “High School Letter” b/w “You Can’t Be Happy By Yourself” – March, 1965

Dick Curless – “A Tombstone Every Mile” – #5 Country b/w “Heart Talk” – March, 1965

Country singer Richard William Curless from Fairfield, Maine – 1932-1995

Freddie & the Dreamers – “I’m Telling You Now” – #1 Hot 100 – March, 1965

Freddy Garrity from Crumpsall, Manchester, England – 1936-2006

Tom Jones – “Little Lonely One” – #42 Hot 100 – May, 1965

Sir Thomas John Woodward from Wales

Freddie & the Dreamers – “You Were Made For Me” – #21 Hot 100 – May, 1965

The Beat Merchants – “So Fine” – April, 1965

Ralph Worman, Vic Sendall, Chris Boyle, Gavin Daneski and Geoff Farndell from the UK

Hal Southern with the Frontier Men & Joanie – “I Remember Jim” b/w “Forty-Nine Acres of Water” – May, 1965

Southern is Hal Clark and a member of the “Frontier Men” – Joanie is Joanie Hall

Jim Eanes – “These Memories” b/w “She Took the Bus (and Left The Crying To Me”) – April, 1965

Bluegrass musician Homer Robert Eanes Jr. from Mountain Valley, Virginia – 1923-1995

Shirlee Hunter – “Billy Christian” b/w “Why Do You Hesitate” – April, 1965

From Moneta, Virginia – was a member of the New Dominion Barn Dance when still in high school

Judy Thomas – “I Don’t Know You” b/w “A Little Bit of Happiness” – April, 1965

The Royal Showband Waterford – “Hucklebuck ’65” b/w “I Ran All the Way Home” – April, 1965

Showband from Ireland

Ian Whitcomb & Bluesville – “You Turn Me On (The Turn On Song)” – May, 1965

Dick Curless – “Six Times A Day (The Trains Came Down)” – #12 Country – May, 1965

Earl Royce and the Olympics – “Que Sera, Sera” b/w “I Really Do” – May, 1965

British beat band

Judy Murdock – “Baby Let Me Be Your Baby” b/w “When the Kissin’ Is Over” – May, 1965

Jerry Naylor – “It’s Only Make Believe” b/w “Leave Him and Come To My Arms” – May, 1965

Jerry Naylor Jackson from Chalk Mountain, Texas – Member of the Crickets and duo “Danny & Gwen” – 1939-2019

Pamela Miller – “Arms Full of Love” b/w “You’re So Hard To Hold” – June, 1965

Her father was a producer at Tower Records

Denny Reed – “Sweet Senorita From Santa Fe” b/w “In This Town of Heartbreak” – June, 1965

Dennis Reed from Cahoka, Illinois – Was with “The Puddin’ Heads” and the “Bondsmen” – died 2018

Cindy Cole – “A Love Like Yours (Don’t Come Knocking Ev’ry Day)” b/w He’s Sure the Boy I Love” – June, 1965

Rita Hughes of “Jeannie & the Big Guys”

The Persuasions – “I’ll Go Crazy” b/w “Try Me” – June, 1965

British band

The Sunrays – “I Live For the Sun” – #51 Hot 100 – September,1965

The Sunrays were managed by Beach Boy father Murry Wilson – They were Marty DiViovanni, Byron Case, Vince Hozier, Eddie Medora and Richard Henn

Robert Kingsley – “In and Out” b/w “Dreamin’ of You” – July, 1965

This is British singer Robert Whitcomb the brother of Ian Whitcomb – He also recorded as “Robin Whitcomb”

Joe Leahy – “Life” b/w “Pink Powder Puff” – July, 1965

Joseph J. Leahy from Boston, Massachusetts – fronted his own orchestra – 1916-1974

Diane Leigh – “It Won’t Be A Lonely Summer” b/w “Day After Lonely Day” – July, 1965

Singer from Canada – vocalist with “The Sons of the Shades”

The Tornados – “Early Bird” b/w “Stompin’ Through the Rye” – July, 1965

Frankie Albano – “She’ll Never Know” b/w “Forgetful One” – August, 1965

From California

Bob and Bobby – “Twelve-O-Four” b/w “Baby What You Want Me To Do” – August, 1965

Bob Norberg and Jane Bowman – allegedly involvement with Brian Wilson on this cut – Bowman also recorded as “Jane Canada”

Ian Whitcomb – “N-E-R-V-O-U-S” – #59 Hot 100 – August, 1965

British instrumental band who formed in 1961 and hit it big in the U.S. with number 1 “Telstar”

Sir Walter Raleigh – “Tell Her Tonight” b/w “If You Need Me” – August, 1965

One member was Buffalo Springfield member Dewey Martin – They also recorded as “Sir Duncan & the Yo-Yo’s

The Moon Rakers – “I Was Wrong” b/w “You’ll Come Back” – August, 1965

Denver’s garage band the “Moon Rakers” or “Moonrakers”

Bobby Griggs – “Cotton Picker” b/w “That’s Not What He’s Got On His Mind” – September, 1965

Dick Curless – Tester Raisin’ Man” – #42 Country – September, 1965

Freddie & the Dreamers – “Send a Letter To Me” – #123 Bubbling Under – October, 1965

Just Four Men – “There’s Not One Thing” – October, 1965

Band from Liverpool with Dee Christopholus, Harold Stott, John Kelman, Pete Turner and Lawrence Arends – Later became “Wimple Winch”

The New Salvation Singers Featuring Harry Nilsson – “The Path That Leads To Trouble” b/w “Good Times” – October, 1965

Don’t know who the “Singers” were along with Harry Nilsson

Ketty Lester – “West Coast” b/w “I’ll Be Looking Back” – October, 1965

Revoyda Frierson from Hope, Arkansas

Judy Thomas – “He’s My Hero” b/w “Cry On Cryin’ Eyes” – September, 1965

Rita Da Costa – “You and Nothing More” b/w “Am I Ever Gonna Learn” – September, 1965

Rita Da Costa Turrentine – wife of jazzman Stanley Turrentine – Passed away in 2004

Sound of Seventh Son – “I’ll Be On My Way” b/w “I Told A Lie” – October, 1965

One member was future “Three Dog Night” member Jimmy Greenspoon

The Esquires – “Love’s Made a Fool Of You” b/w “Summertime” – October, 1965

Band from Ottawa, Canada – later became “Canada Goose”

Pat Wayne – “Come Dance With Me” b/w “I Don’t Want To Cry” – November, 1965

Patrick Curley

Kay Adams – “Don’t Talk Trouble To Me” b/w “Honky Tonk Heartache” – November, 1965

Princetta Kay Adams from Knox City, Tennessee

Rocky and His Friends – “You’re Not Wrong” b/w “Riot City” – November, 1965

Also recorded as “Rocky & the Riddlers”, “The City Limits” and “The Imperials”

Mike Jarrett and Gene Herd – “Chute #2” b/w “Devil’s Hand” – November, 1965

The Moon Rakers – “I’m All Right” b/w “Come On Let’s Move” – November, 1965

Tikis and Fabulons – “Take A Lok” b/w “Cherry Pie” – November, 1965

Garage band from Portland, Oregon

Josephine Sunday – “You Won’t Even Know Her Name” b/w Don’t Let Your Mind Rule Your Heart” – November, 1965

Sunday Happner from the Phllippine’s – Recorded with “Sunday and the Menn”

The Standells – “Dirty Water” – #11 Hot 100 – December, 1965

Band from Los Angeles with many passing through the ranks including Gary Leeds, Lowell George, Dick Dodd and Larry Tamblyn to name a few

Shuggy Ray Smith – “Little Tommy’s Letter” b/w “Ruth From Duluth” – December. 1965

Jack Dunham – “Image of a Man Without” b/w “Rebound to Tulsa” – December, 1965

Tom Jones – “Chills and Fever” – #125 Bubbling Under – December, 1965

The Sunrays – “Andrea” – #41 Hot 100 – January, 1966

Dick Curless – “Travelin’ Man” – #44 Country – December, 1965

The Race Marbles – “Like a Dribbling Fram” b/w “Someday” – January, 1966

This was a parody by Canadian Garry Ferrier – spoofing Bob Dylan – Ferrier also formed the “Chummingbirds”

George McCannon III – “Look For the Rainbow” b/w “She Only Makes Me Love You More” – January, 1966

From Winsted, Connecticut – 1941-2015

Mike Curb – “Suzie Darling” b/w “Sunshine” – January, 1966

Denny Rockwell – “The Rain Follows Me” b/w “No Mon-No Fun-Your Son” – January, 1966

One half of the Colorado duo “Denny and Jay” from Greeley

Tony Pastor Jr. – “I’ll Forgive You (But I Won’t Forget)” b/w “Book of Happiness” – January, 1966

Son of band leader Tony Pastor

The Off-Beats – “Mary” b/w “You Tell Me” – January, 1966

Also recorded as “The Chyldren” or “Somebody’s Chyldren”

Joe Leahy – “Arriba” – January, 1966

Joseph L. Leahy – band leader – 1916-1974

David Clayton Thomas – “Out Of the Sunshine” b/w “Take Me Back” – February, 1966

David Henry Thomsett from the UK and raised in Canada – A later member of “Blood Sweat and Tears”

Dale Harris – “The Writing On the Wall” b/w “Night Life” – February, 1966

Mickey Rooney Jr. – “A Bone, A Dog, A Sword and a Shield” b/w “It Certainly Ain’t A Nice Thing” – March, 1966

Son of famed Mickey Rooney – From Birmingham, Alabama – Also recorded with “The Beachcombers”, “The Rooney Brothers” and “Song”

Ron Serling and His Orchestra – “Time” b/w “Two Lovers” – March, 1966

Tommy Collins – “Oh, What A Dream” b/w “Take Me Back To the Good Old Days” – March, 1966

Leonard Raymond Sipes from Bethany, Oklahoma – fronted the “Rhythm Oakies” – 1930-2000

The Blueberry Hill Band – “Spanish Flea” b/w “One Of Those Songs” – March, 1966

The Sunrays – “Still” – #93 Hot 100 – May, 1966

Sir Arthur – “Louie, Louie” b/w “Walk Right In” – March, 1966

This was Ian Whitcomb in disguise playing piano

David Watson – “How Much I Care” b/w Please Won’t You Stay” – March, 1966

John Stewart and Scott Engel – “I Only Came To Dance With You” b/w “Greens” – March, 1966

From southern California – They became ‘England’s’ Walker Brothers – Stewart was also in “The Dalton Brothers” and “The Strangers” with Engel – Scott was in “The Playboys”, “The Fumblers” and the “Ginos”

Aaron McNeil – “Rozana” b/w “Shake a Hand” – March, 1966

The Moon Rakers – “Trip and Fall” b/w “Time and A Place” – March, 1966

Randy Davis – “Dear Mr. President” b/w “Words Of a Child” – March, 1966

Jim Alley – “Fifty A Week” b/w “That’s A Lie” – April, 1966

Fronted the “Alley Cats”

Johnny Deerfield – “Lonely Soldier Boy” b/w “Gift Of Love” – April, 1966

Sam Riddle – Lollipops and Teardrops” b/w “Angela Jones” – May, 1966

Ray Sanders – “My World Is Upside Down” b/w “Graveyard Dance” – May, 1966

Raymond Sanders from Saint Johns, Kentucky – 1935-2019

The Green Beans – “Knock On My Door (Tap on My Window)” b/w “Who Needs You” – May, 1966

Band from Green Bay, Wisconsin – formerly were the “Zakons”

Ray Chafin – “Summer Wind” b/w “Crystal Romance” – May, 1966

Raymond Lee Chafin Jr.

The Moonrakers – “Baby Please Don’t Go” b/w “I Don’t Believe” – June, 1966

The Yokohama Ramblers – “Yokohama Nights (Happiness)” b/w “Yokohama Nights (Sadness)” – June, 1966

Eddie Drake – “Completely Destroyed” b/w “Your Cute’s A Showin'” – June, 1966

From Kentucky – Recorded with his wife as “Johnny and Janie”

Jerry Inman – “What A Way To Go” b/w “Now I Lay Me Down” – June, 1966

Lee Maye – “When My Heart Hurts No More” b/w “At the Party” – June, 1966

Arthur Lee Maye played for the Milwaukee Braves – He fronted “Lee Maye and the Crowns”, “The Dreamers” and “The Off-Beats”

Knights of Day – “Everybody Needs Somebody To Love” b/w “Why Do You Treat Me So Bad” – June, 1966

The Band Without A Name – “Turn On Your Lovelight” b/w “A Perfect Girl” – July, 1966

Long Beach, California garage band with Dick Dale bass player Ron Eglit

The Danes – “To Make Me a Man” b/w “Lost Love” – July, 1966

Two members were Rick Bandas and W.R. Lynch from Texas both also members of the “Gnats”

The Master Singers – “The Highway Code” b/w “The Rumbletum Song” – July, 1966

British group – all schoolmasters from Abington School recording in a comedy style

Gini Eastwood – “With the World At My Feet” b/w “Everything I Do, I Do With Love” – July, 1966

Gini was a member of the “Hobbits”

Jodie Rowe – “It’s Such A Silly Song” b/w “Hopeless Life” – July, 1966

Ian Whitcomb and Somebody’s Children – “You Won’t See Me” b/w Ian Whitcomb and Bluesville of London – “Please Don’t Leave Me On the Shelf” – July, 1966

Gary Buck – “Stepping Out Of the Picture” b/w “Before You Die” – July, 1966

Country singer Gary Ralph Buck from Canada

Dick Curless – “The Baron” – #63 Country – July, 1966

The Standells – “Sometimes Good Guys Don’t Wear White” – #43 Hot 100 – August, 1966

Also recorded as “Ron Hargrave”

Denny Rockwell – “I Wanna Know Now” b/w “Oh My Gosh Oh Me Oh My” – July, 1966

Denny from Greeley, Colorado, passed away

Mae West & Somebody’s Chyldren – “Treat Him Right” b/w “Day Tripper” – July, 1966

Mary Jane West from Brooklyn, New York – 1893-1980

Somebody’s Chyldren

Brothers and Sisters – “I Call Your Name” b/w “And I Know” – July, 1966

P-Nut Butter – “What Am I Doin’ Here With You” b/w “Still In Love With You Baby” – August, 1966

The Laughing Wind – “Don’t Take Very Much To See Tomorrow” b/w “Good To Be Around” – August, 1966

Brothers Danny and Shaun Harris from Colorado were both members along with Michael Jeffrey Lloyd from New York

Danniel Duffey Harris 1947-2012
Shaun Harris

Davie Allan & the Arrows – “Theme From the Wild Angels” – #99 Hot 100 – August, 1966

The Visitors featuring Barbara – “Theme From the Wild Angels” b/w “Is It Them Or Me?” – August, 1966

“Barbara” was Barbara Pittman – one time Sun Records’ recording artist – Sang with the “Sunrays” and “The Thirteenth Committee” – 1938-2005

Kay Adams with the Cliffie Stone Group – “Little Pink Mack” – #30 Country – August, 1966

Mark Shannon with the Cliffie Stone Group – “Mr. D.J.” b/w “I Cried At Your Wedding” – August, 1966

Country artist and group

Richie Allen – “Stranger From Durango” b/w “Nothing Good” – September, 1966

Born in Los Angeles – Richard Allen Podolor in 1936 – In groups “The Ghouls”, “The Hondells”, “The Superstocks”, “The Renegades” and “The Pacific Surfers”

Ian Whitcomb & His Seaside Syncopators – “Where Did Robinson Crusoe Go With Friday On Saturday Night” – #101 Bubbling Under – September, 1966

Al Perry – “Love Me Like That” b/w “The Good and Bad” – September, 1966

Cast of Thousands – “My Jenny Wears A Mini” b/w “Girl Do What You Gonna Do” – September, 1966

The Staccatos – “Let’s Run Away” b/w “Face To Face” – October, 1966

From Ottawa, Canada – Also recorded as “The Smart Set” and “The Five Man Electrical Band” of “Signs” fame

The Crossfires – “Who’ll Be the One” b/w “Making Love Is Fun” – October, 1966

Garage band from Fredericksburg, Texas – They later became “The Fountain of Youth”

Mary Ford – “One In A Million” b/w “Why Can’t He Be You” – October, 1966

Iris Colleen Summers from El Monte, California – spouse and singing partner of Les Paul – 1924-1977

The Maqueraders – “Family” Parts 1 and 2 – October, 1966

From Dallas, Texas – also recorded as “Lee Jones & The Sounds of Soul”

The Standells – “Why Pick On Me” – #54 Hot 100 – October, 1966

Dana Rollin – “Winchester Cathedral” – #71 Hot 100 – November, 1966

Denny Rockwell – “(Get Off That) Booze and Garlic Bread” b/w “Oh My Gosh Oh Me Oh My-Goodbye” – November, 1966

From Greeley, Colorado – one-half of “Denny and Jay”

Justin Wilson – “My Little Girl” b/w “Lover’s Call” – November, 1966

Justin Elmer Wilson – comedian and chef from Roseland, Louisiana – 1914-2001

The Crusaders – “Little Drummer Boy” b/w “Battle Hymn of the Republic” – November, 1966

Walt Flannery, Mike Joyce, Fred Barnett, Danny Altcholer and Jeff Barnett from Southern California – Also recorded as the “Love Exchange”

Dermot O’Brien and His Clubmen – “Off To Dublin In the Green (The Merry Ploughboy)” b/w “Come Down The Mountain Katie Daly” – November, 1966

Show band from Ireland – Dermot passed away in 2007

The Rebounds – “(I’m Not Your) Stepping Stone” b/w “Since I Fell For You” – November, 1966

Garage band from Columbus, Ohio

Chuck and Ray – “Carla” b/w “Hey Little Cindy” – November, 1966

Davie Allan & the Arrows – “Blue’s Theme” – #37 Hot 100 – December, 1966

Walter Wanderley – “You and I” b/w “What Do You Know About Me” – December, 1966

Walter Jose Wanderley Mendonca from Recife, Brazil – Headed up many bands – 1932-1986

The Little Kids – “Santa Claus Is Stuck In the Chimney” b/w “Tambourine Jingle (Jingle Bells)” – December, 1966

Wayne Gibson – “For No One” b/w “He’s Got the Whole World In His Hands” – December, 1966

Edward William Allen – Fronted the “Dynamic Sounds” – They were first known as “The Tornadoes”

Tony Merrick – “Wake Up” b/w It’s For You” – December, 1966

From Scotland fronted the “Tony Merrick Scene” – Later in “Sweet Marriage”

Paul – “Paper Clown” b/w “Patsy” – December, 1966

Paul was Ray Hildebrand of “Paul and Paula fame – born in Joshua, Texas in 1940

Justin Wilson – “Excerpts from the Justin Wilson Comedy Catalog” (special release) – 1966

Band of the Irish Guards – “Michelle” b/w “Can’t Buy Me Love” – 1966 (special release)

Irish band that recorded under scores of names usually with “Irish Guards” in the title

Dick Curless – “All Of Me Belongs To You” – #28 Country – December, 1966

Bob Morris – “Fishin’ On the Mississippi” b/w “A Little Bit Of You” – January, 1967

Born Robert Dean Morris in Hasty, Arkansas – a one-time member of Buck Owens’ “Buckaroos” – Was also with “The Champs”

Linda Ball – “(I’m On The) Last Train To Clarksville” b/w “I Wanna Be Free” – January, 1967

Sarge Clifford – “Misty Roses” b/w “Bitter Wine” – January, 1967

The Standells – “Try It” b/w “Poor Shell of a Man” – January, 1967

Beth Moore – “One More Time Around (For Old Times Sake)” b/w “Conscience I’m Guilty” – January, 1967

Country singer

The Sllednats – “Don’t Tell Me What To Do” b/w “When I Was a Cowboy” – January, 1967

This was the “Standells” (backwards)

Paul and the Pack – “Hidin’ From Myself” – January, 1967 (special release)

Band from Milwaukee, Wisconsin also recorded as “Tommy Hahn and the Mojo Men” and later “The Portraits”

Mad Doctors – “Dr. Goldfoot’s Igloo” – January, 1967 (special release)

Jake Holmes – “You Can’t Get Love” b/w “Think I’m Being Hard” – February, 1967

From San Francisco, California – wrote Dr. Pepper ads and British Airways – was in duo of “Allen & Grier” with Kay Holmes

The Standells – “Riot On Sunset Strip” – #133 Bubbling Under – March, 1967

The Laughing Wind – “The Bells” b/w “John Works Hard” – March, 1967

With Colorado’s Danny and Shaun Harris from Colorado Springs

Jim Single – “I Stole The Flowers (From the Garden)” b/w “All That Glitters Isn’t Gold” – March, 1967

Mac Curtis – “The Ties That Bind” b/w “Stepping Out On You” – March, 1967

Wesley Erwin Curtis Jr. from Fort Worth, Texas – 1939-2013

Trans Atlantic Train – “The Train” b/w “You’re Bringing Me Down” – March, 1967

Band from San Jose, California – Earlier recorded as “The Dutch Masters”

Vince Hill – “Edelweiss” – #119 Bubbling Under – April, 1967

From Conventry, England – a one-time member of the “Raindrops” from England

The Inverts – “Look Out Love” b/w “Lonely Lover” – March, 1967

The E-Types – “Put The Clock Back On the Wall” b/w “4th Street” – March, 1967

Band from Salinas, California – Also recorded as “Charolette Wood”

Annette – “What’s A Girl To Do” b/w “When You Get What You Want” – March, 1967

Annette Joanne Funicello from Utica, New York

Roy Clark – “Orange Blossom Special” b/w “The Great Pretender” – April, 1967

Ron Linwood Clark from Meherrin, Virginia – Fronted the “Wranglers” – 1933-2018

The Pink Floyd – “Arnold Layne” b/w “Candy and A Currant Bun” – April, 1967

Dick Curless – “House of Memories” – #72 Country – May, 1967

The Book of Changes – “I Stole The Goodyear Blimp” b/w “Suddenly I’m Desperately In Love” – May, 1967

Also recorded as “The Vejtables”

The Sunrays – “Loaded With Love” b/w “Time (A Special Thing)” – May, 1967

Davie Allan & The Arrows – “Devil’s Angels” – #97 Hot 100 – July, 1967

Kim Fowley – “Love Is Alive and Well” b/w “Reincarnation” – July, 1967

Kim Vincent Fowley – from Los Angeles – member of “Bunny & Bear”, “The Hollywood Argyles”, “Kim and the Skippers” and “Sand” among others – 1939-2015

L.T. Josie – “Donna’s Gone” b/w “I Gotta Know” – July, 1967

Louis Terence Josie from Medina, California – member of “B Bumble and the Stingers” and “Lou Josie and the Spinners”

Aaron McNeil – “We’ll Sing In the Sunshine” b/w “Man She’s Mine” – July, 1967

Helen Shapiro – “Make Me Belong To You” b/w “The Way of the World” – July, 1967

Helen Kate Shapiro from England – very popular British singer – She also recorded as “Ella Stone” and “Swing Thing” and was a member of the group “Hebron”

Simon Dupree – “Reservations” b/w “You Need A Man” – July, 1967

Derek Victor Shuman from the UK – Scotland – fronted “Simon Dupree and the Big Sound” , “The Moles” and “Gentle Giant”

The Standells – “Can’t Help But Love You” – #78 Hot 100 b/w “Ninety Nine and a Half” – July, 1967

Bill Page – “Sunday Will Never Be The Same” b/w Wah-Wah Doozie” – July, 1967

Vic Mizzy and His Orchestra – “The Caper of the Golden Bulls” b/w “Sad Sam Samba” – July, 1967

Victor Mizzy – born in Brooklyn, New York – 1916-2009

The Rubber Maze – “Mrs. Griffith” b/w “Won’t See Me Down” – July, 1967

Band out of San Francisco, California

The Sidewalk Sounds – “Billy Jack’s Theme” b/w “The Born Loser’s Theme” – July, 1967

This studio band is Davie Allan & the Arrows

Tim Wilde – “Popcorn Double Feature” b/w “Too Many Questions” – July, 1957

Kenny Chandler – “Sleep” b/w “Nickles and Dimes” – July, 1967

Kenny Bolognese – also recorded as “Kenny Beau”

Curtis Blandon – “I Need You” b/w “Young, Dumb” – August, 1967

Curtis Dean Blandon from Birmingham, Alabama – Member of “The Vocaleers”

Pink Floyd – “See Emily Play” – #134 Bubbling Under – August, 1967

They formed in 1965 out of London, England

Beggar’s Opera Company – “Strange True Love” b/w Flashing Sun Things” – August, 1967

Band from Denver, Colorado with Dennis Flannigan (“Outcasts”, “Welshires”, “Moonrakers”) – Bob Webber (“Vaqueros”, “Surfin Classics”, “Moonrakers”, “Chocolate Hair”, “Sugarloaf”) – Bob Macvittie (“Vaqueros”, “Surfin’ Classics”, “Chocolate Hair”, “Sugarloaf”, “Brother Sun”) – Gene Chalk (“Esquires”, “Soul Survivors””

All Colorado bands

Vince Hill – “When the World Is Ready” b/w “When You Go” – August, 1967

Faye Hardin – “Weep Willow Tree” b/w “Only The Strong Can Survive” – August, 1967

Alice Faye Hardin – Also recorded as Faye Morris

Justin Wilson – Tracks from LP “How Y’ All Are” – August, 1967 (special issue)

Dave Gardner – Tracks from LPs “It Don’t Make No Difference” & “It’s All How You Look At It” – August, 1967 (special release)

Also known as “Brother Dave Gardner” – from Tennessee – Know for hit “White Silver Sands” – 1026-1983

Dick Curless – “Big Foot” – #70 Country – September, 1967

The Wall of Sound – “Hang On” b/w “You Had To Have Your Way” – September, 1967

This song was co-written by Buzz Clifford of “Baby Sittin’ Boogie” fame – Members included John A. Bird and Reese Clifford who was “Buzz” birth name Reese Francis Clifford III – John Bird was yet another member of “B Bumble and the Stingers”


The Four Larks – “Rain” b/w “Another Chance” – September, 1967

Group from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – Also recorded as “The Larks” (not the “Jerk” group of the same name)

The Jades Ltd. – “You’re Not There” b/w “Last Chance” – September, 1967

Sam Williams – “Let’s Talk It Over” b/w “Love Shipped Through My Fingers” – September, 1967

Samuel Anthony Williams

The Boston Crabs – “Gin House” b/w “Leave My Woman Alone” – September, 1967

Formed in 1964 at Cambridge University

The Capreez – “Soulsation” b/w “Time” – September, 1967

Also were known as the “Capris”

The Mugwump Establishment – “Mondo Hollywood (City of Dreams)” b/w “Hollywood Freakout” – October, 1967 (special release)

From the motion picture “Mondo Hollywood”

Phil Gary – “Rollin’ Stone” b/w “I Don’t Understand” – October, 1967

From Columbus, Ohio – Fronted the “Rock N Roll Zoo”

The Minimum Daily Requirements – “If You Can Put That In A Bottle” b/w “I’m Grounded” – October, 1967

The Chocolate Watch Band – “Are You Gonna Be There (At the Love-In)” b/w “No Way Out” – October, 1967

Not to be confused with the UK duo of the same name – from San Jose, California

Rex Garvin and the Mighty Cravers – “The Other Man” b/w “Queen of the Go Go” – October, 1967

Garvin (center) was from Harlem, New York – 1940-2013 – Pete Holman and Clayton Dunn were the other two members

18th Century Concepts – “Happy Together” b/w “Light My Fire” – October, 1967 (special release)

From motion picture “Off On A 20th Century Cycle”

Barry E. Blitzer – “Have a Jewish Christmas” – October, 1967 (special release)

Also with Naomi Lewis, Christine Nelson, Reginald X Carlisle and Benny Rubin


The Pink Cloud – “Midnight Sun” b/w Instrumental version – November, 1967

Carol Lloyd – “Try My Love” b/w “I Can’t Fight It No Longer” – November, 1967

The Gaslight Union – “Every Now and Then” b/w Destiny Cryin'” – November, 1967

A British group which evolved from “Casey Jones & the Governors” – Jim Redford was a member

Casey Jones and Governors

Keith Gordon – “A Teenager’s Answer” b/w instrumental version – November, 1967

Probably not a real teenager answering especially with three co-writers – all known writers

Bill Page – “Sounds Of the Sonic Sixties” – November, 1967 (special release)

Them – “Walking In the Queens Garden” b/w “I Happen To Love You” – December, 1967

This band formed in 1963 and by 1967 Van Morrison was gone – He departed in 1966

Manhattan Strings – “The Manhattan Strings” – 1967 (special promo)

Ian Whitcomb – “Sally Sails the Sky” b/w “Groovy Day” – January, 1968

Des O’Connor with the Mike Sammes Singers – “Careless Hands” b/w “Danny Boy” – January, 1968

Desmond Bernard O’Connor from England – 1932-2020 – The Sammes Singers were also from Great Britain who backed many musicians as session singers over the years. – They also recorded as “3 Girls and 2 Boys”

The Treetops – “Don’t Worry Baby” b/w “I Remember” – January, 1968

Mrs. Dorothy Gorman – “Happy Birthday, Son” b/w instrumental version – January, 1968

Mrs. Gorman writing to her son in Vietnam

Harle McNair – “Stone Me One Time Gently” b/w “Your Love” – January, 1968

Al Rosa – “Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner” b/w “It’s Never Too Late” – January, 1968

Davey Jones and the Dolphins – “Hell Cats” b/w “The Only Way To Fly” – January, 1968 (special release)

Jones is David John Liska – Also recorded as “David John” and fronted the “Comstock Cowboys” and “Crossroads”

Dick Curless – “Bury the Bottle With Me” – #55 Country b/w Bummin’ On Track E ” – February, 1968

Henson Cargill – “Joe, Jessie and I” b/w “Picking White Cotton” – February, 1968

Country singer Henson Cargill of “Skip-a-Rope” fame – 1941-2007 – Passed away during surgery procedure

Various Artists – “Selections from New April Albums on Tower” – April, 1968 (special release)

Stu Phillips and His Orchestra – “4 O’Clock Tea” b/w “Angels From Hell” – March, 1968 (special release)

From Canada – he composed for TV and motion pictures

Anglo-Saxon – “Ruby” b/w “You Better Leave Me Alone” – March, 1968

Jay D. Martin – “By Yourself” b/w “Hold On To Your Heart” – March, 1968

What Four – “Stop In the Name Of Love” b/w “Asparagus” – March, 1968

The Troys – “Gotta Fit You Into My Life” b/w “Take Care” – April, 1968

Band from Chicago with Mark Gallagher and Michael Been (and others) – Gallagher was a member of the “Archangel” and “The Litter” – Michael Kenneth Been was with “Aorta”, “Lovecraft”, “Pendragon” and the “Call”

Timothy Clover – “Trolley Care Line” b/w “Great World Next Door” – April, 196

Hans Christian – “Never My Love” b/w “All Of the Time” – April, 1968

John Roy Anderson – a member of “Yes” from Great Britain

Tom Kennedy – “The Last Good-Bye” b/w “Phantom 309” – April, 1968

Hosted the TV game shows “Name That Tune” and “You Don’t Say” from Oxnard, California – 1927-2020

Jimmy Caravan and His Trio – “Holiday” b/w “Higher and Higher” – April, 1968

James Howard Schmitt from Santa Ana, California – Member of the “Blues Caravan” and “The Magic Band” – 1941-1990

Orville Couch – “Double Trouble” b/w “Just Another Stranger” – May, 1968

Born Orville George Couch Jr. in Grapevine, Teas – 1935-2002

Dick Curless – “I Ain’t Got Nobody” – #34 Country – May, 1968

Eternity’s Children – “Mrs. Bluebird” – #69 Hot 100 – July, 1968

Group formed in 1965 – Lead singer Linda Lawley

Marion Farmer – “Sophisticated Alabama Soup Bone” Parts 1 and 2 – May, 1968

Marion Edward Famer – R&B musician

Sherry and the Inverts – “I Was Made To Love You” b/w “I’m Lost” – May, 1968

Sherry was Gereline Toomer

Max Frost & the Troopers – “Shape of Things To Come” – #22 Hot 100 – September, 1968

Also performed as “The 13th Power” and “Mom’s Boys”

The Main Attraction – “If I’m Wrong” b/w “I Remember Yesterday” – May, 1968

Member Jeanne Solo was also in duo of “Gene and Jeanne”

Billy Taylor – “I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free” b/w “Sunny” – May, 1968

William Edward Taylor Jr. from Greenville, North Carolina – Played with Coleman Hawkins, Dizzy Gillespie and many more

The Sonnix – “Bring It On Home To Me” b/w “Mary Mary” – May, 1968

The Third Tuesday – “Third Time Under” b/w “Love Is Better Than Ever” – May, 1968

The Passions – “Just Like A Rolling Sea” b/w “Without A Warning” – June, 1968

Band included Eldridge Anthony, Roosevelt Christmas, Doyle Cole and John Coleman

Barbara Brown – “Things Have Gone To Pieces” b/w “There’s A Look On Your Face” – August, 1968

Barbara Jean Brown – Fronted “Barbara and the Browns”

Bill Brandon – “Rainbow Road” b/w “(You’ve Got That) Something Wonderful” – August, 1968

From Huntsville, Alabama

Teddy and the Pandas – “Childhood Friends” b/w “68 Days ‘Til September” – July, 1968

From Beverly, Massachusetts – first called “The Sensations” when they formed in 1963

The Second Time – “Listen To The Music” – August, 1968

Harold and Michael Bishop – They were also “The Street Boys”

The Senators – “Psychedelic Senate” – August, 1968

This is likely “The Second Time”

Roberta Lee – “The Things I Must Do” b/w “Rainbow Round My Face” – August, 1968

Roberta Lee was from Dayton, Ohio and sang with big bands including with Les Brown

Barry Noble – “I’ve Got My Eyes On You” b/w “I’ve Always Wanted Love” – August, 1968

Born in 1943 in the UK – Fronted a band called “The Sapphires”

Various Artists – “Killer’s Three” – August, 1968 (special release)

Eternity’s Children – “Sunshine Among Us” – #117 Bubbling Under – September, 1968

Noel Odom and the Group – “Come On Down To Earth” b/w “Love Too” – September, 1968

Band from Louisiana – Member Bob Fell was with the “Bad Habits” – Ronald F. Di Lulio was with the “Bad Habits” and “The Chessmen”

Cliff Chambers – “Uh Hu Oh Yea” b/w instrumental version – October, 1968

Also recorded as “Willie Headen”and fronted his own orchestra in California

Dick Curless – “All I Need Is You” b/w “Tears Instead of Cheers” – October, 1968

Kay Adams – “Gonna Have a Good Time” b/w “Maybe You’ll Appreciate Me Someday” – October, 1968

Davie Allan and the Arrows – “Sh

ape Of Things To Come” b/w “Wild In the Streets” – October, 1968

Dick Dodd – “Little Sister” b/w “Lonely Weekends” – October, 1968

Joseph Richard Dodd Jr. – Member of “Eddie and the Showmen”, “The Standells” and “The Belairs” – 1945-2013

Sandy Gurley and The San Francisco Bridge – “Handful” b/w “I Got A Man In the ‘Bama Mines” – November, 1968

Sandy was also a member of the “Short Yellow”

Eternity’s Children – “Till I Hear It From You” b/w “I Wanna Be With You” – November, 1968

Max Frost & the Troopers – “Fifty-Two Percent” – #123 Bubbling Under – December, 1968

Cicero Blake – “Here Comes Heartache” b/w “Face The Case” – December, 1968

From Jackson, Mississippi – was in the “Golden Tones” who became “The Kool Gents”

Shades Of Black Lightning – “Got Myself Together” b/w “Soul Love-In” – December, 1968

Changing Colours – “Want You By My Side” b/w “Girl For All Seasons” – December, 1968

The Gretschmen – “Mondo Mod” b/w “Hip Hugger” – 1968 (special release)

Them – “We’ve All Agreed To Help” b/w “Waltz of the Flies” – January, 1969

Mason and Dixon – “World I’m A Man” b/w “Say You’d Like To” – January, 1969

Oscar Youngblood – “The Fool” b/w “While I Can” – January, 1969

The Main Attraction – “Friends” b/w “Jonathan” – January, 1969

Eddie Higgins – “Doll On a Music Box” b/w “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” – January, 1969

Edward Haydn Higgins from Cambridge, Massachusetts – fronted many bands – 1932-2009

Pendragon – “Never Gonna Go Back” b/w “Desert of Time” – February, 1969

One member was Michael Been who was also member of Tower label band “The Troys”

Michael Been

Susan Hart – “We’ve Got To Get Something Straight” b/w “When You Get What You Want” – February, 1969

Susan Neidhart from Wenatchee, Washington – Appeared in many motion pictures

Bill Tinker – “Man From Birmingham” b/w “An Everyday Thing” – February, 1969

William Jack Tinker – primarily was a song writer

American Machine – “Snowball” b/w “Sell Your Soul” – February, 1969

There is speculation that American Machine is actually the Ohio Express – “Snowball” was composed by Johnny Cymbal of “Mr. Bass Man” and “Cinnamon” fame recording as “Derek”

Charles Ross III – “A Railroad Trestle In California” b/w “My Happiness Day” – April, 1969

Ross was a member of “Eternity’s Children”

Jerry Howard – “Hey Girl” b/w “Fortuna” – April, 1969

Max Frost and the Troopers – “Paxton Quigley’s Had the Course” b/w “Sittin’ In Circles” – May, 1969

Freddy-Henchi & the Soulsetters – “Folsom Prison” b/w “Popcorn Baby” – May, 1969

Another Denver, Colorado based band – Sometimes referred to as “Freddi” and “Freddi & Henchi”

Mike Curb and the Sidewalk Sounds – “Eight Young Men (Devil’s 8 Theme)” b/w “Let’s Go” – May, 1969

From the motion picture “Devil’s Eight”

The Wrest – “Bet Your Sweet Bippy” b/w “Hatfield Junction” – June, 1969

Band out of Wisconsin

Taurus – “Bless You” b/w “Hey Jane” – July, 1969

“Bless You” was a hit for Tony Orlando early in his career

Them – “Dark Are The Shadows” b/w “Corinna” – July, 1969

Cicero Blake – “Don’t Wait Until Tomorrow” b/w “Bad, But Beautiful Bag” – July, 1969

This release introduced Tower’s new label design

Jan Clavert – “Keep Me From Crying Today” b/w “Things I Must Still Do” – July, 1969

Country singer also recorded as Janice Calvert

Carlo’s Crown Jewel – “Shoo-Fly Pie and Apple Pan Dowdy” b/w It’s Alright” – August, 1969

This was Carlo Mastrangelo born in New York City – Was a member of “Dion and the Belmonts”, “Carlo and Jimmy”, “Pulse” and “The Belmonts” – 1938-2016

Produced by Ernie Maresca of “Shout, Shout Knock Yourself Out” fame

Linda Lawley – “When the World Turns” b/w “Living Is Easy” – August, 1969

Linda Lee Lawley from Stillwater, Oklahoma – She was a member of “Eternity’s Children”, “The Knickers”, “The Thieves” and “Consenting Adults” – 1949-2007

Tom Markham – “What’s Going On?” b/w “Troubles” – September, 1969

Was a recording engineer and producer

The French Revolution – “Americas” b/w “Shoo-Doo-Be-Doo” – August, 1969

Montreal, Canada band intially called “La Revolution Francaise” and then became “Les Sinners” and then “The Kids”

Noel – “Hey Yesterday Where’s My Mind” b/w “Come On Rain” – August, 1969

Noel Wayne Odom fronted “Noel Odom and the Group”

Pleasure – “Poor Old Organ Grinder” b/w “Don’t Take the Night Away” – October, 1969

Band headed up by William “Billy” Elder

David Lampson – “Who (Qui)” b/w “If We Only Have Love” – October, 1969

The World Column – “So Is the Sun” b/w “It’s Not Right” – October, 1969

Band from Munster, Indiana with Dave Meyer and Joel Kaplan

Billy Strange Orchestra and Berlin Symphony – “De Sade” b/w “Nocturne Permission” – November, 1969

William Everett Strange was born in Long Beach, California – a Wrecking Crew session musician was member of “Mr. Gasser & the Weirdos”, “The Catalinas”, “The Avalanches” and fronted the “Senators” 1930-2012

(mystery artist) “Angel, Angel, Down We Go” b/w “Hey, Hey, Hey, and a Heigh Ho” – December, 1969

Tower Records Long Play Discography

Justin Wilson – “I Gawr-On-Tee – 1965

Various Artists – “I’m Telling You Know” – #86 LP Charts – May, 1965

(no artist listed) “Sing a Song with the Beatles” – April, 1965

The Arrows – “Apache” – April, 1965

Dick Curless – “A Tombstone Every Mile” – May, 1965

Eddie Lund – “Mai Tai Time” – July, 1965

Ian Whitcomb – “You Turn Me On” – #125 LP Charts – July, 1965

Dean Martin – “The Lush Years” – July, 1965

Various Artists – “Three At the Top” – November, 1965

Joe Leahy – “Tabasco and Trumpets” – 1966

The Sunrays – “Andrea” – 1966

Tommy Collins – “Let’s Live A Little” – 1966

Faron Young – “It’s A Great Life” 1966

The Standells – “Dirty Water” – #52 LP Charts – July, 1966

Dick Curless and Kay Adams – “A Devil Like Me Needs An Angel Like You” – 1966

John Stewart and Scott Engel – “I Only Came To Dance With You” – 1966

Mae West – “Way Out West” – #116 LP Charts – July, 1966

Ketty Lester – “When A Woman Loves A Man” – 1966

Goodwin “Goody” Goodload – “Supercamp” – 1966

The Louvin Brothers – “Two Different Worlds” – 1966

Malka and Joso – “Jewish Songs” – 1966

Various Artists – “The Canticle Of the Gift” – 1966

Davie Allan & the Arrows (soundtrack) – “The Wild Angels” – #17 LP Charts – October, 1966

Also the Hands of Time – The Visitors featuring Barbara

Ian Whitcomb – “Ian Whitcomb’s Mod Music Hall” – 1966

The Standells – “Why Pick On Me – Sometimes Good Guys Don’t Wear White” – 1966

Band of the Irish Guard – “Marching with the Beatles” – 1966

The Crusaders – “Make A Joyful Noise with Drums and Guitars” – 1966

Various Artists – “Country Opera – The Legend of Johnny Brown” – 1966

Walter Wanderly – “From Rio with Love” – 1966

Dave Gardner – “It Don’t Make No Difference” – 1967

Bill Page – “Sounds of the Sonic Sixties” – 1967

Pamela Miller – “Throw A Little Love My Way” – 1967

Gary Buck – “Gary Buck’s Country Scene” – 1967

Various Artists – “Happy German Drinking Music” – 1967

Various Artists – “Born Losers” Soundtrack – 1967

With the Sidewalk Sounds, Terry Stafford, Summer Saxaphones

Various Artists – “The Caper of the Golden Bulls” Soundtrack – 1967

Various Artists – “Dr. Goldfoot & The Girl Bombs” – 1967

The Standells – “The Hot Ones! – 1967

Sergio Mendes – “In the Brazilian Bag” – 1967

Roy Clark – “Live!” – 1967

The Manhattan Strings – “Play Instrumental Versions of Hits Made Famous By the Monkees” – 1967

Davie Allan & the Arrows Volume II – “The Wild Angels” – #94 LP Charts – April, 1967

Various Artists – “Riot On Sunset Strip” Soundtrack – 1967

With the Standells, the Mugwumps, the Sidewalk Sounds, Debra Travis, The Chocolate Watch Band, The Mom’s Boys, and Drew

Vince Hill – “At The Club” – 1967

The Afro-Latin Soultet – “Wild!” – 1967

Laurindo Almeida – “Acapulco 1922” – 1967

Ian Whitcomb – “Yellow Underground” – 1967

Davie Allan & the Arrows (soundtrack) – “Devil’s Angels” – #165 LP Charts – August, 1967

Also with Jerry and the Portraits

Kim Fowley – “Love Is Alive and Well” – 1967

Jan Howard – “Lonely Country” – 1967

Various Artists – “The Hit Sounds of Music City West” – 1967

Jake Holmes – “The Above Ground Sound” – 1967

Davie Allen and the Arrows – “Blues Theme” – 1967

Various Artists – “Mondo Hollywood” soundtrack – 1967

With the Mugwump Establishment, Mike Clifford, Davie Allan and the Arrows, Thee Riptides, Bobby Jameson, God Pan, Darrell Dee, 18th Century Concepts, Teddy and Darrell

Davie Allan & the Arrows – “Cycl-Delic Sounds” – 1967

Phil Moore III and the Afro Latin Soultet – 1967

Cliffie Stone and the Country Hombres – “Together Again” – 1967

Frankie Laine – “Memory Laine” – 1967

Pink Floyd – “The Piper at the Gates of Dawn” – #131 LP Charts – December, 1967

Various Artists – “Sunday On the Rhine” – 1967

Nilsson – “Spotlight On Nilsson” – 1967

With the New Salvation Singers

The Chocolate Watch Band – “No Way Out” – 1967

The Standells – “Try It” – 1967

Joe Leahy – “A Taste Of Trumpets, A Touch of Voices” – 1967

Webley Edwards – “Holiday In Hawaii” – 1968

The Big Ben Banjo Band – “Best Of the Oldies” – 1968

Ray Terrace – “Home of Boogaloo” – 1968

Al Rosa – “Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner” – 1968

Them – “Time Out! Time In! For Them” – 1968

Teddy and the Pandas – “Basic Magnetism” – 1968

The Shades of Black Lightning – “Shades of Black Lightning” – 1968

Rex Garvin and the Mighty Cravers – “Raw Funky Earth” – 1968

Sandy Gurley – “Sandy Gurley and the San Francisco Bridge” – 1968

Mason and Dixon – “Our Thing” – 1968

Various (soundtrack) – “Wild In the Streets” – #12 LP Charts – July, 1968

Various Artists – “Killers Three” (soundtrack) – 1968

Kay Adams – “Alcohol and Tears” – 1968

Sim Dupree and the Big Sound – “Without Reservations” – 1968

Various Artists – “Waikiki Swings” – 1968

With Don Ho and many others

Them – “Now and Them” – 1968

Timothy Clover – “The Cambridge Concept of Timothy Clover” – 1968

Hank Thompson – “Country Blues” – 1968

Jimmy Caravan – “Look Into the Flower” – 1968

The Chocolate Watch Band – “The Inner Mystique” – 1968

The Love Exchange – “The Love Exchange” – 1968

The Smoke – “”The Smoke” – 1968

The Louvin Brothers – “Country Heart and Soul” – 1968

The Main Attraction – “And Now….” – 1968

Eternity’s Children – “Eternity’s Children” – 1968

Various Artists – “Wild In the Streets” (soundtrack) – 1968

With the 13th Power, the Senators, Jerry Howard, the Second Time and the Gurus

Billy Taylor and His Trio – “I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free” – 1968

Bill Page – “Way Back Now” – 1968

Various Artists – “Angels From Hell” (soundtrack) – 1968

With the Peanut Butter Conspiracy, Stu Phillips, Ted Markland and the Lollipop Shoppe

Pink Floyd – “A Saucerful of Secrets” – 1968

Ian Whitcomb – “Sock Me Some Rock” – 1968

Max Frost and the Troopers – “Shape of Things To Come” – 1968

Kaiser Band – “Auf Zum Schutzenfest” – 1968

Dick Dodd – “First Evolution of Dick Dodd” – 1968

Various Artists – “Best of the Soundtracks” – #198 LP Charts – February, 1969

With The Arrows, the Sidewalk Sounds, the 13th Power, the Second Time and the Storybook

Various Artists – “Instant Replay” – 1969

Various Artists – “If He Hollers, Let Him Go!” (soundtrack) – 1969

With Barbara McNair and others

Vijay Raghav Rao – “Flute” – 1969

“Angel Angel Down We Go” (soundtrack) – 1969

Songs written by the songwriting team of Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil

Allan Scott – “When I Needed A Woman” – 1969

Various Artists – “Underground” – 1969

With Pink Floyd, Jake Holmes, Them, Chocolate Watch Band, Kim Fowley

Billy Strange – “De Sade” (soundtrack) – 1969

Scorpion – “Scorpion” – 1969

Robert Jacobs – “Ray Bradbury’s Dark Carnival” – 1969

Bill Tinker – “Inside Out” – 1969

Eddie Higgins – “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” – 1969

Mike and Brian – “Warm On the Inside” – 1969

Mike Curb and the Sidewalk Sounds – “The Devil’s 8” – 1969

Nilsson – “Spotlight On Nilsson” – 1969

Pink Floyd – “More” (soundtrack) – 1969